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Find Blendtopia’s Superfood Smoothie Blends

Smoothie Box Review: Is Smoothie Box Worth It?

With frozen ingredients like fruits, vegetables and superfoods in our smoothie subscription boxes, Blendtopia’s frozen smoothie pouches deliver on the benefits of functional nutrition and clean convenience on the go with no added sugars and taste delicious. If you’re not looking for smoothie delivery services, find a store in your local area . Save time by always keeping a few smoothie kits on hand in the freezer and you’ll be minutes away from a quick and easy, nutrient-rich healthy meal replacement.

And remember to tag us in your Blendtopia smoothie cup or smoothie bowl. Don’t forget to rate us as one of the best smoothie delivery services!

How Much Is Smoothiebox

SmoothieBox begins at $129 for 20 smoothie pouches. Each pouch makes 2 servings. Thats a little over $3 per serving. My husband swings by Smoothie King at least once a week and, let me tell you, SmoothieBox beats their prices!

Plus, you can get $25 off by using our deal here

Is Daily Harvest Good For Weight Loss

Daily Harvest isnt designed for weight loss, its made to help people it more plant based in a convenient way.

Im sure you could lose weight eating/drinking their products but if that is your main goal youll need to watch your portions/calorie intake. Many of Daily Harvests products are higher in carbs and lower in protein.

If weight/fat loss is your goal, opt for your meals to have high protein first, lots of veggies and some healthy carbs and fat. You can easily make Daily Harvest smoothies and bowls weight loss friendly by adding protein to them. I like to add protein powder to my smoothie and extra greens.

I add shredded chicken to my harvest bowls and soups.

You can get up to $40 off your first box when you use this link or code CLEANEATING. Get $25 off 9 items, $30 off 14 items, or $40 off 24 items.

98% of the ingredients that Daily Harvest uses are organic, which I love!

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Best For Getting Your Greens: The Frozen Garden

The Frozen Garden

  • Price : $35 minimum order, orders over $150 get free shipping
  • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 3 days, orders ship Monday through Wednesday
  • Availability: Nationwide

This company prioritizes sourcing its smoothie ingredients from small local farms and packs many of its flavors with leafy greens.

  • Many flavors to choose from

  • Shipping not free on all orders

  • Minimum purchase required

  • Bananas and avocados are conventionally grown

If you want to eat more greens and support small farmers but don’t want to buy and prep a bunch of fruits and vegetables for your smoothies, The Frozen Garden is the way to go. The Midwest-based company prioritizes sourcing its produce from small farmers local to its area, often getting their goods within a day of harvest and flash-freezing to retain all the nutrients. Most ingredients are certified organic or grown without pesticides, although the company’s bananas and avocados are conventionally grown.

The Frozen Garden offers 19 flavors, with choices like Strawberry Caprese or Berry-nana-rama, and each comes in single-serving, BPA-free pouches. Dump in a blender, add liquid and blend for a 16-ounce smoothie. Pouches come with a fill line for extra ease, so you know how much liquid to add.

Almost all of the flavors incorporate leafy greens. Seeds and beans like hemp and chickpeas offer healthy fats and a protein boost.

What Is The Best Smoothie Box Smoothie Subscription

Brand Review: Smoothie Box Organic Smoothie Subscription

Based on the information above about what makes for a healthy smoothie, my top choice for the best smoothie box smoothie subscription is SmoothieBox.

The SmoothieBox smoothie subscription includes perfectly-portioned pre-packaged smoothie ingredients that are low calorie and packed with fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables. They use whole fruits, vegetables, and seeds that are flash-frozen at their peak. This allows for more nutrient dense smoothies. And that makes the smoothies a great meal choice for kids.

SmoothieBox is an amazing value for money. Two decent-sized portions come in every freezer bag. And all four flavors are so delicious. When it comes to choosing a smoothie subscription box, SmoothieBox subscription is just an all-around solid choice.

