What Time Does Smoothie King Close

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Public Lots & Garages Near Smoothie King Center


There are numerous parking lots and garages within easy walking distance of the Smoothie King Center that are open to the public and quite affordable. If youre willing to walk around 10 minutes to the stadium you can find parking for as low as $5! Most of the cheaper options are open surface parking lots. Otherwise, there are many parking garages just a few blocks away from the stadium that cost between $10-$20.

Book a space ahead of time so that you know exactly where youre going to park, how much youll pay, that a space will be waiting for you on the other end of your journey. This is the easiest way to make sure that things go smoothly on game day and remove the potential stress from your Smoothie King Center parking experience.

Rates, Locations, and More!

Smoothie King Franchisee Overcomes Tragedy Rejection To Reach His Dream

The 31-year-old entrepreneur is getting ready to open his second store.

Its always been personal for Skyler Blacknall. Growing up, his father was an entrepreneur, drawn to side hustles over the 95. But this lifestyle often found him grabbing quick, not-so-healthy food.

And then tragedy struck. Blacknall lost his mother, brother, and cousin to health-related issues.

The combination of these experiences led Blacknall to Smoothie King. He worked as a manager at multiple stores while plotting a way to eventually own one. Blacknall and his wife, studying to get her law degree at the time, lived well below their means as they saved up. Yet even when Blacknall secured enough to get a loan and apply for a franchise, Smoothie King turned him down at discovery day as he failed to meet financial requirements.

Blacknalls big break, however, soon arrived. Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim went behind the line on an episode of Undercover Boss, and surprised Blacknall with a franchise. The two remain close today, grabbing lunch whenever they can. Now, Blacknall is on the verge of opening his second location.

Blacknall, 31, shared the decade-long journey with QSR, where hes headed, and how his background affects his leadership style as a franchisee.

Take us through your journey. It sounds like youve had a lot of personal hardship. How did it shape you as a person, and business owner?

What was the lowest point, and how did you get through it?

read more

Smoothie King Center Parking Guide

The Smoothie King Center is home to the New Orleans Pelicans and New Orleans Voodoo. Let our guide help you plan ahead and you can show up prepared for parking!

Located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, parking lots are shared with Champions Square and the Caesars Superdome , so it can turn into a hassle if multiple events are happening. This guide provides you with everything you need to know in order to find the best parking, including locations, pricing, directions to the stadium, and even information on how to reserve a parking space online!

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General Smoothie King Questions

Yes, please visit our franchisee page for more information:

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc. is a privately held, New Orleans area-based franchise company and the premier Smoothie Bar and Nutritional Lifestyle Center in the industry. Smoothie King offers guests the original nutritional fresh-blended Smoothie and healthy retail products, including sports beverages, energy bars, healthy snacks, vitamin supplements, herbs, minerals and other sports nutrition products. Smoothie King opened its first store in 1973 and started as the first franchised smoothie bar/health food store in the United States in 1989.

We love hearing from our guests and value your feedback. Have feedback on your visit, please submit a survey at www.smoothiekingfeedback.com. Have a suggestion or question, please submit an inquiry via contact us. If you are sharing feedback about a specific location, please include the stores physical address or the store number located at the top of your receipt. You can also contact the store directly to share your feedback.

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions for Employment, Nutrition, Allergens and Healthy Rewards here in our FAQs.

For franchise information, visit . To contact a specific Smoothie King location, visit for store contact information.

You may purchase gift cards at all Smoothie King locations as well as online on our website.

Smoothie King Store Hours

Smoothie King

One thing that arises in everyones mind before visiting a local store is whether it is open or not. Know Smoothie King Hours from Monday to Friday and plan your trip. Check the Smoothie King Opening and Closing Hours from below. Usually, the store opens by 7 AM in the morning and Closes by 9 PM in the majority of the locations. Learn about What time Smoothie King Close and Open during Weekdays

Smoothie King Business Hours

What time does Smoothie King Close?

Smoothie King will end its services around 9 PM in the evening.

What time does Smoothie King Open?

Smoothie King begins its working starting from 7 AM in the morning.

Is Smoothie King Open on Saturday?

Unlike many other stores smoothie king opens even on weekends. But, there will be a difference in working hours i.e. they might open late or close early.

Is Smoothie King Open on Sunday?

Smoothie King is Open on Sunday too but with a limitation on timing.

Is Smoothie King Close on Christmas Day?

Yes, it is closed for business on Christmas Day but Opens during Christmas Eve.

Is Smoothie King Open on Easter?

Yes, Smoothie King remains Open on Easter and may have less working timings. However, timings vary from location to location.

