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Smoothie Pairings: What To Eat With A Smoothie For Breakfast

3 Healthy Green Smoothies | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Smoothies are an awesome healthy alternative to whole food breakfasts. Packed with nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals, not only do they keep you satisfied for hours, but they are also a quick and portable breakfast or snack on the go.

The beauty of a well made smoothie is that when done right, it will contain all the nutrients and vitamins that you would get by consuming a whole meal. This has made the humble smoothie a very popular meal replacement when time is of the essence or people are simply too lazy to cook.

Manysmoothie enthusiasts choose to have a smoothie for breakfast and nothing else. However, some may find it hard to sustain themselves on a liquid breakfast or simply prefer to also incorporate chewing into the dining process.

This begs the question Can you have a smoothie breakfast alongside any solid foods?

The answer is Yes. As long as you watch your ingredients.

Yellow Fruit And Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric is a time-honored superfood with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Powered by curcumin, one of its primary substances, the spice may help boost memory, ease joint pain, lower the risk of certain cancers, and lessen the symptoms of depression. What are you waiting for? Make this smoothie thats bursting with the stuff.

How To Make A Yummy Avocado Smoothie

If youre asking yourself if avocados are good in smoothies, the answer is: yes!

  • Avocado makes this smoothie ultra-rich and satisfying.
  • Paired with sweet banana and tart blueberries, its, without a doubt, one of the naturally sweetest and creamiest smoothies Ive made in a long time.

This avocado banana smoothie is higher in calories as a result of higher-calorie ingredients like avocado and almond butter, but they are good calories.

Each of these ingredients is nutrient dense and helps this smoothie keep you fuller for longer, so you wont be reaching for a snack within an hour of drinking it.

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Immunity Boosting Orange Smoothie

We all know that a healthy immune system is one of the best defenses against sickness.

But its also important to remember that your body needs fuel to keep running on normal days too.

Thats why I love this immune-boosting orange smoothie!

Its loaded with vitamins and minerals from the mix of fresh fruits and veggies. And it looks terrific to boot!

Sweet, tangy, and refreshing, it tastes like summer in a glass.

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Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

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Granola Bar Or Another Crunchy Bar

We love this combination because it brings together two very different texturesthe creamy smoothie and the crunchy granola barfor a breakfast experience like no other.

You can make it work in any meal by choosing either sweet or savory options for your granola bar.

For example, if your smoothie is on the sweeter side, choose a savory option for your granola bar, such as nuts and seeds mixed with dried fruit.

If your smoothie is more savory , go for a sweeter option, such as honey and oats mixed with dried fruits and nuts.

If youre looking for something a little more substantial than a smoothie on its own, oats are the perfect solution.

They have a distinct texture and taste that are sure to add some variety to your routine.

And if youre looking for ways to make your morning meal more interesting , adding fruit on top may be exactly what you need!

There are many different types of oats availablebarley, steel-cut, rolled-oats so when it comes time for preparation, its important to know which type works best with your smoothie.

Steel-cut oats tend to hold up in liquid better than rolled ones do , but barley can also be delicious when cooked with milk instead of water .

For even more flavor, try adding some maple syrup or honey! If youre looking for something sweeter than usual, consider adding some maple syrup or honey before cooking your oatmeal.

Tangerine Carrot And Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric is a trendy nutritional powerhousestudies suggest it may help ward off dementia and cancer. It’s gorgeous golden hue will add a welcome bit of sunshine to your winter breakfast landscape, too. When blended with carrots and the season’s juiciest tangerines, turmeric has a savory-sweet bite that surprises and satisfies.

Get the recipec.

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie: 6 Essential Ingredients In A Green Thickie

Imagine being able to get everything you need in one healthy meal in a drink. The great news is not only can you get all your nutrients in this healthy breakfast smoothie but you can make it yourself very easily so you know exactly what is in it. Green Thickies are made from wholesome healthy foods. There are so many benefits to drinking a glass of green thickie in the morning. A green thickie is made from the following elements which make it a complete meal in a glass. Each green thickie includes:

  • Water or dairy free milk . Avoid having to make a separate drink. Get hydrated and gain energy from food at the same time.
  • Fruit: Tastes sweet, provides essential nutrients and fills you up.
  • Leafy Greens: Great for energy and power packed with nutritious goodness. Essential for good health. You could also use a nutritious green powder
  • Filler such as Oats or other healthy grains: Filling carbs to keep you going until your next meal without snacking. Read more about how to add Oats or Quinoato smoothies. If you cant tolerate grains I have 20 different fillers you can use to make your smoothies into meal replacement shakes to suit all special diets.
  • Seeds or nuts: Great for omegas 3, 6 and a range of other nutrients. A good protein source.
  • Healthy Sweeteners: Use either dried fruit such as dates or raisins, coconut, or other healthy sweeteners to make the green thickie extremely delicious. You can also make your own Date Syrupwhich is easier to blend. Or buy Date Syrup here.
  • What Fills You Up In A Smoothie

    • Greek Yogurt or Milk. Adding Greek yogurt or milk to a smoothie is a good way to bump up the protein, which helps you feel full for longer.
    • Flaxseed, Chia, or Nut Butter.
    • Optional: Protein Powder.

