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How to Make a Basic Fruit Smoothie | Smoothie Recipes |

If you havent hopped on the smoothie bowl bandwagon nows the time. These bowls of goodness turn your average smoothie into a refreshing, vibrant, and colorful meal with room for topping creativity! Choose a base from your favorite smoothie blends, then top it off with nuts, seeds, superfoods, and extra fruit.

  • Acai Bowl: This quintessential smoothie bowl is packed with antioxidants and tastes amazing with an array of berries and crunchy toppings.
  • Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl: Come cherry season, this bowl is a must. Its a blend of cherries, banana, coconut water, and topped with cacao nibs and coconut flakes for an indulgent treat.
  • Mango Smoothie Bowl: Tropical flavors and sunny vibes are front and center in this recipe. Top it with extra fruit and a sprinkle of granola for added crunch.
  • Clean Green Smoothie Bowl: For a veggie-packed meal with a bunch of sneaky greens, look no further than this recipethe ultimate green smoothie bowl.
  • Pitaya Smoothie Bowl: Want to feel like youre on vacation in Bali? Pitaya makes for a vibrant smoothie bowl, especially when topped with additional fruits.

If you make any of these delicious smoothie recipes, let me know how it turned out! Id love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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  • Creamy Fruit Smoothie
    • In this Creamy Fruit Smoothie, dry milk adds texture and protein without fat or a lot of calories. Try this easy concoction with your favorite fruit: strawberries, blackberries, bananas, kiwifruit, peaches or cherries, for example. A healthy alternative to the traditional milk shake.

    Are Smoothies Healthy For You

    Before we dive into the quest of how to make a fruit smoothie, lets dive into the why. Our philosophy here at Wholefully is that smoothies can be an incredibly nourishing part of your diet. Just like with our juicing recipes, we say its always better to eat whole fruits and veggies where possible. But its not always possible! Smoothies do make it easy to pack in all the nutrients of your favorite produce into one drinkable cupwhich is great when youre on the go or short on time.

    And lets be honest, smoothies are just freaking delicious! We are big believers that you also need to nourish your soul with your food, and if drinking a perfectly tangy and sweet smoothie brings a smile to your face, then thats healthy as healthy can be.

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    Boosting A Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie

    While this smoothie is a powerful mix of nutrients, adding in protein + healthy fats will make it the ultimate meal replacement. Because I dont want to ruin the hard work my fruits and veggies are doing in my smoothies, I dont use protein powder with chemicals. Instead, I use a completely plant-based, organic protein powder that adds 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of healthy fat. Its called Protein Smoothie Boost, and I created it myself, after years of disappointment from other so-called healthy powders that didnt live up to the hype. Adding 1 serving of Smoothie Boost to this fruit and vegetable smoothie brings it up to 12 grams of protein, which will help you stay full longer, and allow your body to slowly process the energy you just drank in, so no sugar crash 2 hours later.

    Do you want to blend this smoothie? Let me know in the comments section how your blend went, and what you added to this smoothie to make it work for you!

    How To Make Smoothies Thicker Naturally

    Ask Away Blog: Easy Summer Fruit Smoothie Recipe

    If you want to thicken your smoothie, there are many ways to achieve it.

    • You can use frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit
    • Add banana or avocado to your smoothie
    • You can reduce the amount of liquid you use
    • You can add nuts

    Add ice cubes

    Step 6

    Blend it- Ensure you have put the lid on the blender, turn it on, place it to blend at medium speed. As the blender gradually does its work on the fruit you can increase the speed. When you achieve the required texture, you can put it off.

    Step 7

    Enjoy your amazing healthy smoothie drink

    As a bonus to this tutorial we would be answering some frequently asked questions about smoothie drink

    Can smoothies help me lose weight?

    Smoothie can help in weight loss, if it is a healthy smoothie made up of nutritious ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

    I am on a diet, what type of smoothie can I take?

    We advise you to take smoothies made with vegetables and herbs. This is because fruits are higher in calories and they contain sugar, this could mess up your whole diet routine.

    The best option is vegetable smoothies you can add some fruit yogurt or small amounts of fresh fruit. As long as the quantity of sugar or dairy is moderate, you can enjoy your smoothie.

    We would keep updating you on more diy tips, ensure you subscribe to this website for direct updates. Subscription is free

    We hope this article helped you make your Healthy Smoothie Drink.

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    Berry Good Workout Smoothie

    Get the energy you need to power through your workout in minutes with this easy-to-make smoothie recipe. For an extra dose of calcium, try adding a teaspoon of Organic Kale Powder.

    What youll need: 1 1/2 cups chopped strawberries, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 2 Tbsp. honey, 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice, and 1/2 cup ice cubes. Blend until smooth.

    Nutrition :162 calories, 1 g fat, 2 g protein, 41.5 g carbs , 32 g sugars

    The Power Of Leafy Greens In This Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie

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    Typically I choose 1 leafy green to add to my smoothie, yet 1 just wasnt good enough for this fun fruit and veggie smoothie recipe! Kale and spinach come from different plant families, so when I talk about rotating your greens, these are the most common choices. The combined forces of these 2 superfood ingredients provide incredible antioxidant, cancer fighting, immunity boosting power. If smoothies were super heroes, then this fruit and veggie smoothie would be #TheCancerCrusher.