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Hpes Sandy Ono On Insights At Hyper Speed To Drive Growth And The Value Of Marketings Currency

Of course making money is important, but if I was selling junk food I don’t know if I would feel great about it. Our mission is to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I love that. I also love seeing our guests smile.

I thought about buying the company. I approached the founder in 2010 about it. He wasn’t like, Oh, why not? so I waited. About a year later, he called me. He said, I’ve been thinking about this. You should do this because you really do believe in our mission. You believe in what we do. It’s not always about the money. And I don’t want to sell off this company to private equity. That’s how I was able to close that deal.

Mainwaring: What inspired you to take this purposeful approach?

Kim: WhenI bought the company, we had the mission. We did not have the vision of where we wanted to be over the long term. We had to align our vision with our ambition. We asked ourselves if this is the market trend? Is this what people want? Can we really do this? Is this our DNA?

When people think about fitness they think Nike, Fitbit, Planet Fitness. It isnt something typically associated with the restaurant sector. No one else is taking that approach. I believe the brand identity will attract more people.

Mainwaring: How did you transition the brand to be more purposeful? What was that process like?

Mainwaring: How do you decide what to do and what not to do?

Mainwaring: How do you connect your purpose to your products through your impact work?

Reviews For Smoothie King

I usually have good smoothies from this location, but these past few months the quality has definitely gone down. I order the same smoothie every time and its consistency is different every time. This time it tastes more like a slushee rather than a smoothie. I prefer this location because its close to me, but I think Im gonna have to start going to the Manchester Expressway location or the Whittlesy Blvd one

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King Kong Milk Tea And Smoothie

Review Highlights

I ordered a signature boba tea drink, 2 mango smoothies for the boys and a “House mixed rice paper salad.”in 3 reviews

Also try the Sautéed Corn with Dried Shrimp! Delicious!in 2 reviews

I got the soursop smoothie and my boyfriend got the earl grey milk tea with boba.in 4 reviews

Location & Hours

Milk Teas, Vietnamese Coffee, Boba, Desserts, and Asian Street Food!

Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about King Kong Milk Tea and Smoothie.

Recommended Reviews

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Smoothie King Near Me

DIY Angel Food SmoothieKing! Copy Smoothies |Juniper Ginger

Please, search Smoothie King Near ME locations from the map below. if you find your nearby Smoothie Kinglocation, click on the map shown below and nearest Smoothie King location around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this store locator tool to find Smoothie King near me.

You can also get the Smoothie King Near Me Now through Embed Map / Smoothie King Locator. If you use Smoothie King locator to find the Smoothie King Locations. Just enter your areas zip code & find Smoothie King Near My Location.

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How To Find Petsmart Hours


The pet retailers official store locator found here is a great way to find Petsmart hours. After clicking on the link provided, you will be taken to a page showing a search bar. Type in your location, radius, and specific services if needed. This will take you to a list of all Petsmart store hours in your general area. Select a specific store to view more detailed information. The site will provide you with their phone number, address, directions, and distance from you.

Google Maps is another reliable way to help you find Petsmart store hours. Click here to be taken straight to a page displaying a list of stores nearby. Select the store of your preference to view additional information. You can also view contact information, directions, customer reviews, and of course Petsmart hours for that particular location.

Petsmart does not offer an official app at this time. Head over to Petsmarts official website for possible updates on this topic. We recommend that you use the 2 methods listed above to find your local Petsmart hours.

Smoothie Kings Expected To Reopen In The Wichita Area

Towards the end of 2020, all the Smoothie King locations in Wichita and Derby closed. All four locations were rebranded and called Rind & Grind but it was very short-lived.

It now appears all four locations will be returning under the Smoothie King name. Each one is now listed on Smoothie Kings website as coming soon. Signage is already up at the Derby location.

From what Ive been able to gather, these could be the reopening dates for those locations:

  • 1861 E Madison Ave March 4
  • 711 E Douglas March 11
  • 3236 N Rock Road March 22
  • 8000 W. Central Ave March 29

Im not sure if they are owned by the same franchisee. If I find out anymore, Ill update this blog. Stay tuned.

Happy Dining,Eddy

Have some news to share? Please email us with your information for consideration. We are always open to suggestions.

Want to help support the continuing content of Wichita By E.B.?

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Smoothie King Black Friday Locations & Store Hours

Get ready for Black Friday shopping 2018 by finding the Smoothie King locations nearest you. Check out Black Friday store hours, scope out the best parking spots and check the store out ahead of time to get a feel for the layout. If you are traveling for your Thanksgiving celebrations and have asked yourself Is there going to be a Smoothie King near me? our handy store finder can help.

Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango

Report: Smoothie King headquarters moving to Dallas

Not every single smoothie at Smoothie King has the kind of creaminess you expect from a high-quality smoothie made from real fruits. Instead, some of the brand’s smoothies are kind of icy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but when you would prefer a creamy smoothie, it may leave you wondering what you should order at the restaurant. We’d suggest the Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango smoothie. Bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and Greek nonfat yogurt all work together to create one of our favorite smoothies on the menu.

Having both pineapples and mangoes in the same smoothie does make this option pretty sweet, which may not be ideal if you don’t have a serious sweet tooth. However, the rich taste of this option definitely earns it a relatively high spot on our list. Just keep in mind that this one definitely isn’t appropriate for vegans or those who don’t handle dairy well.

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How To Find Smoothie King Hours


We recommend using the companys official locator as your first method of finding Smoothie King hours. Click here to be directed straight to Smoothie Kings locator portion of their website, or navigate you way to that page through their home page. Begin by entering your your city, state, zip code, or address to find your nearby Smoothie King store hours. After entering your information, youll be see a map of all the Smoothie King store hours in your general area. Each location is lettered, so chose your location of preference to view its address, location, phone number, directions, and more. Click the more button to see that particular stores Smoothie King hours today.

Another reliable tool for finding Smoothie King hours is with . Simply type the term Smoothie King in the search bar of the Google Maps website to view a complete list of your nearby Smoothie King store hours. This link will take you straight that list, tailored to your particular location. Google Maps provides you with other useful information such as customer reviews, store contact info, directions, different routes to that store, and much more. The map below this paragraph shows you similar results regarding Smoothie King hours simply select one of the stores on the map to view its operating hours and additional information.


Smoothie King Center Handicap Parking

Parking for guests with disabilities is available in Lot 3, next to LaRouge Street. Lot 3 has one regular handicap space and six van handicapped spaces. To gain access to accessible parking, proper vehicle registration is required as well as a current disabled placard with a matching identification card. Contact 587-3663 for questions regarding handicap parking for specific events.

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Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger

We don’t know if it actually helps boost your metabolism, but we couldn’t help but to be excited the first time we saw the Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger smoothie on the menu. Who doesn’t like mango? It’s one of the most delicious fruits out there. And when you combine that mango with something that’s on the spicier side like ginger, it’s easy to see why this option could be a hit. However, we were slightly let down when we took our first sip of this smoothie.

Mangos and bananas feature heavily in the profile flavor of this smoothie, but ginger? That’s almost nonexistent. You can taste a whisper of something that tastes like ginger ale, but when it comes to the real spice and flavor that comes from fresh ginger, it’s pretty much completely missing. We think that this recipe would have been even better with a stronger presence of ginger in the mix.

Popular Smoothie King Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

There are times when you just want to get your day off to the freshest possible start. Eggs and bacon may be good on certain days of the week, but when you want to feel lighter or start the day with more energy, a smoothie may be the way to go. However, chopping all those fruits and vegetables and putting them into a blender first thing in the morning might not be your favorite thing to do. Instead, you can always take a quick trip to Smoothie King to pick up your ideal smoothie.

Whether you just want to choose something on the healthier side, or you’re looking for a smoothie that will help you with your workout plan, keep you trim, or get you full fast, Smoothie King probably has what you’re looking for. The list of available smoothies at this place is incredibly long, so there’s pretty much no chance that you’re not going to find something that sounds good.

However, not every smoothie at the chain is delicious. We came up with a ranking of some of the most popular menu items at Smoothie King, so you can make an informed decision the next time you go. We’ll start with the worst and work our way up to the best of the bunch.

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Smoothie King Holiday Hours Open/closed

Most Smoothie King shops are OPEN on these holidays:

New Years Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Valentines Day Independence Day Labor Day

Most Smoothie King shops are CLOSED on these holidays:

Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

Is Smoothie King open today? What time does Smoothie King open tomorrow? Although daily hours can vary, this schedule applies to many locations:

Monday 7:00AM-9:00PM Saturday 8:00AM-9:00PM Sunday 10:00AM-9:00PM

Restaurants may operate on holiday schedules with reduced hours during open holidays. Many locations will open late and/or close early on these days. In addition, several fast food outlets are franchise stores, so hours will vary. To save wasted time and gas, a quick phone call to confirm Smoothie King holiday hours of operation is always a good idea. Happy holiday dining!

Beware of imitators! When you need Holiday Shopping Hours, be sure youre on HolidayShoppingHours.com

Thanksgiving and Black Friday schedules are subject to change. Stores, restaurants, and shopping malls are currently updating their hours of operation and open/closed status for upcoming 2021 holidays. Scroll down to search all your favorite merchants!

This site is updated daily. Please contact us with updates, additions, and corrections to help make HSH as accurate and complete as possible this holiday season.

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