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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Blender Cleaning – Best Blender to Clean – Blendtec vs Vitamix – Easy to Clean Blender Models

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender might run you a bit more, but you will see that it is worth the extra splurge. The first thing you need to know about the impressive blender is that it comes equipped with an extremely powerful two-horsepower motor. This motor wont have a problem tearing through the toughest ingredients in a short amount of time.Impressive Blade Design

The blade of the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender was actually designed with aircraft technology. The stainless steel blade is aircraft-grade and hardened to give you the most consistent and smoothies results possible.

Extremely Cool Running Motor

The motor is extremely powerful with capabilities to reach up to two-horsepower. However, this does not mean that you have to worry about overheating or extra heat. The motor was designed to produce even torque with cool temperatures so that you get a consistent drive coupled with cool operation.Low Profile Container

The container might be a large 64-ounces, but it was designed with a specifically low-profile. This means that the container will not only take up less space, but it makes pouring large batches easier and safer than ever. You dont have to worry about wasting or spilling any of your precious hard work.


  • Doesnt include any accessories
  • Only has one large 64-ounce container

Overall Assessment

If you are looking to make quick work of toughest ingredient then the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender is the blender for you.

Which Blender Is Best For Smoothies

If youre looking for the best blender to make smoothies in, wed recommend opting for a dedicated smoothie maker rather than a jug or immersion blender. As weve already mentioned above, these feature a canister that the blade assembly screws on to, before being attached to the base. Once blending is complete, the blade assembly can be switched for a to-go lid that includes a spout, letting you sup on the drink without having to decant it first. Our pick is the Ninja Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker QB3001 as it strikes the right balance between price and the ability to blitz fresh produce into a smooth, grit-free drink.

However, theres no way to add liquid during blending, so it cant be used to emulsify ingredients such as when making mayonnaise. In this case, we recommend the Breville the Super Q, as it comes with a pitcher so liquid can be added during blending. Its also powerful enough to crush ice and pulverize nuts, as well as coming with a travel cup for smoothies – although you will need to decant the drink from the jug into the cup.

Best Personal Blender Overall: Ninja Nutri

The Ninja Nutri-Blender Pros solid construction gives the machine a sturdy, high-quality feel, and the wide base provides a stable foundation for its powerful motor. Its straightforward control panel was the simplest to understand right out of the box of all the personal blenders we tested, making it easy to get right to blending as soon as we plugged it in.

The Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro has dedicated crush, smoothie and pulse modes, but our favorite feature in testing was its Auto-iQ function, which automatically selects a blending and pausing pattern for your chosen mix and stops once the blend is complete. We were initially skeptical of this feature, but ended up being impressed with the results, and appreciated how it let us hit the button once and walk away to do other things, confident wed get good results. If youd rather keep an eye on things and stop it manually, you can turn off this function at any time by pressing the start/stop button.

The Ninja had no trouble making any of our test smoothies. It easily crushed ice and frozen fruit, pulverized leafy and fibrous vegetables and had no trouble mixing our powdered protein drink in about 10 seconds. Whether this is due to the more vertically oriented blade assembly or to the Auto-iQ blend-and-pause routine, the Ninja also never got stuck or needed any manual shaking to clear lumps of partially blended ingredients like some other blenders did.

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Are Smoothie Blenders Easy To Clean

Yes, smoothie blenders are pretty easy to clean.

The pitchers and cups are usually very smooth on the inside without many crevices for food to hide, and the smaller bases is simple to wipe up.

The only thing that youll have to be careful about is keeping debris out from underneath the blades, but youll run into that problem with just about any blender.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Premium Choice

Best, Easy to Clean Smoothie Blender

If you can afford it, the Vitamix 5200 Blender will handle the toughest of tasks. It is powerful enough to grind the hardest nuts and will turn grain into flour in no time. Whether you are making smoothies or grinding nuts, this blender is as versatile as it gets. With that much power, the blades can move fast enough to heat your soup in under 10 minutes.

