Egg White Smoothie For Weight Loss

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Green Smoothies For Weight Loss: Powdered Egg Whites In Smoothie

Non-Dairy Smoothie With Egg Whites : Healthy & Delicious Food

A major benefit of Green Smoothies is weight loss. Keep in mind, not all smoothies are created equal however. Some are very healthy while others, not so much. A proper green smoothie for weight loss includes lots of leafy greens and other vegetables, whole fruits such as a banana or apple, and water. Avoid adding dairy, such as milk or yogurt, as these add unnecessary fats and calories, and can irritate your digestive system.

One major weight loss guideline is to increase your intake of vegetables, healthy fiber and fruits. Green smoothies offer a quick and convenient method for this AND they are super quick and easy to make. Just throw everything in a blender for a few seconds, pour it in a travel cup and you are ready to go. The fiber helps you feel full, reducing the urge for unhealthy snacks between meals.

How Much Protein Do You Need Each Day

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, especially if you’re working out. Not eating enough protein can lead to muscle loss, undoing all your efforts at the gym.

“Try to consume about 30% of your daily calories from protein,” says Nicole Hinckley, RD, LD, Speaker and Nutrition Consultant for Protein2o. “Aim for about 25-35 grams of protein per meal and after a heavy workout. Evenly spacing your protein intake throughout the day can help with optimal absorption.”

Source Nutrition Egg White Protein

Formulated for athletes in training who want a good-tasting egg white protein source thats easy to blend into a shake or smoothie, Source Nutrition makes an egg white protein thats flavored with cocoa powder and includes a high-tech creamer blend.

This results in a smooth and frothy shake, even when mixed into nothing but water. Its a bit too sweet for some people, but the stevia and luo han guo make it an excellent sugar-free protein source if youve got a sweet tooth.

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Who Should Buy Egg White Protein

Egg white protein is a great source of supplemental protein for your diet if you are looking for protein that is high-quality, cost-effective, offers a complete amino acid profile, and is very low in carbs and fat.

While protein sources like whey protein or pea protein powder are more popular, egg white protein is becoming better-known thanks to its compatibility with low carb and paleo diets, as well as its cost-effectiveness.

Egg white protein is often far cheaper than whey protein, because eggs are so cheap at the industrial level. This also means its far easier to get organic or non-GMO egg white protein powder for a reasonable price compared to other sources of supplemental protein.

Egg white protein is a favorite among people who do paleo or low-carb baking, since it deals well with high temperatures . While its not a vegan-friendly protein powder, that does make it a complete source of amino acids.

Proteins that are complete amino acid sources tend to have a slight edge when it comes to both building muscle and losing weight. If you are specifically interested in the benefits of branched chain amino acids but dont want to take a dedicated BCAA supplement, egg white protein powder is also a great option.

The fact that egg white protein powder is not derived from dairy may be useful for people with dairy allergies, too. Its completely lactose-free, and wont have any of the potential allergens in a dairy-based protein powder.

Who Can Consume Egg White Protein Powder

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Athletes and those who desire to have fit bodies require more protein than others. A supplemental form through egg white protein powder makes for easy preparation and intake through shakes, smoothies, and other wholemeal recipes.

The moderate rate of digestion of this protein is more beneficial to athletes. The protein is vegetarian-friendly though not applicable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

People who are on a diet to lose weight will find this supplement valuable as it helps them feel fuller with minimum or no desire to snack between meals.

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Banana Cocoa And Egg White Protein Shake Ingredients

It is a lactose and gluten-free smoothie, but it is not suitable for a vegan diet due to the presence of egg whites . So in this recipe we use:

  • 30 grams of powdered egg whites for protein
  • Banana for carbohydrates to avoid catabolism
  • Bitter cocoa as an antioxidant, therefore useful to fight the waste substances produced by our own body during the transformation of carbohydrates into energy, during the defense action against viruses and diseases and during a state of physical and mental stress and fatigue. Free radicals in our body oxidize proteins, fatty acids, cholesterol and DNA, thus causing cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory diseases and cancer. So introducing antioxidant foods into your diet is really important

The Best Paleo Protein Egg White Powder

The word Paleo means that the supplement is highly nutritious and free from chemicals, additives, preservatives, and many other substances that are best avoided.

Sunflower lecithin is the second component of Naked Egg paleo protein egg white powder. Phospholipids that are found in the sunflower lecithin have been scientifically studied for its therapeutic use in the treatment of several diseases. It may benefit those suffering from diabetes and also aid in the treatment of fatty liver , .

Choline obtained from sunflower lecithin meets many health essentials .

About Naked Egg Premium Egg White Protein

Naked Egg Premium Egg White Protein powder is manufactured on the first day itself to keep its high nutritional value intact. The eggs are obtained solely from farms in the United States.

The only other ingredient in Naked Eggs is sunflower lecithin. The eggs are non-GMO, free from sweeteners, colors, flavors, and additives. It has no soy, gluten, or dairy components. No allergens are present in the product.

