Kefir Smoothies For Weight Loss

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Includes Cla To Burn Fat

Matcha and Kefir Weight Loss Smoothie – Matcha Powder – Matcha Green Tea

If you are looking for a way to break down fat, consume kefir for CLA. Research and studies have shown a connection between the consumption of CLA and an increase in specific proteins and enzymes in the body that target fat. CLA revs up metabolism, shrinks fat cells, and triggers fat cell death to lose weight.

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet

The 21-Day Smoothie Diet is a delicious, easy-to-follow, plan for slimming down and improving your total health. It works by supplying the body with exactly what it requires to succeed.

Given that the diet stresses a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats in every treat or meal , you should be able to deal with food cravings and cravings much better throughout the day.

A diets macronutrient balance refers to the ratio of calories derived from fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Various theories have actually been advanced to address the debate concerning what the appropriate balance ought to be. The 21 Day Smoothie Diet, however, offers its own program around this principle so that you dont even require to think of it.

It is recommended to follow an attempted and checked smoothie routine rather than mixing various ingredients yourself.

Drew, who is a professional health coach developed the recipes in the 21-Day Smoothie Diet. Drew has helped hundreds of individuals drop weight, even those who believed they had tried whatever and were almost quiting. Drew intends to help you make visible changes in just 3 weeks by following his delicious, simple-to-use system.

If you are seeking to make a modification in your life and want to see a noticeable, healthy change in your body, give the 21 Day Smoothie Diet a shot today.

Best Weight Loss Smoothies Recipes

We scoured various resources for smoothies that taste amazing, are easy to prepare, and include ingredients packed with flavor, fiber, protein, and fat-burning power. Feel free to choose a smoothie for foods that make it protein-rich, heart-healthy, low-calorie, or a suitable replacement for breakfast. Smoothies can be a part of a Keto diet, Paleo diet, or accommodate other dietary needs and facilitate weight loss.

Smoothies are enjoyable any time of day, following a workout session or as a snack. To reap optimal weight loss benefits from your smoothie, drink it as soon as it is made or within 24 hours if sealed and refrigerated.

Check out the following healthy smoothie recipes, and get ready to add a rainbow of nutrient-rich, delicious ingredients to your blender and enjoy.

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What You’ll Need To Make Strawberry Kefir Smoothie

To make this fruity pink delight, you will only need a few simple ingredients:

  • Banana: Ripe banana is the best choice here. It will give the smoothie amazing rich and creamy texture but also natural sweetness so you dont need to add extra added sugars. It’s best to use a frozen banana here. It will give extra creaminess.
  • Kefir: I used coconut milk kefir here but you can definitely use plain milk kefir if you like. Both coconut or plain milk kefir work fine in this recipe. Both are equally healthy and delicious. Kefir contains many probiotic bioactive compounds and around 30 strains of good bacteria that keep our gut healthy and lower the risk of developing many chronic diseases. Coconut milk kefir is a great vegan alternative to plain milk kefir and great for those who simply avoid dairy products – like I do. Although I love both milk and coconut kefir, I like to use coconut kefir in fruity smoothies like this one, simply because it’s slightly sweeter. + It adds many amazing benefits from coconuts.

I also added some SUPERFOODS that boosted this Strawberry Kefir Smoothie with extra super-powers:

The main stars in this beautiful smoothie story are the STRAWBERRIES.

These 5 Variants Of Kefir Diet Make It 10x Better

Kefir Smoothies For Weight Loss

Nowadays there are almost a hundred different variations on buttermilk diets.

Below are the most popular types. It implies easily accessible products that are well absorbed by the body. This way, you avoid the unpleasant consequences for the digestive system and/or allergic reactions.

  • 1. Kefir-buckwheat diet

It is one of the most popular kinds of diet. The course duration you chose yourself, but it cannot go beyond 2 weeks. Minimal duration is 3 days.

Daily ration is 1 liter of drink + 150 grams of dry buckwheat

Take notice that you are not to boil the cereal. You should steam it in boiling water overnight in such a proportion: 1 part of the cereal to 2 parts of boiling water. It saves more fiber, thatâs why it is low-calorie.

