Best Smoothie To Cleanse Colon

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How Prepared Green Smoothie T=to Oxygenate The Body


Place the 4 broccoli trees, the 10 spinach leaves and 4 cups of water in a blender and blend until all the ingredients have vanished and become liquid. If you have a Vitamix it is ideal.

The base of this smoothie is broccoli, which is an anti-cancer food, spinach has iron and fiber, which will help you promote a bowel movement to be able to evacuate.

What Are Psyllium Husks & Why Did I Include Them

Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plants seeds. Its often referred to as a bulk-forming laxative. In other words, its not one of those laxatives that gives you the runs or creeps up on you suddenly.

It works by soaking up water in your gut, which helps to make your bowel movements much easier & more smooth. And, because it helps to hydrate your stool, it can also be a great remedy for constipation.

Psyllium husks are also considered to be a prebiotic, which is essentially food for the probiotics in your digestive tract. Anything we can do to keep our good bacteria flourishing is a good thing!

But, a little goes a long way. Start slowly with 1/2 1 tsp per smoothie and be sure to drink lots of water since it does act as a sponge soaking up water in your gut.

What Should You Know Before Doing A Natural Colon Cleanse

Interested in one of the above natural colon cleanses? Doing one in a gentle fashion at home is usually safe.

Combining these with fasting, or increasing the frequency of their use, can have risks. If you have high blood pressure and must keep your sodium intake low, avoid saltwater flushes.

Side effects of intense cleanses include:

  • nausea
  • electrolyte imbalances
  • cramping

If any of these symptoms occur, stop your cleanse immediately and see your doctor. These symptoms have the risk of leading to heart failure and digestive damage if the cleanse is continued. An enema or colon cleanse used occasionally poses little risk for a healthy individual. But overuse can quickly lead to chronic constipation or even bowel injury.

Also talk to your doctor before making major changes to your diet for colon health. This includes eating significantly more fiber, resistant starches, juices, and smoothies.

Make sure to also be careful when using herbal teas for a colon cleanse. Some herbs can impede or affect certain medications. Laxative herbs can also be harmful if overdone. Overuse of laxatives reduces the bodys ability to move stool and can result in chronic constipation.

If you have a chronic illness, talk to your doctor before doing a natural colon cleanse at home. Colon cleanses arent right for everybody.

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My Criteria For A Great Detox Smoothie

When I make a smoothie, it needs to satisfy three basic criteria:

1. It needs to look gorgeous: We eat first with our eyes, and nobody wants to drink anything that looks like swamp water!

2. It needs to be mind-blowingly delicious: Life is too short to eat food that isnt scrumptious.

3. It needs to be nutrient-dense with awesome ingredients.

I start everyday with a smoothie, and I think they can be enjoyed everyday. However, I recommend rotating your ingredients to include a variety of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and greens, herbs, and spices so you don’t overdo it on any one ingredient. Mix things up!

Fruits and vegetables begin to oxidize the minute you cut them open, so it’s always best to enjoy them the minute they’re made to minimize the degradation of nutrients and to get the most bang for you buck.

Having said that, we’re all busy and it’s not always possible to drink your smoothie right away. If you’re making a smoothie in the morning to drink later in the day , you can still get a lot of goodness from your ingredients. Seal the smoothie in a jar right after making, store it in the fridge, and then shake it up again before enjoying.

Colon Cleanse Smoothies: Final Thoughts

colon cleanse diy #BestWayToCleanYourColon

If you want to cleanse your colon, it is important that you maintain your energy level. You need energy to keep the processes in your body going that will cleanse your colon.

However, skipping breakfast will leave you with a lack of energy, and as a result, the cleansing process will fail.

To properly cleanse the colon you need to ensure there is a steady flow of healthy food going into your digestive system. This means that your colon can regularly empty itself, taking all of the bad stuff out of your body.

If you are looking to give your colon a well-needed cleanse, then these colon cleanse smoothies will do just the job.

Jessica is a smoothie enthusiast who believes the best way to start the day is with a delicious smoothie. When she is not drinking a smoothie, youll find her coming up with new recipes and trying out the latest blenders. Jessica likes the outdoors and socializing with friends.

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Kale And Apple Green Detox Smoothie

This detox smoothie recipe is not quite like the ones before kale has a stronger flavor than spinach . Thankfully almond milk helps in this smoothie for weight loss.

When on a smoothie diet, its important to switch up your greens, so you ingest more nutrients and kale smoothie recipes for weight loss can help you do that.

Mango Kiwi Strawberries Romaine Lettuce


The fiber that is present in mango helps with the process of digestion by breaking down protein. The smoothie prepared from strawberries, mango, kiwi, and romaine lettuce has beta-carotenes which can accelerate the cleansing process. With this, you can start your morning just in the right manner. The smoothie is packed with Vitamin C, protein, fiber, and calcium. Apart from offering several health benefits, this smoothie is also quite delicious.

