Protein Smoothies That Taste Good

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Can You Put Coffee Grounds Into A Smoothie

How To Make a Vegan Protein Shake Taste GOOD

Yes, you can add ground coffee into your smoothie and its totally ok to eat coffee grounds. Its not only a great way to add extra flavor and texture into your smoothie, itll also provide that added caffeine without needing to brew any coffee. Plus, you get the full benefit of coffee beans without having it be diluted in the brewing process. That being said, we ALSO add chilled brewed coffee because we want to maximize the coffee flavor in this coffee smoothie. BONUS: coffee grounds contain antioxidants, which is an added bonus for your smoothie.

Just make sure youre using un-brewed ground coffee for your ground coffee in this smoothie. If the coffee grounds are already brewed, they will lack flavor and caffeine, which are the two main reasons to be adding the grounds into your coffee to begin with!

NOTE: We are talking about ground coffee here, NOT instant coffee. While you could use instant coffee, that is not how this recipe is intended. I prefer grounding my own coffee beans for peak freshness and aromatic effect.

Why This Coffee Smoothie Is A Healthy Breakfast For Your Day

Here are a few reasons why this coffee banana smoothie sits high on the scale of healthy breakfast smoothies:

  • Its vegan
  • It has 0 processed sugars
  • It has coffee
  • Its super easy and simple

But, thats just from a high level lets dive deeper into WHY the main ingredients are each so good for you, specifically, the coffee, almond milk, banana, and peanut butter.

A Few Weeks Back A Friend Of Mine Sent Me This Text:

The good news for her, and you too is: I love protein shakes and smoothies! I rarely start a day without one, and over the years, Ive perfected the art of making them at home.

Now, Im not going to give you protein shake or smoothie recipes, because you can find tons of those all over the internet. Instead, Im going to shortcut you past all the pitfalls that Ive seen so many people fall into, myself included.

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High Protein Smoothie Recipes

Published on This post contains affiliate links. Please read my policy page.

Published on | This post contains affiliate links. Please read my policy page.

17 of the best high protein smoothie recipes! From whey, vegan, and protein powder free with a bunch of different flavors youll love these smoothie recipes for breakfast, lunch, or post-workout!

I LOVE a good protein smoothie. To be quite honest, I have one almost every day, whether homemade or pumping up my SmoothieBox. There are so easy to make, super customizable for endless flavor options, and loaded with nutrients .

I know smoothies can sometimes get a bad rap mostly for being sugar bombs and drinking so many calories so quickly. But if done right, they can be a great addition to any diet. The most important thing is it needs to be filling . There is nothing worst than having a smoothie and then being hungry an hour later.

So we are rounding up 17 high-protein smoothie recipes to help inspire you. Broken down by protein options, you are sure to find one you love!

Why Add Bananas To Smoothies

10 Best Protein Smoothies To Lose Weight

And the all-powerful banana. Ever wondered why bananas work so great in smoothies? Thats because they are:

  • naturally fat-free
  • A great source of carbs
  • A great source of natural sugar
  • high in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin A
  • the perfect texture when blended, especially if frozen

Hate Bananas? Try replacing the banana in this recipe with 1/2 cup uncooked rolled oats, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup full fat greek yogurt, or whatever frozen fruit you prefer.

Ok, so are we good? You on the same page with me and all the health benefits of this coffee smoothie?

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A Guide To The Best Protein Powder

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

What is up my Fit Foodie Squad! After lots of taste testing, baking testing, and smoothie testing, weve finally nailed down our list of the best protein powders . Im sure the first thing youre thinking iswho paid you to do this test?

Truth isno one did!

We wanted to create a completely unbiased protein powder review for you guys to find the best tasting protein powder when it comes to nutrition profile, baking, and smoothies. Why? Because weve been there when it comes to feeling completely lost finding the right protein powder for you. Maybe you want to bake with your protein powder or maybe you need a gluten-free, plant-based protein powder specifically for smoothies. There are HUNDREDS out there and we did the dirty work for you! Read on to find out how we performed this protein powder test and to find out what our top whey protein powder picks are as well as our top plant-based protein powder picks are!

DISCLAIMER: This protein powder review is OUR opinion. There are thousands of protein powders on the market, so if you have other recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Thank you in advanced for being nice.

How To Make A Protein Shake Without Banana

A lot of protein shake recipes call for a frozen banana which gives the shake that thick and creamy texture. They also add a bit of sweetness, without being too overpowering, as well as, extra nutrients like potassium.

That said, I know that some people simply dont like bananas, need a low-sugar option and/or are allergic so I have some options for how to make shakes without banana:

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Why I Use Unsweetened Almond Milk

Also people ask me why I use almond milk in my recipes. Mostly, I love the taste and Im not a huge fan of cows milk never have been. I also love unsweetened almond milk because it is:

  • Low in calories
  • Great source of vitamin E
  • Great source of vitamin D
  • Great for those who cannot drink cows milk

Best Protein Powder For Smoothies

How to Make Your Protein Shake Taste Better

We get asked all the time how to fit in enough protein into our diet and protein powder is such a great way to sneak it in without even trying. The great thing about this strawberry protein shake recipe is that you can use any kind of protein powder you like.