Thanks to the variable speed control, you can vary the speed to achieve various textures and consistencies. With thick concoctions, you can use the tamper to push the ingredients down to the blades for effective blending.

The plastic jar can hold a capacity of 64 ounces, which is enough servings for a small family. With the self-cleaning option, you can clean it within 30 to 60 seconds. However, the jar does not lock into the unit as it should. You need to hold it down when blending. As expected, the blender is also too loud, especially with the higher settings.

  • The jar does not lock into the unit

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Also Great: Cleanblend Blender

*At the time of publishing, the price was $180.

If youre willing to take a chance on a shorter warranty from a newer company, the 1,800-watt Cleanblend Blender costs about the same as the Oster Versa and produces finer purees. In our tests, it blended silkier smoothies and piña coladas than many blenders that cost more than twice as much. This model comes with a durable Tritan-plastic jar and a tamper for you to help move thick mixtures while its blending. The Cleanblend doesnt have any preset buttons, and its variable speeds arent as nuanced as those of the Vitamix, but its interface is simple and intuitive to use. Judging from our long-term testing, the Cleanblends motor is durable and able to handle tough jobs like nut butter better than the Oster. Its also backed by a complete five-year warranty.

The Cleanblend made some of the smoothest smoothies in our tests, performing better than the Oster and even the Vitamix in that regard. When we strained the Cleanblends kale and berry smoothie, barely any raspberry seeds remained in our fine-mesh sieve the only blender that did better was the Blendtec. The Cleanblend also came in second, behind the Blendtec, in blending a silky-smooth piña colada. Were talking restaurant-worthy blended drinks here.

The Cleanblend made some of the smoothest smoothies in our tests.

How We Test Blenders

In a bid to compare each blender, weve put in hours in the kitchen preparing bowlfuls of mayonnaise, while also blending pineapple, spinach, and Greek yoghurt into a smoothie. As well as assessing how smooth the sauce and smoothie are, were also looking for ingredients that are well-combined without any curdling and whether there is residue trapped under the blade, or if the ingredients have leaked from the base or lid during blending.

We also evaluate how finely and evenly the blenders chop ice and nuts and compare how easy they are to use. For each model we rate how loud they are, how durable and easy to clean the body and parts are, and the useful accessories they come with such as a tamper for moving ingredients closer to the blade, extra jugs or containers, and recipe booklets for inspiration.

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Portable Personal Mini Smoothie Blender

  • Powerful functionthis small size blender is equipped with 6 ultra-sharp 304 stainless steel blades and a 7.4v motor. bring you delicious protein shakes, fresh juices, smoothies, etc. within 40 seconds. the portable blender is the perfect gift choice. bring joy and healthy drinks to your loved ones. enjoy fresh nutrition and a relaxing time.
  • Simple operationeasy to clean and stir. one key operation is extremely simple. after use, just add clean water, and then run the blender until it becomes clear.
  • Portable designthe juice blender is small and portable. the hand strap design allows you to easily take the portable blender anywhere. you can use and drink at home, office, gym, travel, or any other outdoor activities.
  • Usb charging designthe rechargeable smoothie blender has a built-in 2000mah battery, which can be charged through any usb port, such as a power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phone, or other devices.
  • Safety and healththe portable smoothie mixer is made of pcgt, a food safety material without bpa. high-quality abs shell, food-grade 304 stainless steel. the small personal blender is a magnetic induction switch, which is super safe to use and clean.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Easiest Way to Clean a Blender | Kitchen Daily

Even though we like the tight-fitting travel lid, the spout for drinking is very small, measuring 1 inch by ¾ inch. Its very difficult to drink a thick smoothie without using a straw. But we prefer straws to smoothie sipping, so this doesnt bother us one bit.

The NutriBullet Pro isnt the sleekest machine we tested. The branding is splashed all over the front, and if youre logo averse, this can be troubling. If aesthetics are that important to you, consider getting the Breville Boss To Go.