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    How To Make Healthy Smoothies At Home

    If you really think about it, the main reason why people love smoothies is that theyre delicious. The fact that they also happen to be nutritious is a bonus. Smoothies are popular because they provide a quick and easy way for people to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables they need each day. You dont even have to go to a smoothie bar for a delicious drink. You can make your own delicious beverage if you know how to make healthy smoothies at home.

    If you think smoothies are difficult to make, youre in for a big surprise. A good blender is the only equipment you need to make a healthy smoothie at home. Fruits are an important ingredient in smoothies. If youre feeling adventurous, you can even throw in a vegetable or two.

    Keep It Simple

    You need a liquid foundation for your fruit smoothie. Use fruit juices, milk, or yogurt. If youre watching your weight, use water, green tea or low-fat milk. Some smoothie bars use ice cream as a base. You may not want this in your drink.

    Adding ice makes your smoothie thicker.

    Add Fruits

    When youre making smoothies at home you can add lots of fruits to ensure that its healthy. Add your favorite fruits. If you enjoy bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apples and oranges, add them to your drink. You may want to start with a single type of fruit but it wont be long before youll be experimenting with different fruit combinations.

    Add Extra Nutrition

    Avocado or crushed flaxseed adds healthy fats to your smoothie.

    How To Make The Best Banana Smoothie

    Healthy Smoothie Recipe – How to Make a Fruit Smoothie

    My basic smoothie recipe calls for four simple ingredients:

    Banana I use one banana to make one large or two smaller smoothies. For the best tasting smoothie, use a ripe banana. For the creamiest banana smoothie, use frozen banana slices. Ive shared how I freeze bananas for smoothies below.

    Half an orange When I have oranges in the house, I love adding them to my morning smoothie. It adds extra vitamin C and tropical flavor. If you dont have oranges on hand, dont worry, you can substitute other fruits like mango, pineapple, and berries.

    Plain or Greek yogurt I dont always add yogurt to my smoothies, but when I do have it in the fridge, adding a spoonful ensures a protein-packed and creamy smoothie. For a smoothie without yogurt, add a little extra fruit or include veggies like spinach or kale.

    Water or milk To help the ingredients blend, I like adding a splash of liquid to the blender. For a smoothie without milk, use water. It still tastes amazing. For more creaminess add milk .

    To make the smoothie, I add everything into a blender and then blend until smooth. For an icy cold smoothie, throw in a handful of ice or use frozen fruits.

    We have more easy smoothie recipes! Try our 5-minute strawberry smoothie or this easy blueberry smoothie.

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    Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe

    Frozen fruit can always be found stocked in our freezer.

    When that moment strikes and I have literally NOTHING else to make, a frozen fruit smoothie can always save the day.

    It doesnt even matter what fresh or frozen fruits Im working with. They can ALL be turned into a creamy and delicious smoothie.

    That is, if you have this basic formula on hand.

    I would never leave you hanging, though. In addition to this simple guide, youll also find a few recipes you can start off with and then add in all of the nuts, seeds, milks, juices, yogurts, and protein powders your heart desires.

    Because after you finish reading this post, youll never need me again. Well, at least not when it comes to making incredible frozen fruit smoothies!

    How To Make It

  • Put the ingredients in a blender and whir it up!
  • This will make two large smoothies.
  • Unlike baking recipes, for instance, smoothie recipes do not have to use exact measurements. You can adjust according to taste. The only difference in choosing between fresh or frozen fruit is how thick you want it to be. Frozen will make for a more milkshake-thick smoothie, whereas fresh will get thickened up slightly by the ice, but have a more liquidy texture. Or you can combine frozen and fresh fruit.

    You can use any kind of soft fruit you want, such as berries, bananas, peeled peaches or nectarines, melons, even grapes, and puree, and know you can always add a bit more fruit or ice to thicken it or a bit more milk to thin it out.

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    How To Make Your Smoothies Taste Better

    If youre using too many leafy greens, smoothies can end up tasting too bitter.

    Sweet fruits like bananas, pineapples, mango can add lots of natural sweetness to your smoothies.

    I especially like bananas and mango , they make almost every smoothie taste better.

    Strawberries and oranges can also be a great choice for masking bitter flavors.

    If youre just starting with smoothies, you can add honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup to make smoothies taste like a dessert.

    Once youre more experienced, you can reduce the amount of sugar in your smoothies and add more leafy greens or other veggies.

    The less sugar , the more natural ingredients youll use, the healthier your smoothie will be.

