Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies Franchise Cost

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How Much Does A Maui Wowi Smoothie And Coffee Franchise Cost

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies & Coffees OHANA

Popular coffee and smoothie franchise Maui Wowi® is one of the least expensive concepts on the market. Invest in your future while you enjoy the benefits of a well-connected franchise community and a dynamic dual beverage franchise business model. When it comes to an investment, Maui Wowi® is among the most affordable smoothie franchise concepts in the U.S. Are you ready to join our team and run the business of your dreams? The ideal Maui Wowi® franchise candidate will have a minimum of $50,000 in liquid capital and a minimum of $100,000 in total net worth. Perfect for passionate entrepreneurs, our standard agreement allows you to own and operate any combination of up to three mobile or fixed operating units. For an initial franchise fee of just $30,000, your total investment for a mobile franchise can be as low as $28,900 $189,050. Franchise costs and fees will vary depending on your chosen agreement. While fixed operating units are permanent retail sites, mobile operating units can run at events and venues such as arenas, sporting events and concerts. Additional information about our business models, including additional unit costs, is available in our Franchise Disclosure Document. Speak with a member of the Maui Wowi® franchise team to request more information today.

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee And Smoothies

Maui Wowi is one of the hottest coffee & smoothie franchise concepts around and a leader in the mobile event business, providing customers with premium fruit smoothies and gourmet Hawaiian coffee at a wide variety of high traffice venues.

With the unique mobile cart, a proven model for 35 years, their franchise owners bring the product to the people at stadiums, arenas, convention centers, universities and everything in between. Maui Wowi has 450 units across six countries and continues to experience accelerated growth.

What Makes Maui Wow Unique

Flexible: As your own boss, you decide when, where and how often you work! With a simple dual product line and an event based business- its up to you!

Unique: One-of-a-kind Hawaiian culture, offering the world’s best smoothies and coffee. We are the only company to offer consumers a vacation in a cup!

Scalable: With a modest investment , our owners can quickly open multiple mobile units in places like professional sports stadiums, arenas, convention centers and amusement parks.

Ohana: At Maui Wowi, there is an entire franchise system, or ohana to help support your Maui Wowi business.

*The franchise fee of $42,500 is for the rights to own and operate up to 3 units

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A Unique Coffee Franchise Opportunity With Low Start

Were one of the lowest cost coffee and smoothie franchises to own, with investment costs starting around $31,100. That gives you your very own Kaanapali Cart with a franchise agreement entitling you to two additional mobile franchises when youre ready to upscale your business. Maui Wowi® has a fun and easygoing culture. Youll also benefit from our 35-year brand reputation and experience that gives you the training and ongoing support youll need, whenever you need it. Youll be one step closer to achieving your dream of owning a business with one of our mobilefranchise models.

Say Aloha To A Better Life With Maui Wowis Mobile Franchise Concept

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees &  Smoothies Franchise ...

Imagine spending your day connecting with hundreds of customers. Booming stadium tunes and the excited roar of a lively crowd combined with the revving and whirring of your high-tech smoothie equipment to create the ultimate soundtrack for a day in the life at your dream business. One moment, youre introducing an event-goer to his first taste of paradise in a cup. The next, youre taking photos with an enthusiastic customer who cant wait for her Facebook friends to check out your tiki hut-style smoothie cart. When youre not keeping the energy going and motivating your team, youre scheduling meetings with your next potential venue partners. Theres no such thing as a dull day in the life of a Maui Wowi® mobile franchise owner.

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Bold Plans For The Future

As Haith plotted expansion beyond the company’s 20th anniversary, his plans continued to be ambitious. There were talks of venturing overseas for the first time, with Japan the likely home of the first international Maui Wowi. The majority of the company’s attention was expected to be directed toward building its domestic base, however, using both kiosks and fixed locations to expand. “Our target,” Haith said in an April 29, 2006, interview with the Rocky Mountain News, “is folks who don’t go to Starbucksâyounger kids and mothers with kids, people who just want an oasis for 15 minutes.” To attract his target audience, Haith announced another expansion of the Maui Wowi menu, which was expected to add a line of “hot koko” drinks in the winter of 2007. Plans to expand the chain physically promised to maintain the 1,100 percent growth rate recorded between 2001 and 2005. Haith wanted to add 50 kiosks and 50 storefronts in 2006 as he progressed toward his goal of franchising as many as 2,000 units by the end of the decade. The fulfillment of such plans promised to create a national retail giant, lifting the Maui Wowi concept to heights never imagined by its creators.

Jeffrey L. Covell

Jamba Inc. Planet Smoothie Franchises, LLC Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.

Mobile Franchise Opportunities Available Today

Were always ready to welcome new additions to our growing ohana! Connect with one of Maui Wowi®s franchise representatives to learn more about how we can help you get started. We also have other franchise business models available.

Its ohana we are just one big family. Its all of us. Its not just what we do in San Diego, but what all franchisees are doingwe all just help each other out. The culture is great, the Aloha Spirit just goes all the way around.

