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Strong Base: What Liquid Should I Make High Calorie Smoothies With

Best Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe!

Your smoothie doesnt work without liquids theyre the basis for any good smoothie. You can start out with a number of liquids that each have their own benefits and drawbacks: water, coconut water, milk, coconut milk, other forms of plant milk , or even a juice.

The idea is that you should really be matching your goals to the base of your smoothie as well as keeping in mind what youre going to put in it. There are some things you might be comfortable blending, like bananas and milk, while others dont quite work.

Smoothie bases have their own pros and cons, but having variety is a good thing:

Water: the universal solvent! A great place to start for any smoothie but without any nutrients.

Coconutwater: like water but sweeter and contains important electrolytes.

Milk: a nutrient-rich source but doesnt pair well with citrus or some other ingredients.

Coconutmilk: somewhere between milk and coconut water some vitamins and electrolytes.

Otherplantmilks: some calories but relatively limited nutrient-content, pair better than milk.

Juice: high sugar, can bring too much acidity, probably not as healthy as you think.

Does Oat Milk Taste Good In Smoothies

It sure does! The great thing about oat milk is that is has a very subtle flavour and does not overpower the taste of the smoothie.

It has an earthy taste that blends wonderfully with fruits like banana, strawberries, or other berries, and added ingredients like nut butter and protein powder.

If you like the taste of oats or even oatmeal, youll notice that same subtle flavour in the oat milk, which makes it a great breakfast smoothie option.

Banana Date Smoothie With Ginger And Cardamom

The Spruce / Nyssa Tanner

Dates add a natural sweetness to smoothies that will provide the flavor you want without spiking your sugar levels. Combined with frozen banana, Greek yogurt, fresh ginger, and a pinch of cardamom, you have a healthy, dessert-worthy drink. If your dates are a little hard, simply soak them in warm water before using.

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More Dairy Free Smoothie Liquids

While the above liquids are more popular, I like to get creative with my liquid bases. Here are a few more super fun + delicious options:

Kombucha– I’m not kidding! This is a great probiotic option, and the sky’s the limit on flavors.

Fresh squeezed juice– While 100% juice has natural sugar, it is still a higher sugar option. So remember that when adding it to your smoothie.

Coffee– This base works great in smoothies including cocoa or cacao, nut butter, vanilla, you name it. Need a caffeine free option? Just use strongly brewed decaf coffee to enjoy the flavor without the buzz.

As you can see, dairy milk is far from the only liquid base for smoothies. Don’t be afraid to get creative mix + match any of these bases until you find your fav.

Unsweetened Vanilla Soy Milk

Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie (My Kids

Soy milk is yet another great alternative to regular milk. Being another plant-based milk like almond milk, soy milk is also relatively low in calories compared to regular milk. Of course, sticking to the unsweetened version is the right way to go here. And whats more, soy milk has its own distinctive taste too. Some people would prefer soy milk over any other plant-based milk, and the only way to determine which one you like more is to taste them all yourself. Soy milk makes for another great milk type to use in smoothies as it has its own unique benefits too in addition to the low calorie count.

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Best For Creamy Texture

If you are someone who prefers thicker and fuller smoothies with a creamy texture, then whole milk or oak milk is the best option for you. Oat milk helps to add creaminess to your smoothie without the addition of fat that comes with dairy milk.

Ice adds more thickness to smoothie recipes as well, along with zero calories! Other smoothie ingredients that can provide more thickness to your smoothie include banana, maple syrup, almond butter, greek yogurt, silken tofu, and nut butters. Protein powder is another great thickening agent, either standard or a plant based protein powder.

Lets Start With The Basics

If you are looking to give your digestive system a break by going on a trial separation with milk, boy do have good news for you . The Happy Way protein powder range does not discriminate and can be mixed with water. In fact, water can be used as the liquid base for most of your favourite smoothie recipes. Now we know what you may be thinking and before you even ask, no you dont need to kiss your creamy smoothies goodbye. Adding unflavoured tofu into your recipe will not only boost your overall protein intake, it will also help build a creamy consistency in place of milk. An alternative to this is also adding half an avocado into your green smoothies. When looking for a quick boost of energy and a healthy snack that will keep you full between your main meals, simply mix a scoop of your Happy Way protein powder with 200ml of water. All the taste without the added calories! No milk required.

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High Calorie Weight Gain Smoothies Recipes

Heres a secret: smoothies are better for a weight-gain diet than a weight-loss diet.

Today were looking through the best weight gain smoothies recipes for building muscle and supporting a calorie surplus diet.

Well be looking at what great smoothies for weight gain need, some of the best examples to get started with, and the real-world stuff you need to remember to make them work for you.

Lets take a look at what goes into making great high calorie smoothies for weight gain and how you can get the best out of them

Banana Nut Dessert Smoothie


This seemingly indulgent smoothie is the perfect healthy alternative to high-calorie milkshakes. The nut butter provides a source of good fats and omega 3 which enable your body to absorb minerals effectively.

Sit back and enjoy this delicious treat without sabotaging your weight loss.