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Why Do You Need To Detox

Colon cleansing or detoxing, in general, helps aid digestion and toxin removal. Detoxing allows your digestive system to reset by giving it an opportunity to rest from breaking down the dense and complex foods that make up a large fraction of our daily diets.

During a colon cleanse, you eat foods that are mainly light and easily digestible and drink lots of fluids to help flush your system. Thats why smoothies are perfectly suited for detoxing.

Kiwi Pear And Linseed

The best colon cleanse smoothie and liver detox smootie

The food used to prepare this smoothie is a significant source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Its consumption helps to purify the body and facilitate the elimination of waste to improve the functioning of the colon, liver and kidneys. This magic smoothie promotes metabolism too.


  • ½ glass of water
  • 1 spoonfull of linseed


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At What Time Should I Drink A Green Smoothie To Evacuate

It should preferably be taken early in the morning, before eating. It also depends on the effect it will have on you. There are some smoothies, like my recipe for papaya smoothie that can cause you to have a bowel movement in about fifteen minutes. Learn how your body reacts to these smoothies so that they wont take you by surprise. Cleaning the colon is something that we are going to achieve little by little with these delicious options of natural smoothies to detoxify and evacuate.

Natural Juice Of Apple Celery Parsley And Ginger To Deflamm The Body And Detoxify

This green juice is super fresh and delicious. A tremendous shot of vitamins to energize your body.

This smoothie can also be made as juice. It is ideal to give to your family at any time. What I love is that this is super nutritious and wonderfully cool fresh water for summer days. This green juice recipe can be used as daily water.

I know that many people have a hard time drinking water. They do not tolerate the taste of natural water. Well, this recipe for a green juice with apple can be taken at any time of day to replace your daily water intake.

Rich in diuretics to help reduce inflammation and prevent fluid retention, it also provides vitamins and fiber.

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Pineapple Cucumber Carrot Celery Spinach Flaxseed Smoothie


Pineapple improves your digestive system and combats body infections. Carrots, on the other hand, speeds up the cleansing process. Flaxseed is typically used for relieving constipation. The smoothie pineapple, cucumber, carrot, celery, spinach, and flaxseed smoothie will not only cleanse your colon, but will also improve your digestive system and promote weight loss.

Strawberry Detox Smoothie Facts

Overnight Colon and Liver Cleanse &  Detox eBook by Lisa ...

Strawberries and red raspberries are rich in vitamin C and loaded with fiber. They are known for helping your body fend off free radicals that are shown to cause cancer and inflammation in the joints.

Blueberries are another anti-inflammatory food that calms the colon. These blue babies are pack with a punch. Studies have shown that having a cup a day can stave off cancer. Thats powerful!

Chia and flax seeds are powerful anti-inflammatory foods. Used together these tiny seeds bind with colon matter and help to flush them out. Chia also acts as a kinda lube to put it in raw terms. It helps things slide out gently and easily. Who wouldnt want things to just glide out?

I buy all my fruit fresh and freeze them right after washing. Freezing your fruit makes for a much better tasting strawberry detox smoothie. In my opinion. I Think that adding ice can sometimes water down the taste. But, If you prefer fresh fruit just add a cup of ice and more liquid, adjusting as you blend.

I like to add a probiotic, protein, or nutrient-rich powder drink to give my smoothie an extra nutritional kick. I have several that I love because of how they boost your energy and health but my fav is Orgain. Especially for this smoothie. I prefer Organic Superfoods Powder Berry. for how well it blends with the taste and texture of this smoothie. Also because it adds 50 different superfoods to my one drink. Thats a mega ramp up in the health department.

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What To Do About Low Stomach Acid Digestive Enzymes And Bile

Nutritional therapy is rooted in functional medicine, which means a nutritional therapist will always work with you to find the root causes of your low stomach acid, lack of digestive enzymes or bile insufficiency. They will help you identify nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle factors and infections that need to be addressed to help your body produce sufficient levels of stomach acid , digestive enzymes and bile.

Your body is created with an innate ability to heal itself if it is in the right environment. A nutritional therapist will help you create that environment to heal.

Chocolate Chia Seed Colon Cleanse Smoothie

This recipe uses the superfood chia seeds, so the smoothie will promote your health. The seed is rich in omega-3, fatty acids that contribute to better health. Chia seeds also contain a lot of antioxidants making it long-lasting about 20% protein, and it is a source of fiber.

Chia seeds have many health benefits. Examples include weight loss , increased energy levels, support for brain and heart health, stabilizing your blood sugar level, and of course cleaning the colon.

The seed is best used in gel form for your smoothie so that it becomes much creamier. To make a chia seed gel, put 1 part chia seeds and 1 part water in a small container and place it in the freezer for 20 minutes. For those who dont like bananas: the gel can also be used as a banana replacement!

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Homemade Colon Cleanse Recipe

Lets get started making this great homemade colon cleanse. You will need a tall glass and a spoon. To start, place 3.5 ounces of purified water in a pan. You want to warm the water, not boil it, so that you can drink the water at a safe temperature.