DoctorNDTV states the main condition on

You need to eat buckwheat and buttermilk separately. It means that it should be separate meals. By the way, there is one more variant of this diet. By this, the alternation of products occurs. It means that one day you eat only buckwheat, the other day â only sour drink.

  • 2. Kefir-dried fruit diet

Dried fruits while buttermilk diet allows to perfectly cope with hunger. Besides, they enrich the organism with useful vitamins and other substances.

Experts advise:

First thoroughly chew the dried fruit, hold it in your mouth so that saliva is released.

Such snacks per day should be about 7-10, preferably at equal intervals of time. The course duration is three days, then the same break and repetition.

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High Protein Smoothies For Weight Loss

If youre trying to lose weight, Im sure a glass of tasty smoothie is on your menu at all times. Smoothies are an excellent choice when you need a quick source of nourishment that is also delicious. All you need is to combine your favorite fruits, veggies, and protein-rich milk or yogurt and you will already be full and satisfied for hours!

Not all smoothies are equal and you need to monitor the ingredients you use if you are following a certain diet. So, if youre looking for healthy and tasty recipes and ideas to surprise your taste buds with, here are 15 high-protein smoothie recipes that are perfect if you are on a weight loss journey!

Hormone Helper Flaxseed Oil Smoothie

This next slimming smoothie has a healthy dose of flaxseed oil, which takes care of crazy estrogen levelsbecause of this, its flaxseed oil in this smoothie actually helps you with a lot of things.

Regulating your estrogen levels will reduce belly-fat storage, diminish fatigue, decrease hot flashes, and so much more.

Flaxseed oil has natural plant estrogens that steady your hormones and reduce the many symptoms that come from fluctuating estrogen levels by 57%. Its Dr. Ozs remedy for estrogen fluctuations.

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Blueberry Ginger And Kefir Smoothie Recipe

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A thick, frosty blueberry shake made with frozen kefir cubes and spicy fresh ginger. The kefir cubes, which make the smoothie cold and creamy without watering down the flavor like regular ice cubes, can be made in advance and stored in a ziploc freezer bag.

Note: Be sure to select plain, whole-milk kefir to make the kefir cubes. This recipe makes five kefir ice cubes, enough for one drink if you’re making more than one smoothie, be sure to make the number of kefir cubes you need.

  • For the Kefir Ice Cubes:
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons plain whole-milk kefir
  • For the smoothie:
  • 2 tablespoons plain whole-milk kefir
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated peeled ginger, lightly packed
  • 5 Kefir ice cubes
  • Additional fresh blueberries, for garnish

Detox Probiotic Smoothie Recipe With Kefir

Weight Loss With Kefir! 5 Kefir benefits for lose weight fast.

This probiotic smoothie is reminiscent of a savory lassi. Not only will drinking kefir help you reap the benefits of the helpful strains of bacteria and yeast, but it also has plenty of calcium, protein, and vitamin D.

A happy microbiota keeps you healthy, so this detox probiotic smoothie is just what you need for nourishing your body cells and also the friendly bacteria living in your gut.

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Blood Sugar Balancer Whey Protein Smoothie

If you think whey protein is good for weight loss, then Dr. Oz will back you up.

He says,

The more I look at the role of protein in losing weight, the more I think its essential.

Specifically, whey protein has a certain amino acid that will turn your muscle cells into sugar-burning machines. One study has shown that this property of whey protein helped to improve blood-sugar levels by 96%.

How To Eat On A Smoothie Diet To Weight Loss

The central principle is to replace harmful, fat, high-calorie foods with protein and healthy carbohydrates.The process of the cooking beverage is that fish and meat dishes must exist. In addition to the cocktails in the diet, sure. Since there is no salt in this cocktail, the retentate in the body gradually decreases. The cellulite disappears. A small part, but eating them often leads to a proper diet, so the intestines start to work, like a clock.