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How To Make Freezer Smoothie Packs

I decided to try out making my smoothie packs based off of one of my favorite Smoothiebox flavors. So I could have my dump and blend one-handed breakfast again!

The secret is in the chocolate coconut milk ice cubes! It adds filling healthy fat and flavor to the smoothie, without having to mess around with messy nut or seed butter.

Everything is frozen, so you dont have to add extra ice, which is good because ice sometimes makes smoothies more slushy then creamy.

I typically add collagen to mine , but Mr. Hungry preferred them with chocolate protein powder, which added a bit of sweetness.

Smoothiebox Smoothie Review: Bottom Line

SmoothieBox brings you a healthy daily smoothie option free from additives and artificial sweeteners made from organic fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals within these smoothies can help boost your energy, fight acne, and improve digestion, among other things.

The optional collagen peptide protein add-in can help you build and maintain muscle, prevent bone and joint pain, and promotes skin health.

SmoothieBox brings you four healthy smoothies that are not too sweet with a creamy taste and optional collagen peptide protein add-in. As someone in my 40s, I wish that I had known about collagen peptides 10 years ago so that I couldve better supported my skin health from the inside out . But better now than never!

We love that you can make a one-time purchase or subscribe and save on regular deliveries.

We loved the Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Green smoothie flavors for breakfast and enjoyed the Cacao as an afternoon snack. The one drawback is the limited number of flavors. If you like to try new things or mix up your meals, you may get bored with only 6 flavors.

Compared to other smoothies that we have tried SmoothieBox is in the middle to the low end of the price range starting at $5.20 for a 16oz smoothie.

If you are looking for a healthy protein-packed meal replacement or snack alternative with the added benefits of supporting your skin, hair, nails, gut health, and joints I recommend trying out SmoothieBox with the collagen peptide protein add-in.


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Month Of Smoothies For Under $50

We know that fresh produce is often the most expensive stuff in our grocery carts, not to mention trying to buy organic! Here’s what we were able to do at Costco with our shopping list and a $50 budget:

  • Organic Power Greens = $5.99 per 24 oz
  • Organic Spinach = $3.89 per 32 oz
  • Oranges = $13.99 for 24
  • Organic Bananas = $1.99 per 8 bananas
  • Frozen Pineapple = $7.99 for 80 oz
  • Fresh Mangoes = $4.49 for 6
  • Organic Frozen Strawberries = $9.99 for 64 oz

Grand Total: $48.33

Flavor #: Strawberry Banana

Revive Superfoods Review: How Good Is This Smoothie Subscription Box?

Our Review: This was one of our favorites! The predominant flavor is definitely strawberries and banana, while the cauliflower, beet, and other ingredients are tasteless or take a back seat. If you want more sweetness, add a little orange juice, more banana, or frozen strawberries. Canned coconut milk turns this one into a what tastes like a Pina Colada!

Nutrition and Ingredients: Here is the list of ingredients and nutrition facts for the Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

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Healthy Frozen Smoothie Delivery: Blendtopia

Blendtopia is an organic smoothie kit delivery service that sends nutritionally-balanced, superfood smoothies straight to your front door. All of their ingredients are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan.

If drinking a smoothie is part of your daily routine, you need to check out Blendtopia. Their high-quality smoothies are nutrient-rich, competitively-priced, and super flavorful.

Their smoothie packs are shipped frozen in insulated packaging on dry ice. Each smoothie pack contains organic fruit, vegetables, and superfood chips made of organic superfood blends. All you have to do to make a quick smoothie is pour the contents of a smoothie pack into your blender. Then, add 12-14 ounces of liquid and give your blender a whirl. One smoothie pack will make one 20-ounce or two 10-ounce smoothies.

Their smoothies are available in the following health benefit varieties: Energy, Detox, Glow, Strength, and Immunity. They also offer the following Keto Certified smoothie blends: Chocolate Chai , Green , and Berry . All of their ready-to-blend superfood smoothie kits are made with nutrient-dense foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Based on Blendtopias outstanding quality, reliability, affordability, and convenience, it is my top choice for frozen smoothie delivery.

