Jamba Juice Frozen Smoothie Mix

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How to Make 2 Jamba Juice Smoothies | Get the Dish

Heres another option for those of you who like to balance your fruits and veggies. This smoothie truly has it all.

Its smooth, healthy, and insanely yummy. Youll get plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other health benefits from the kale and ginger.

However, the subtle sweetness of the mangoes and peaches masks any bitterness from those ingredients.

Theres also a bit of lime juice, which brings a hint of tartness to the mix!

Add some ice and filtered water, and youre all set!

Note: If the smoothie isnt quite sweet enough for your tastes, you can add a bit of honey or maple syrup to sweeten it up a little more.

Best Jamba Juice Smoothie Making Tips

  • With most recipes, you can replace the high-calorie frozen yogurt with low-calorie non-fat Greek yogurt.
  • For best blending results, always put the most liquid or softest ingredients at the bottom of the blender and frozen ingredients at the top.
  • If you are wanting to increase the nutritional value of your smoothie, one of the best ideas is to add some spinach or kale. The taste of these remains undetectable in the smoothie while allowing you to take advantage of their health benefits.
  • To make clean-up a breeze after testing out any Jamba Juice smoothie recipe, simply put a squirt of dish soap and some water in the blender. Run it for a minute and then rinse everything off.

Any smoothie contains two basic things, a liquid, and a base. From there the possibilities are endless. Once you learn the basics, you can start to experiment with flavors and customize your smoothies to suit any palate.

Jamba Juice Chocolate Peanut Butter Mood Smoothie

Is there any combination better than peanut butter and chocolate?

This easy Jamba Juice smoothie recipe draws inspiration from the chainâs Chocolate Peanut Butter Mooâd Smoothie, and it is a decadent treat.

The best part is that this recipe uses all organic and natural ingredients, so it is healthier than the restaurant version making it a treat you do not have to feel guilty about.

With chocolate milk and bananas, it could even be used as a recovery drink after sports!

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Does Jamba Juice Add Sugar To Smoothies

Many of the smoothies and other menu items on the Jamba Juice menu are packed with a large amount of added sugar. Certain smoothies can contain more than 60 grams of sugar. The smoothies do contain a good dose of certain nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium, despite their sugar content.

Jamba Juice Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Jamba juice frozen smoothie mixes

If you have read my site for long you know that I love to find make at home versions of foods we love.

I love the challenge of coming up with a less expensive and healthier version of our favorite foods.

I have done this with my Chipotle style black beans and rice, a Jamba Juice Orange Smoothie, Emerils Seasoning, and with .

Today I have yet another copycat recipe that we love.

We enjoy smoothies and make them quite often. I usually try to make healthy smoothies, but occasionally we like to make more of a dessert style smoothie.

Todays recipe is definitely more of a dessert style recipe. This is not something I would serve my kids for breakfast, we eat this as a dessert, but whenever you eat this it is really good.

I will say that the amounts in this do not have to be exact. I use the basic measurements as a guide, but I do not usually measure everything exactly.

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What Is In The Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie At Jamba Juice

The Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie ingredients are bananas, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, mixed berry juice, and crushed ice.

Bananas Bananas are very healthy, readily available, and one of the least expensive fruits you can buy. They have relatively few calories, are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, are full of potent antioxidants including flavonoids and animes, and are high in dietary fiber. Studies have shown that bananas can improve insulin sensitivity and may improve kidney health.

Blueberries Blueberries are a popular superfood that are low in calories and highly nutritious. They are the king of antioxidants, being absolutely loaded with flavonoids, and provide significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. Blueberries protect against aging and cancer, by reducing DNA damage, and boost heart function, by preventing LDL oxidization and lowering blood pressure.

Peaches Peaches are a small fuzzy fruit that originated in China approximately 8,000 years ago. The are extremely rich in antioxidants, including carotenoids, caffeic acid, and polyphenols. Peaches have widely been studied for their ability to reduce the risk of several cancers, prevent tumor growth, and protect the skin from UV damage.

