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The Best Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe Books

My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes | How I Lost 40 Lbs

So, you have three friends, and they recommend three recipe books, and every one of these friends swears by their recipe book.

On the internet, it gets worse because somehow, there are hundreds of great smoothie recipe books to choose from.

Confusing, isnt it?

But, you have to pick one, so, which recipe book do you pick?

Fret not! we have listed seven of the best, and since the books are unique, you should have one to add to the cart at the end of this review.

Do Smoothies For Weight Loss Actually Work

When you replace your standard breakfast with a weight loss smoothie, you can lose weight.

On the Zero Belly Smoothies diet, a 39-year-old emergency-response adviser from Katy, Texas, Fred drank Zero Belly Smoothies as part of his weight-loss program. I noticed results in the first week, he says. It really was amazing. Fred lost 21 pounds and 5 inches off his waist over the next six weeks.

Ohios Martha Chesler, 52, who lost 21 pounds and 7 inches off her waist in less than 40 days, had the same experience. I saw results immediately, she says.

In fact, in our original Zero Belly Test Panel of more than 500 men and women, many lost up to 16 pounds in the first 14 days. Now you can achieve results like these even more quickly with this carefully created, highly effective collection of Zero Belly Smoothies.

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Use Blueberries And Leafy Greens

“I always recommend to my clients to consume a cup of blueberries a day adding them to smoothies makes it convenient,” says Sam Maclennan, chief nutritionist for Meal Prep Source. “Blueberries are the most antioxidant-dense berry with each cup containing a total of 13,427 antioxidants. Some studies have found that the mixture of these antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help your body actually regulate fat-burning and the storage of fat.”

Maclennan also recommends adding leafy greens to every smoothie because they are very low in calories yet rich in nutrients like vitamins C, A, and K, fiber, iron, magnesium, and potassium. “This mixture has been found to help regulate blood sugars, carry more oxygen to muscles and burn fat,” he says.

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How To Make The Perfect Smoothie

Always start by choosing the liquid base for your smoothie.

There are many options to choose from such as normal milk, soy or almond milk, natural or flavoured yoghurt, fruit juice, or low-fat coconut milk or coconut water. My BFF makes her smoothies with Baobab Powder.

  • Always add the liquid to your blender before adding the fruit.
  • You may have to add more fruit, veggies, or liquid, depending on what ingredients you choose.

  • Add 2 mugs of your liquid base to your blender

  • Next, put all ingredients into the blender

  • Blend until smooth

If you like your smoothie colder, you can freeze the fruit, buy frozen fruit, or add 1/2 a cup of ice.

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Juice Cleanse Detox Raw Fountain All Natural

THE SMOOTHIE COOKBOOK: 500 Best Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes for ...

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Juice Cleanse Detox Raw Fountain All Natural -Cold Pressed 1 3 5 7 Day1 Day Cleanse 6 Juice Bottles 12oz1x Rise N Shine 1x Citrus Kick 1x Glow Green 1x Green Day 1x Liver Cleanse 1x Beet-Tox 1x Ginger Shots 3 Day Cleanse 18 Juice Bottles 12oz3x Rise N Shine 3x Citrus Kick 3x Glow Green 3x Green Day 3x Liver Cleanse 3x Beet-Tox 3x Ginger Shots5 Day Cleanse 30 Juice Bottles 12oz5x Rise N Shine 5x Citrus Kick 5x Glow Green 5x Green Day 5x Liver Cleanse 5x Beet-Tox 5x Ginger Shots7 Day Cleanse 42 Juice Bottles 12oz7x Rise N Shine 7x Citrus Kick 7x Glow Green 7x Green Day 7x Liver Cleanse 7x Beet-Tox 7x Ginger Shots3 Day Coco Cleanse 18 Juice Bottles 12oz3x Rise N Shine 3x Citrus Kick 3x Glow Green 3x Green Day 3x Coconut 3x Beet-Tox 3x Ginger Shots5 Day Coco Cleanse 30 Juice Bottles 12oz5x Rise N Shine 5x Citrus Kick 5x Glow Green 5x Green Day 5x Coconut 5x Beet-Tox 5x Ginger Shots7 Day Coco Cleanse 42 Juice Bottles 12oz7x Rise N Shine 7x Citrus Kick 7x Glow Green 7x Green Day 7x Coconut 7x Beet-Tox 7x Ginger ShotsCleanse InstructionsFollow the included & emailed instructions for the best results.

Follow the Pre Cleanse Instructions. Start your morning by drinking some lemon water and a ginger shot to help stimulate digestion. Drink 6 different juices daily 1. 5-2 hours apart. If you can t finish all of the juices do not worry.

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Green Thickies 7 Day Green Smoothie Detox Book

Green Thickies 7 Day Detox was featured on UK National TV on Channel 4 on a popular series called How To Lose Weight Well. The Detox was endorsed by a doctor and a nutritionist and put to the test.

The lady who put the diet to the test lost 6 pounds in one week and was thrilled with her results.