  • 2 tablespoons 100% natural nut butter
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 50g fat-freeGreek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoon raw honey

To make this smoothie, you will need to peel and freeze one banana in advance. Place the banana, nut butter, , and remaining ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.

For a dairy free or vegan alternative simply leave out the yogurt and substitute the honey for raw maple syrup or agave.

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Fantastic Healthy Smoothie Ingredients And Add

May 27, 2020

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Smoothies have become popular as breakfast alternatives or as something to enjoy during the day. Theyre not just indulgent treats either. When made well, a smoothie can be a powerful source of nutrients. Choosing healthy smoothie ingredients and add-ins plays a large role in how good your smoothie ends up being.

So, in this list, were highlighting some of the best ingredients that you can turn to. These have various advantages. Some of them contain antioxidants and phytonutrients, which may help to improve your health in a variety of ways.

Others are perhaps more mundane, acting as sources of important nutrients like protein and fiber, or simply changing the texture of your smoothie. There are many options to choose from, so your smoothies dont need to be the same every day. Instead, you can change them regularly to create delicious drinks with exciting flavor profiles.

One final note before we dive in. There is no single definition for healthy foods versus unhealthy ones. People vary in their opinions, especially when it comes to ingredients that are high in fat versus those that are high in carbs.

So, use your own discretion when looking at this list. Use your own diet and food preferences as a guide to which smoothie additions will be healthy for you.

  • Green And Red Powders

Nut Free Dairy Free Milk Bases

If nut milk isn’t an option for you, then no sweat. Check out oat milk , hemp milk, flax milk, rice milk, soy milk… the possibilities are seemingly endless.

I tend to choose my dairy free smoothie recipes based on what my body needs that day. If I’m looking for a fiber + healthy fat boost, I’ll make some hemp or flax milk. Rice milk is super thin and great for a tasteless option so that the other smoothie ingredients can shine.

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Using Oat Milk In Smoothies

Oat milk is actually a newer plant based milk option on the market. I only really started seeing it on shelves in the grocery store about 2 years ago, as the plant milk section was always dominated by nut milks like almond or cashew milk.

Now, many people love to add oat milk to their smoothies because it has a very subtle taste that blends well with other ingredients so it becomes pretty much undetectable, except for the added creaminess it provides. Its also a great option for those who want a plant based milk but have an allergy to nuts and nut milks.

When it comes to using oat milk in smoothies, I recommend using a natural, unsweetened oat milk , and to look for a gluten-free certified and organic brand that does not add a bunch of stabilizers and thickeners. The taste will be noticeably cleaner and smoother.

The 7 Healthiest Milk Options

Delicious Mixed Berry Smoothie with Almond Milk # ...

Dairy aisles have exploded with milk and milk alternative options over the past few years, and choosing the healthiest milk isnt just about the fat content.

Whether youre looking beyond cows milk for health reasons or dietary preferences or simply want to experiment with different options, you may wonder which type of milk is healthiest for you.

Here are the 7 healthiest milk and milk alternative options to add to your diet.

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Hydration Tart Cherry Lemonade

One of the most unique and delicious smoothies at Smoothie King is the hydration tart cherry lemonade.

Packed with antioxidant rich cherries, this tasty drink is also full of coconut water, bananas, white grape lemon juice, and an electrolyte blend.

Its highly nutritious, low calorie, and perfect to refresh yourself after a challenging day.

What Are The Health Benefits

This strawberry banana smoothie recipe has all of the elements of an energy-packed breakfast fresh fruit, almonds, yogurt, and old-fashioned oats. The fruits contain fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The bananas, nuts, and yogurt provide a boost of protein. The oats add soluble and insoluble fiber to help you feel fuller longer.

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Tips For Making The Healthiest Smoothies Ever

There are a number of tricks and tips Ive learned over the years while making smoothies. Below youll find my top 20, which will surely help you blend delicious and highly nutritious smoothies.

Whether youre looking for new ingredient ideas, ways to increase nutrition, or to achieve a particular health goal , then youve come to the right place. The amount of goodness you can pack into a smoothie is practically limitless because of the sheer number of healthy ingredients available to choose from. Smoothies are so much more than fruit and water, as youll soon find out.

The tips below are for making the healthiest smoothies ever, and having more fun in the process!

Smoothie Recipes To Try

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe Healthy | Easy Banana Smoothie Recipes

Use these recipes or build from them to create your own.

Banana-kale wake-up smoothie

The sweetness of the bananas balances kales slight bitterness in this recipe. Use just a tiny pinch of cloves theyre potent!

Get the banana-kale wake-up smoothie recipe.

Ruby-red raspberry smoothie

Its nutty. Its sweet. And its good for you. Blast off your day with healthy fats, antioxidants and phytonutrients from this creamy creation.

Get the ruby-red raspberry smoothie recipe.

Creamy kiwi-lime smoothie

You would never guess this creamy, high-protein smoothie gets its texture from tofu and cashew butter. Hey, dont knock it till you try it!

Go green smoothie bowl

Ready to trade in the smoothie glass for a bowl and spoon? In this bowl, the leafy green goodness of spinach meets the sweetness of grapes, mango, apple and banana.

