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5 Best Smoothie Blender – The Best Blender For Smoothies And Crushing Ice

Competing with the best of the best but at a fraction of the price, the NutriBullet Rx has a powerful 1700-watt motor capable of taking on any ingredient. It can give you smooth smoothies, creamy purees, and immaculate frozen treats without taxing the blender.

The NutriBullet Rx makes it easy for you by working with a smart system where once you place your container on the base, the unit detects the contents and automates the blend cycle for one minute. This allows you to literally walk away, letting the Rx do its thing on its own.

Best Portable: Blendjet 2

To buy: $50 at

Pros: Its lightweight and quiet enough to bring to work and use in an office kitchen.

Cons: Smoothies come out chunky after blending for over a minute.

Motor: 5V

The BlendJet 2 is completely cordless, so its the most portable personal blender on this list. You can take it to work or the gym without worrying about finding an outlet because it charges via USB-C. It only takes about an hour and a half to fully chargeand yes, you can plug it into your laptop. At just 1 pound, the portable blender is also lightweight enough to throw in your bag. When you place your order, you can purchase a warranty through Extend that starts at $5 for a year of coverage.

The BlendJet comes in dozens of bright colors and patterns, including black marble and leopard. You can sip directly from the cup without any extra attachments or lids, but since it only fits 16 ounces, you may need to make smaller smoothies. We had to cut our test recipes in half, and the smoothies and salsa still had a lot of chunks. It didnt handle ice very well, either. Theres only one button that blends in 20-second intervals, and itll definitely take at least five cycles for a smoothie. But at least its really easy to cleanjust add soap and water directly to the blender and turn it on. It wont replace your at-home blender, but it works as a portable option in a pinch.

Final Thoughts On Best Blender For Ice Crushing & Frozen Fruit

There are several great blender options for ice and frozen fruit blending. We went through 8 different blenders that can handle frozen ingredients from ice to frozen fruit. Here is a summary of the best blenders depending on your needs and sensitivity to price.

  • Value : BlendtecTotal Classic
  • Best Overall: Vitamix Professional Series or Vitamix 750 Series
  • Budget Friendly: Ninja Professional Countertop
  • Cheapest: Oster 1200 Pro

Thanks for checking out the best blenders for ice and frozen ingredients. We hope you found a lot of value in this guide.

Best Blender for IceDescription: Average Rating: Votes:Review by:

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Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender With 1000

If you are planning a party, there is nothing better than serving your guests frozen drinks. Frozen cocktails and other icy treats always go down well, especially in the summer months. However, you will need to find a blender that boasts an especially large capacity.

The perfect party companion

With its huge hug, the Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base is ideal for parties. There is enough capacity to create a very large batch of drinks. This is the perfect way to get the party started and make sure your guests are satisfied.

The blade that comes with this model has been specially designed to crush ice. In fact, it utilizes Ninjas special Total Crushing Technology to make short work of even large blocks of ice. You have three different speeds to choose from, which is ideal for those times when you need a little extra power.

A real whiz

It should be noted that this model is not ideal for processing vegetables. The Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base tends to be rather uneven when it comes to chopping. However, this model is a real whiz when it comes to crushing ice and blending frozen drinks.

As an added bonus, this mighty model comes with a pulse setting. This helps to make cleaning the blender especially easy. If you are tired after hosting a fun party, you can also throw all the parts into the dishwasher.

All these great features make it one of the best Ninja Blenders currently available.

Our rating:

Best Blender Tips For Blending Frozen Fruits And Ice Crushing

Best Blender For Crushing Ice

We spoke to a few experts on best tips for blending frozen fruits and crushing ice for drinks. Here is what the blender experts recommendations when making frozen drinks:

#1Start with liquid ingredients

No matter what the recipe says, first put in the most liquid ingredients and then layer in more thicker ingredients like ice. For example, for a frozen fruit smoothie first add juice and yogurt. Next add unfrozen fruit like bananas. Lastly, add your frozen fruit and ice. The weight of the frozen ingredients will push everything down to the blades. Start the blender low speed then increase.

#2 Different types of ice

Yes, there are different types of ice. If your blender has trouble with standard size ice cubes, try crushing or cracking ice first. Some refrigerators have automatic ice dispensers with crushed ice settings. An alternative method is wrap the ice cubes in a towel and hit it with a mallet or skillet. This will also make your blades last longer.

#3 Fresh ingredients always

Make sure to use fresh and the best ingredients you can find. A simple trick is taste the ice and make sure there is no other flavors. Ice can absorb food odors and taste off. Ensure the ice is clean tasting.

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Blendtec Designer Series Runner Up

If you are looking for a blender that crushes ice, and an excellent alternative to the Vitamix 5200 blender, then you should try this Blendtec Designer Series, our Runner-Up. It is slightly expensive but, it has all the features that make it one of the best blenders to crush ice. Also, worth mentioning is the fact that Blechtec is renowned for their high-powered blenders which have stylishly engineered specifications.