This 7-day green smoothie detox is one of the exact meal plans I used to lose 56 pounds following a diet incorporating filling green smoothies and quick simple and very tasty evening meals.

Since then thousands of people have had similar success following this detox.

You certainly wont be going hungry on this plan.

Health Benefits after following the 7 Day Detox:

After my testers had finished the 7 DAY DETOX they reported the following benefits:

  • Average weight loss of 3.5lbs and one person lost 11lbs!
  • A third of all testers reported increased energy
  • A third of all testers reported reduced cravings
  • A third of all testers reported better sleep
  • Testers reported a variety of other benefits such as reduced hunger, less bloating and reduced insulin intake

What Testers liked most about the diet plan:

  • Convenient layout and having a plan to follow
  • Simple, tasty dinner recipes

The 7 DAY DETOX includes:

The weeks worth of meals has been calculated to ensure they give you enough calories to sustain you in a healthy way but not too many calories which would stop you from losing any weight.

Are you ready to drop a dress size in a week and feel full of energy?

Yes? Great!

Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes


Simple Green Smoothies is predicated on the idea that a healthy diet shouldnt be rooted in deprivation. Rather than cutting out entire food groups, authors and friends Jen Hansard and Jaah Sellner propose that drinking one, nutrient-dense smoothie a day helps naturally promote a healthier lifestyle, regain energy and maintain a healthy weight.

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Green Smoothies For Life Book

If you feel like youd like to continue your weight loss journey after the 10-day cleanse, then, you could get the Green Smoothies for Life Book.

Also authored by JJ Smith, the author of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Book, the Green Smoothies for Life Book is a meal plan that will help you lose weight and regain your health by drinking smoothies daily.

While green smoothies are shown to have immense health benefits, it isnt easy incorporating green smoothies into your lifestyle.

This book guides you on how to make green smoothies your life.

The book comes with more than 60 recipes for dinners, snacks, and desserts.


  • It is a long book with 256 pages with many testimonials.
  • It has a few options for vegans.

Wondering how you can power up your smoothies and come up with nutrient-dense recipes?

How about Julie Morriss Superfood Smoothies Book?

This recipe book has more than 100 plant-based recipes for smoothies rich in nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

It also offers the most innovative culinary methods for making the most nutritious smoothies.


  • It gives details on the nutrients in the smoothies.
  • It is easy to follow the recipes.
  • Many options to choose from.
  • The smoothies are rich, vibrant and filling.


Oatmeal Banana Smoothie For Weight Loss

Fat-Burning Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

When you dont feel like chewing your food, but you want to eat something light in the morning, this filling oatmeal smoothie is perfect as a meal replacement.

This oatmeal banana smoothie can help you lose weight because it contains a good amount of fibre, little saturated fats and its a great low calorie smoothie.

Get the recipe from fitnessfoodrecipes

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Why Are Smoothies So Healthy

According to Veg Kitchen, smoothies are healthier than fruit and veggie juices because they are also rich in fiber. Thats on top of the vitamins and minerals they both have.

Most important, smoothies are a delicious way to eat your veggies. Think about kale for example. Its healthy, but were never going to eat it on its own, right?

Do you think youll ever find kale juice at your local store? Not a chance!

Smoothie recipes are versatile. They can be adjusted to your needs.

If you want to lose weight, then choose a smoothie recipe with Matcha and Kale. If you want a detox smoothie then choose one with turmeric.

I will tell you more about the benefits of their ingredients throughout this article. But now I want to point out some benefits of smoothies and why we should have more and more of them.

Nutty & Chocolatey Weight Loss Smoothies

Have you ever heard of the health halo? Its a term nutrition experts use to describe foods that use a healthy-sounding word like natural on their labels, or add ingredients that people think of as good for you , but which are really junk at heart.

These smoothies are the reverse of that theory. These drinks are tremendously nutritiouspacked with as much, or more, fiber, protein, and healthy fats as any other drinks in the whole book. But they seem like theyre bad for you. How can drinks that seem like they came right from the ice cream shop flatten your belly so effectively?

These are the drinks youll whip up on a night when you want something to satisfy your ice cream jones. Theyre the recipes youll lean on when your kids are complaining that they want something sweet for dessert. And theyre the drinks youll use to reward yourself after a hard day at work or in the gym. Deep, comforting, and delicious, these filling smoothies taste more like dessert than what they really arepowerful weight-loss weapons, compliments of the new book, Zero Belly Smoothies.

All recipes make one serving.

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The Leaf System: The Complete Weight Loss System

Follow Green Thickies proven system to lose weight naturally in 28 days, gain more energy than youve ever had, without spending hours in the kitchen!

Now includes 12 monthly meal plans , 12 shopping lists, 28 Day Leaf System challenge with daily videos and 12 free bonuses.

drop 1 dress size every monthrestore your health.reach your ideal weightWITHOUT hunger or cravingsThe Leaf systemdietskyrocketing your energyimproving your health naturallynutrientsfor optimal healthlose weight in a very systematic and extremely simple way.

