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Daily Harvest Review: Healthy Vegan Meals Delivered To Your Door

I Tried Daily Harvest for a Week | Brutally Honest Daily Harvest Review

Prepped-and-ready vegan smoothies, soups, bowls and snacks made from high-quality ingredients — but is Daily Harvest worth the money?

David Watsky

Senior Editor / Home and Kitchen

I live in Brooklyn where I write about food subscriptions, cooking, kitchen gadgets and commerce. Anything with sesame is my all-time favorite food this week.

Editor’s note: On June 19, 2022, Daily Harvest issued a recall of its lentil and leek crumbles amid reports of serious illness. As of July 14, the brand reported that “all pathogen and toxicology results have come back negative.” We continue to monitor the situation and will update you as we learn new information

Most of us love the idea of healthy food that’s quick to make and easy to come by, but there are some futuristic projections about how we’ll eventually eat that aren’t very appetizing to a guy like me. Soylent-style nutrient mixtures, protein pastes, powders and even *gasp* pills to keep us nutritionally satiated and freed up to spend time on endeavors of the nonculinary sort. While I suppose I can understand the practical appeal of these time-saving food “innovations,” I just simply cannot imagine relying on them myself. But what if there were a happy medium in which you could have real meals on hand consistently that don’t require much thought, planning or prep?

  • A tad on the expensive side for what it is
  • Would avoid the flatbreads, lattes and some of the snacks
  • Some flavor combinations were dull or uninteresting

Does Daily Harvest Taste Good

We love Daily Harvest meals here I think they are delicious. However, they taste fresh and healthy, so if youre used to processed fast food, it can be an adjustment. I recommend reading the reviews under each recipe to see which meals would work best for your tastes.

Here is a list of the Daily Harvest items Ive tried.

Pricing: Low Starting Point

Daily Harvest does not indicate pricing until you reach the checkout screen, after you’ve built your box with meals. Plans start at $5.99 per option for forager bowls and up to $11.99 per for harvest bakes. The plan you choose will determine how many items you need to build your box and the price of each item is listed below. For an added bonus, all orders include free shipping.

  • $5.99 for chia bowls, oat bowls, forager bowls, latte
  • $7.99 for smoothies, soups, bites, mylks
  • $8.99 for harvest bowls, flatbreads, scoops
  • $11.99 for harvest bakes

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Daily Harvest Is Good For

Daily harvest is suited for vegetarians/vegan singles or couples who focus on plant-based nutrition. It is also a convenient way to eat more fruits and vegetables for someone looking to start healthy eating habits. There is little cooking required and food can be ready to eat in no time for families who want accessible meals. However, this may not be the best choice for individuals seeking omnivore menu options and traditional flavors. It may also be challenging for someone on a high-protein diet.

Daily Harvest is built entirely on veganism and omits any additives, preservatives, or fillers.

Ease Of Use: It Couldnt Be Simpler

Ultimate Daily Harvest Reviews: A Must

Daily Harvest is very easy to use. All of the food comes already assembled, ready to heat up or mix up in a blender, or dive right in in the case of their smoothies. Their soups only need a few minutes on the stove, as well as their Harvest Bowls, and their Harvest Bakes collection is very easy to heat up in the oven. Nothing needs extra prep but its also easy to add in extra sauce, seasonings, fresh avocado, a fried egg or some hot sauce as you prefer.

If youre looking for convenience, Daily Harvest definitely delivers. You wont be disappointed in how much work you have to do. All it takes is rinsing a dish after you use it to enjoy a Daily Harvest meal, which means time saved you can spend working out, taking vitamins or doing something else good for your health.

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Is Daily Harvest Easy To Use

As long as you have a relatively powerful blender and a working microwave, stove, and oven, Daily Harvest is very easy to use. Most meals need only a buzz in the Nutribullet or a quick heating session to be ready to eat in minutes. The more time-consuming items on the menu are the chia bowls, which need to soak in the fridge with your liquid of choice for six hours, and flatbreads, which bake in about 20 minutes. Youll also need to make sure you have your preferred liquid, such as nut milk or fruit juice, on hand to make many of the drinks and bowls.

Daily Harvest Menu: Varied & Healthy

When signing up for Daily Harvest, you should note that it’s a completely plant-based, vegan food company and understand what that entails. “A well-balanced plant-based or vegan diet should prioritize increased fruits, whole grains, legumes, and vegetables consumption instead of relying on ultra-processed vegan food alternatives,” says Figueroa.

When weighing the merits of plant-based diets, Figueroa emphasizes that “there is no one-size fits all approach to healthy eating. Each individual person has diverse and unique needs.” Figueroa also warns that any diet that restricts certain foods can trigger disordered eating and recommends reaching out to a trusted health professional before making any extreme changes to your diet.

