How To Make A Green Machine Smoothie

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How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

How to Make a Green Machine Smoothie

Though your Vitamix machine can make a variety of recipes, the most popular blends are smoothies. One of our most popular is the Going Green Smoothie and for good reason.

This green smoothie is great for beginners, as well as seasoned Vitamix veterans, who put their own flair on the classic recipe. With a base of sweet fruits balanced with a healthy supply of fresh spinach, this smoothie is a winner with kids and provides necessary nutrients disguised by tasty flavor and a bright green color. On top of that, this smoothie fits a variety of dietary needs it is gluten-free, low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium, has no added sugar, and is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

To make this quick and easy crowd pleaser, youll need:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup green grapes
  • ½ cup pineapple, peeled, cubed
  • ½ banana, peeled
  • 2 cups spinach
  • ½ cup ice cubes
  • Follow these tips to properly load your machine and achieve the perfect texture:

  • For the fastest, smoothest blends, add ingredients to the container in the order they appear in the recipe: liquids first, then soft fruits and vegetables, followed by leafy greens, and topped with frozen ingredients, nuts and seeds.
  • Start the machine on Variable 1 and slowly increase to its highest speed.
  • Blend for 45 seconds, or to desired smoothness.
  • When youre first learning how to make a green smoothie, spinach is the easiest leafy vegetable to work with because of its mild flavor and silky texture.
  • What Are Freezer Smoothie Packs

    Having the main ingredients for your smoothie on hand in the freezer in individual packs means healthy eating is right at your fingertips anytime. Both of us have become smoothie addicts since starting to prep freezer smoothie packs ahead. Just be sure to follow our instructions in the recipe to layer them perfectly.

    If youre trying to cut down on plastic bag use like we are, try these reusable silicone bags. Weve personally tested these bags for weeks now. Ive found them to be easy to rinse out and dry, and they do not leak. They seem well made and worth the investment.

    My Version Of Green Machine

    I tried to limit the ingredients to stuff I would readily have on hand. I usually have an assortment of frozen fruit in the freezer because it lasts so much longer that way and its way cheaper to buy in bulk. So that takes care of the frozen mango, pineapple, and banana.

    Spinach and chia are ingredients we use regularly so I know I always have those on hand. My kids have really gotten into kiwi so we buy those little clamshells every time we grocery shop the kiwi is crucial in this smoothie. It gives it great sweet and tartness.

    Apple juice is really the only part of this recipe I dont always have readily in my fridge. Were not huge juice drinkers but I absolutely love it in this smoothie. I like Simply Apple Juice which is cold-pressed. This is supposed to help maintain the nutritional integrity of the fruit. Sounds good to me.

    Very occasionally I will buy wheatgrass and will add it to the smoothie for a little more healthy goodness but it is absolutely not necessary.

    Fill up your blender with heaps of spinach, frozen mango, pineapple, banana, kiwi, chia and apple juice. Set it to smoothie if youre using a Blendtec or process until completely smooth.

    Thats it. Enjoy and feel great about what you are getting into your familys bodies to start their day! Way to go, parental unit!

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    Instructions To Make Green Machine Smoothie:

  • Placed everything in the blender, and then let everything blend for about 5 minutes.
  • So that is going to wrap this up with this special food green machine smoothie recipe. Thank you very much for your time. Im confident you will make this at home. Theres gonna be more interesting food at home recipes coming up. Dont forget to save this page in your browser, and share it to your family, friends and colleague. Thank you for reading. Go on get cooking!

    More Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    Processed Free and Me: Green Machine Smoothie

    If you have any questions about the green smoothie world, feel free to join the Smoothie Challenge Support Group.

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    All Grounded Smoothie Recipes

    There are a couple of different smoothies that players can make in Grounded, each of which will offer a different type of boost to players. Further, you dont actually have to stick to one of these recipes, as any three items can be combined to make a smoothie! However, in the list below youll find some of the best smoothie recipes that have been discovered thus far and the ingredients needed to make them.

    • Fuzz on the Rocks: Mite Fuzz, Quartz, Pebble
    • Replenishes health and thirst
  • Boost Juice: Aphid, Acorn, Mushroom
  • Replenishes stamina, health, and food
  • Gastro Goo: Honey, Gas Sack, Fungal Growth
  • Replenishes health and thirst, prevents toxin damage
  • Green Machine: Plant Fiber, Sprig, Cloverleaf
  • Replenishes health and thirst, provides temporary hyperstamina
  • Hedge Lord: Berry Chunks
  • Replenishes health, lowers hunger and thirst rate
  • Liquid Gills: Plant Fiber, Cloverleaf, Eelgrass Strands
  • Provides underwater buffs
  • Liquid Rage: Ant Mandible, Spider Fang, Larvae Spike
  • Replenishes health and hunger, gives increased attack damage
  • As you can see, there are plenty of smoothies that players can make in Grounded if you dont feel like making up your own. After all, you never know when youre going to get attacked by a giant spider and will need something to heal you up after the fight!

