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Going nuts with the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

Cooking for a family isnt an easy job, ask your homemaker. But you can surely ease your preparations with Hamilton Beach Power Elite blender. This large unit offers 12 functions that are perfect for a family that cooks daily at home. These blending functions include mix, milkshake, easy-clean, puree, smoothie, icy drink, grind, crush ice, grate, dice, chop, and salsa. Although it offers 12 functions, there are only 5 simple buttons to choose the function. This not only helps with the easy selection of programs but cuts down the base size as well.

Speaking of size, you can say this Hamilton Beach smoothie blender is a countertop appliance. But not to worry as it is not bulky to acquire good space of the countertop. Powered by 700 watts of peak power, this machine quickly crushes ice and liquefies your favorite smoothie ingredients. In addition to sharp blades, its patented wave-action system works continuously to pull the mixture down into blades. Such action leaves no ingredients untouched and makes a perfect silky store-bought smoothie.



  • The blades are not powerful enough to grind raw meat or whip white eggs so avoid adding these food items
  • Bit noisy

Hamilton Beach Blender Parts Explained

Many quality parts combine to make a durable blender. And just like other brands, Hamilton Beach blenders are also comprised of several parts that work together to give you a flawless performance. However, there are times when certain parts stop running or break due to any reason. And instead of buying a new one, it is easy to buy a replacement part and fix it in your existing blender. Also, popular companies like Hamilton Beach offer replacement parts that are easy to buy online or in the local store.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

The Good

The Bad

The Bottom Line

That’s the $39 Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender — and it’s an excellent option for all of your basic blending needs. More and more often, though, all kinds of fancy-pants blenders that boast ginormous capacities, powerful motors that sound like helicopters in flight, and special features like touch screens and single-serving attachments are popping up in stores.

So we tested this $39 model against the $149 KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender, the $199 Cuisinart PowerEdge 1000 Watt Blender, the $199 Breville Hemisphere Control Blender, the $199 Ninja Ultima Blender, the $454 Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender, and the $529 Vitamix 7500 Blender to see what you might be missing if you opt for a budget model over a significantly more expensive one.

I found out that it’s very difficult to definitively recommend one over any of the others. More than design, usability, features, and performance, this decision has a lot to do with you: how often you plan to use a blender and what you plan to make in that blender. And since none of them spontaneously burst into flames during testing, there weren’t any true duds .

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See The Hamilton Beach Blender In Action:

Hamilton Beach Blenders are affordable entry-level blending machines that come with unbeatable 3-year warranty coverage. The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blender, in particular, features a 700-watt motor capable of crushing ice. Its equipped with an automatic program for making smoothies with a generous 40 oz glass pitcher.

Best Hamilton Beach Blenders To Buy In 2021

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender &  Reviews

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Let us agree blenders have now become a vital part of kitchens. They are the most convenient way to prepare smoothies, baby food, juices, and tons of other drinks in just a matter of seconds. One name that comes multiple times while in search of the best blender brand is Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach is been making small and large kitchen appliances for a long time now. And theyve won the hearts of many people by delivering quality products for both residential and commercial use. Today well be discussing the best Hamilton Beach blender that is available in the market.

If we take the category of blender only, there are many sub-branches of it. For example, Hamilton Beach offers single-serve, personal, travel, small, portable, and countertop for household use only. And in our reviews of Hamilton Beach blenders today, well be focusing on home-use blenders only. Unlike commercial ones, home blenders are not subjective to one type of blending only. Some days youll use the appliance for making smoothies while other days you can make delicious dips and hummus.


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Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender With 5 Speeds & 40 Oz Glass Jar Black


The Smoothie Smart Blender delivers on the blending performance people ask for most, instead of piling on a lot of expensive features they donât need. Aside from affordability, what do people want most in a blender? They want to make a perfect smoothie. They expect drinks and pureed mixtures to come out smooth every time. And last but not least, people would like to pour into a glass without making a mess.Until the Smoothie Smart Blender, doing all those things â and doing them well â was a hit-or-miss proposition. Not anymore. The Smoothie Smart Blender prepares a perfect smoothie with the press of a button: Auto Smoothie. This 45-second smart blending cycle is programmed with the precise pulses and speeds needed to get the job done right. At the end of the cycle, the blender shuts off automatically.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender And Single Serve Blender

I have a great giveaway today I know many of you will like. Yesterday I posted about the amazing smoothie I made in these two blenders. And today I am giving away both of them to one lucky reader.