The Leaf System meal plans are:

If youre ready to turn over a new leaf by eating balanced, delicious, healthy, quick meals saving you time in the kitchen, no calorie counting, giving you the best health of your life by eating the most nutritious food on the planet, you are ready for The Leaf System.

Can Smoothies Be Frozen

Green Smoothies: 40 Best Green Smoothie Recipes to Lose Weight and ...

Sure smoothies can be frozen. Freezing smoothies might seem like a great idea but I dont think its necessary.

No one wants to drink a smoothie that has been frozen for hours. The purpose of a smoothie drink is to have a light refreshing drink as easily and quickly as you can.

Whether thats first thing in the morning or before or after your workout.

Instead of freezing your smoothie, I think a better idea would be to freeze the smoothie ingredients.

4 Steps To freezing Your Weight Loss Smoothies

  • Get your ingredients ready and washed. Wash and dry any solid foods like fruits or vegetables that you want to use in your smoothie.
  • Then measure them according to how much you would want to drink in one serving. Think of this as a smoothie meal prep.
  • Then divide your ingredients equally into separate freezer bags, ready to go into the bottom of the freezer.
  • Pop each smoothie ingredients in its bag into the freezer and take out one bag of ingredients when youre ready to make your smoothie.
  • And for the liquid ingredients, protein powders or yogurt, you can just add them into your smoothie to be blended directly.

    Can Smoothies be left in the Fridge overnight?

    I leave my smoothie in the fridge overnight all the time and you can too.

    Sometimes I make my smoothie on the night before so I can enjoy them in the morning, usually as a pre-workout.

    If you want to leave your smoothie overnight, just know it might change its colour just slightly.

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    Which Foods Help In Burning Belly Fat

    Belly fat is also known as visceral fat and is the harmful fat than fats on the other parts of the body. Belly fat is the result of the fatty foods and weight gaining foods that one eats in their day to day life.

    Including simple food habits and following the tips mentioned above can help reduce stomach fat. It can also avoid the deposit of excess fat on the belly or stomach.

    Foods such as whole grains for example barley and oats work well while following a belly fat diet. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are healthy and keep you full without gaining weight.

    Drinks such as apple cider vinegar drinks or detox tea recipes that contain lemon, cinnamon, and mint can ease stomach issues as well as digestion issues. Also, check out salt water flush to cleanse that has great weight reduction benefits.

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    If Youre A Beginner Look For Extra Info And Help

    provides you with a little more informationnutritional information, substitution recommendations

    Ultimately, when choosing a new book, make sure that you can have fun with the creation process! Trying new smoothies can be really enjoyable and they’re a great vehicle to helping you reach your goals whether you just want to change up your smoothie game or want to introduce your diet to more fruits and vegetables.

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    Blood Orange Beet Smoothie

    Ready for an a cleansing smoothie? This Blood Orange Beet Smoothie is about to be your go-to. There is no question that after a glass of this beautiful drink youll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

    Get our recipe for a Blood Orange Beet Smoothie.

    If youre a big fan of the classic childhood sandwich, youve got to give this recipe a tryits like sipping a little bit of salty-sweet heaven through a straw. Blending frozen berries with all-natural peanut butter, vanilla protein, rolled oats and soy milk helps create the protein-packed delicious tastewithout tons of excess calories. If youre not a fan of soy milk, feel free to sub in any type of unsweetened milk you prefer. It wont alter the taste or nutrition profile much, and will retain its title of one of our best weight loss smoothies.

    Get the recipe from Dashing Dish.

    Youll be whisked away on a mini mental-vacation the second you start sipping this tropical-tasting smoothie. Dont let the high carb and sugar count scare you off its coming from berries, an orange and bananaall vitamin- and fiber-rich produce that will keep you trim and healthy.

    Get the recipe from Cookin Canuck.

    Below You Will Find The Following Weight Loss Cleanse Plans:

    Smoothie Diet to loss weight
    • Quick 3 Day Weight Loss Cleanse
    • 7 Day Weight Loss Cleanse also called a Detox Week
    • Green Smoothie 10 Day Cleanse

    You can find more information in our Benefits of a Detox Diet article here.

    No matter if you choose a 3, 7, or 10 day weight loss cleanse youll be resetting cravings and increasing metabolism!

    Try out one of our weight loss cleanse plans, and check out our 10 best detox smoothie recipes below.

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    How To Choose A Smoothie Recipe Book Buying Guide

    One of the main benefits of smoothies is that they offer you a tasty, easy way to squeeze in key vitamins and nutrients. So be sure to keep your health requirements and preferences in mind when picking out the right book for you.

    To help us get a better idea of what to look for when leading a healthy lifestyle and making a great smoothie, we contacted nutritionist Kara Swanson for more advice.

    It can be so easy to get in a rut when it comes to nutrition. But switching up something as simple as your daily smoothie can make a big impact on your health because you’re adding in different fruits and veggies to balance out your nutrition intake. It also keeps you from getting bored or worse, falling into bad habits.

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