What you can with the help of this diet? In the absence of contraindications, you can reduce the weight of 1-1.5 kg in one week or more. Kefir smoothie recipes are a great helper! However, it is recommended to eat regular food at least once a day. There are such as steamed vegetables, cereals, whole wheat bread, and dont forget the cold-press vegetable oil. If you cant make fresh drinks often, you can drink them at breakfast and dinner: the results can still be good!

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Low Sugar Kefir Smoothie Recipe

Unlike a lot of my other smoothie recipes, this one is also incredibly low in sugar, so go ahead and sip on it for breakfast, between meals, or as a snack. If you prefer your smoothies on the sweeter side, omit the cumin and add fresh mint and raw honey to taste. I prefer mine without the added sugar because I feel like it gives me more energy and prevents those mid-day blood sugar crashes.

But do what works best for you. Detox diets are hard enough without having to abide by strict rules and deprive ourselves of every little source of sugar .

Like I always say, a little honey is better than processed sugar. So if you need a little sweetness, go ahead and add a spoonful or two.

Calorie Torcher Tomato Smoothie


Although this smoothie isnt necessarily on the sweet side, it still has two great ingredients for helping you to slim down.

First, the tomato that works against inflammation, and second, the cayenne pepper that helps you lose weight.

Dr. Oz explains,

About 20 different fat-burning proteins are turned on when you spices like this. Youll continue to burn off calories for 30 minutes.

So even though this drink unlike the other sweet treats on our list, it still carries the same slimming-down properties that were looking for.

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Culinary Tips For The Best Strawberry Kefir Smoothie

If you want to make strawberry kefir smoothies for breakfast and are in a time crunch, place all of the ingredients, except the frozen strawberries, in your blenders jar and place it in the fridge the night before. Add the strawberries in the morning and blend!

Spinach has a milder flavor than heartier greens like kale, so if you are unsure about the flavor of greens in your smoothies, start with spinach. Leafy greens will turn your beautiful pink smoothie a greenish/brownish hue, but we promise it will still taste great!

Place the oats in the blender before adding the other ingredients and blend into a fine powder if you are unsure about the texture of oats in a smoothie.

Add the oats 1 Tablespoon at a time and taste test between each addition if you are unsure about the flavor of oats in your smoothies. Do this until you reach your desired flavor.

If your smoothie is too thick after blending, add more liquid. If it is too thin, add more fruit or ice.

Strawberry Kefir Smoothies With Baobab Powder

This is one of the great kefir smoothies for weight loss as it is naturally low in calories but can give you a great source of good probiotics, healthy omega-3s, and fibers.


  • 1 cup of frozen strawberry
  • 3/4 cup of plain kefir
  • 2 tbsp of flax seeds or chia seeds


  • Prepare all the ingredients and put them into the blender
  • Wait until the mixture is smooth
  • Put into a cup, add flax seeds or chia seeds on top and enjoy
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    Hunger Ender Chocolate Smoothie

    This smoothie is looking really good to me. . . Probably because it has chocolate.

    Although it doesnt seem like chocolate should be a good source of weight loss, it actually does the opposite. It adds just the right sweetness to smoothies that will keep you from craving more sweet treats.

    Dr. Oz explains,

    The more than 400 chemicals in chocolate positively affect your bodys good mood chemicals, including serotonin.

    And because these good mood chemicals are making you feel good, youll lose that urge to eat more and more junk food.

    Details About The Grains

    Milk Kefir for weight loss

    These grains are known as tibicos, California bees, water kefir crystals, Japanese water crystals, sugar kefir grains. They contain:

    • lactic acid bacteria form lactic acid, partially destroy, hydrolyze, milk protein and form lactic acid.
    • yeast is responsible for the formation of alcohol.
    • acetic acid bacteria produce acetic acid although it is an optional component, it is not in all grains.

    Yeast and bacteria in the grains are mutually beneficial to each other. So, lactic acid bacteria need vitamins and amino acids for growth. They cannot synthesize on their own, but yeast produces B vitamins. Yeast, in its turn, is not

    able to ferment milk sugar . Under the action of a special enzyme of lactic acid bacteria, this sugar breaks down into simple sugars. In the same time, yeast makes ethyl alcohol.