Ron Putman

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Drive Your Destiny With Maui Wowis Low

Ready to enjoy freedom and flexibility without brick-and-mortar costs? Take Maui Wowi®s tasty smoothies and coffees on the road with our low-cost mobile franchise option! Invest in Maui Wowi®s popular Kaanapali Cart, a mobile, wheeled unit that helps fun-loving franchisees see potential high returns from coast to coast.

If you havent tried Maui Wowi® Hawaiian, where have you been? For over 30 years, our smoothies have been served throughout the world. When we talk about a vacation in a cup, our Hawaiian coffees are ideal. Heres what else separates Maui Wowi® from the competition:

I love the opportunity to dress casual, be outside, keep the business small or grow it as large as Id like. I jumped in with both feet and havent looked back.Dave Bryant Franchise Owner | Riverview, Florida

Maui Wowi® is a collaborative system with a genuine feeling of helping one another grow, thrive, and be successfulno other franchise concept compares!Debbie Conrad Franchise Owner | Idaho

At Maui Wowi® you can have a storefront, go to events, and you can do catering, so there are a lot of choices with what we can do with our business.Lisa Giacobbe Franchise Owner | Maryland

Purchasing A Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies Franchise

MAHALO Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies & Coffees

Franchise Fee: $30,000 . Net Worth Required: $100,000. Total Investment: $63,900 – $200,250. Liquid Capital Required: $100,000.We treat franchisees as one big family with the Aloha Spirit at the heart of all we do. It’s simple to get started as a franchise owner. If you meet our qualification requirements, we can get you started with your very own smoothie franchise, complete with a Ka’anapali Cart, training, support, and our decades of experience and brand reputation behind you.

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What Would You Do As A Franchisee

  • Operate your mobile smoothie cart full-time or part-time
  • Establish partnerships with venues and events in order to position your coffee and smoothie carts closest to customers
  • Hire and motivate your team
  • Once your business is off the ground, you may hire a manager and opt for a hands-off ownership model

Grow On The Go With Maui Wowis Hawaiian Smoothie & Coffee Low

Business ownership should be fun and freeing. At the end of each day, a successful entrepreneur should feel fulfilled and energized by his or her work. Maui Wowi® presents an investment opportunity that makes these business goals a reality for the right individual. The Kaanapali Cart a mobile wheeled unit that is fully stocked with everything you need to serve up Maui Wowi®s tasty smoothies and coffees is especially suited for the business owner who craves freedom and flexibility. Take control of your future and define paradise for yourself with our one-of-a-kind mobile smoothie cart business model!

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Houston Couple Inks Texas

Local Owners Become Directors of Regional Support for Entire State of Texas

HOUSTON—-After successfully building a healthy beverage empire in Houston and surrounding areas, a local husband and wife team and longtime franchisees have signed a deal with their franchisor for rights to sell and support the Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies franchise throughout the entire state of Texas. The Director of Regional Support Agreement essentially allows the franchisee to become an extension of the company headquarters handing down the reigns of franchise sales and operations in the Lone Star State to Houston-based franchisees Rob and Jean McLean.

Maui Wowi Hawaiian, a leading global concessionaire of all-natural, fresh fruit smoothies combined with gourmet Hawaiian coffees, currently has 200 franchisees operating more than 450 units around the world. The McLeans became Directors of Regional Support in 2013 for the city of Houston but have expanded their region to now include all of Texas. Company executives say the McLeans track record of success with the brand makes them ideal partners to continue growth of the brand through all channels including retail locations, entertainment venues, and nontraditional outlets throughout Texas.

With 49 Maui Wowi Hawaiian units already across Texas, there remains tremendous potential for continued growth of both new and existing franchisees.

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian

No Catering Experience Necessary To Operate Your Very Own Maui Wowi Coffee Franchise

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees &  Smoothies

If youve been searching for coffee franchises for sale, youve probably been dismayed to see that catering experience is preferred or that youre expected to jump straight into a brick-and-mortar coffee shop with all that entails. Perhaps a shop doesnt appeal to your business dreams, so we make it simple with all the training and support youll need to keep your Kaanapali Cart or kiosk kicking.

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The Maui Wowi Business Model Is:

Flexible: As your own boss, you decide when, where and how often you work! Simple: Smoothies and coffee, without the fuss. Weve got your back.

Unique: One-of-a-kind Hawaiian culture, offering the world’s best smoothies and coffee. We are the only company to offer consumers a vacation in a cup!

Scalable: With a modest investment , our owners can quickly open multiple mobile units in places like professional sports stadiums, arenas, convention centers and amusement parks.

*Franchise fee of $42,500 includes 3 mobile carts

Do You Want To Have More Fun

Our Franchise Owners are proof that you don’t need a shirt, tie, wingtips, and stern look on your face to be successful in business. We smile a lot. We high-five. We laugh with our customers. We walked away from board-rooms and cubicles and walked into professional sports stadiums and amusement parks. We have away the corporate attire for a Hawaiian shirt, and now, we walk our entrepreneurial path wearing flip-flops.