Jamba Juice Strawberry Wild Tips

  • While it might seem silly to actually measure out the ingredients for this smoothie , I do recommend measuring ingredients the first few times you make this or until you have a feel for the quantities. Throwing random quantities of ingredients in a blender can often end up giving you WAY too much smoothie or the beverage can end up tasting off.
  • When measuring the frozen fruit, pack it into a measuring cup to get an accurate measurement.
  • To get a thick smoothie consistency, use a very high-powered blender. Be patient as you blend, since the majority of the ingredients are frozen. Stir in between blending bursts if needed.
  • Add liquids into the blender first with frozen fruit and ice on top. This helps avoid blender cavitation.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie

This smoothie is inspired by one I tried at Jamba Juice years ago. Its on their secret menu, which features all sorts of creative flavors, like White Gummy Bear, Sour Patch Kids, Fruity Pebbles, and many more. Our favorite, by far, is their Peanut Butter & Jelly creation.

According to the person making it for us, the store-bought version is made with frozen yogurt and raspberry sherbet how could it not be delicious? Luckily, you can make a healthier version at home that tastes just as good!

All you need to get started is some frozen fruit, a date for sweetness, and peanut butter. The result is a delicious peanut butter & jelly smoothie that is dairy-free, sweetened with only fruit, and just as delicious as the store-bought drinks I remember. Who needs a sandwich when you can drink this instead?!

What Is The Healthiest Drink At Jamba Juice

I Made JAMBA JUICE Smoothies Healthier!

What to Order at Jamba Juice If Youre Trying to Be Healthy Berry UpBEET Smoothie. Great Greens. Veggie Vitality. Peach Mango Smoothie. Peach Perfection. PB & Banana Protein Smoothie. This one is probably best for a post-workout snack with its high protein content. Tropical Greens. Angela Kerndl. Apples n Charge. Heather Held.

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Jamba Juice Strawberries Wild Smoothie

Ever wonder what the secret ingredient is to the Strawberry Wild at Jamba Juice? You may be surprised, itâs an apple!

The crunch and sweetness of the apple add the best texture and taste to an already delicious drink.

In this Jamba Juice smoothie recipe, nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt replaces the higher-calorie frozen yogurt that is commonly used. This results in a delicious tasting drink that you can feel good about indulging in.

Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are always a great way to start the day, but sometimes, you just want something you can chew!

Most of these smoothies are just as healthy and hearty as this smoothie bowl, but theres something about eating that makes you feel fuller.

Youll build your smoothie bowl on a base of plain yogurt and acai juice or acai puree.

Add all your favorite berries, some banana slices, and some or all of the recommended toppings.

You can even get creative and come up with toppings of your own.

Making the bowl takes a little longer than making the smoothies, but even so, you shouldnt have to spend more than 10 minutes pulling it together.

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Jamba Juice Now Sells Ready

You can now blend your favorite Jamba Juice fruit smoothies from home

For customers who want to blend anywhere, smoothie chain Jamba Juice is now offering Live Fruitfully Kits in stores, which include their signature fruit combos, frozen in packs.

You can get 500-gram packs of the following fruit mixes: blueberry & banana , strawberry & banana , kale & mango , and 5 fruits for P380.

You can also get a bundle of 5 daily 100g packs for P300, which includes two strawberry banana, peach and banana, blueberry and banana, and mango packs.

Superfood smoothie tubs are also available for P225 a pint in flavors banana berry blush, creamy strawberries wild, mango a-go-go, and PB is a mood.

Jamba Juices newest items are available via their website or for pickup from their stores. They will also be on GrabFood and foodpanda soon. Rappler.com

What Is In The Pia Colada Smoothie On The Jamba Juice Secret Menu

News: Jamba Juice

The Jamba Juice Secret Menu Piña Colada smoothie ingredients are banana, pineapple juice, pineapple sherbet, vanilla frozen yogurt, coconut, and ice.

Bananas Bananas are very healthy, readily available, and one of the least expensive fruits you can buy. They have relatively few calories, are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, are full of potent antioxidants including flavonoids and animes, and are high in dietary fiber. Studies have shown that bananas can improve insulin sensitivity and may improve kidney health.

