Low Carb Low Fat Smoothies

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Keto Iced Coffee Protein Shake

Avocado Berry Smoothie

This coffee smoothie delivers the perfect blend of fiber, fat, and protein. Frozen avocado chunks blend with Vanilla Cold Brew Latte ice cubes, Vanilla Collagen Protein powder and rich cacao for a frappe-style shake that only tastes decadent.

With 5.5 net carbs in your glass, its the perfect low-carb way to kick off your morning.

Low Carb Metabolism Boosting Smoothie For Weight Loss 103 Carbs 151 Cals

Low Carb Fat Burning Smoothie. If youre looking for a low carb smoothie to help you lose weight, is fat burning, and boosts your metabolism then look no further. This Low Carb Metabolism Boosting SmoothieIS THE BOMB !!

I made this one this morning, thinking the lemon would end up giving it a real unpleasantly sour taste, but I countered that with 2 drops of Organic Stevia Extract, which made it just perfect. It also helped keep the carb count low. Now if you dont have any stevia, you can also add 1/2 tbls of Honey, but fair warning that 1/2 tablespoon will add 8.6 carbs to your carb count.

Low Carb Fat Burning Smoothie 10.3 Carbs 151 Cals

The recipe calorie and nutrition label below DOES NOT include the unsweetened almond milk I added to the smoothie. One cup of most unsweetened almond milk contains 37 calories and 1.4 grams of carbs I only added a 1/2 cup.

Low Carb Fat Burning Smoothie1 serving

Fat Burning Green Tea And Vegetable Smoothie

This recipe is designed to burn fat, but it is also an antioxidant powerhouse. Green tea increases metabolism and broccoli and cauliflower have enzymes that reportedly help the body more efficiently burn fat. Pineapple is added for a flavor boost and to provide vitamin C and antioxidants. Note that for fat burning properties caffeinated green

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Dark Chocolate Banana Nut

Four words that combine to sound like a jam session at Ben & Jerry’s house. The density of the banana will have you convinced you’re drinking a milkshake, while the omega-3s in the walnuts will keep your mind sharp and your belly lean. To get more of these anti-inflammatory fatty acids, don’t miss these 26 Best Omega-3 Foods to Fight Inflammation and Support Heart Health.

  • ½ banana
  • 1 teaspoon dark chocolate morsels
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • cup chopped walnuts

Ways To Add Protein To Your Smoothies

Low Carb Blueberry Smoothie

If youre looking to boost the protein in your low sugar smoothies, here are a few suggestions on ways to do it:

  • Nut Butter adds protein and healthy fats with just a single tablespoon.
  • Greek Yogurt is a great way to add a creamy, tangy texture.
  • Nuts and Seeds provide extra fiber and protein per tablespoon.
  • Protein Powder such as whey or plant-based is an easy way to include protein in the mix.
  • Collagen Powder boost your protein and supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.

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Matcha Green Energy Smoothie

Almonds and coconut milk make the base of this healthy smoothie, but the star of the show is most definitely the matcha. A type of powdered green tea, matcha is rich in antioxidants and provides a boost of energy without the crash that coffee can cause. Try this recipe on a morning when you really need to get things done.

Per smoothie: 75 calories, 1 g fat, 8 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 4 g protein

Low Sugar Smoothie Recipes

Finding the right balance of flavor between lots of vegetables and minimal fruits can seem hard, but Ive tested out for you a few of my favorite smoothie recipes that are veggie filled and keep sugar levels at a minimum. Watch the video below!

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

This is a tropical fruit delight of creamy coconut milk, fresh pineapple, and a hint of ginger. Add any of the protein options mentioned above for a boost.

Blackberry Cream Smoothie

A luscious blackberry smoothie mixed with greek yogurt and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. Plus, its packed with protein and a few sneaky cauliflower florets.

Orange Carrot Smoothie

This blend of almond milk, orange, carrot and vanilla bean is like a creamsicle in a cup! But dont look past the fact that its loaded with protein from cauliflower and a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

Cucumber Kiwi Smoothie

A creamy yet refreshing smoothie loaded with fiber and protein. The mix of spinach, avocado, cucumber, kiwi, cauliflower, and almond butter makes for the ultimate green drink!