Live Pure Superfood Smoothie Cubes

Live Pure was founded on the truth that life is crazy and unpredictable. We dont always have time to prepare nutritious meals or buy groceries, but our bodies need proper nutrition. So what do we end up doing? Feed it empty calories instead.

Developed by experts in the wellness realm, the brand prioritizes 100% USDA organic fruits and vegetables, and its mixes even include superfoods and 5 billion individual probiotic bacteria too. Theyre delivered in cube format, so you can let them melt into a delicious meal.

Probiotic bacteria is able to help the body digest food and maintain bad forms of bacteria from becoming rampant. This ingredient also helps support the cells that line the gut, which is another form of protection from allowing bad bacteria into the stomach.

According to this review, scientific evidence supports the incorporation of probiotics in nutrition as a means of health benefits. This evidence supports the treatment of certain conditions and the best documented effects include bowel disorders and allergies.

With flavors like chocolate PB protein, churro, and coffee mocha filling the menu between fruity favorites like mango and a couple of green go-tos, youll never get bored with Live Pures selection.

Available by the bag or in an assorted box, these smoothie cubes are popular for their high quality ingredients and tasty range of recipes. Customers just really enjoy throwing these back.

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Smoothie Box Review: Ordering Details

A Smoothie Box smoothie delivery includes 20 individual smoothie mix packets. The boosters are optional

Assortment: I suggest starting out with a variety pack, but future orders can be customized, once you figure out your favorite flavors Each flavor is ordered in a pack of 5 smoothies per flavor.

Delivery: Deliveries are scheduled for every 4 weeks going on the assumption that you have one smoothie per day, a few times a week. However, you can customize and create the delivery schedule that works for you. Orders are packed with dry ice to keep them frozen. Personally, I tend to place a Smoothie Box order once every three months or so.

Price: Smoothie Box smoothies are as low as $6.45 each when purchased as a subscription. And FYI this is assuming that you enjoy the entire packet

Smoothiebox Nutrition & Health Benefits

Best smoothie subscription box in Canada

Nutrition information is per serving, which is listed as half of a smoothie pack and does not include any liquid or other additional ingredients.

  • Clementine: 120 kcal, 6g total fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 5mg cholesterol, 5mg sodium, 16g carbohydrates, 2g fiber, 10 total sugars, 0g added sugars, 5g protein
  • Cacao: 130 kcal, 6g total fat, 2g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 75mg sodium, 18g carbohydrates, 4g fiber, 8g total sugars, 0g added sugar, 4g protein
  • Green: 120 kcal, 6g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 100mg sodium, 14mg carbohydrates, 5g fiber, 7g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 2g protein
  • Berry: 90 kcal, 2.5g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 25mg sodium, 15g carbohydrates, 4g fiber, 9g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 5g protein

If adding the collagen, one collagen packet provides 73 kcal and 18g protein.

Overall the smoothies are much lower in fruit-based total sugar and have more vegetables, more fiber, and more protein than other home delivery or restaurant smoothies.

More balanced smoothies like these may promote greater satiety and blood sugar balance. The fiber can also help these smoothies keep you fuller longer and can have other health benefits, including digestion and promoting weight management.

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Why Choose Smoothiebox As Your Smoothie Delivery Service

We are a smoothie delivery service committed to making it easy to get nutritious pre-made smoothies shipped straight to your door. Our smoothie packs, frozen at the peak of freshness, are a delicious balance of organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds for maximum health benefits.

  • Maximum nutrition
  • No prep, mess or waste
  • Super healthy

Why I Recommend Adding Collagen

I’ve written a couple popular posts all about the research on benefits and side effects of collagen, along with another post addressing common collagen questions.