Independent heavy metal testing is carried out for each batch of the egg white powder. The eggs are processed speedily to protect its nutritional value.

What it Contains:

Each serving of 2 scoops contain:

  • Protein 25 g
  • Carbohydrates- 2 g

The product contains potassium 300 mg and sodium 380 mg. This protein powder has all the nine essential amino acids that the body cant produce and needs to be obtained from food or supplement.


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Mrm Natural Egg White Protein

MRM makes an egg white protein powder thats a good balance between purity and usability. Its flavored with natural vanilla flavor, stevia, and monk fruit extract, while including a couple of emulsifiers to make blending into a shake easier.

Unlike many other competitors, it also includes digestive enzymes to help with absorption. These extras do make the protein content somewhat lower per serving, however, so thats a trade off youll have to live with if you go with this egg white protein powder.

The Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

Raw Egg White Muscle Building Protein Smoothie – 600 Cals, 45g protein

Introducing the perfect start to the day, for busy mamas, picky toddlers, even husbands who hate healthy-anything!

Its the Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie. Tasty, fast, and a nourishing balance of all the things you need to start your day right.

If youre looking for one thing to do for your familys health in the new year a morning smoothie is my top recommendation. It starts your day with deep, balanced nutrition, which can help combat cravings and blood sugar crashes for the rest of the day!

But not just any old smoothie will do.

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You’ll Miss Out On Much Of The Nutritional Value Of Whole Eggs

While egg whites are great for protein, they are lacking in a number of the other nutrients that are found in the yolk of the egg. Although egg yolks contain cholesterol, calories, and saturated fat, they also contain a wide variety of other nutrients.

The majority of an egg’s vitamins are stored in the yolk as well, with 8 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, 52 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin B12, and 12 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin B2. Meanwhile, 21 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin D is contained in the yolk, as well as 29 percent of the recommended daily value of folate. Just 9 percent of the recommended daily value of selenium, 1 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin B5, and 6 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin B2 is housed in the egg white.

The Rich Vanilla Flavored With Digestive Enzymes Egg White Protein Powder

The presence of digestive enzymes in egg white protein powder supplementation quickens the absorption of protein especially during energy replacement after workouts .

About MRM Nutrition Egg White Protein Powder

MRM Nutrition Egg White Protein powder contains no carbs, fats, or cholesterol. It is free from dairy products and gluten. The amino acid profile required by the body is intact in this egg white protein supplement.

The product is efficient in maintaining a good balance between nutrition and an appealing taste.

MRM Nutrition Egg White Protein powder gets absorbed quickly and supports the development of muscles. It provides the daily quantity of protein that the body requires.

What it contains:

Each serving size of 1 scoop contains:

  • Protein 23 g

The product contains enzymes from Digest ALL®AP. The egg white powder is free from any GMO component. Sodium 400 mg and potassium 380 mg are also present in this supplement.

Each serving has 100 calories only. The vanilla flavor is appealing. The pricing is reasonable.


  • Free from gluten, carbs, and fat
  • Enzymes added for quick digestion
  • Ethical methods of farming followed

Summary: The combination of a substantial amount of protein with digestive enzymes and minerals, makes this food supplement one of the best egg white proteins available in the market. It is a clean product with an appealing flavor.

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Macros Of Boiled Egg White

To establish boiled egg white macros, we boiled another egg. After boiling we have removed the eggshell, separated egg white, and egg yolk, weighed them independently before calculating its macros.

The weight of the raw egg was accounted for at 48 grams but post boiling the weight of the whole boiled egg was detected at 47 grams, less by 1 gm.

After removing the eggshell, the weight of the whole boiled egg was measured to be 41 grams, the weight of boiled egg yolk was measured at 13 grams and the weight of boiled egg white was measured at 28 grams. Accordingly, boiled egg white macros white is calculated based on the weight of boiled egg white as 28 grams.

Are There Side Effects Of Eating Mostly Boiled Eggs

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Is the hard-boiled egg diet safe and effective for weight loss?

The low-calorie nature of the egg diet plan restricts many carbs and high-fiber foods, so you may miss the mark on your daily fiber intake if youre not careful.

Men 50 and under should get at least 38 grams of fiber and women should get at least 25g of fiber.

Low Fiber levels mean colon cancer, unhealthy cholesterol levels, constipation, and diverticulosis.

Additionally, forgetting to maintain a nutrition balance in this restrictive diet means youre filling up on a lot of cholesterol in eggs, which, as a recent study shows can increase your risk of heart disease.

Another study has shown that high levels of daily egg consumption are associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

Its always worthwhile to speak to a registered dietitian or doctor to discuss the effect on your overall health and if its an effective weight loss plan given your nutritional needs.

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Drinking Egg Whites: Are There Benefits & Can You Drink Them

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Youve probably heard about the benefits of including egg whites in your diet. But what about drinking them? Are there benefits? And, is that even safe?

Here is my quick answer:

Yes, its safe to drink egg whites as long as they are pasteurized. Drinking egg whites is beneficial as a way to add variety into your meals and create a quick on-the-go way to consume protein. However, if you consume a large number of raw egg whites, youll need to consider supplementing with biotin.

