Fruit Smoothie With Orange Juice

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How to Make a Fruit Juice Smoothie Using Mangoes, Orange Juice and Bananas

Valencia oranges are usually ready and ripe in the summer. The valencia orange is often considered a juicing orange. It is more difficult to peel, but it is packed with sweet orange goodness that is ready to be squeezed into fresh delicious juice. One other great thing about the valencia oranges is you can leave the fruit on the tree and they will stay good, for practically the whole year.

The navel orange looks like it has a belly button when you separate it from the stem, hence its name. It has a thicker peel, which makes it easier to peel and eat fresh. These oranges are ripe and ready in the winter

This orange berry smoothie is such a delicious and refreshing way to start the day, or add a boost to your afternoon.

Florida Orange Juice Fruit Smoothie


Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving:

The nutritional information here is an estimate. While I try to provide accurate information via Nutritionix, this information is provided as a courtesy and there is no guarantee that it will be completely accurate. I am not a certified nutritionist and any information should only be used as a general guideline.

Orange Smoothie 3 Ways

There is nothing better than enjoying a homemade smoothie on a hot day! Heres how you can make thirst quenching Orange Smoothie 3 Ways with simple wholesome ingredients.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floridas Natural Orange Juice. All opinions are 100% my own.

Now that the weather is warming up, Im excited to share these three delicious varieties of orange smoothies to make at home Pineapple Orange, Tropical Orange and Peach N Orange. I wanted to create a fun and simple recipe using the kids favorite fruits, so we could get in the habit of making smoothies this summer.

To change things up, we loaded up our smoothies with Floridas Natural Orange Juice. Did you know that one 8-ounce glass of Floridas Natural Orange Juice provides nearly two servings of whole fruit and your daily recommended dose of vitamin C? Yup! Just one of these smoothies uses 3/4 cup of orange juice, so with just one drink youre close to meeting the daily recommended dose!

Floridas Natural orange juice is also made from just one simple ingredient Florida oranges! There are no artificial flavors or ingredients, and no water, sugar or preservatives are added to the juice. This way the smoothies are naturally bursting with fresh citrus flavor.

Plus, these drinks are naturally gluten and dairy-free, making it the perfect crowd-pleasing drink. Especially for kids!

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What Are The Health Benefits Of A Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Although smoothies are sweet, making it seem like theyre a treat more than a health benefit, they actually full of nutrients. A fruit smoothie contains large amounts of folate. vitamin C, and potassium. Most fruits are a great source for these nutrients and one fruit smoothie can contain up to 2-3 servings of fruit. The Greek yogurt also adds a good dose of protein, which help keep you full for longer.

Are Smoothies Good For You

Orange Julius smoothie made with whole fruits, yogurt ...

For a smoothie to be good for you, it should contain healthy ingredients and be free of added sugars.

When you eat, you get energy from three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Instead of just looking at the calories, be aware of these macronutrients in your diet.

Each macronutrients has an important function in your body. Carbohydrates provide fuel. Protein builds, repairs, and maintains body tissues and regulates metabolism. Fat insulates and protects organs and stores for energy.

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Tips For The Best Strawberry And Orange Smoothie

Customizing smoothies to your exact preference is super easy.

  • Add or subtract ingredients as you please, there is no right or wrong here when it comes to smoothie making.
  • Use ripe bananas for even sweeter smoothies and skip the added sweetener. Bananas also add a creamy consistency and taste to your smoothies, so I highly recommend it unless you absolutely hate bananas.
  • I always use a mix of frozen and fresh fruits when making smoothies so my blender doesnt have a hard time blending. With this smoothie, the orange should not be frozen as this is the source of liquid in this recipe. If you need even more liquid, add a more orange or orange juice.
  • If you dont have any frozen fruits, throw some ice in the blender with your ingredients and blend it up like a slushy to make it cold.

Tools You Need To Make This Orange Smoothie Recipe

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A blender. There are a whole lot of blenders out there, we own the most basic one.

Usually it struggles blending large amounts or if we put lots of frozen fruit in, so we have to work around that by putting some liquid in first, or not putting the frozen fruit all at once.

One day wed love to upgrade to a Ninja but itll do for now. Work with what you have, right?

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Pineapple And Frozen Orange Juice Smoothie

This Pineapple and Frozen Orange Juice Smoothie has 4 options . You can make a fruit smoothie, green smoothie, thickie or green thickie.

This is the first of my 4 way smoothie recipes. I am going to give you a recipe for a gorgeous pineapple smoothie made with frozen orange juice and give you the options to turn this basic smoothie into a Green Smoothie , Thickie or a Green Thickie .

Of course a green thickie is my favourite option, but some people do have the luxury of drinking a thin green smoothie for their nutrients followed by a nice filling healthy breakfast such as a bowl of oatmeal.

This is what I used to do before I had children and Im sure later on in life Ill be able to go back to sitting down relaxing while I eat my breakfast. But still, there are definite benefits of drinking your food, its much better for your digestion and actually gives you more energy, so Green Thickies are good for all of us, not just those who are too busy to sit down for breakfast.

