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UNBOXING “Daily Harvest” Smoothie Subscription Box

Customers of Daily Harvest appear to be pleased with the service, as indicated by this customer, who began with smoothies and gradually progressed to additional goods such as flatbreads and oat bowls.

Theres also the added benefit of not having to buy a lot of things to make a smoothie. Theyre also tasty and healthy.

Using A Smoothie Delivery Service Can Save Time

What usually holds people back from drinking smoothies as part of their regular routine is the prep and work that goes into making them. You have to make sure you have all the ingredients, wash them, pre-portion everything out, peal or chop, blend, and pour before you can enjoy it. And if youre like me, especially in the mornings, you just dont have that much time to spare.

With a smoothie delivery service, everything is either pre-portioned and ready to blend or already pre-made. We even included multiple fruit and veggie smoothie delivery services on this list that dont require a blender at all. For example, Kencko just needs to be poured into a bottle, shaken, and youre ready to drink.

Final Words So Whats The Best Smoothie Delivery Service For You

The Frozen Garden is a good choice for beginners who want to be able to try out single-serve smoothies without committing to a sub. I like how youre able to choose from an A La Carte menu and select exactly how many servings youll get per order.

On the other hand, Smoothie Box is an ideal choice for women who want to get an extra dose of collagen peptides with their smoothies. This is an optional choice, however, so you will have to pay extra. But not many smoothie subscriptions out there offer this add-on.

A Splendid Spoon is also an ideal option if you want a service that delivers pre-blended smoothies to your door. This will save you time from having to blend or clean up afterward.

However, I found that Daily Harvest is my top pick out of all the choices on this list. Their menu variety, combined with their customizable plans and healthy, pre-packaged smoothie blends, makes it more convenient and easier to personalize your weekly deliveries within a few minutes.

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Splendid Spoon Pricing And Delivery Options

Splendid Spoon ships domestically to residences and businesses in all lower 48 United States. They offer a number of plans, but if you just want smoothies, pick their Breakfast plan, which comes with 5 smoothies and $65 per week.

Thats $13 per smoothie, which is definitely on the expensive side. But again, theres zero prep required. And after your first order, you can also save up to 17% on future orders with their prepay option.

They dont offer a free trial, however, according to their website, you can sign up for the Weekly Delivery plan and then cancel your subscription before your next scheduled renewal. For Wednesday deliveries, renewals take place the prior Thursday at 4PM EST. For Friday deliveries, renewals take place the prior Sunday at 4PM EST.

Natalees Experience And Review Of Daily Harvest

Smoothie Box Review 2020

This review is from May 2018.

To be frank, Daily Harvest is the kind of subscription service whose ads Id usually scroll right past. Their prices are more than I would typically be willing to pay for an already prepared smoothie with the liquid included, let alone a smoothie I have to supply the almond milk and dirty my blender for.

But in the name of science and respect for my body, I finally decided to give it a try.

I chose the option to get six cups per week at eight dollars each. I dont really have room in my budget for a $50 dollar/week smoothie habit every single week, but Im powerless in the presence of punchy photography and pretty fonts.

The subscription allowed me to change my order each week, so I tried a wide variety of their products.

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Is Daily Harvest Worth It

In most cases, a meal kit delivery service provides convenience. However, with Daily Harvest, you get loads of produce and unique ingredients like superfood powders that I wouldnt spend the time to use or buy. They also provide portability with their specially designed on the go cups.

Is it worth it? If you are looking for a meal kit delivery service to make your life a little easier and help you get in healthier meals, I would definitely consider Daily Harvest! Let me know if you have other questions, happy to answer them!

Daily Harvest Review: A Smoothie Review Worth Reading

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery service that aims to make eating healthy simple by providing frozen ready to blend smoothies, soups, chia parfaits, lattes, overnight oats and harvest bowls. Cups cost $7.99 to $6.99 depending on the plan that you select. They have weekly and monthly options.

I had been interested in trying Daily Harvest for a while to get a better breakfast routine. I have a great high power blender but the extensive prep and clean up that comes with making smoothies had led me to neglect the thing! I figured that Daily Harvest would be a great way to encourage me to use it by streamlining my busy mornings.

When I signed up for Daily Harvest, I opted to pick my smoothies, though they have a nicely curated collection called The Smoothie Edit. They have similar edits for all of their other offerings. Soon after I placed my order, I received my collection of smoothies in a delivery that was frozen on dry ice. The morning that my Daily Harvest haul arrived, I received an email, so I knew it was on the way.

I managed to be home to get the box inside right away, but according to the company website they use enough dry ice that you can leave your shipment on your porch for several hours.

Once I stocked my freezer with my smoothie cups, I could hardly wait for the next morning to give the delicious sounding flavors a try at breakfast time.

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Save Up To $40 Off Your First Box Of Any Size With Code Gentwenty

Daily Harvest smoothies are amazing. Their healthy meals arrive on dry ice and they have pretty much all recyclable packaging. Its so nice that they are delivered to your door instead of having to go to the grocery store. You can see if they ship to you by putting in you zip code.