Berry Spinach Smoothie

A Downshiftology classic recipe made from a rich blend of mixed berries, spinach, chia seeds and avocado. Ditch the banana for zucchini and youve got yourself a delicious low sugar smoothie recipe.

Remember that I have separate recipes for homemade almond milk, cashew milk and almond butter if youd like to make your own. Happy smoothie-making!

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Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Ingredients

The ingredients for this low carb chocolate peanut butter smoothie are super simple. Theyre all right off my low carb food list, and you might even have them right now. They are:

  • Peanut butter preferably creamy and natural, like this one
  • Cocoa powder
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Sweetener
  • Sea salt

That only five ingredients yay! See the recipe card below for the amounts.

For my husbands chocolate peanut butter smoothie, I also often add a couple scoops of collagen peptides. Feel free to throw that in there for added benefits! (If youre not sure what those are, check out the benefits of collagen here.

Now, I know some people may be wondering how this is a healthy chocolate peanut butter smoothie, with all that heavy cream. But, when youre eating low carb, heavy cream isnt really bad for you, and it can help keep you full. I buy organic heavy cream without any fillers.

If youre still on the fence about heavy cream or if you want to make this recipe dairy-free and vegan you can also use coconut cream instead! The smoothie will have a bit of that coconut flavor, but still totally delicious.

With the coconut cream option, these ingredients are actually similar to this chocolate peanut butter nice cream recipe but with different amounts.

Creamy Vanilla Bean Protein Smoothie Bowl

CHOCOLATE AVOCADO PROTEIN SMOOTHIE // low carb, high fat, keto, paleo

If you’re looking for a protein-packed option that’s also got a hint of sweetness, check out this recipe for a creamy vanilla bean smoothie bowl. Plus, the ingredients are really simple: You just need your milk of choice, banana, vanilla protein powder, vanilla bean, and almond butter.

Per smoothie bowl: 390 calories, 15 g fat, 40 g carbs, 6 g carbs, 30 g of protein

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Whats In This Low Carb Smoothie

  • Avocado peeled and pitted. I like using Hass avocados as theyre more flavorful. Avocados are such a great addition as they are high in healthy fats, fibre, full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Spinach be sure to wash the smoothies beforehand, even if theyre advertised as pre-washed. Spinach is full of antioxidants as well as vitamins and nutrients as well.
  • Unsweetened coconut milk
  • Sugar-free vanilla protein powder check out the recipe card down below for a link to my favourite one.
  • Peanut butter powder I really love and highly recommend PB2.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice I dont recommend using bottled lemon juice as there are preservatives.

Keto Breakfast With No Eggs

Are you tired of eggs for breakfast? Thats the most common complaint I hear from people who have chosen a low carb diet. But, eggs arent required for breakfast. Instead have a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Traditional smoothie recipes are typically full of fruit and sugars like honey. While they may contain antioxidants, they often lack protein or fat. Because natural fruit fibers are pulverized in the blender these treats seldom keep you full for long.

BUT These tasty low carb smoothie recipes keep fruit at a minimum. Using fruit for flavor instead of a main ingredient, keeps sugars low.

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Creamy Keto Cinnamon Smoothie

If you are on a ketogenic diet plan, or just want an easy low-carb meal on-the-go, the Creamy Keto Cinnamon Smoothie couldnt simpler to make. Coconut milk and a vegetable based protein powder are the main ingredients. Cinnamon gives it a sweet and spicy essence that is perfect for the cold weather season. Cinnamon has the added benefit of being an antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial spice. So, drink up if you are feeling under the weather- youll be better in no time!. At 4.7 grams of net carbohydrates, this is one of the best low-carb smoothie recipes.

The Best Low Carb Green Smoothie


This low-carb green smoothie is made with spinach, banana, & protein powder! It makes the perfect low-carb smoothie for a healthy breakfast!