    Can you have a smoothie as a snack?

    How to Make a Healthy Smoothie. These deliciously frosty drinks can be sipped for a snack or a meal. Pay attention to portion sizes and higher-calorie ingredients to make sure you dont overdo it.

    Do smoothies make you hungry?

    Youre going to feel hungry. Youre going to store excess sugars as fat. And youre going to crave high-fat foods until you finally give in and eat a large meal.

    Can I make a smoothie in the morning for lunch?

    Top Smoothie Bottles, Cups and Containers Place a thermos container in the freezer overnight. In the morning, fill it with your choice of smoothie and pack it into the lunch bag. It acts as a freezer pack, and by the time noon rolls around, the smoothie will be a perfect consistency.

    What can I add to my smoothie for flavor?

  • Frozen Banana. Bananas are high in potassium, filling and naturally sweet.
  • Pure Flavor Extracts.
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    Variations For This Smoothie

    • If you dont like green smoothies, remove the spinach.
    • If you dont like spinach, you can replace it with kale.
    • You can also use flax seeds or chia seeds to add more nutrients.
    • Change up the berries and make a blueberry smoothie or other type of berry smoothie instead.
    • Try freezing the bananas and then add a frozen banana as it thickens up the smoothie easily.

    Fresh Cranberry And Orange Smoothie

    Tangy, bright, and packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, cranberries deserve a place in the kitchen outside the Thanksgiving table. We like to pop a bag of fresh cranberries in the freezer to keep on hand for healthful liquid breakfasts all winter long. Just toss a few into the blender with almond milk, Greek yogurt and two juicy oranges, and give it a whirl.

    Get the recipe.

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    Do You Have To Put Yogurt In A Smoothie

    No!You dont have to use yogurt to make a smoothie. While it has a great texture and adds protein and smoothness and flavor, a smoothie with ice or frozen fruit can be just as tasty and refreshing. Any other dairy product, including kefir or cream cheese or cottage cheese will work in lieu of yogurt.

    Breakfast Smoothie Recipes To Start Your Day The Healthy Way

    21 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

    Corey Williams is a food writer covering food news, step-by-step cooking, baking, and storage guides for MyRecipes and Allrecipes. She has a decade of journalism experience, and her work has been featured in Southern Living, Cooking Light, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, and Better Homes & Gardens.

    Wake up on the right side of the bed with a healthy breakfast smoothie that’s full of vitamins and nutrients. Whether you’re in the mood for a bright and fruity blend to make with just a few ingredients, a protein-packed green powerhouse that’ll keep you going all day, or a photo-worthy smoothie bowl with all your favorite toppings, you’ll find a nutritious and delicious new favorite in this collection of our very best breakfast smoothies.

    More than 1,000 satisfied members of the Allrecipes community have given this smoothie recipe glowing reviews. “I LOVE this smoothie,” says reviewer Christine. “I’ve made it literally hundreds of times since I first found it two years ago.”

    This on-the-go smoothie is “great if you are trying to figure out what to do with those blueberries in the fridge or freezer,” according to recipe creator Lisa Marie.

    Frozen mango chunks give this smoothie vibrant color and fruity flavor. The recipe calls for orange juice, but recipe creator maggiemai says you can use milk for creamier results.

    Avocado adds richness to this smoothie, which recipe creator fordmarie says is almost as creamy as a milkshake.

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    Lemon Kale Protein Detox

    Putting lemon in your blender is like taking out a nutrition insurance policy for your smoothie. Thats because a significant percentage of the antioxidant polyphenols in any food or drink break down before they reach your bloodstream. But researchers at Purdue University discovered that adding lemon juice to the equation helped preserve the polyphenols.

    • ½ lemon, peeled and seeded
    • ½ frozen banana
    • ½ cup unsweetened almond milk
    • 1 scoop plain plant-based protein powder

    NUTRITION: 254 calories / 7 g fat / 20 g carbs / 5 g fiber / 10 g sugar / 30 g protein

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    Are Smoothies Effective For Weight Loss

    When you master the art of choosing the best ingredients, then yes! Smoothies are certainly effective for weight loss.

    The reason why the emphasis is on the right ingredients its because many are fond of making the mistake of adding inorganic sweeteners.

    These sweeteners counter your weight loss efforts because they are full of calories.

    A smoothie is a glass full of antioxidants, important nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and just the right amount of calories.

    You have the power to adjust the ingredients to include ones that can boost metabolism to leave your stomach full for hours yet energized throughout the day.

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    Tips For Making The Best Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

    • You can add a handful of baby spinach or some frozen zucchini or cauliflower to all of the smoothies
    • Ive shared if you want to up the veggie content, its such an easy way to get in some extra nutrients.
    • If you want to have flavor variety but dont want to invest in different flavored protein powder, always buy vanilla b/c you can turn vanilla in to any flavor that you want! All 5 smoothie recipes I shared today have their own delicious and diverse flavor using vanilla protein as the base!
    • I use a high-speed blender when making my smoothies. Although any type of blender would work, and each smoothie makes 2 servings.