Power and performance

The power of the motor defines a blender for ice cubes. Blendtec Designer Series holds immense ice crushing power from the 1560-watt motor that has a 3-peak horsepower direct-drive motor. This power makes the Blendtec Designer Series a commercial-grade frozen fruit smoothie maker.

The high-performance of the blender results from the direct-drive power, which is the metal thing at the base of the blades the socket. The feature is engineered for a precise fit with the motor shaft. In the process, this feature efficiently transfers power on the to the blades. The attachment creates a steel-to-steel link that results in lowered vibrations, noise reduction, and increase the reliability of the blender.


Other than the ball bearings, the blender features cooler heads which protect the blender in the event it overheats. The cooler head shuts down the blender in case of overheating protecting the motor and keeping you safe.


Blades Design





Things We Liked

Things We Didnt Like


How To Clean A Blender

Staying on top of cleaning your blender is key if you want it to last as long as possible and if you want to avoid any nasty odors building up. Many blending jugs can be placed inside the dishwasher but you can also clean them by adding warm water and dish soap to the blending jug, placing the lid on, and blending up the soapy solution.

If youre struggling to get rid of any stubborn stains, create your own cleaning paste using 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. You can add this solution to the stains by using a clean scrubbing brush or a clean toothbrush.

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Buyers Guide: All You Need To Know About Best Blender For Ice

What were you saying? There arent blenders that crush ice? Well, our blender for ice reviews shows there are lots of them, its just important to know how to search. On that note, we will continue discussing some features more elegantly so it will become even easier to figure out which of these can be best blender for ice for your particular needs.

Reviews Of The Best Blender For Ice

Best Blender in 2021 [For Smoothies, Protein Shakes, Fruit & Ice]

If you want to get into the nitty gritty detail then you can look into the following choices.

These reviews are compiled by looking at the best rated choices available in the industry.

You can then explore the best and worst things about these to help you make your final choice in the most well informed and cohesive manner.

So without further ado, lets look into the reviews for the best blender for ice.

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Top 12 Product Ratings

Excellent at crushing ice, perfect at pureeing, superb at smoothies, durable Fantastic smoothies, great at crushing ice, silky-smooth purees Great at grinding, fantastic for smoothies, crushes ice with ease Fantastic at crushing ice, very convenient, great value Great blended drinks, excellent at pureeing, solid at making nut butter
Cons Blade showed signs of wear and tear Not the most convenient to use, expensive Motor felt underpowered for pureeing nut butter No presets, digital timer
Bottom Line This burly blender earned the top score overall but comes at a premium price This is one of our all-around favorite kitchen appliances and we highly recommend it for all of your blending needs This top-of-the-line blender did exceptionally well in our tests, but there are less expensive model that performed comparably If you are searching for a solid blender on a budget, the Ninja Chef should be your first choice This budget blender holds its own with the top-tier products fairly well
Rating Categories
11″ x 8″ x 17″ 10.05″ x 8.50″ x 17.55″ 17.5″ x 9.4″ x 7.7″ 17.99″ x 9.72″ x 8.46″ 16.5″ x 9.8″ x 7.5″
Jar size 72 oz 64 oz
  • Frozen Drink
  • Soup
  • Even though it didn’t have a “Clean” I just used the smoothie preset to clean it

The Vitamix 7500 Top Pick

Vitamix is definitely a household name when it comes to blending and has a very loyal following. Vitamix consistently ranks at the top of many independent blending tests. There are a lot of different Vitamix models and all of them are powerful enough to crush ice but a favorite of testers like Consumer Reports is the Vitamix 7500 .

Features: The Vitamix 7500 has a 2.2 HP motor with 1500 watts of power. The horsepower and design of this blender allow it to easily crush ice into a snow-like mixture. The 7500 is part of Vitamixs newer Next Generation G series blender line with its new wide container and longer blade design. The most popular Vitamix blender for many years has been the 5200 and the 7500 can be considered an upgraded version to the 5200 with new quieter design, stronger horsepower, and wide mouth pitcher.

The 7500 has simple controls with a 10 variable speed dial and a pulse lever. It has a 7 year full coverage warranty period.


How to Crush Ice with a Vitamix For the Vitamix 750 and pulse. Use the tamper if you need to move the crushed ice around.

Positives:The Vitamix 7500 is a workhorse that can blend anything. It can easily do food prep, finely blended smoothies, nut butter, milling flour and more. It is built to last and has an excellent 7-year full warranty. Users state that the 7500 is not as loud as the Blendtec designer series which is our next choice below. The tamper is really useful and helps with pushing ice towards the blade.

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Vivohome Electric Ice Shaver

Quickly shave ice to snow

Unlike other blenders that crush ice, VIVOHOME Electric Ice Shaver is rather extraordinary in making snow, even for Commercial Use, as it can rapidly shave up to 143 lbs of ice per hour.

If you want to get lots of ice cubes into fluffy snow in a very short time, this shaver wont let you down.

However, please note that it has no ice blending function, and it can be a little bit messy in kitchen.