The fact that Daily Harvest’s foods arrive frozen may give you pause. I get it. But there are actually some health benefits for choosing frozen foods over freshI’m not talking about frozen dinners you find at the grocery store, but actual whole foods like fruits and veggies that have been frozen directly after harvest. “Frozen foods are usually harvested at the peak of their ripeness and then promptly frozen within hours,” Figueroa says. “As a result, frozen foods may retain a fresher taste and a better nutrient profile, since freezing prevents foods from spoiling and losing vitamins and minerals.”

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How I Tested The Service

I tried out the Daily Harvest items over a two-week period, incorporating them into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. I usually prepared one or two items per day and had plenty of options to choose from since the large Daily Harvest box comes with your choice of 24 different offerings!

Between the harvest bowls, soups, smoothies, and more, the flavors were unique and varied. Full disclosure: I tend to gravitate toward more classic flavor combos in my day-to-day routine, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked some of the more diverse ingredients included in these snacks, like dragon fruit, miso, mango, and matcha.

It’s also clear that there is a conscious effort by Daily Harvest to be sustainable in all of its practices, which I appreciated. Daily Harvest uses a regenerative approach to agriculture, meaning the company only works with farms that restore their land by growing organic produce, avoiding harmful practices like pesticide use, and planting trees.

Not only did I feel like I was worshipping my body by supplying it with high-quality and healthy ingredients, I also felt good about where the food came from and the low impact its production had on the planetplant eaters, rejoice!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

  • Subscription is easy to manage
  • Can customize for many dietary needs and preferences


Can A Person Drink Smoothies For Every Meal

Daily Harvest Review – A Smoothie Review & Taste Test $25 Coupon

A person should only use smoothies as a meal replacement on occasion. Therefore, a person should not have a smoothie for every meal of the day.

9 sourcescollapsed

  • Aune, D., et al. . Fruit and vegetable intake and the risk of cardiovascular disease, total cancer and all-cause mortality a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies.

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Daily Harvest Chia Parfaits Review

I was pleasantly surprised by the chia parfaits. I have made chia pudding on my own but didnt really like it. The Chocolate Protein + Banana was really yummy and filling.

I divided it in half and had it for breakfast for two days. I havent tried the other flavor but Im looking forward to trying it soon!

Our View: Do Daily Harvest Smoothies Make Sense

From what we found online and from previous customer reports, Daily Harvest is good at what they do they deliver convenient, healthy smoothie ingredients and other meals. While many people noted that they would pay far less for a similar product at the grocery store or even Starbucks, others were clear that they appreciated the ease it offered and that they didnt need to waste ingredients.

Regarding those ingredients, Daily Harvest takes care to fill their food products with fresh ingredients and relies on freezing temperatures to keep them safe. According to the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, this is a smart way to ensure your ingredients maintain nutrition until you eat them.

So what do we think of Daily Harvest? If you want a new way to add healthy, balanced foods to your diet or want to streamline your smoothie process each morning, Daily Harvest might be perfect for you. If youd rather have more freedom for your smoothies or want a subscription service that offers a greater variety of hot food items, you might be better off with a company like Blue Apron instead.

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How To Sign Up

Signing up for Daily Harvest is simple. You just need to input your address and payment information one time and set up a login to use in the future. It takes just a minute.

Daily Harvest delivers weekly or monthly. Once you sign up, you can choose what you want in your shipment. You could choose the bestsellers box, which includes all the highest-rated items from each category, or you can pick your own.

Each box can have a mix of smoothies, bowls, soups, lattes, snacks, and more. You can choose between nine, 14, or 24 different items and its easy to update that with each order.

The Bottom Line: Is Daily Harvest Worth It

Review of Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest certainly makes healthy eating quick and easy, and the convenience of being able to grab a cup out of the freezer and know its chock-full of nutrient-dense fruits and veggies is worth the higher price point for many.

With options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack times, its super versatile, too.

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The Cooking Process: Simply Reheat

The cooking process was pretty intuitive being that the meals were frozen they were essentially heat-and-eat, per the instructions on the packaging which involves simply reheating in the oven, microwave, or skillet. The flatbreads require 20 or so minutes in the oven at 450 degrees. For the forager bowls, 1/2 cup of milk was needed and the bowls are microwave safe and ready within 2-3 minutes. The forager bowl also could be enjoyed cold if desired by adding milk and soaking overnight. The soups and harvest bowls are similarly microwave safe and can be warmed on a stovetop for 4-5 minutes.

Verywell Fit / Abbey Littlejohn

How Much Is Daily Harvest

As we saw in this Daily Harvest review, the costs for a food delivery box can vary depending on your selections.

While there are items at$6, most of the more filling foods are around the price point of $9. Before tax is applied, your orders can fall into the following ranges:

  • Small Plan: $54$81
  • Medium Plan: $74$116
  • Large Plan: $144$196

The different plans also all have different savings and promotionsso it all relies on how you want to incorporate Daily Harvest into your life!

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Can You Lose Weight On Daily Harvest

Daily Harvests smoothies, meals, and snacks are designed to help you get the nutrition you need, with most of the products having less than 400 calories. Since the ingredients are plant-based, you benefit from daily meals without too many calories.