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Be Free From Brick And Mortar Coffee Shops With Our Kaanapali Cart Mobile Franchises

Not everyone wants to be stuck behind the counter of a traditional coffee shop to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. If you love the thrill of a fast-paced and unique environment, consider locating your Kaanapali Cart at an array of non-traditional venues. Think speedways, roaring stadium crowds or beachside at a surf competition. Maui Wowi® can help you deliver coffee to many different kinds of people. Our Kaanapali Carts are stocked with everything you need to create the finest coffees for your customers along with our signature smoothies and youll have the advantage of not being location-dependent. From a kiosk in a busy shopping mall to the freedom to change your location daily, the Maui Wowi® coffee and smoothie franchise delivers multiple mobile franchise options to contribute to your business success. If youre outgoing and love connecting with your customers, buying a coffee franchise with Maui Wowi® is a no brainer. Check out ourKaanapali Cart mobile franchise model.

Maui Wowi Has A Range Of Low

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies Best Coffee Kiosks Coffee Shops Franchise Information

Although our Kaanapali Carts are the most popular and cost-effective mobile franchise option, we do have other opportunities available to you, including kiosks, concession trailers and traditional brick and mortar shops. However much you want to invest to make your dreams of being a business owner a reality, we have the franchise business model for you.

To find out more about specific costs and how to get started, fill out the form here or give us a call at 1-877-849-6992.


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From The Franchise Disclosure Document Of Maui Wowi That Was Issued On March 26 2021

We offer Maui Wowi franchises. As a franchisee, you will operate a restaurant called Maui Wowi, preparing and serving fresh fruit smoothies, Hawaiian coffee and related espresso beverages, a variety of Hawaiian products, and other beverage and food items, and other products and services. Maui Wowi products are sold from either fixed store fronts, non-traditional locations such as malls, airports or business complexes, or from portable units placed at events that occur on a periodic basis or are held in special or temporary venues.

Investiment Amount

Military Veteran Owned Franchises

“Maui Wowi Hawaiian honors military veterans and offers service members the guidance and support to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals.” ~ Jim Wong, Coach

Ranked as a Top Military Friendly Franchise by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs“I like franchising because you learn from the experience of others. Id rather work smarter, not harder. Why reinvent the wheel when somebody else has already laid it out for me? said Dave Ricketson, a retired Navy Pilot and current Maui Wowi franchisee in Jacksonville, Florida. As soon as we found out Maui Wowi offered a mobile business model and was Hawaiian themed, our search was over.”

“Military veterans are hardworking, skillful, and determined individuals making them ideal candidates for running a successful Maui Wowi business, said John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. Being featured on the Military Friendly Franchise list for the fourth year in a row is a true testament to the quality support of our system and our continued efforts to offer a unique opportunity to members of the military.”

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Benefits Of Owning Your Franchise

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Maui Wowi offers our franchisees a 5-day specific business model training in Denver, Colorado and online course through our Aloha U program. We also provide on-site training for retail locations before the store opens.

Training focuses on operations, real estate development, hiring & managing employees, business development, marketing and has hands on smoothie and barista.

Maui Wowi provides a comprehensive training manual for every franchise operator to take with them. There is constant communication, reoccurring training, and opportunities to learn from and share best practices!

Who Is It For

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees &  Smoothies
  • Entrepreneurs who feel energized by a day spent interacting with customers or working with venue partners
  • Those drawn to a fun, flexible, values-driven business that allows them to work just weekends or seven days per week
  • Investors looking for a format designed for multi-unit ownership – Maui Wowi’s standard mobile franchise agreement grants owners rights to up to three smoothie carts

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% Off Franchise Fee For Qualified Military Veterans

The dedication, commitment, and work ethic of those who have served their country are the same traits that will lead to success as a franchise business owner. We are proud to have so many veteran-owned Maui Wowi franchises and will continue our efforts to offer them affordable opportunities, unparalleled support, and do our best to say Mahalo for their service.

One Of The Most Affordable Smoothie Franchise Concepts On The Market

Maui Wowi®s standard mobile franchise agreement entitles franchisees to not one smoothie cart, but three! For an initial franchise fee of just $30,000, your total investment for your first Kaanapali Cart can be as low as $28,900 $189,050. Ideal Maui Wowi® smoothie cart business owners have a minimum liquidity of $50,000 and a total net worth of at least $100,000. Financing options and mobile franchise incentives are available for qualified individuals.

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About Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies Franchise

Founded in 1982 by Jeff & Jill Summerhays, Maui Wowi® Hawaiian was built to provide their ohana a healthy alternative to the sugar and fat laden foods that seemed to be everywhere! Just as passionate, the Summerhays wanted to create a business model that was fun, flexible, and mobile so they could offer their all-natural, fresh fruit smoothies anywhere they felt like traveling.

It was not long before the Aussies learned to crave these onolicious blends. Over the years, the Summerhays continued to painstakingly perfect their proprietary non-fat yogurt recipes, research exotic locations for their fruit juices, fruit purees, and all-natural flavorings. From tiny, neighborhood fundraisers to high-volume locations like the Salt Palace Convention Center and the Utah State Fair, their fresh fruit smoothies proved to be massively successful.

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