I love adding collagen peptides to my smoothies because they are an unflavored protein source. This way my SmoothieBox smoothies can still taste the same, but they’re more balanced and satisfying with extra protein.

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Diy Frozen Smoothie Packs On A Budget

Ever wonder if it is possible to prep a month of green smoothies on a budget, using mostly organic produce? Well, I did… so I tried, conquered and am now going to share all my tips with you. Frozen smoothie packs using Costco produce that now give you no excuse to having a daily smoothie.

Kencko Review: Smoothie Flavors

Kencko Review: Are These Instant Organic Smoothies Worth It?

if you head on over to kenckos website, you may notice that the brand places great emphasis on nutritional research . So it comes as no surprise that with each of kenckos flavor variety, comes also massive research of how your body benefits from that exact blend.

The chart below summarizes the 18 flavor varieties that kencko currently offers , and the main benefit of the blend. For example, my favorite flavor is shown to be anti-inflammatory, whereas my husbands favorite flavor touts mental focus benefits.

This is why I recommend choosing the flavors of your box based on your taste preference, but also on the star benefit youd like to get out of the smoothies.

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How Do I Choose The Best Smoothie Delivery Service

It depends on what you want to get out of your smoothies. It also depends on what price point youre comfortable with. Different smoothie delivery services cater to different needs, and no one service is going to be right for everyone. You need to decide what qualities are most important to you before choosing a service.

Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes

Nea Pantry

Nea Pantry is a freelance writer living in downtown Toronto. She writes full-time for Honest Brand Reviews, alongside a variety of copy writing projects for local and international businesses. When not writing, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up a batch of vegan muffins.

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How Much Do Smoothiebox Smoothies Cost

The cost of a SmoothieBox smoothie is between $5.20 to $7.77 per smoothie and all orders come with FREE shipping.

SmoothieBox can be purchased as a one-time order or you can subscribe and save on regular deliveries.

There is a minimum order of 20 smoothies per delivery.

In addition, you have the option to add Collagen Powder, Protein Powder, and/or SuperGreens powder to your smoothie order. The price for these add-ons is $32.25 -$43 per delivery and is based on the number of smoothies selected.

Is Smoothie Box Worth It

SmoothieBox Coupon: Get $10 Off + FREE Shipping!

If you are crunched for time, want to eat healthier/get in more veggies, and enjoy drinking smoothies, I think Smoothie Box can be a great addition to your life. They make it easy for you to have healthy options at home and when you are surrounded by good-for-you foods, its easier to make better choices.

You cant really beat the price for organic fruits and veggies in a smoothie that is delivered right to your house too. It is cheaper than what you would pay at a local store and it is so convenient you dont even have to leave your home!

If you find making smoothies at home a breeze, then the service is probably not right for you. You can make your own smoothie for less, it just takes a little longer. You are really paying for the convenience factor in the service.

I personally like having them on hand for quick options for myself or for my husband, but we dont order them all the time. Like most people, we go through phases of life when we are busier than not, so when we are, its nice to have them on hand!

Dont forget to use this link and youll get $15 off your first order when using the code EATTHEGAINS at checkout if you want to try them out!

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How Many Servings Do You Get In Each Smoothiebox Packet

One packet makes one large 16-24 ounce smoothie or two small 12-16 ounce smoothies. In our house, they always make one smoothie. Im an only child, and I do not share. Besides that, we use them as meal replacements in our house. If you were going to use them as a snack, you might get two servings out of each packet.

Benefits Of A Smoothie Delivery Service

Convenience and health are the top benefits to a smoothie delivery service . It’s incredibly convenient to have your freezer stocked with ready-to-blend smoothies. And if you use the collagen packets, I love that there is no measuring or anything – just open a packet and add!

Related to the convenience factor is how quick it is. Dump everything into a blender with some liquid, and blend! I have both a Vitamix and a KitchenAid K400 and both are excellent high-powered blenders that turn the smoothie packs into a deliciously creamy smoothie in less than a minute!

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