Once it is warm, pour it into your glass. Then add the sea salt, often part of a salt water flush, and stir. The sea salt will help release toxins, pushing waste through the body and ultimately improving digestion.

Now, add the apple juice, ginger juice and fresh lemon juice. Stir.

Does apple juice make you poop? Well, an apple a day keeps the doctor away may not be specific to the colon but it did come from the idea that whole foods, such as the nutrition-rich apple, brings good health and a healthy colon definitely yields good health. In fact, a study shows that those who ate an apple a day had less visits to the doctor and fewer prescription medications.

Ginger is great because it reduces bloating while stimulating the colon, keeping it free from wastes and harmful toxins. And lets not forget about the amazing lemon! Lemon juice aids in digestion, detoxification and is high in vitamin C, making it a great antioxidant its why it plays such a key role in my Secret Detox drink.

How Long Should I Take The Green Smoothie To Oxygen My Body


You can take twice o three times peer week, although if you use it to go to the bathroom, I recommend it on an empty stomach. I have many smoothies recipes for bowel movement and detox. I always recommend to have different smoothies during the week so you can give different nutrients to your boy. Dont have them daily. It is way too much fiber and could make you feel bloat after a while.

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Pineapple Cucumber And Aloe Vera

For those who suffer from constipation this smoothie will offer lightness to the intestinal level. The smoothie of pineapple, aloe vera and cucumber will facilitate the disposal of waste stored in your colon. The purification of the body will be produced through digestive fibers and enzymes.


When To Drink This Colon Cleanse And Liver Detox Smoothie

In order to see real results try to do a morning routine for a few weeks. Drink this colon and liver detox smoothie on an empty stomach followed by a diet low in processed foods and lots of water.

This will speed up the elimination of waste from the colon and liver. The colon is the bodys sewer system, and if not treated properly can accumulate toxic poisons. These are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, so we definitely want to avoid that.

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Tips On Cleansing Your Liver

Avoid smoking and drugs Smoking and any form of drug use will drastically damage your liver, this is the first and foremost thing to avoid if you are looking to do a liver cleanse. Smoking and abusing drugs may not affect your physical appearance but can cause internal havoc. These cause irreversible damage to your internal organs, especially your liver. Causing huge problems for you later in your life.

Avoid alcoholAlcohol is a toxin, you will cause your liver to work overtime to purify the blood and help get rid of the toxins in your body. Even if you drink once in a while it can still cause excess strain on your liver.

Water will not only flush out toxins but also contain natural minerals lemon water can, in fact, increase the alkaline levels which helps eliminate the toxins in the liver and helps the liver do its job.

Sleeping early is essential between the time of 1 am to 3 am is when your liver is at the highest detoxification time. Rejuvenation allows your body to rest and when it is resting your body has enough energy to work at its optimal level, and purge itself of waste.

Colon Cleanse Smoothie Recipe

how to do a colon cleanse the right way #coloncleansing ...

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to cleanse their colon.

According to the Colonic Association, this practice has been around for centuries, dating back to the 1500s in Egyptian medical practices.

In America, cleansing large intestine did not become popular until the 1920s, however, it continues to grow in popularity due to its health benefits.

People do colon cleanses to rid their body of excess toxins, which results in extra energy, increased mental alertness, and decreased lethargy.

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Colon Cleanse Spinach & Ginger Smoothie

This healthy, nutritious Colon Cleanse Spinach & Ginger Smoothie is the perfect way to start your day. Its easy, quick, tasty, and full of goodness.So, what makes it colon cleansing? Spinach & ginger are known for their detox anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the stomach/colon area. The avocado is rich in fiber, which helps speed things up. The pineapple is known for its enzymes and it helps digestion.For best results, we suggest you drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

The small intestine is the organ whose main function is to eliminate waste from our body, as well as to extract the water and the essential salts that our digestion produces. Maintaining a healthy colon is the guarantee of good health because its function is vital for other organs to function properly.

Nowadays, the pace of life is increasingly fast, and sometimes bad eating habits are taken which can disturb the normal functioning of the colon. All of this can lead to many health problems such as inflammation, gas, weight gain, etc.

If you are on a colon cleanse smoothie fast metabolism diet -> this smoothie is a good way to start it.

Why Are Smoothies Popular

Many people turn to smoothies because they are delicious, easy to make, and convenient. For those that are short on time and need a portable meal option, smoothies can pack quite a punch. Not only are they able to provide loads of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in just a single serving, but they can help fill you up and give you much-needed protein if supplemented with protein powder. Smoothies can be made in advance, kept cool, and used when needed making this an excellent time-saver meal option.

Plus, smoothies are a healthy option for people. They are low-calorie and can help people lose weight by supplementing a regular meal. Or, smoothies can be specially blended to target specific health conditions, making them exceptionally beneficial. They can help improve digestive health, boost your immune system, and give your body a much-needed boost of antioxidants.

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