Ill explain in more detail below the benefits and drawbacks of drinking egg whites, and why supplementing with biotin is key if you drink a lot of them.

After reading this article you will learn:

  • Whats the difference between raw egg whites and liquid egg whites?
  • 5 reasons why people drink egg whites
  • Is it safe to drink egg whites?
  • What do egg whites taste like and how do you consume them?

You Won’t Be Consuming The Cholesterol Contained In The Egg Yolk

A whole egg contains 211 milligrams of cholesterol . Every last milligram of that is contained in the yolk of the egg. Therefore, when you’re eating egg whites exclusively, you won’t be taking in any cholesterol. This may not be a huge deal though, as research has shown that cholesterol in eggs has little impact on the amount of cholesterol in your blood . Healthy people can eat seven eggs weekly without much of a change in their cholesterol levels.

However, if you are still concerned about the levels of cholesterol in eggs, it’s easy to make the switch to all whites. In recipes, egg whites can be swapped out for whole eggs by using two egg whites for every one whole egg called for.

Egg whites don’t contain any of the 5 grams of fat found in eggs either, and contain only 16 of the whole egg’s 71 calories.

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Dosage Instructions For Egg White Powder

Each egg protein dosage usually contains around 15-25 grams of protein. The dose amounts of egg white protein powder are dependent upon its purpose and benefits that are sought out by its users.

To gain muscles a dose amount of 0.73 to 1.1 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is recommended. If you increase the intensity of your exercise regime you will require additional protein .

An increase in dietary protein can positively affect weight. Tests have revealed that 0.36 to 0.73 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight will aid weight loss , .

You’ll Get Your Protein Fix

LapBand Doctors – Egg whites for weight loss

Egg whites feature 5 of the 6 grams of protein in an egg. If you fear that consuming only the whites of eggs will leave you feeling hungry for the rest of the morning, think again. You’ll be getting 5 percent of your daily recommended value of protein, which has been shown to curb appetite so you will feel full for longer .

Although protein is most commonly thought of as a muscle builder, it also has a number of other functions in the body, and is found in each of the body’s cells . Hair and nails are composed primarily of protein and it’s the building blocks of enzymes and hormones. Protein also plays an important role in the bones, cartilage, skin, and blood.

Given the fact that animal products like chicken, pork, fish, and beef are some of the best sources of protein, it can sometimes be difficult for vegetarians to consume the proper amount of protein, and egg whites can be helpful in doing so.

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Macros Of Raw Egg White

To establish raw egg white macros, we bought eggs from the store. Here we have measured the weight of the raw egg, separated egg white from a whole egg, and calculated its macros.

The weight of the egg was 56 gm, the weight of the edible portion i.e. egg yolk and egg white was measured at 47 grams and eggshell weight was arrived at 9 gm by reduction method.

Egg white and egg yolk were weighed at 30 gm and 17 gm respectively . This means an egg white is roughly around 50 to 60% of the weight of a whole egg including its shell weight.

Accordingly, macros of egg white are calculated based on the weight of egg white as 30 grams.

Feel More Energized Powdered Egg Whites In Smoothie

Adding the right nutrients into your body while releasing toxins will give you a serious energy booth. You feel better. More energy also boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories. With all the responsibilities you juggle every day, wont it be great to have the energy to manage it all and still have some left over for fun? You can play with the kids, have some fun with your spouse, or add in some quality time for yourself.

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Boiled Egg White Macros

Weight of a boiled egg white 28 gm

Calories in 1 boiled egg white 14.71 kCal, which is 0.74 % of the daily value for RDA of 2000 kCal,

Proteins in 1 boiled egg white 3.46 gm, that is 4.61 % of the daily value for RDA of 75 gm i.e. 15 % of calories,

Carb in 1 boiled egg white 0.00 gm, around 0.00 % of the daily value for RDA of 275 gm i.e. 55 % of calories,

Fats in 1 boiled egg white 0.07 gm, approximately 0.10 % of the daily value for RDA of 66.67 gm i.e. 30 % of calories,

Fiber, soluble fiber, and total free sugar in 1 boiled egg white 0.00 gm

Fruit Smoothie With Egg White Protein

#snack eggs cooked in avocado topped with paprika &  banana ...

My 7-year-old daughter wanted a smoothie. I told her to go get what she wanted to blend. She grabbed all fruits such as banana, kiwi, strawberries, and blackberries. I just added a little bit of egg white protein as she was skiing all day long and her muscles need some boost. We eat first with our eyes, so having this smoothies color purple actually motivates my kids to drink it. And here is our combined recipe. I love watching her gulp on all the great nutrients in the smoothie.

Smoothies also help with constipation. Drink 2-3 days smoothies, especially with vegetables and you will become regular.

It is super simple and easy to make a smoothie at home! Add all the fruits, water and egg white protein into a blender and voila! One minute later you can enjoy a drink full with nutrients and fiber.

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