Pineapple Juice and Pineapple Sherbet Pineapples are popular tangy tropical fruit that, surprising to most, originated in South America, not Hawaii. They are absolutely loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, including a ridiculously high amount of vitamin C , manganese, vitamin B6, and thiamin. Pineapples also contain a significant amount of the digestive enzymes bromelain that can help fight pancreatic cancer.

Nonfat Frozen Yogurt Nonfat frozen yogurt is often hailed as a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. It includes yogurt culture probioticslactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus and is often made with agave nectar instead of high-calorie sugar. Nonfat frozen yogurt is a common choice among those wanting to reduce their caloric intake.

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Recipe For Green Machine Juice:

Preparing for this is so much fun to me, as my 7 years old kid loves this healthy drink so much that I have to prepare this almost thrice a week or more sometimes. Anyways, here is the written recipe with the perfect amount of ingredients.

  • ½ mango, frozen and sliced
  • ½ cup of peaches, frozen
  • ¼ cup of apple juice
  • 1 cup of green vegetable juice blend
  • ¼ cup of strawberry juice
  • 1 cup of ice

Jamba Juice Green Smoothie Recipe

Are you sick of having regular summer drinks every time? Why dont you try a drink that will provide you a tasty kick on every sip? Today Im going to share the amazing Jamba juice green smoothie recipe that will surely satisfy your tastebuds with mix fruit combo. Not only you but also all the kids of your community will love this Jamba juice green smoothies.

This Jamba juice contains mango slices, frozen peaches, apple juice, vegetable juice, strawberry juice, and ice. All of the flavors tantalize your tastebud with rich flavor. Lets see what we have in our recipe.

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Jamba Juice Makes Frozen Smoothie Mix For Grocery

EMERYVILLE, Calif. Jamba Juice Co. is following in the footsteps of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts with a make-it-yourself grocery offering.

A new line of all-natural frozen smoothie mixes will be available in three of the flavors most popular at Jamba Juice’s 742 locations. Razzmatazz, Mango-a-Go-Go and Strawberries Wild varieties will come in stand-up packaging that contains frozen fruit, non-fat yogurt and an antioxidant boost. Consumers simply add fruit juice and blend.

Each 8-ounce package will make two 8-ounce servings and retail for between $2.99 and $3.29.

“We expect to introduce the Jamba brand to a whole new set of fans in areas of the country where we dont currently have stores, said Susan Shields, chief marketing officer of Jamba Juice in a statement.

Who Has The Healthiest Smoothie

EZ-2 Make! Jamba Juice Smoothie & Ice Pop Maker TV Ad

Healthy Fast Food Smoothies Burger King, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, 12 Oz. Smoothie King, Lean Strawberry Smoothie, 20 Oz. Starbucks, Small Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens Smoothie, 16 Oz. Jamba Juice, Caribbean Passion Make It Light Smoothie, 16 Oz. Panera Bread, Superfruit Power Smoothie with Ginseng, Small.

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Frozen Or Fresh Fruit

When it comes to making smoothies, you should use frozen fruit.

The main reason is, you want the drink frozen and thick so using fruit that is already frozen makes this easier.

Another reason is frozen fruit is cheaper so why not? You dont need the fruit to be perfect since it is getting blended anyway.

Most fruits you can buy frozen already. One you cant usually is banana. If you plan on making smoothies, I recommend cutting bananas into slices and freezing them. Makes it easy to grab a handful and throw them in the blender.

Also, you can usually get frozen mixed berry packages but I dont recommend getting them. It depends what you can find, but most have blackberry and they always seem to be mostly blackberry so it really isnt worth it. Get the individual fruits. Then you know what you are getting.

Ingredients For Two Small Smoothies:

1 Cup Mango Passion Juice 10 medium Strawberries 1/2 Cup peaches fresh or frozen or 7 slices from a can1 Cup orange sherbet1/2-1 Cup large ice cubes

To Make it Light my friend told me to just substitute orange juice and fat-free creamer for the sherbet. Im not sure on quantity thoughyoud have to experiment.

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S Of Preparing Green Fusion Jamba Juice Step By Step:

Step 1:

Take out a blender, and add 1 cup of ice.

Step 2:

Add sliced banana, frozen mango slices, frozen peaches, and blend for 2 minutes.