    Using Fresh Ingredients In Smoothies

    How To Make Healthy Smoothies  Just One Cookbook

    It can be hard to find and afford fresh smoothie ingredients. I often encourage smoothie lovers to buy in bulk, in season, and local to get the best bang for their buck. When I started drinking green smoothies, I was on WIC to help get smoothie ingredients. Because we didnt have health insurance or steady income, and I used smoothies as my kids pharmacy . I discovered we could eat fresh produce on a budget, and that doing so helped us stay healthy.

    For this fruit and vegetable smoothie, I encourage you to use fresh lemons and fresh ginger. Costco recently started selling fresh ginger for a GREAT price, so I started grabbing a box each month. They also have giant bags of lemons. Jarred lemon juice often has preservatives and other chemicals, which is why I use fresh lemon juice.

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    Detox Green Smoothie With Chia Seeds

    If you havent tried chia seeds yet, heres a great opportunity. These tiny but mighty seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your heart. They also help you stay fuller longer, thanks to its plant protein power. Combined with spinach, unsweetened almond milk, frozen pineapple, and naturally sweet banana, this tasty mixture is the ultimate breakfast treat.

    Frozen Fruit Smoothie With Yogurt

    This smoothie with frozen mixed fruits tastes so delicious. The mixed frozen fruits and apple juice give it a nice sweet flavor. The yogurt gives it the nice creamy texture we all crave in smoothies. I love using Greek yogurt in my smoothies. Greek yogurt contains almost two times the protein of regular yogurt and less than half the amount of sodium. For more delicious smoothie ideas, check out these healthy Greek yogurt smoothie recipes.

    What Youll Need:

    • 1 cup mixed frozen fruits
    • 1 cup mixed frozen berries
    • ½ cup vanilla Greek yogurt

    How to Prepare:

    This frozen fruit smoothie recipe is super easy to make.

  • Simply add all ingredients to your blender jar
  • Blend for 45-60 seconds
  • Enjoy immediately!
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    What Do I Use To Sweeten A Smoothie

    All of these smoothies here use frozen fruit as a base, which adds a nice baseline of sweetness that you can build on if your tastebuds would like. My recommendation is to blend up your smoothie without any added sweetener, then taste. Add in honey or maple syrup to taste. Many times, I dont need to add anything! Another great natural option for sweetening: pitted Medjool dates. Throw in one or two of those bad boys and let the blender do its thing. Youd be amazed at how sweet your smoothie will be!

    What Do You Put In A Fruit Smoothie

    How to Make Fruit Smoothies | Smoothie Recipes | AllRecipes

    I have a bit of a love affair with smoothies. And the thing that I love the most is that the sky is the limit when it comes to what ingredients you use.

    For a fruit smoothie, I like to use frozen fruit when possible. Frozen fruit is readily available at the grocery store, but it is also super simple to freeze fruit yourself at home, too. To keep things basic, you really only need a liquid you can use anything from water to milk to coconut milk to fruit juice and the fruit. If you are using fresh fruit, or if you like a thicker or icier consistency, youll want to add a bit of ice, too.

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    How To Make A Smoothie + 27 Simple Smoothie Recipes To Try

    Im a believer that smoothies are the perfect meal or snack no matter what the weather. It is never too cold to have an awesome smoothie! Since smoothies are such a tasty way to pack in a meal on the go, I put on a big sweater and happily drink them even when the temps are frigid.

    We originally published our first guide on smoothie making way back in 2015, and since then, millions of folks have visited this post and used our recipes to make the best ever smoothies! I consider these smoothies simple classics because they have great flavor, all the ingredients are easy to source , and they pack a nutritional punch that can nourish you nicely. These are the kinds of smoothies that I think everyone should know how to make, and chances are, youll find a favorite combo among these recipes. There really is no wrong way to make a smoothie, but I think these recipes are a great jumping-off point if the blender intimidates you.

  • Whats a great smoothie formula?
  • How Do I Make Smoothies If I Dont Like Bananas

    Lucky for you, we have an entire post of recipes to make a smoothie without banana. Try those recipes, or tweak any of the recipes below by:

    • Subbing in 1/2 cup additional plain Greek yogurt , plus 1 tablespoon additional sweetener and a handful of ice cubes in place of the frozen banana in these recipes.
    • Other options: canned pineapple, sweetened yogurt, canned pears. Adding half a ripe avocado can really help make up for the creaminess that bananas usually add, too.

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    Make Sure You Have A Good Blender To Make This Frozen Fruit Smoothie

    You want to make sure you have a good blender. I have been thru some cheap ones and they barely last a week. Dont waste your time like I did with these cheaper models, and just get something nice from the get go. It will save you time and money!

    I have a Vitamix now and it was worth the money. We have had it for many years and its still working to make smoothies and more! Its paid for itself time and time again with all the money I have saved making smoothies and milkshakes at home.

    Purchasing a Vitamix is pricey, but it is worth it. You wont have to keep replacing it like with the cheaper blenders. Amazon has several of them on sale right now for a great price.

    If you just cant make it work in the budget, I recommend a Waring professional blender. I think it is the next best thing and it will get the job done. Now, it is not as good as the Vitamix but its a close second for a more reasonable price. Amazon has several Waring blenders on sale right now.

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