For example plant-based, whey, pea, etc! We actually did an entire protein powder review last year, but in case you havent seen it, here is, in our opinion, the best protein powder for smoothies:

If you asked us what kind of protein powder we prefer for this recipe, wed say one of the whey proteins. Thats what gives this protein shake a cheesecake-like texture and flavor. Now that you know about our favorite protein powders for smoothies its time to get your protein shake on!

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How To Make A Coffee Protein Shake

Smoothie making might be the easiest thing youve ever done. It takes less than 5 minutes and you only need one kitchen tool- a blender!

  • Place all of your ingredients into a high-speed blender.
  • Blend on high until smooth.
  • Add more almond milk as needed to thin out your smoothie to your liking.
  • Our Favorite

    Teras Whey Simply Pure Protein 4 Stars

    21g protein // 3g sugar// 110 calories// $1.24 per serving// gluten free// non GMO // grass-fed // organic

    Teras Whey is such a great product for its price point. Out of our top 6 picks, it is the second cheapest at $1.24/serving. Teras Why has 21g of protein and is made from grass-fed, organic cows. We loved the subtly sweet vanilla flavor and the fact that it wasnt overly sweet!

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    How To Incorporate Protein Shakes Into A Healthy Diet

    While protein shakes are a great addition to your diet they are just one piece of the puzzle! Make sure you are getting a variety of nutrients in through a balance of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Heres an example meal plan that includes a protein shake:

    • Breakfast: I have been hooked on oatmeal for breakfast lately! So many different ways to enjoy this yummy breakfast.
    • Lunch: I typically have a salad for lunch its always a mixture of lots of vegetables, protein and healthy fats.
    • Snack: Protein shake make a protein shake for an energy boost to get over the afternoon slump. Youll get energy and feel satisfied until dinner.
    • Dinner: Take your pick when it comes to dinner options! Again, make sure theres a mixture of vegetables, protein and fat.

    Avocado And Spinach Smoothie

    Very Berry Protein Smoothie

    Protein content: 18 grams

    This smoothie contains carbs, protein, and healthy fat in a perfect proportion, supplying all three macronutrients in just one go. It is super duper healthy and the quickest to prepare.

    • Take 1 handful of spinach, some fresh parsley, and avocado slices in a blender
    • Add 1 cup skim milk or Greek yogurt and ½ cup water.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder, coconut flakes, cocoa powder, sea salt, and maple syrup
    • Blend all the ingredients for 1 minute and Done!

    High protein smoothies without protein powder: blueberry smoothie

    Protein content: 12 grams

    Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Blueberry smoothie is prepared by adding banana and some spinach. For weight loss, you can also go for an apple instead of a banana.

    • Add half a cup of frozen blueberries, some spinach leaves, banana chunks, and skim milk in a blender.
    • Add lemon and ½ tablespoon of chia seeds.
    • Perfectly blend all the ingredients and its ready to serve!

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    More Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    Are you developing a strong sense that healthy breakfast smoothies are the way to go during busy mornings? Good. Im glad to hear that. Here are some other great healthy smoothie recipes:

    High Protein Smoothies Without Protein Powder

    byApril 16, 2022, 9:04 am1.4k Views

    A list of 10 of the healthiest high-protein smoothies without protein powder is presented here. These high-protein smoothies are low in calories and high in proteins.

    These high-protein smoothies are natural, best for satiety, fat burners, and muscle building without causing harm to the body.

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    Banana Strawberry Soy Smoothie

    Satisfy your sweet tooth and boost your protein intake with this fruit soy smoothie. Soy is a natural source of high quality protein and healthy fats, and there is some evidence that it may even

    • 1/2 cup plain regular or nondairy yogurt
    • 1 cup regular or nondairy milk
    • 1/2 banana

    Blend together until smooth. If youre looking for a thicker consistency, add a few ice cubes before blending.

    Can I Make High Protein Fruit Smoothies Ahead

    How to make a vegan protein shake taste good

    Smoothies can be made ahead and put in the freezer. In fact, Ive got 7 Easy Make Ahead Smoothies that you can prep and store for up to 3 months. Pull them out of the freezer the night before and place in the fridge. In the morning, breakfast is served immediately!

    If you want to get more veggies and fruit into your day to day food intake, try prepping Smoothie Freezer Packs as a make ahead meal or snack, too.

    You can make one of these High Protein Fruit Smoothies and leave it in the fridge for up to 24 hours without all of the nutrition leaving the mix, but I enjoy them best right out of the blender!

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    Chocolate And Peanut Butter Smoothie:

    High protein smoothies without protein powder: chocolate peanut butter smoothie

    Protein content: 28 grams

    This protein-packed smoothie can be prepared in just five minutes.