Get the go green smoothie bowl recipe.

Cool tropical smoothie

Youll feel like youre on the beach with this zesty blend of mango, coconut, lime and strawberries. This vegan smoothie is high in potassium and features beneficial phytonutrients.

Get the cool tropical smoothie recipe.

Creamy strawberry and greens smoothie

This satisfying smoothie is sweetened with strawberries, creamified with avocado and then exalted to green goddess status with arugula.

Get the creamy strawberry and greens smoothie recipe.

Peach-vanilla yogurt smoothie

Get the peach-vanilla yogurt smoothie recipe.

Berry vanilla banana smoothie

Get the berry vanilla banana smoothie recipe.

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Good Protein Source: Providing Essential Muscle Growth For Homemade Protein Smoothies

Theres no point focusing on a smoothie for weight gain if youre not considering a protein source in there. Its a ton of calories, carbs, and sugars that really need an active ingredient for better quality weight gain and muscle growth.

A simple protein powder plant or animal source is going to add some real benefits to a pre- or post-workout weight gain smoothie. We generally recommend neutral flavors like a mellow vanilla or something you know will work with your smoothie plans.

You can also use other liquid and semi-liquid sources like low-fat Greek yoghurt to boost the protein intake. This is a natural source of protein that blends pretty well, adds creaminess to your smoothie, and pairs well with all kinds of different fruits and other ingredients.

Keep it simple its just here to fluff the protein content and drive muscle protein synthesis.

The Variety Of Animal Milk

If you grew up in the US, Europe, or the UK then cow milk is most likely something that has been in your fridge before. If you grew up in Russia or Canada, then a common milk you may have seen is Moose milk. During biblical times, the most common milk mentioned is goat and sheep milk. The list does not stop there though when it comes to animal milk that is commonly used.

Buffalo and camel milk are both popular options around the world. Even horse milk is known for its high contents of protein and vitamins and has been a popular choice in Russia and Asia for centuries.

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Frozen Bananas And Wild Blueberries

Many dietitians like to add frozen fruit to smoothies including Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, owner of Better is the New Perfect. Her favorite combo is frozen sliced bananas and frozen wild blueberries, which supply fiber, potassium and beneficial plant compounds called phytonutrients, along with great taste. Plus, Ward says, “frozen fruit makes smoothies thicker and frothier without using ice, which dilutes the flavor.”

Health Benefits Of Smoothies

Healthy Strawberry Milkshake ((Smoothie))

Smoothies made primarily from fresh or frozen produce may increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, which provide a diverse array of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.Together, these nutrients may reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and lower your risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and age-related mental decline.

The truth is, many people dont get anywhere close to the daily recommended dose of fruits and vegetables. Daily smoothies are a great way to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients in your daily eating plan.

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Simple Strawberry Oat Milk Lactation Smoothie

This Simple Strawberry Oat Milk Lactation Smoothie is a great addition to help increase or maintain your milk supply. Not only is this lactation smoothie recipe thick, creamy and delicious, but its packed with nourishing ingredients to help fuel your recovering body.

Juicy strawberries, bananas, sweet dates, rolled oats, hemp seeds, and oat milk are blended to form this quick and easy lactation smoothie to help boost your hydration and your milk supply.

Ready in under 5 minutes, this simple Strawberry Oat Milk Smoothie is the best tasting lactation smoothie youll find!

Healthy Fats To Make Your Smoothie More Filling

Im so excited to have partnered with Tami Chu of Organic Crumbs Wellness on our latest project, The Energy Reboot a 21 day real food based cleanse that boosts your metabolism, curbs cravings and skyrockets your energy while supporting your physical, mental and emotional health.

Below, she shares some healthy smoothie additions that you can enjoy both on and off the cleanse.

Smoothies are a quick, simple meal or snack that, when properly prepared, can provide a superfood boost of whole food nutrition.

In order to keep your blood sugar stable and provide lasting satiety, fats are an important ingredient in your smoothies. Here are some ideas for healthy fats to mix it up!

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Oat Milk Smoothie Ingredients

To make this delicious and healthy smoothie you need only 5 ingredients! These whole-food, natural ingredients bring in sweetness , creaminess, and a touch of earthy flavour.

Heres what youll need:

  • Oat milk
  • Banana
  • Vanilla plant protein powder or unflavoured collagen peptides
  • Peanut or almond butter

The protein powder and nut butter in this smoothie are both optional but I highly recommend adding them. The protein and fat help to make the smoothie more filling, balance the natural sugars, and bring in all the benefits that protein and healthy fats do, making this smoothie a well-rounded, well-balanced meal or snack.

What’s Wrong With Dairy

Healthy Smoothie | Recipe and Benefits (smoothies for weight gain)

Nothing… if you’re one of the 30% of the world’s population that doesn’t have a dairy intolerance. Yet if you’re like me, then dairy often gives you issues with digestion. Instead of suffering through the painful side effects of consuming dairy, I started searching for non-dairy options.

Discover the incredible world of plant based milk and dairy free smoothies along with me!

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