Step 3:

Then add ¼ cup of apple juice, 1 cup of green vegetable juice blend, and ¼ cup of strawberry juice.

Step 4:

Blend them smoothly, and serve with collagen boost.

Now, if you want your homemade green vegetable juice blend, the recipe is written below:

Jamba Juice Matcha Green Tea Blast Smoothie Recipe

Jamba Juice Strawberries Wild Smoothies

Matcha Green Tea Blast Smoothie, a Jamba Juice Smoothie Recipe, is an antioxidant powerhouse. One cup of matcha green tea has as many antioxidants and nutrients as 10 cups of regular tea! Plus, the caffeine boost makes this a nice get up and go smoothie when you feel the need for a little extra pep in your step.

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What Is The Sweetest Jamba Juice Drink

7 Jamba Juices With More Sugar Than a Twix Bar

  • Chocolate Mood Smoothie. PIN IT. Photo courtesy of jambajuice.com.
  • Banana Berry Smoothie. PIN IT.
  • Peach Pleasure Smoothie. PIN IT.
  • PB Chocolate Love. PIN IT.
  • Aloha Pineapple Smoothie. PIN IT.
  • Matcha Green Tea Blast Smoothie. PIN IT.
  • Razzmatazz Smoothie. PIN IT.

Apples N Greens Smoothie

If you like to start your day off with balanced servings of fruits and veggies, then the apples n greens smoothie is the breakfast drink for you.

It has all the delicious fruits we love to add to our smoothies bananas, mangoes, and peaches along with even more fruit juice from apples and strawberries.

However, youll also use an entire cup of green vegetable juice blend in the mixture.

Its one of the tastiest and healthiest ways to start your morning.

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Jamba Juice Strawberries Wild Smoothie Recipe

Strawberries Wild Smoothie, a Jamba Juice Smoothie Recipe, is Jambas most popular drink, delighting customers since the very beginning. Simple, traditional, and completely satisfying. This smoothie presents a familiar pairing of strawberry and banana in just the right quantities, mellowed somewhat by the addition of nonfat frozen yogurt.

Jamba Juice Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe

SNJTV: DIY Jamba Juice smoothie on a budget! | BACK TO SCHOOL HACK

Banana Berry Smoothie, a Jamba Juice Smoothie Recipe, is a franchise staple. It presents a slightly sweeter palate that is balanced nicely by the banana base. Omitting orange juice or pineapple, this offering lacks the familiar citrus tang frequently found in Jamba Juice smoothies a nice change of pace for a Razzmatazz regular.

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Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie Recipe

Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie Recipe A fruity antioxidant-loaded copycat smoothie you can order from the Jamba Juice menu or learn how to make at home.

Home»Smoothie Recipes»Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie Recipe

Five Fruit Frenzy Smoothie, a Jamba Juice Smoothie Recipe, is designed to reduce heart disease while protecting against cancer. And, if that isnt enough, the sweet fruit and berry mix balanced by the creamy banana simply tastes amazing, truly a treat for your palate.

How Do I Order From The Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Most Jamba Juice employees know many of the Secret Menu recipes, especially the popular ones, so all you need to do is ask. However, if it is a particularly obscure or experimental drink, or if you get an inexperienced server, just bookmark this recipe and whip out your phone the next time you are at Jamba Juice if they arent too busy with other customers, Jamba Juice employees will generally oblige. And, as always, dont forget to tip your drink-maker!

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Recipe Tips And Variations:

  • Yield: One recipe makes enough for 2 smoothies, or more, if its for little ones.
  • Storage: Drink right away, otherwise if you cant drink all of it, keep it in the refrigerator. It will melt, though.
  • Thicker smoothies: Make sure the fruit is frozen solid if you like your smoothies on the thicker side. If you prefer a juicer smoothie, blend fresh fruit.
  • Good blenders make good smoothies: Especially with frozen fruit and ice. If you have a weaker blender, start by adding the fruit and ice or let the fruit thaw before blending.
  • Get creative: The great thing about smoothies is that you can switch up the ingredients to suit your taste. If raspberries are in season but the strawberries dont look as good, feel free to use raspberries instead. Or use a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and a splash of orange juice in place of sherbet. Theres no wrong way to do it.

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