What Do I Need To Make A Smoothie

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Step : Register For Taxes

How to make a smoothie

You will need to register for a variety of state and federal taxes before you can open for business.

In order to register for taxes you will need to apply for an EIN. It’s really easy and free!

You can acquire your EIN for free through the IRS website, via fax, or by mail. If you would like to learn more about EINs and how they can benefit your LLC, read our article, What is an EIN?.

Learn how to get an EIN in our What is an EIN guide or find your existing EIN using our EIN lookup guide.

Small Business Taxes

Depending on which business structure you choose, you might have different options for how your business will be taxed. For example, some LLCs could benefit from being taxed as an S corporation .

You can learn more about small business taxes in these guides:

There are specific state taxes that might apply to your business. Learn more about state sales tax and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides.

What To Put In A Smoothie

Any number of great things can be put into a smoothie! Thats why they are so popular! The trick is creating the right ratio of vegetables & fruit so your creation is not only good for you, but tasty too !

The best thing about a smoothie is that its really easy to make your own!

  • Milk: Cows milk, almond, rice, hemp, coconut the skys the limit!
  • Juice: Lots of juices like apple, orange or grape can add a little sweetness and change up the flavor of this strawberry banana smoothie recipe.
  • Yogurt: Greek yogurt or regular work. If youre using unsweetened yogurt, you might like to add a squeeze of honey to sweeten it.
  • Just for Fun: Add in your favorites like chocolate syrup, almonds or peanut butter!
  • Ice: If you use fruit that is not frozen, youll want to add some ice to give it a frosty chill.

How To Measure Smoothie Ingredients

I too am guilty of looking at a smoothie recipe and then throwing a bit of everything into the pitcher. I could end up with a 12 ounce breakfast or a 24 ounce drink-me-all-day. Sometimes though, its nice to know exactly how much smoothie Im going to end up making.

Maybe you are counting calories. Perhaps you dont want to end up with leftovers. Maybe you never make enough for your kids to share. No matter your reason, sometimes its just makes life easier to know.

How do I do this without dirtying a pile of measuring cups and spoons? A kitchen scale!

Simply place the pitcher on your scale and hit the tare button to zero it out. Add the ingredients, pressing tare between each one, to measure exactly how much goes into the pitcher. Best of all you do it without dirtying a single measuring utensil.

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Adjusting The Blender Speed

Its best to gradually ramp up the speed on the blender. Start with medium speed for about 30 seconds. This gives the blades the chance to gradually break things up without burning out the motor. Use a plastic tamper to help push down all of the ingredients into the fast-moving blades at the bottom of the cup.

Turn the speed to high for 15 to 30 seconds for final processing. This is when I add any extra liquid or ice needed to help with blending. If the smoothie doesnt easily whirl and move, it needs a little more liquid, add small amounts at a time to keep thick but sippable consistency.

Smoothie Bar Equipment : What You Need To Get Started

How To Make Healthy Smoothies  Just One Cookbook

Bonnie Mulligan

Most of us understand how important it is to maintain a healthy diet. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines state that consuming at least 2.5 cups of fruits and veggies per day comes with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and thats only one benefit of eating right. Research has also found that Americans actually want to eat healthier and that theyll even pay more for it. In fact, Nielsens 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey found that 88% of the 30,000 participants polled said theyd be willing to pay a higher cost for healthier foods. That means that opening a juice bar or adding fruit smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices to your existing restaurant menu may really pay off.But before you forge ahead with your plan to start offering delicious smoothies, youll need to obtain the right smoothie bar equipment. This list should help you figure out your ideal smoothie setup and fulfill every customers order with ease.

Essential Smoothie Bar Equipment For Your Business:

If you want your establishment to please the masses with your fresh beverages, youll need to make sure youre properly equipped. Ready to get started on choosing your commercial juicers? Were here to help. Contact us today for more info.

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How To Make A Smoothie With Frozen Fruit And Milk

Ah, smoothie. It is something fresh and filling at the same time, who would not love it? The best way to make a smoothie is, of course, to use all fresh ingredients. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to get fresh fruits and veggies once every three days. Thankfully, now we can buy fruits in a form that lasts longer: frozen. With frozen fruit, you can do grocery shopping once a month and store everything in the fridge! But this does not mean you can just throw everything into the blender. There are steps you need to take in how to make a smoothie with frozen fruit and milk the perfect way. And that is what were going to discuss in this article.

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How To Use The Blender For Smoothies

How to Make Smoothie with a Countertop Blender

A typical countertop blender like a Vitamix has the blade on the bottom and you add ingredients from the top. You should reference the specific instructions for your blender but below are the common steps to follow.

The best way to make a well-blended smoothie with a countertop blender is :

Step 1 : Add the liquid and soft ingredients like greens or soft fruits like bananas or oranges.