    Banana Clementine & Mango Smoothie

    Top 3 Delicious Breakfast Smoothies

    Kick-start your day with this deliciously refreshing drink, made with fresh fruit and yogurt. It’s rich in vitamin C and counts as one of your 5-a-day

  • A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.13 ratings

    For a smooth start to your day try this ultra-easy breakfast drink

  • A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.11 ratings

    Kick-start your day with this healthy fruit smoothie, made extra filling with ground almonds and calcium-packed dairy

  • A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.37 ratings

    A creamy breakfast-friendly blend that’s high in calcium and low in calories

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    Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothies

    This Banana Oatmeal Breakfast smoothie recipe is delcious, and good for you too. The lean protein from the milk and yogurt provides energy, and the soluble fiber from oats and banana helps boosts heart health.

    Add in strawberries, peaches or pineapple as you like for an added boost of flavor. They all go great in these detox smoothies for weight loss!

    This weight loss breakfast detox smoothie will keep you full for hours! Its fantastic before or after a workout, and is a great, easy healthy breakfast recipe.

    Peaches And Cream Oatmeal Smoothie

    No time for a leisurely meal? Try this grab-and-go, probiotic-rich take on morning oatmeal. Whole-grain oats contain prebiotic fiber that promotes gut health.

    This recipe from Preventions Smoothies & Juicesmakes two smoothies: Blend 1/2 cup whole milk, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 cup frozen peaches, 1/2 frozen banana, and 1/2 cup ice until smooth.

    Nutrition: 283 cal, 13 g pro, 53.5 g carb, 2 g fiber, 48 g sugars, 3.5 g fat

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    Whats The Healthiest Way To Eat A Smoothie

    When you are eating a fruit or vegetable in its whole original form, your body is breaking everything down itself, says Hammer. Digestion starts with the process of chewing, adds Andrews. Smoothies dont involve chewing. Essentially, the blender does the chewing for you, he says.

    That means some people might notice that they feel a little bloated when they drink a smoothie quickly. Smoothies can have a lot of calories, Andrews says, and the more calorie-dense a beverage is, the longer it will stay in the stomach, he says. To help slow you down, Andrews suggests eating a smoothie with a spoon, like you would a whole-food meals.

    Is It Good To Have A Protein Smoothie For Breakfast

    Ultimate Breakfast Berry Smoothie

    Having a protein smoothie for breakfast is good. Protein smoothie recipes are great for adding a dose of protein right from the start. This means that your body will be able to use that protein all day to keep you energized and going strong.

    If youre making and drinking smoothies for weight loss, adding protein powder really helps to help you feel fuller during the day, which will result in snacking less.

    Smoothies can be customized quite a bit as well, which is just another reason that theyre a great option for breakfast. You never have to make the same smoothie recipe again if you dont want to!

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    Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

    Thanks to these healthy and delicious breakfast smoothie recipes, you can easily start your day with something tropical, chocolatey, or caffeine-infused.

    Better yet, theyre ideal for breakfast on the go. So you can sleep in and still have a nutritious and filling meal!

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    Theres nothing quite like waking up to a nourishing breakfast. But we dont always have the time to cook or prep something elaborate.

    I, for one, dont function well first thing, so I look for quick, satisfying, and scrumptious recipes.

    And these easy breakfast smoothie recipes tick every box!

    What To Eat With A Smoothie For Lunch

    How about a smoothie for lunch?

    Before you say yuck, weve got some foods thatll make it palatable.

    Trust us: Youll be glad you had a smoothie for lunch.

    We know what youre thinking: Chips arent heathy.

    But hear us out.

    If you choose the right chips, they can actually be pretty good for you.

    Try some seaweed chips, or even kale chips: They allow you to satisfy your urge to crunch while still staying on track with your health goals.

    French fries might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a smoothie for lunch, but heres the thingthey just plain work.

    You dont need anything fancy.

    Just order fries from your local fast-food joint and call it good.

    Theyll make sure that smoothie keeps you full until dinner. Or at least until your afternoon snack

    To make sure youre pairing your fries with the right smoothie, go for something thats packed with protein and has a bit of fruit in it.

    A strawberry banana smoothie will do the trick nicely!

    Oh, and if you want to get really fancy? Dip those fries in some ranch dressing and enjoy!

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    Keto Green Smoothie With Avocado

    If you ever want something sweet but need some extra vegetables, a green smoothie can help you check off both boxes. This version made with spinach, star fruit and avocado is a wonderful choice. The avocado makes it super creamy while providing plenty of extra vitamins and minerals.

    I love how you can alter the recipe to use up those ingredients lingering around in your refrigerator. Its super convenient for freeing up fridge space without having to spend hours in the kitchen. And playing around with the flavors is so much fun!

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