Handles Hot Ingredients Too

Buy Comfee 500W Professional Smoothie Blender with 3 ...

This seems almost too good to be true for a budget pick blender, but the NutriBullet Rx does just that. It blends soup with the help of its SouperBlast feature that is set to a 7-minute cycle.

To make hot soup, you get a large, 1-liter pitcher with a double-vented lid to let the heat and pressure out. The pitcher is ergonomically designed with a spout to make pouring soup out easier.

The Rxs sturdy stainless-steel blades do the heavy lifting whether youre making soup or crushing ice to bits. Its hard to find a deal as good as the NutriBullet Rx which brings you everything from power and versatility to precision in one affordable package.

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Hamilton 54220 Ice Crushing Blenders

If you dont need a lot and you dont want to spend an arm and a leg on a blender, the Hamilton 54220 Ice Crushing Blender might already do the trick for you. This product has a 700-watt motor which is already powerful enough to crush ice and frozen ingredients. And since its a Hamilton product, you can count on it to have a very friendly price tag, too.

So, despite costing a tenth of what the high-end products above go for, this blender can already effectively handle frozen ingredients with the help of its patented Ice Sabre blades. Theyre engineered to blending ice chunks without too much fuss, promising great results. Combined with the Patented Wave~Action technology, users are guaranteed smooth blends.

The blades are just one of the many thoughtfully designed components of this item. It makes it solid with the task of blending ice. It also has convenient cord storage and a patented mess-free spout. Its blades, lid, and jar are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanups, and it comes with 14 blending functions, so you can expect convenient use from this item.

  • The pitcher is quite heavy

Ninja Bl610 Excellent Ice Crusher

For crushing ice and making frozen drinks, the Ninja BL610 is one of the best you will find especially at this price . The reason this blender does so well with ice is because of the unique Total Crushing blade. This model is a top seller for Ninja with a HUGE number of positive customer ratings.

The Ninja600 is part of the Ninja Professional series of countertop blenders to offer excellent performance at a very competitive price point.

Features: Its most outstanding feature is the total crushing blade. The blade is a shaft that rises up from the middle of the pitcher with a series of 6 blades that spin together at different levels. Its pitcher has a 72 oz capacity which is much bigger than the typical blender. Its motor is 1000 watts. It has 3 preset speeds and a pulse function. Ninja provides a 1-year warranty.

Positives: The total crushing blade turns ice cubes into a fine snow very quickly. The shaft blade technology helps to ensure that the ingredients are moved around and do not get stuck in the bottom. All of its components are dishwasher safe. Large pitcher and very strong reviews. Good price.

Overall Opinion: For crushing ice and making frozen drinks, the Ninja Pro BL610 is very good. It wont blend smoothies as finely as more powerful blenders but 1000s of reviews indicate it does well. Overall, a good, versatile blender for the price range.

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Build Quality And Design

Blendtec Total Classic excels on every level with its durable construction and practical design. It features a powerful 1560-watt, 3 HP motor placed in a sturdy base unit. The unit feels heavy and stays put when in use.

The 15-inch WildSide+ Jar that sits on the base is equally relentless staying anchored in place even with the blender working on high speed. The patented square design of the blending jar takes its performance to another level with contents forced down to the center of the blade for a more thorough blending experience.

How Much Should I Spend On A Blender

Top 5 Best Blender For Ice In 2021 | Best Blender For Smoothies And Ice

Budget really comes down to how much youll use the blender. If youre only an occasional user, then a budget model makes sense. At this price, youll get decent controls but you may find that your results arent quite as smooth.

If you use a blender every day, then you need to move up the scale. Spend over $200 and youre likely to get more accessories and programs.

If you want the best results then youre looking at spending $400 or more. At this price, youll get the fastest motors, more control, and, often, a wider range of automatic programs to make your job easier.

For those who just want a personal-sized blender, one of the best portable blenders we have reviewed will suit you better.

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What To Consider When Buying A Blender

When it comes to selecting the best blender for you, start by identifying the type of blender you need.

Jug blenders feature a blade inside the plastic or glass receptacle, which spins when connected to the motor in the base units. They can blend large quantities but are usually bulky.

Meanwhile, smoothie blenders, also known as personal blenders, come with a small plastic cup rather than a jug. Fill the cup with your ingredients then attach the blade, flip the cup upside down and attach to the base. When the ingredients are blended to your liking, remove from the base, unscrew the blade and screw on a to-go lid, then take your drink with you.

Finally, theres also immersion blenders to consider. Often referred to as hand blenders or stick blenders, they are designed to be inserted into a saucepan or container of ingredients you want to puree. These compact appliances should be swirled around in the liquid while the blade spins to ensure its blended uniformly. The blade can be detached from the main unit, containing the motor for easy cleaning too.

Also consider the number of speed and power settings the blender offers. If youre looking to crush ice and grind coffee beans, its worth considering a blender that has more control over how quickly it spins, to ensure you can chop the food to the consistency you want.

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