Orange Smoothie With Bananas And Yogurt

Orange Grapefruit Orange Juice Smoothie Recipe

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  • Pin

This orange smoothie with bananas and yogurt is made with Cara Cara oranges, some of the best of the winter citrus season. But you can use your favourite orange for the best orange smoothie any time of the year.

You know how many times I shovelled today? Too. Many. And were not even close to spring!

You know one of the few things I like about the winter though? Citrus fruits.

We get an abundance of Meyer lemons and oranges and I think this year Im on track to consuming a record number of them from blood oranges to sumo oranges to Cara Cara oranges.

This orange smoothie is made from Cara Cara oranges because I just happened to buy a whole bag from Costco but you can use whatever kind of orange you like.

And it doesnt even have to be winter! Its refreshing and delicious any time of the year.

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Missing The Satiety Factor

Even so, there are drawbacks to smoothies. Pulverizing whole fruit in a blender changes the structure of the fibre in whole fruit which can diminish its filling factor.

A 2009 study published in the journal Appetite found that eating an apple before lunch did a better job of increasing satiety and reducing calorie consumption at mealtime that did eating applesauce or drinking apple juice before the meal.

Drinking a fruit smoothie doesnt fill you up the same way that eating whole fruit does. Liquid meals empty from the stomach faster than solid foods, which can leave you feeling hungry sooner. Not to mention reduce your concentration and energy level by mid-morning.

Plus, you can drink a smoothie faster than the time it takes to eat, say, Greek yogurt and a cup of berries sprinkled with a tablespoon of chia seeds. Certainly quicker than the 20 minutes it takes your brain to register satiety and signal its time to stop eating.

If your go-to breakfast is a smoothie, you may need to add a mid-morning snack to prevent feeling too hungry by lunch time or caving in to the pastry tray served at the office morning meeting.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

So you ask, how to make a strawberry banana smoothie? Its as simple as blending all the ingredients until smooth, then adding a little more milk as needed to reach a texture to your liking. Its that easy! Youll need:

  • Strawberries: Fresh of frozen work here. You can also substitute blueberries or blackberries!
  • Banana: Again, use fresh or frozen. I like to pre-chop and freeze soon-to-go-bad bananas and store them in my freezer for smoothies. It ensures I never throw away rotten bananas and makes smoothies instantly frostier!
  • Milk: You can use cows or dairy-free milk . Alternatively, you can make these Strawberry Banana Smoothies without milk and use apple or orange juice instead.

For the best possible smoothie, make sure at least one of your fruits is frozen!

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How To Make A Strawberry Banana Smoothie With A Ninja Small Cup Size Blender

After loading the Ninja cup, screw the blade lid on top of the cup, and invert the cup to blend. The order you add the ingredients is important if you want your smoothie to be well-blended.

Step 1. Add fruits and vegetables, if not frozen to the blender cup.

Step 2. Toss in any leafy greens .

Step 3. Pour in the liquid .

Step 4. Sprinkle in dry goods .

Step 5. Add frozen ingredients and ice.

Step 6. Screw the blender cap securely onto the blender cup.

Step 7. Invert the blender cup and place it on the Ninja motor.

Step 8. Pulse or blend until you reach the desired consistency.

Step 9. Remove the cup from the base. Turn the cup right side up and remove the motor lid.

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What I Love About This Spinach Smoothie:

Orange Carrot Smoothie
  • Fast you can literally have this ready to go in under 5 minutes! I always keep spinach in the refrigerator and frozen fruit in the freezer, making this healthy smoothie that fastest breakfast to throw together.
  • Healthy. I love spinach because its low calorie and packed fiber and minerals. I also love adding flaxseed and chia seed for even more protein and fiber.
  • Customizable change it up by adding different greens, different fruit or even throwing in some peanut butter or rolled oats! See more variation ideas below.

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Orange Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Weve had quite a few school-free days lately, which I have been loving for a few reasons.

1. Sometimes you just need a day in which you dont HAVE to go anywhere.

2. There is actually time to have a real breakfast.

And what do my kids ask for on a daily basis? Smoothies. My kids love smoothies. Its actually one of the only healthy things that they do love.

So Im always trying to come up with new ones that they will like and eat and that has healthy things in it.

This was made simply from ingredients that we almost always have on hand: orange juice, frozen strawberries and bananas and ice. So simple, but super tasty. Fresh versions of either of the fruit will work as well.

How To Make A Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie

Step 1: Add peeled oranges, frozen bananas, almond milk, ice, and vanilla to a blender. Add whey protein if using .

Step 2: Process the smoothie until its light and frothy.

Step 3: Serve the smoothie right away so that it stays icy cold!

Step 4: If desired, garnish the smoothie is orange zest and whipped cream, if desired. You can keep this orange smoothie vegan by using a vegan protein powder and coconut whipped cream.