Note that Daily Harvests options have low amounts of protein, so the fullness factor is less apparent. So you may need to incorporate other foods into your diet if you are looking for that full feeling.

So, is Daily Harvest actually healthy? Absolutely! But sustainable weight loss is all about balance and planningincluding a nutritious diet, exercise, and restful sleep.

From Pricing To Preparation Heres Everything You Need To Know Before Signing Up For Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Review – Menu, How it Works, Taste and More| RunToTheFinish

Madison Yauger is a journalist of all trades, having covered stories with news and lifestyle tilts in a variety of subject lanes. As a contributing writer for Health, she has published stories about skincare, health conditions, nutrition, and senior care. Prior to writing for Meredith brands, she worked for a human rights news agency in Cape Town, South Africa, and spent her days on foot around the city, reporting action as it unfolded. As a freelance writer, she covered health and wellness, home design, pet content, food and nutrition, travel, and many other subjects for publications such as Departures, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Shape, and of course, Health. Currently, Madison writes for the performance content team within Meredith and contributes commerce stories to brands across the company. When not working, Madison enjoys spending time with family and friends, voraciously reading mystery novels, and befriending every dog in Manhattan.

I should start by saying, I am not a chef. In fact, I’m quite lazy in the kitchenI don’t prepare meals for the week, I have several takeout spots saved in my Google Maps app, and I’m not the most adventurous eater really, the trifecta. I will occasionally get creative with ingredients, but only when there’s wine and good background music nearby to encourage me along. I’m also vegetarian, so all in all, I prefer meal times to be meat-free and uncomplicatedtwo themes Daily Harvest caters to quite well.

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How Do I Sign Up For Daily Harvest

Signing up for Daily Harvest is easy, and can be done on their website. They have a large menu of food options you can choose from including smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Harvest Bakes, flatbreads, soups, oat bowls, chia bowls and their healthy ice cream line: Scoops!

  • Step 1: Choose the size of your plan

  • Step 2: Choose the food youd like in each shipment

  • Step 3: Select the date of your first shipment, and youre off to the races!

You can choose between their small, medium and large plans with 9 items, 14 items and 24 items, respectively, and choose the cadence as well. I found that a weekly plan was far too frequent for me and my schedule, and I ended up having too many items left over and needed to push almost every shipment a week or two later. However, if youre a person who hates to cook and wants to embrace a healthier diet this year, then it could be worth choosing a plan with a more frequent cadence and more food per shipment. Likewise, it might be helpful to divide up the cost of each shipment with a roommate or partner.

Daily Harvest Overnight Oats

I absolutely love the easy process of making these delicious Daily Harvest Overnight Oats. Of course, you can also make them in the microwave or stove-top for about 5-6 minutes.

Daily Harvest Overnight Oats now have a plethora of options, but my absolute favorites are: Blueberry + Lemon with Poppy Seeds, Strawberry + Goji Berry and Cherry + Dark Chocolate. So creamy, deliciously balanced and perfect for breakfast or an afternoon treat.

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Nutrition: Hard To Beat Nutritional Value

As previously mentioned, Daily Harvest is built entirely on veganism and omits any additives, preservatives, or fillers. The meals feature frozen fruits and vegetables and therefore are said to have more bioavailable nutrients and offer greater health benefits. All Daily Harvest products are free of gluten and dairy, and most items are soy-free as well.

Although the menu allows you to filter based on dietary needs such as keto and Paleo, the company does not mention any guidance pertaining to the dietary eating patterns offered. Similarly, you can filter to single out ingredients that you like or dislike, though Daily Harvest cannot modify items to accommodate allergies such as nuts. There is, however, a filtering system to set your food preferences.

Daily Harvest says all of its food is gluten-free, but note that the meals are made in a facility that processes nuts, soy, dairy, and gluten.

Daily Harvest Review: A Smoothie Review Worth Reading

Daily Harvest Reviews: Get All The Details At Hello Subscription!

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery service that aims to make eating healthy simple by providing frozen ready to blend smoothies, soups, chia parfaits, lattes, overnight oats and harvest bowls. Cups cost $7.99 to $6.99 depending on the plan that you select. They have weekly and monthly options.

I had been interested in trying Daily Harvest for a while to get a better breakfast routine. I have a great high power blender but the extensive prep and clean up that comes with making smoothies had led me to neglect the thing! I figured that Daily Harvest would be a great way to encourage me to use it by streamlining my busy mornings.

When I signed up for Daily Harvest, I opted to pick my smoothies, though they have a nicely curated collection called The Smoothie Edit. They have similar edits for all of their other offerings. Soon after I placed my order, I received my collection of smoothies in a delivery that was frozen on dry ice. The morning that my Daily Harvest haul arrived, I received an email, so I knew it was on the way.

I managed to be home to get the box inside right away, but according to the company website they use enough dry ice that you can leave your shipment on your porch for several hours.

Once I stocked my freezer with my smoothie cups, I could hardly wait for the next morning to give the delicious sounding flavors a try at breakfast time.

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