Daily Harvest meals are delicious too. Below, we share more of our favorites.

Overview Of Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Review (May 2019 Update) Still The Best Smoothie Delivery Box?

Rachel Drori realized that full meals were hard for her to keep up with and found herself regularly snacking on whatever was around because she didnt have time to make healthy meals herself.

In the early days, this brand only delivered pre-packaged and frozen smoothies, but it now carries over 90 options across 11 collections for any craving or time of day. Their collections include Smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Flatbreads, Bites, Scoops , and even Mylk.. No more going without nutrition because of no time!

The brand also takes a regenerative approach only using sustainable practices to reduce food waste, use organic farming practices and thoughtfully sourced ingredients, and only implementing recyclable packaging. They are in the process of transitioning all of their packaging to 100% compostable as well!

In addition, Daily Harvest never uses gums, preservatives, harmful oils, fillers, refined sugars, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. With over 90 plant-based items on the menu, there are a lot of choices for everyone.

Before we begin our Daily Harvest review, lets see the pros and cons of the brand.

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How To Make Your Own Daily Harvest Smoothie

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Daily Harvest is expensive! With this Daily Harvest copycat smoothie prep you can know how to make your own Daily Harvest smoothie without the expensive price tag. Not to mention, these make-ahead smoothies are great for a quick breakfast or a healthy on-the-go lunch.

I was gifted a weeks worth of Daily Harvest Smoothies a couple months ago, and I LOVED THEM! I especially loved the Mint + Cacao Smoothie! What could be better than a mint chocolate smoothie in the morning?

I loved that the smoothies were so convenient and great for a meal prep option. Having a quick breakfast option or a healthy on-the-go lunch option was a win in my book.

I started ordering the shakes, but soon realized that I didnt love the oh-so-expensive price tag every week. I quickly asked myself, Is Daily Harvest worth it? Is it worth the hefty price tag for the amazing convenience of it all? The answer for me was NO! I knew there was a better way, and I wanted to test if I could recreate these cups, and do it affordably. So I came up with a recipe to make your own Daily Harvest Smoothie at a fraction of the price.

Thats where this easy, smoothie prep idea came to mind. I recipe tested several different quantities of ingredients for this copycat Daily Harvest Smoothie recipe, and I think I nailed it friends!

The amazing part is these make your own cups cost so much less! Here is the price breakdown.

Effectiveness For Weight Loss

Although neither service is explicitly designed to promote weight loss, you may lose weight if you include Splendid Spoon or Daily Harvest as part of a balanced, reduced calorie diet.

In particular, both services make calorie counting easy, as they include nutrition information for all of their preportioned products.

Whats more, given that the meals are made with whole, minimally processed ingredients, they may be more supportive of weight loss than highly processed foods, which tend to be higher in calories and may promote weight gain .

Just keep in mind that each of Splendid Spoons items provides two snack-sized servings.

Therefore, if you consume the whole container, youll need to double the calories and other nutrients on the label to accurately track your intake.

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Quick Smoothies To Make Ahead Of Time

These 5 quick smoothies can be ready to go ahead of time, and ready in a snap. You can have all your smoothie ingredients from your farm box fresh & ready to go before the week even starts.

Quick tip: Mason jars make great smoothie glasses & easy for storage at the same time.

Visit the blog here and see how we came up with our custom farm box smoothies and how to make your own almond milk.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Review 2021

Having reviewed Daily Harvest since they first got their start, weve received a ton of questions and comments over the years. We decided to add this section to the review in case anyone reading also has any of these common questions. If we missed any, feel free to leave your question in the comments below and well respond as soon as possible.

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Revive Superfoods Vs Daily Harvest: Types Of Diets Served

Revive Superfoods and Daily Harvest are entirely plant-based and offer an assortment of meals that are also gluten-free, keto, or paleo. Daily Harvests entire menu is gluten-free, while most of Revive Superfoods are gluten-free. Neither company offers customization of any products. Daily Harvest offers more variety in general because of its larger menu, especially for meals that fit into these diets and not just smoothies.

So Whats The Best Smoothie Delivery Service For You

Chances are, the best smoothie delivery service will depend on your personal preferences.

Frozen Garden has an a la carte ordering option, low prices, a flexible subscription, and high customer reviews.

Splendid Spoon offers fully prepared smoothies, no blending required.

Daily Harvest gives you the tastiest ways to eat more superfoods, uses the most organic ingredients, and delivers smoothie ingredients in a handy cup so you wont have to get a glass dirty.

Revive Superfoods is the cheapest option with 100% free delivery every time.

Kencko is the healthiest of the bunch with exclusive fruit and veggie ingredients delivered in monthly subscription boxes.

We hope this review will make your life a little easier and help you pick the best smoothie delivery service for your needs. These meal delivery services are a great way to get convenient, healthy, and affordable meals delivered.

No matter which company you choose, congrats on eating more superfoods!