    Another Green Smoothie To Add To Your Morning Rotation Meet The Green Machine Smoothie

    Few things in life are certain. One of them being that swim suit season is right around the corner and I have a thing for pool parties. And really cute bright colored swimsuits. Another thing in life that is certain is that I am really bad at dieting. It doesnt really work for me. Never has. Never will. I am terrible at depriving myself of something I really want. For example if I make a proclamation that I am not going to eat sugar for an entire month, I will literally give in within 24 hours. Who am I? I came to the conclusion many years ago that the best thing for me is just to eat what I want, when I want, and keep it all in moderation.

    I feel like its basically what all those fabulous French women do, but California style. Gaby style. Its how I roll.

    One of the things I do to keep myself in check, is start my day with a smoothie. This one is part fruit, part vegetable, part freshly squeezed orange juice and some chia seeds! You could add hemp hearts, flax seed, bee pollen or whatever other add-ins you prefer! Its bright and fresh and fruity and I love it!

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    Top 5 Smoothie Blending Tips

  • Follow the 60/40 formula. When youre making your first few green smoothies, dont just throw things in the blender. Chances are, itll taste nasty if you wing it right out of the gate. To save you a few smoothie-fails, bust out those cute lil measuring cups to learn how to make your own green smoothie.
  • Blend in stages to avoid leafy chunks. Chewing your green smoothie is no fun! To get a smooth green smoothie experience, blend up your leafy greens and liquid-base first. Then add your remaining fruits and blend again.
  • Ditch the ice and freeze some fruits. Want your green smoothie to be extra chilly? Freeze your favorite fruits like ripe bananas, grapes, pineapple or berries. You can also freeze your leafy greens in a freezer-safe bag. Just make sure to add your frozen greens straight to the blender.
  • Use raw natural sweeteners. Add naturally sweet fruits to any smoothie that tastes bitter or a bit too green. My favorite naturally sweet fruits are bananas, mango, apples, pears or pitted dates.
  • Make smoothies ahead for the perfect fast food. Life is crazy busy especially in the morning. Thats why we think green smoothies are the healthiest fast food for people who are constantly on the go. You can smoothie prep, or even blend the night before and store it in your fridge.
  • How To Make A Green Smoothie

    How to make a green machine smoothie | Cycling Weekly

    This post may contain affiliate links, please see our disclosure policy for details.

    How to Make a Green Smoothie is easier than you think! This recipe takes 5 minutes, serves 6, and costs just $4.75 to make. Thats only $0.80 per serving!

    Can we have some real talk for a minute? I have 6 kids whom I obviously love dearly. But 2 of them are extremely picky. Like, pull my hair out kind of picky. Trying to get them to try new things or get in their veggies, fruits, proteins is nothing short of difficult. Can you relate?

    Just the other night we had asparagus. My 7-year-old couldnt get enough of it. But my 15 and 12-year-olds would barely have half a bite to even try it. Grrrrr!!!

    How do you guys handle your picky eaters? Do you force them to try new things? Do you cater to their likes and dislikes? Or do you cook one meal and if they do not like it they can make something for themselves?

    I find myself going back and forth on what I think the best route is. But I do have one little trick for breakfast to share with you today. All 6 kids, yes even the picky ones, will drink what we call in our family the Green Machine Smoothie, without complaint. That makes me want to do my happy dance and shout Green Smoothies for Life!

    In fact, it is so simple to make this green smoothie that my 13-year-old makes it on his own for our breakfast while I get the little kids ready. He will oftentimes make it for an after school snack. Score!

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    Are Green Smoothie Recipes Healthy

    What we eat can truly transform our bodies and our lives in powerful ways. Especially with this smoothie recipe as Ive seen in the lives of so many of my friends, family and community online. Blending spinach into a fruit smoothie is a great way to boost your immune system, as well as naturally energize you.

    Most smoothies are made with just fruit and liquid, which is high in sugar and can cause inflammation. A green smoothie, on the other hand, is made with fruit, plant-based liquidand leafy greens.

    This recipe is full of iron, potassium and vitamins galore and tastes like a tropical treat from all the island fruit. Yet the best part is how simple as well as quick it is to make! You only need 4 ingredients and all of them can be found at your local grocery store . As I say all the time Im all for making healthy eating affordable so its sustainable.

    A green smoothie can taste just as good as a regular smoothie, and also have incredible health benefits.

    Naked Juice Green Machine Copycat Recipe

    Flashback to Insane Cross Country Road Trip of ’17:

    We climb into the car to start another day of driving. Samuel turns to me.

    “Honey, you know what I was thinking we should do today?”

    “Get some Naked Juice?”

    *Blink blink* “How did you know?”