    Yeast is resistant to both the active acidity of the medium and the high content of lactic acid in it. A significant number of lactic acid bacteria is highly resistant to the yeast fermentation product. This product is ethyl alcohol. The bactericidal effect of alcohol on living microorganisms. As a rule, it increases with increasing acidity of the medium.

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    Kefir Smoothie For Breakfast

    I’m not going to lie – a glass of smoothie is never enough for me as breakfast. I always love a rich breakfast with several foods in small portions just like at a typical Turkish breakfast. However, I sometimes need a quick breakfast, especially on weekdays. This smoothie is a perfect option for those times.

    Although we find kefir quite addictive on its own, it makes a great smoothie base. Blend it with any fruit you like and start your day with a satisfying probiotic kefir smoothie that keeps you full until lunch time. This is the easiest breakfast ever! Watch the video and see how your morning kefir smoothie is ready in seconds.

    How Is Kefir Different From Yogurt

    If you are new to kefir here a some of its differences between kefir an yogurt:

    • Kefir has many more strains of probiotic bacteria than yogurt. This is one reason you should drink it!
    • It is not as thick as yogurt and is drinkable like regular milk.
    • Kefir also has more twang than yogurt thus, depending on your taste, may require more sweetening. Yet I find it more drinkable partly for that exact reason.

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    Pina Colada Slimming Smoothie

    If anyone is ever feeling like they are in a smoothie slump I always recommend following Joy Bauers Slimming Smoothie Formula because it allows for creativity and variety while still sticking to your goals! says Samantha Bartholomew, MS, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist at FRESH Communications.


    • Agave nectar, honey, maple syrup or other sweetener, to taste
    • 1 small banana, cut into pieces and frozen overnight in a freezer bag

    Steps:Combine the oats, milk, cocoa powder, cinnamon and sweetener in a resealable bowl. Stir together, cover and refrigerate overnight. Add the banana and oat mixture to a blender and blend until completely smooth. If the shake is too thick, add more milk for a thinner consistency if its not sweet enough, add more sweetener.

    Other Ways To Use Kefir

    Kefir Smoothies For Weight Loss

    There are lots of ways to use kefir. It’s a wonderful dairy product that you can use as a substitute in many recipes.

    • Use it in my fried chicken recipe and it produces a deliciously tender yet crunchy fried chicken!
    • Kefir can be used as a substitute for sour cream , buttermilk or an enhancer for many recipes. In my Buttermilk Pie, I find that it adds a sweet tang to the overall taste.
    • Kefir isn’t always the predominant flavor in every recipe where you find itâbut sometimes you want it to be! That’s why we also use it in recipes like the one for these popsicles.
    • While I like to drink kefir plain, others in the family prefer it to be made into a smoothie. So, that is what we have each morning with our breakfast – a kefir smoothie.

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    Health Benefits Of Kefir

    Use kefir for weight loss and because it contains many proven health benefits. If you wish to lose weight and also boost gut health, check out some reasons to add kefir to your diet. Kefir offers the following when regularly consumed.

    • It usually contains over 30 probiotics and microorganisms that are safe to consume and improve the microbiome of the gut for improved digestion.
    • Consuming kefir over time has been shown to improve lactose intolerance.
    • Adding kefir to your diet has been connected to lowering cholesterol and enjoying healthy blood sugar levels.
    • Kefir provides calcium, K2, B2, B12, protein, phosphorus, and magnesium.

    Kefir is a highly versatile food and is consumable in multiple ways. Aside from drinking it, add it to cereal like milk, smoothies, or salad dressing. Get creative in the kitchen and enjoy how kefirs tangy and tart flavors add depth to your meals and snacks. If dairy products are a concern, water kefir can be consumed for similar nutritional benefits.

    Dairy-based kefir is not the only nutritional powerhouse around, as water kefir may offer unique antioxidant properties. Instead of relying on cow or goat milk, water kefir is a dairy-free mixture of sugar, water, and kefir grains to jumpstart fermentation. Milk-based kefir is highly favored because it contains more strains of microorganisms and probiotics than water kefir. However, both types of kefir provide ample health benefits for weight loss and gut health.

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