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The Macronutrient Breakdown Of Strawberry Banana Smoothies

Each smoothie has different ingredients that provide carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. The list below gives examples of ingredients in these categories.

Carbohydrates: All fruit and oatmeal.

Protein: Milk, yogurt, almonds, almond butter, cashews, chia, flaxseed

Healthy fat: Nuts, nut butter, coconut

With healthy ingredients and a 5 minute prep time, get blending today. Try a new strawberry banana smoothie recipe every day of the week.

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Why Use Frozen Orange Juice As A Base

Strawberry Mango Orange Juice Smoothie Recipe

Even though a lot of my smoothies have water as a base as its the quickest option, I believe the healthiest option is to use fruit juice as a base as youre getting even more nutrients and liquid that comes straight out of fruit is healthier than the water that comes out of your tap.

So if you can, try and make your own fruit juice for bases for your smoothies.


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I understand that not many people will want to get out their juicer and a blender just to make a smoothie, so Ill try and include fruits that are easy to squeeze manually as the base for the smoothies. These include citrus and pineapple.

I use this citrus squeezer to make my fruit juice as its quick, easy and not messy at all.

Watch the video below to find out how eating more pineapple can benefit you.

Unless you want to save your smoothie for later in the fridge, I recommend you add some frozen fruit, ice or frozen fruit to your smoothie to cool it down.

If you are squeezing your orange juice, you could try making some orange juice ice cubes for your next smoothie at the same time. It is much more refreshing than ice cubes.

What is your favourite base for a smoothie?

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How To Thicken A Smoothie

There isnt just one right smoothie thickness. I personally like thick smoothies, but my kids like their smoothies a thinner consistency.

Thinning a smoothie is easy. Just add more liquid or yogurt. But thickening a smoothie without changing the flavor too much can be a bit tricky.

It can be frustrating to blend up a smoothie that is too thin for your liking. Here are the best ways I know how to thicken a smoothie .

  • Add a vegetable. Spinach and kale are my favorite vegetables to add to a smoothie. Some other ideas in order of most mild tasting, include celery, cauliflower, cucumber, and carrot. Avocado will also thicken it and add a creamy factor.
  • Scoop in some protein powder. I add a scoop of vegan protein powder to virtually every smoothie recipe I make.
  • Sprinkle in seeds. Flaxseed and chia seed are known for their thickening properties. Or try hemp, sesame, or sunflower seeds.
  • Toss in some nuts. Cashews and almonds are my favorite, but try peanuts, pecans, and walnuts. Be warned, walnuts add a little bitterness to the smoothie so add them carefully.
  • Try a nut butter. Peanut butter isnt the only option. Almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower butter, and macadamia nut butter will thicken as well.
  • Add a grain. Use grains that are cooked before adding to the smoothie. Rolled oats is the exception. Some grain ideas are oatmeal , rice, millet, and quinoa.

Strawberry Banana Orange Smoothie

I am a smoothie person so love to try a new one whenever it is possible. This delicious strawberry banana orange smoothie is great after a busy morning or a workout schedule to cool down your body. Since I had fresh fruits in my hand I used that, but you can use frozen one. This recipe is adapted from The New American Heart Association Cookbook 9th Edition. Recipes starts from 12th page to 502 and each one includes nutrition analysis that way you can decide which dish you need to try according your dietary needs.

This is ninth edition it contains more than eight-hundred recipes, with more than a hundred of them being new ones. Recipes are divided into Appetizers, Snacks and Beverages, Soups, salads and salad dressings. There is a special section of slow-cooker recipes, seafood, poultry, meats, vegetarian entrees, vegetables and side dishes, sauces and gravies, breads and breakfast dishes and desserts.

Each recipe comes with bold title and serving size and a short description followed by list of ingredients and directions as a short paragraph without any photo of final product.There are two to four recipes on each pages.

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Immune Supporting Orange Juice Smoothie

This orange juice ginger and turmeric smoothie is the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack to get a great source of immune supporting nutrients into your system. But most of all, it is beyond delicious and easy to make!

Starting the day of with a smoothie is not only a great way to get the kids amped for the day, but an excellent way to get essential nutrients into the family before we start our day.

And along with our morning vitamin regimen I love being able to get something whipped up quickly that helps support our immune systems during the winter months and throughout the whole year.

100% orange juice provides key nutrients such as Vitamin C, folate, potassium, thiamin, and vitamin D to help support the immune system.

And while the kids love drinking Florida OJ on its own, turning it into a quick healthy smoothie is a great way to introduce them to other flavors as well.

100% orange juice has a unique polyphenol called hesperidin which may have a number of benefits to the immune system including helping to fight inflammation.

Also, 100% orange juice can help support hydration since it contains 90% water and several electrolytes to aid in fluid balance.

These are just a few things that keeps my fridge stocked with Florida Orange Juice year around!

But in the winter months, combining Florida Orange Juice with other immunity supporting ingredients in this Orange Juice Smoothie is a great way for me to get the kids going in the morning.

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