    Well, that’s easy. Because that’s what we both think every single day that we have ever been road tripping.

    Naked Juice is our guilty pleasure whenever we are on the road. Not guilty nutrition wise. In fact it’s the only thing standing between us and three square meals of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But we do feel a little guilty every time the price rings up at the register.

    That’s why I decided to make my own Naked Juice. It’s cheap, easy, and just as delicious. Plus, my favorite flavor has GLUTEN in it . Why they went and put barley and wheat grass in a perfectly good smoothie beats me. It also explains why I always used to have the worst stomach aches on road trips…

    The secret to a smooth smoothie is to cook the veggies first. There’s nothing more disgusting that little chunks of raw veggies floating around in your smoothie. Make sure you boil your veggies until they are very soft and tender. That will lead you to having a perfectly smooth juice every single time. Enjoy!


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    My Favorite Low Carb Green Smoothie: The Green Machine

    Once I started learning about real-food functional nutrition, I began experimenting with some different low carb, high fat, veggie-rich smoothie recipes. My favorite, go-to low carb smoothie is my Green Machine recipe! Its rich, creamy, and results in a totally Instagram-worthy bright green color!

    The ingredients you will need to make this no carb green smoothie are as follows: unsweetened almond milk , chia seeds, organic baby spinach, sliced peaches, 1/2 large avocado , protein powder I prefer Vital Proteins Unflavored Collagen Peptides.

    Collagen is a great source of protein for your skin, hair, nails, joints, and so much more. Two scoops of this unflavored collagen powder provide 20 grams of healing protein! I buy mine either online from the Vital Proteins website, or from my local health food store, Sprouts! You can also use any other vanilla flavored lower carb protein powder as a substitute, or plain greek yogurt .

    If youre just starting to reduce added sugar into your diet, you may need to slowly modify the sweetness of your low carb smoothie. As you may already know, it takes a little adjustment to modify our palate for lower sugar items. We are so used to added sugar in hidden items that slowly reducing it to adjust your palate may be required! For example, while I only use 1/2 cup of a low-carb fruit, my husband prefers a bit more which is okay, too!

    Best Green Smoothie Recipe

    Green machine smoothie

    Enjoy my favorite spinach smoothie recipe . Its the best green smoothie recipe to boost your energy.

    Plant-Based Recipes / Smoothies / Best Green Smoothie Recipe

    Sure, I know a spinach smoothie doesnt sound that appealing, but when made right it can be beyond delicious. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, its time for you to see why this is the best green smoothie recipe.

    Are you wondering why anyone would be excited to drink something as green as this? I hear ya Ive been right where you are. And so have 1 million+ others whove blended this smoothie in our free 7-day smoothie challenge.

    Drinking this daily smoothie is what helped me get the body and energy to do some incredible things, such as run 47 miles of the Grand Canyon, ride motorcycles through Morocco, publish two best-selling recipe books and create a backyard garden for my kids. This daily habit has kept my kids healthy when we didnt have health insurance, energized us in between school and sports and nourished us so we dont need to take vitamins.

    When I created this green smoothie recipeit changed my life in more ways than I ever imagine. It was love at first sip for me, my two kids and over 1 million others who were scared of spinach smoothies.

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    When To Drink This Green Juice For Detox

    The best time of day to drink this is first thing in the morning, 20-30 minutes before eating anything else to boost the body with the nutrients it needs. You can even break it up after drinking warm lemon water, or in place of it. If you are doing a detox juice cleanse, this green machine juice is wonderful to add to that by drinking a few glasses of this throughout the day as you fast.

    How To Make Homemade Green Juice In A Blender Or Juicer

    Blender: Add the produce and coconut water to a blender. Blend until smooth then use a nut bag or mesh bag to strain out the fibers. To do so, place the mesh bag over a bowl and pour the juice into the bag. Hold the top and squeeze the bag tightly to remove all the juice. This may need to be done repeatedly a few times.

    I am obsessed with this Vitamix and this mesh / nut bag as both are top-of-the-line for blending and straining.

    Pour the juice into a glass to serve. Best served chilled or over ice.

    In a juicer: If using a juicer, you can can skip the coconut water as an option. It is used in the blender to help it mix and add nutrients and it does add delicious sweetness. Add all the ingredients to a juicer and enjoy! Best served chilled or over ice.

    MORE of my wellness and Detox Drinks to enjoy:


    • Add all the ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth on high.
    • Using a large bowl, place a mesh bag or nut bag over top. Pour in the blended green machine juice. Using your hands, squeeze the juice out making sure to remove all of the liquid.
    • Transfer the juice to a glass and serve over ice or chilled.


    • If using a juicer, you can can skip the coconut water as an option. It is used in the blender to help it mix and add nutrients and it does add delicious sweetness. Add the remaining ingredients to a juicer and enjoy! Best served chilled or over ice.

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