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Revive Superfoods Vs Daily Harvest: Price

On price alone, Revive Superfoods offers the best deal for smaller orders and Daily Harvest is a better value for larger orders. While both have the same lowest price per meal , Daily Harvests pricing is only that low on certain items or with discounts that come on larger box sizes. Comparing pricing within the same categories, a 228g smoothie from Daily Harvest is priced at $7.99, whereas a similar sized smoothie is only $5.99 from Revive Superfoods. Oat bowls of nearly identical portions, however, are priced at $5.99 at both companies. Grain bowls or the equivalent are, on average, more expensive from Daily Harvest whereas they are all $5.99 at Revive Superfoods. It should be noted that portions from Daily Harvest are larger and more substantial for these bowls than from Revive Superfoods.

Both companies offer free shipping but Daily Harvest offers discounts on medium and large boxes.

On price alone, Revive Superfoods offers the best deal for smaller orders and Daily Harvest is a better value for larger orders.

Types Of Smoothie Delivery Services Explained

Honest Review of Daily Harvest – Daily Harvest Flatbreads Smoothies and New Compostable Packaging

Due to advances in how fruits and vegetables can be stored, youre no longer limited to only having to use fresh fruit for smoothies. Unfortunately, a common misconception is that the alternativesflash-frozen and freeze-driedare much less nutritious or may have preservatives. Just as an FYI, none of the options we included in this list have any artificial additives or preservatives. To clear things up, lets go over how flash-frozen and freeze-dried smoothies are made as well as determine whether they are as healthy as smoothies made from freshly picked produce.

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Daily Harvest Alternatives To Consider

While there are plenty of healthy meal delivery services I didnt realize there were so many that are smoothie specific like Daily Harvest. Pressed Juicery, the popular juice chain now offers delivery subscriptions of their juices, freezes and cleanses and shots. A bundle of six green juices costs $30 for members and $34.50 for a one-time non-member order. I would love to give this service a try because you dont even need a blender for this one!

If you are willing to take out your blender, GreenBlender is a smoothie subscription that sends fresh, prepackaged ingredients right to your door. Goodie is another similar service. Both of these companies will have you put in a little bit more work, but the payoff is a breakfast made with fresh ingredients.

Splendid Spoon Vs Daily Harvest Lighting Round Comparison

Cost: Daily Harvest is less expensive versus Splendid Spoon . However, Splendid Spoon portion sizes are larger .

Offerings: Splendid Spoon offers 40+ items in the categories of smoothies, soups and grain bowls, noodles, wellness shots, and resets. Daily Harvest offers 80+ offerings in the categories of smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, oat bowls, chia bowls, scoops, bites, and lattes.

Ingredients: Both are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and nutrient dense. Across the board, Daily Harvest is 95% organic on all offerings. Splendid Spoons smoothies are 95% organic, but the rest of their offerings are not.

Sustainability: Both 100% recyclable materials.

Convenience: Splendid Spoons smoothies come preblended, so you can just grab it and go. Daily Harvest smoothie require you to add your liquid of choice and blend in your blender. Other meals for both require just the stove or microwave.

Taste: Its a tie for me. I think both options provide delicious and unique flavor combinations.

Interested? For Daily Harvest use the code AHEALTHYSLICE for $25 off your first order. For Splendid Spoon, use this link for $25 off your first order, no code needed.

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If You’re Looking For A Plan With The Most Options For Subscriptions Or One

Splendid Spoon offers five different options for subscription boxes, but also has an On-Demand Box service with 19 one-time purchase box options. I love the convenience of the subscription , but for those times I’m feeling choosy, the spread of one-time boxes offers options to feed my current craves.

Subscription options include those for Breakfast, Lunch, Breakfast + Lunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Reset, and Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Reset. It sounds like a lot, but I look at it like, how much do I really want to think about my meals this week? Each breakfast plan comes with five smoothies, and the lunch plans come with five bowls. Dinner plans come with five noodle bowls, and each plan with a reset option has a one soup-only day. I find the more the merrier the less time and energy I spend on my planning and preparing my meals is a big perk, and the results are delicious!

Admittedly, I started out a little commitment phobic though, not ready to spring for the subscription right off the bat. Splendid Spoon’s Mix & Match Bundle delivered me a 10 pack of cold-pressed juices, and a 15 pack of noodle bowls. This vibed with me more than Daily Harvest, which only offers three subscription and no one-time purchases. The variety of options and ability to sample didn’t really speak to my flighty whim quite the same way.

Daily Harvest Review 2022

Daily Harvest vs. SmoothieBox
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This is an honest Daily Harvest Review about the subscription that delivers healthy food to your door! Find out if Daily Harvest is worth it + if we like it!

This post is not sponsored by Daily Harvest, but I am an affiliate of theirs and make a small commission if you choose to purchase it through my code/links. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to read my policy and more about affiliate links. This post was originally shared in 2018 but has been updated.

If youve been around here for a while, you may have heard me talk about Daily Harvest before.

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