Step 2: Then add hard vegetables and frozen fruits on top.

Step 3: Have hard ingredients like nuts or ice on top. Some people will add their superfood or protein powders once the other ingredients are purified.

You want to have the softest ingredients towards blade. You should start the blender slow and move slowly to high speed to purify the ingredients.

You want to see the liquid create a vortex and the time to blend will depend on your blender strength and ingredients.

With a high powered blender like a Vitamix it usually takes 30-45seconds to purify the ingredients.

Example of how to make a green smoothie with a Vitamix

Add 1 cup of liquid: Choose 1 liquid Add 1 Green : 2 cups spinach / 1 cup kale / ½ head romaine lettuceAdd Fruit/Hard Vegetable :1 apple1 cup peeled mango

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How To Make A Smoothie Step

Buy It:NutriBullet Blender Combo

Just remember this simple formula: Fruit + Juice + Dairy/Dairy Substitute + Ice = Easy Smoothie Recipe Win.

Follow our Test Kitchen pro tips below to design your own smoothie recipe, then learn how to transform it into a smoothie bowl and how to give it an über-rich and creamy consistency. Sweet!

How Do You Make A Smoothie Without Milk Or Yogurt

How to Make a Smoothie Recipe Guide – Easy, Tasty, Healthy

As you have read above, the best way is to use high liquid fruits and vegetables along with water, as necessary.

So what are the best high liquid fruits and veggies to use?

High water content fruits and vegetables

Below are some of my favorite high water content fruits and vegetables to add to smoothies.

  • pineapple
  • peaches
  • apples

My personal favorites to add are cucumber , apples , and citrus fruits.

Pineapple, peaches, oranges, and lemons are all bursting with juiciness and great for replacing the liquid in smoothies.

Here are the steps that I take when making a smoothie without milk or yogurt:

Add liquid or liquid fruits and vegetables to the blender FIRST.

blend until smooth.

Add remaining ingredients and blend again until smooth.

Depending on the strength of your blender, you can skip step 2 and just mix all of the ingredients at once.

However, sometimes I find it helpful to blend the liquid parts first in order for the blender to handle the frozen fruit well.

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How To Make A Smoothie In 6 Steps

Learning how to make a smoothie is actually pretty easy if you follow the steps below.

Step 0: Get a Quality Blender

For this guide, we are assuming that you actually have a blender perhaps that is presumptuous of us. If you dont have confidence in your blender, chances are you should throw it out recycle it, and get yourself a new one! After all, we dont want to be beating our ingredients with dull blades, we want to be finely chopping and mixing precisely! Here are a couple of blenders we highly recommend:

You can check out more of our blender reviews here.

Step 1: Pick a Smoothie Recipe to Make

Determine the smoothie recipe you would like to make based on your purpose. Are you on a diet, looking to lose weight and in need of a meal replacement? Or are you trying to get more greens into your diet, protein after a workout, or simply looking to make a delicious dessert recipe or a tasty snack?

If you dont have a recipe in mind, peruse this site for plenty of healthy options, search the internet, or ask a friend for a good smoothie recipe.

Step 2: Add Your Liquid

The first thing to add into your blender is the liquid, which is usually around 1 to 2 cups. Follow what your smoothie recipe calls for, but keep a few things in mind. The more liquid you add the more watery or runnier your smoothie will be. Some people like it this way. If you prefer a thicker consistency, use slightly less liquid.

Step 3: Add Your Base

Step 4: Add Fruits and/or Vegetables


Best Blender For Smoothies

First things first, lets talk about the blender situation. I know there are hundreds of blenders on the market and it can be very daunting to find the right one for you. One thing I have learned with the handful of blenders that Ive owned is that quality matters. Usually, quality and price coincide and its totally true.

Ive found that the more expensive and higher quality blender I have, the more success I have with what I am makingespecially smoothies. The most recent and BEST blender I have ever had is a Vitamix.

We have the Vitamix 5200and it runs you about $430 on Amazon. I do not have a single bad thing to say about this beast. Its super powerful, easy to clean, and it makes making smoothies along with other things a breeze. I can tell you right now that this is the best blender I have ever owned and theres no turning back.

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What Are Some Skills And Experiences That Will Help You Build A Successful Smoothie Business

It usually helps to have some type of restaurant experience, whether its casual, fast-food, or formal. Owners will need to master the logistics of ordering, payroll, and advertising as much as theyll need to understand which berries are in the highest demand. Much of owning any food establishment will be staying ahead of customer expectations and creating new demand with inventive menu options.

How Can I Make My Smoothie Healthier

I do need to address one thing..my concoctions are REAL ...

The smoothie recipes below are plain, but if you want to expand your smoothie horizons, go for it! Toss in chia seeds or protein powder or hemp seeds or flax or whatever else makes your heart happy. If you have a standard set of mix-ins you like, you can even freeze them into booster packsgreat for really quick and easy smoothies!