    • Firstly, you need 6 oz of Greek yogurt, mix it with 2/3 cups of skim or low-fat milk.
    • Then add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, some chocolate, and cocoa powder
    • Add honey to taste.
    • Blend the mixture until a thick creamy texture is achieved. And the delicious protein boost is ready!

    High Protein Smoothies Without Protein Powder Recipes

    Chocolate Beet Smoothie is made with beets, greek yogurt, nut butter, and cacao. The combo of chocolate and beets packs vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants and is loaded with protein, healthy fats, and carbs. It makes a great option for pre-workout.

    Black Bean Brownie Smoothie uses black beans to pump up the protein. Naturally sweetened with just banana and dates, this bean smoothie is totally vegan and dairy-free, and delicious!

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    Get An Awesome Blender

    Ive tried a number of cheap blenders from WalMart and Target. You know, the kind with the single tri-blade in the very bottom. I always found it so frustrating that the blades would be spinning 100 miles per hour, but the ingredients inside would never move!

    Then, my wife bought me a Ninja for my birthday! Holy smokes it is fantastic, and it only cost about twice that of the cheap ones I had been buying!

    Ive been using my Ninja blender five mornings per week for several years, and it is still going strong. And, the triple blades make blending just about anything a piece of cake. A great blender, combined with your favorite ingredients, is a sure-fire way to make your protein shakes taste better.

    Chunky Monkey Protein Smoothie

    Green Kiwi Matcha Protein Smoothie

    After the seemingly endless holiday buffet of donuts, coffee cake, and muffins, our bodies are yearning for a fresh start! Those treats were all tasty at the time, but there’s nothing better than starting the day with a healthy breakfast like this Chunky Monkey Protein Smoothie!

    When the cold, gray reality of a February morning sends you running for the pastries or a quick cup of coffee, don’t let your New Year’s Resolutions and positive intentions fall by the wayside.

    Instead, you can spend less than 5 minutes whipping up a nutritious meal that your entire family will devour. Loaded with the delicious flavors of chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter, this Chunky Monkey Smoothie is a simple way to power you through the day!

    Here’s a reality check: Green smoothies are all the rage, but if I serve my boys a glass of thick, brownish-green sludge, there is no chance that they will actually ingest the beverage — regardless of how many vitamins it contains. Instead, if I want them to fuel up with fruit, protein, and healthy fats, I better make it all taste ah-mazing.

    Mission accomplished! This Chunky Monkey Smoothie is so rich, so chocolatey, and so thick that the kids prefer to eat it with a spoon!

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    > > The Protein Powder Test < <

    First things first. We turned to you beautiful people for protein powder recommendations. We reviewed 14 total protein powders because these 14 protein powders were repeated time and time again when we asked you guys what your favorite protein powders were. We know there are many different kinds of protein powder and nutrition powders out there, but for this post, we specifically focused on VANILLA plant based protein powder and VANILLA whey protein powder. We found that anything chocolate -flavored was sort of masked by the chocolate flavor itself and that with vanilla we could sense the true flavor and texture.

    When looking for the best protein powder, there is so much to consider. What does the nutrition profile look like? Is it gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc.? How many grams of protein are there per serving? How much sugar is involved? Is there stevia? We put together a protein powder test so that we could rank each protein powder on a 5-star system based off of a few qualities. Heres what we considered when testing every protein powder

    The last two in this list are very special because obviously taste and texture matter almost more than the rest of the qualities. When we incorporate protein powder into our everyday life, we found that we mostly blended it into smoothies OR used a scoop or two in baked goods such as cookies or muffins.

    Chocolaty Coconut Almond Smoothie

    Homemade smoothie detox: Chocolate coconut almond smoothie

    Protein Content: 22g

    This is an amazing treat for your taste buds. Almond butter makes the texture extra creamy and dark chocolate makes it extra tasty!

    • All you need is a chocolate protein bar, unsweetened coconut flakes, almond butter, and 1 cup of almond milk.
    • Put all the ingredients in the blender. Add ½ cup of water and some ice cubes.
    • Blend well and serve with coconut flakes on the topping.

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    Try High Protein Vegan Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

    We know that lots of our readers are interested in healthy weight loss. So I thought Id talk a bit about why you might want to try high protein vegan smoothie recipes for weight loss.

    Protein is a generally important part of any diet, but particularly if you are trying to lose weight.

    First of all, its good to be eating as healthy as possible on your weight loss journey, because you want your body to be at full capacity. If youre feeling fit and healthy, you are less likely to give up!

    The other reason is that protein is very filling. Protein rich foods will keep you full for longer than foods with little protein in them. If you are full between meals, you are less likely to snack and therefore more likely to maintain the slim calorie deficit you should be aiming for.

    Check out our vegetarian for weight loss e-book if you want to learn more.

    In the meantime, enjoy trying out the best vegan protein shakes for weight loss!

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