I love smoothies in the mornings for breakfast because the day usually starts out pretty hectic, and sometimes I dont even have time to sit down to eat. Smoothies are easy because I can carry it in one hand and my baby in the other.

But all smoothies are not equal, and I like to keep my breakfast smoothies low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fiber. Ive found that I feel a lot better during the day if I dont start my day with high blood sugar spikes! A low carb banana smoothie is just what the doctor ordered!

This low-carb green smoothie has quickly become my go-to for breakfast, simply because its so delicious, healthy, and easy! Its a great way to start the day off with some vegetables, even my toddler loves this low carb smoothie for breakfast!

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Below Is The List Of My Favorite Protein Powders:

  • Perfect Keto This one is my favorite cause its gluten-free, dairy-free and it uses clean ingredients. There is not junk fillers.
  • Vega Sport Premium Protein This one is dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian too. Its Keto friendly too because 1 scoop has only 5g of carbs.
  • Vega Protein& Greens Vanilla This is vegan too and there is no soy. The flavour is good too. This is keto friendly too because it 1 scoop has only 4g of carb.
  • Soy protein powder will help to build bone mass and is particularly helpful in older adults.

Be sure to check for unsweetened protein powder as you dont want to add artificial sweeteners and other fillers to the smoothies.

Can I Make A Low Carb Peanut Butter Smoothie

Making a peanut butter smoothie recipe that is low carb or keto can be challenging, though not impossible. Overall, peanut butter is a high fat, reasonable protein and low carb food. However, as with most things, it’s critically important that you pay attention to the label on the SPECIFIC peanut butter you’re considering using before you toss it into your peanut butter smoothie recipe.

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Ingredients For A Keto Low Carb Peanut Butter Shake

This is an easy keto breakfast smoothie ready in 5 minutes using only 6 wholesome ingredients. Bonus, its also a vegan smoothie if you are using canned coconut cream instead of heavy cream! Lets have a look at the ingredients you need to make this magical refreshing keto drink.

  • Peanut butter as mentioned above, make sure you use natural peanut butter, no added sugar, no added oil.
  • Sugar-free crystal sweetener I love to use Erythritol or Monk fruit blend, but xylitol will work as well. Learn more about keto sweeteners.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder this adds a delicious chocolate flavor for the best chocolate smoothie.

Chai Infused Pumpkin Keto Smoothie

Low Carb Yogurt Smoothie Recipe | 3 Ingredient Healthy Keto Smoothies

Pumpkin and chai tea are the scents and flavors of autumn that inspire us to either go outside and rake leaves or bundle up next to a cozy fire with a good book. This pumpkin pie smoothie recipe is likely to get you up and moving with the kick from the spiced tea. While it is fueled by fat, it still manages to be 100% vegan and free of common allergens, such as nuts and dairy. It is perfect for a pre-workout on a fall morning. The original recipe was made fresh, organic, non-GMO pumpkin. You can also substitute canned pumpkin purée for convenience which will help you make this delicious treat in just a matter of minutes.

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Is A Keto Smoothie A Good Low Carb Breakfast

Absolutely – the breakfast smoothie has long been a staple in the morning, and a healthy low carb keto smoothie first thing can be both filling and refreshing. In most cases, you’ll likely be using this as a meal-replacement, and in that case I would consider adding a scoop of protein powder – preferably plant-based protein powder – and using unsweeted almond milk or coconut milk for your liquid. Avocado is another ingredient that can turn a boring keto smoothie into the low carb breakfast smoothie of your dreams!

Low Carb Substitutions Or Add

I never get tired of protein smoothies for breakfast and look forward to the basic one above one each morning. If you do get bored with the same thing every day however, here are a range of low-carb compliant ingredients that you can substitute in to the above standard :

  • avocados
  • romaine lettuce instead of spinach
  • undistilled apple cider vinegar
  • peanut butter
  • cottage cheese
  • MCT oil, or coconut oil
  • cacao nibs

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Flavorful Low Carb Smoothies You Must Try

If you are a fan of smoothies like me and recently started a low-carb diet, you might have realized how many of the fruits actually contain a lot of sugar.