The Smoothie Smart Blender is a dedicated smoothie blender with the following features:

  • Lets you blend the perfect smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dessert.
  • One touch of the Auto Smoothie button activates the smOne touch of the Auto Smoothie button activates the smart, 45-second blending cycle with pulsing action to crush ice, low-speed mixing and high speed for final smooth results.
  • When your perfect smoothie is ready, the Smoothie Smart Blender automatically shuts off, preventing over-blending.
  • Equipped with 5 blending functions including pulse, ice crush, mix and puree.
  • Ice Sabre blades and 700 watts of peak power provide excellent ice-crushing performance.
  • 40 oz. patented Wave~Action glass jar wont absorb food odors, stain or scratch.
  • Patented no-mess pouring spout eliminates drips and dribbles.
  • Easy-clean smooth touchpad.

The Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid is a convenient one-portion blender with the following features:

  • Stainless steel jar & blades
  • Great for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes & more
  • Blend and drink in the same jar for less mess
  • One-touch blending
  • Take your drink to go

I have used both of these blenders and really love them!! You cant beat the amount of power these two blenders have for the price.

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The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Mixes It Up

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender (56207)

Design, usability, and features This blender has a height of 14.5 inches, an 8.5-inch depth, and a 7-inch width. It has a 48-ounce glass pitcher and black and brushed silver finish. The overall design is very simple, but it’s sturdily built and it looks much nicer than its $40 price tag would suggest.

Its design simplicity plays directly into its usability. This blender couldn’t be easier to operate. The lid has a spout so you don’t have to remove the whole top when you’re pouring a smoothie into a container. The jar has a sizable handle to make lifting and pouring as manageable as possible. And it fits nicely into the base after each use.

The buttons, too, are incredibly streamlined. For your $40 you get a mix/milkshake, a pulse/ice crush, a puree/icy drink, and a smoothie setting. There’s nothing superfluous here at all, just good old-fashioned blender settings, nicely arranged for effortless reading and operation. As you know, blenders aren’t typically a very feature-rich appliance. They plug in, they turn on and off, and they blend things. This Hamilton Beach model is no exception — the presets are pretty much all it has to offer in the features department. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s lacking, though.

Performance So, how did the Hamilton Beach actually do during testing? You already know that it can’t shred a block of cheese, but it can do some other things pretty darn well.

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How To Use Hamilton Beach Blender

With any of the above-mentioned blenders, you can make perfect smoothies, dips, shakes, hummus, salsa, and more in no matter of time. Thanks to the powerful motor and advanced blade design, Hamilton beach blenders can effortlessly blend your favorite drinks, shakes, and food. Here is a simple guide about its uses and parts.

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Is Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blender Easy To Use

The Hamilton Beach Blender has a single automatic blending functionAuto Smoothie. Its a 45-second cycle that will turn your ingredients into a perfectly blended smoothie. Coincidentally, this is the sole reason why its called a Smart Smoothie Maker.

Its not that smart after all, IMHO. However, its still a good option considering its rock-bottom price.

Moving on, lets get to the remaining buttons. You also have the stop, puree, pulse, and clean. These options arent automatic. You need to hold them down until youre done, except for the stop button, which complements the automatic smoothie cycle.

The pulse button also doubles as a crush ice function. On the other hand, the puree button is like the manual mode of the Auto-Smoothie preset. And for obvious reasons, theres also the clean button.

One gripe that I have about this machine is that the blade assembly is not fixed. It adds an extra hassle in terms of operation and cleanup. But, thankfully, its dishwasher friendly.

Overall, its a 3/5 usability-wise.

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