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What Blender Should I Use For A Smoothie

I truly believe a good blender is worth it. I got a Blendtec a few years ago, and Ill never go back to a normal blender again. A good blender will whip you up a thick and delicious smoothie with no chunks in about 45 seconds.

And, if youre adding leafy greens, a good blender will make sure theyre blended up nicely and have a great texture! Mine gives me a count for how many times Ive used it, and its well past the 800 mark. So, its definitely worth the investment, in my opinion, especially if you have a family full of smoothie lovers!

How To Make Strawberry Smoothie Without Yogurt

Making smoothies is important to me, as I love knowing the fruit and other ingredients are all fresh. Its also convenient to make it at home, as it saves money.

Although the usual dairy product used in a standard smoothie is yogurt, you can also use yogurt-free alternatives. Making smoothies is simple. Here is a short tutorial on how to make one.

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Do You Have To Add Ice

No, ice cubes are not necessary to make a smoothie, as long as youre using frozen fruits. Replace 1:1 ice cubes to frozen fruit is recommended. The ice will create a smooth, thick, chilly texture, or frothy if only a small amount is used. I like to add both ice cubes and frozen fruit together to create the perfect consistency.

How To Make A Smoothie


A smoothie is so much more than blended fruit. It’s an art with all of its different elements blending perfectly together. Just in case these 29 smoothies aren’t enough, here is our guide to making the perfect smoothie.

Pick your fruit.

We chose strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas to be our base, but any combo of fruit is great. Make a tropical smoothie of pineapple, mango, and banana or add blueberry and peach to switch it up a bit for a summer twist. Aim for about 3 cups of fruit.

Fresh or frozen fruit?

For smoothies, frozen fruit is best. It blends up thicker than fresh fruit and gives you a really cold smoothie to enjoy after blending. If you don’t have frozen fruit, freeze your fresh fruit for 30 minutes before blending or add about 1 cup of ice and blend until smooth!

Add a thickener.

We use unsweetened Greek yogurt in our smoothie, but peanut butter, almond butter, or vanilla yogurt are all great options. Traditionally about 1/2 cup is ideal. If you prefer thinner smoothies, you can either lessen the amount of thickener or skip it all together.

Choose a liquid.

Almond milk is great for the added nutty flavor, but coconut milk pairs well with a tropical smoothie and gives a richer, creamier flavor. Whole milk or fruit juice also work well. 1 1/4 cup of liquid makes the perfect consistency for our preference. If you skipped the thickener, use less liquid as well.

Throw some add-ins in.

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What Fruit Can You Use To Make A Smoothie

Apples, Pears, Bananas, Pineapple? What fruit should you use to make a smoothie? Its up to you. The main thing to think about is taste and texture. Some fruit blends up smoother than other fruit, and so you will get a smoothier smoothie! Also, some fruit has more of an intense taste and flavor. You will want to consider what types of fruit and liquid pairings you are going to make. I suggest some of the following:

  • Pineapple and Banana with Almond Milk
  • Blueberries and Yogurt and Almond Milk
  • Spinach and Pineapple and Coconut Water
  • Banana and Peanut Butter and Almond Milk

Once you get to be more of an expert in the smoothie making process, you will learn what fruits work with what other fruits to make a nice smoothie. Also, its important to never over do it on the fruit. While fruit is healthy and blenders do not destroy the fiber in a smoothie, you also want to be mindful of getting too much sugar. Thats why I suggest mixing fruit and vegetables and a base liquid that doesnt have sugar.

Smoothie Recipe Serving Sizes

There are lots of Smoothie recipes but it can be confusing if they are written for use with certain size blenders

Typically, smoothie recipes that you see for Vitamix, Blend-tec or other full-size countertop blenders will make 2 servings which equals 32 ounces or 2 pints.

Whereas, a recipe for a Nutribullet, Magic Bullet, Nutri-Ninja, or other similar size personal blender will be make a single serving which is about 12-16 ounces.

A counter-top 2-serving green smoothie recipe would typically have:

  • 2 Cups of Liquid Base
  • 2 Cups Leafy Greens
  • 3 Cups of Fruit

> > You would cut above amounts in half for a personal blender since it makes 50% less. < <

These are just general guidelines and certain recipes will have variations to the portions.

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How To Save A Smoothie For Later

Want to know the best way to save a smoothie or juice for later?

Saving a fresh smoothie or juice for later is possible if you follow these easy steps!

Fresh is always best, but I also love the idea of making a double batch of a smoothie to save time. Cook once, eat 2 or 3 times is one of my favorite kitchen mantras. Its far better to have a smoothie or juice that youve saved and stored in the refrigerator overnight than a bagel or afternoon coffee break.

Need some smoothie inspiration? Check out over 30 healthy smoothie recipes here.

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