Thus, all of the sudden, you cannot drink your favorite banana smoothies. Unfortunately, they have way too much sugar to be worth drinking.

But, you love your smoothies? And youve already got used to having one at least every now and then?

Well, the good thing is that smoothies can be low carb too. We will use the ingredients youve probably never thought of putting into a smoothie and make it work.

Low Sugar Chocolate Mocha Smoothie

Pumpkin Protein Smoothie

This Low Sugar Chocolate Mocha Smoothie is perfect for those who are limiting the amount of sugar in their diet. This smoothie has less than 5 grams of sugar and instead uses stevia, a natural sweetener that comes from a plant native to South America. Raspberries are also added for a sweet flavor however, raspberries

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Protein Smoothies For A Low Carb Diet

Ive been playing around with high protein smoothies in an attempt to get a mix of low carb, low sugar ingredients that will allow the smoothie to do three things: taste good, be compliant with a low carb diet, and keep energy levels high until lunch. The recipe below does all three!

It took me a while to buy in to the smoothie trend, but Im fully on-board now, as long as you leave out the bananas and high fructose fruit and the high lactose dairy. Smoothies can be a great way of getting leafy greens and protein into our diets, both of which have a high correlation with weight loss success.

Im In Love With This Sunrise Surprise Smoothie And Just Had To Share

Its smooth its creamy and its Healthy!! It has a huge citrus kick and has a load of vitamin C as well as other additions.

This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon or other programs. I do earn a small commission from the sales made through these links however your price never changes.

For those that are following a trim and healthy lifestyle like I am This is a rich and creamy sunrise surprise shake was inspired by the Singing Canary from the authors of Trim Healthy Mama which is an all time favorite of mine!!

Im a little lazy when it comes to making the original Singing Canary, I dont like peeling and blending whole lemons so I just use the bottled lemon juice.

I know, I know Im not getting all the healthy benefits doing it this way but honestly it saves me time and ensures that I get at least SOME of the benefits.

I had trouble finding the vitamin C powder so I just crushed up some chewable vitamin C tablets in my coffee grinder, just make sure they dont contain added sugar.

Being older and having dealt with Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 12, Im always looking for ways to decrease inflammation. Turmeric is a spice that does this is some awesome ways.

We arent real fond of curries so trying to find new and different ways to increase my turmeric intake has been interesting to say the least. And Im doing a fuel cycle this week.

Heres the recipe that I ended up with

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Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

This thick and creamy chocolate peanut butter smoothie is packed with protein and naturally low carb. The ultimate healthy breakfast, snack or dessert!

Most mornings start off with a smoothie in our house. Whether its a fruity Orange Carrot Smoothie, a Coffee Banana Protein Smoothie, or my High Protein Blueberry Kale Smoothie, I love being able to start my day with a healthy, portable breakfast for on-the-go.

If youve been here for a while, youve probably figured out that I love chocolate peanut butter together in just about anything. From popcorn to ice cream to pancakes, there is no better flavor combination than chocolate and peanut butter if you ask me.

Eating Green Can Be Delicious

3 Delicious LOW CARB Smoothie Recipes

Simple to throw together on a busy morning, even easier to prep and freeze in advance. I love the double dose of green-y goodness from the spinach and avocado. If youve never used avocado in a smoothie before it adds body and creaminess to the smoothie for a satisfying treat with far fewer carbs than your traditional banana.

Yes, this smoothie is delicious. But theres actually another reason that I get excited about it

This is my secret weapon for not wasting anything green in my kitchen. Spinach is great on its own, but a mix of any type of greens really works here. So any time I have the last bits of kale, dandelion greens, or even broccoli I add them to my freezer bags.

We all know how quickly those avocados can turn on us! Never toss out a mushy avocado again. Dice it up and toss it in the freezer. I had never thought of freezing avocado beforebut having these ingredients frozen in advance also makes for a super cold smoothie, which is how it should be.

You can also add more ice and transform this into a beautiful smoothie bowl or top with my keto granola for some crunch. Zero waste, zero stress breakfast. How easy is that?

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