In 2014, Consumer Reports declared the NutriBullet Pro a safety hazard after a piece of the blade broke off due to a stress test where they blended 7 large ice cubes 45 times. Later that year, after an initial investigation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that there was no reason for a recall. In September of 2016, Consumer Reports restored the NutriBullet Pro to their product rankings, giving it an overall score of good. We think a stress test of that magnitude is unrealistic. Personal blenders arent meant to crush large cubes of ice over and over again. CNET conducted stress tests on the NutriBullet Pro and found no problems of breakage or malfunction.

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How Noisy Are The Blenders

Average blenders run at about 88 decibels. The level of noise depends on the power and the material of your blender. If you purchase a cheap blender, what comes with it is usually cheap material and low-class casing, which increases the noise. Also, more powerful blenders are usually noisier. You can also reduce the noise of the blender by placing underlying pads or towels under it.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Bl770 Blender

Are you looking for a healthy food habit? Go for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender. The blender itself is a blend of high performance, efficiency, and durability. With the aid of 72-oz pitcher, 8-cup food processor, and two of the 16-oz signature cups.

The motor is the heart of this champion mixer. It comes with a 2-hp professional kitchen motor. No matter how hard the ingredient is, the 1500-watts machine can crush or paste anything. You can use any type of nuts or any great vegetables for smoothies in this machine.

Size does matter for this mixer. The 72-oz pitcher attached with the power base makes it an excellent blender for frozen fruits and ice. Making juices or smoothies for a big group is not an issue anymore when you have BL770 in your kitchen. The pitcher is made of BPA free and its dishwasher proof.

BL770 kitchen system is a complete kitchen solution. Not only you can make great smoothies but also process foods items for excellent preparations. The 8-cup container works as an all-in-one food processor. Chop, stir, mix, puree, or liquefy you can do all with this complete kitchen solution.

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How Do I Choose A Blender For A Smoothie

Its all about the power behind the blades and the motor.

If you like to make big batches of smoothies with tough ingredients, like berry seeds, nuts, and other similar additives, youre going to need something thats up to the occasion.

Thats how you pick the best blender.

Look for wattage on motor power. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor is, and the better the RPM is for the blades.

Revolutions per minute will define the blades crushing power. If its moving too slow, its just hindering you from making better smoothies.

On top of that, you should also keep an eye on the extra features. Is cleaning the pitcher afterwards a nightmare for you like it is for most?

Find something with a self-cleaning function. Tired of inconsistent results? Vitamix has a self-detect function that knows what size container youre using, and it fixes that problem.

Its about more than just crushing ice you want something that you actually enjoy using.

Quiet Blender Cranddi Commercial Soundproof Blenders 2200 Watt Powerful Professional Kitchen Blender With Bpa

Best, Easy to Clean Smoothie Blender

as of February 23, 2022 9:02 pm


  • Quiet BlenderCRANDDI soundproof quiet blender is designed with a thinckened shield cover to reduce noise when blending.The transparent shield don’t effect your blending but less noisy.That’s a professional blender should be.
  • Industries Strong Motor 2200W CRANDDI countertop countertop mixer uses food-grade long blades and 2200W motor, which can provide faster and smoother results. It is perfect for making large batches of ice cream, baby food, shakes and smoothies for the entire family, commercial use or personal blender.
  • 15 Speed ControlQuiet Blenders comes with 15 Speed Settings to create a variety of textures. The dial can be rotated at any point during the blend, complete control to adjust your blending at any time.Built-in Pulse mode.Suitable for commercial and home.
  • Healthy, Safety & HygieneAll materials of this smoothie maker are BPA-free, with food-grade material, absolutely safe. Use a drop of dish soap and warm water, your kitchen blender can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. To clean the motor base, use a damp cloth to wipe clean.
  • 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeCRANDDI provide 1 year warranty for wholeMachine. And also offer cups/ tamper/ cookbook and user manual for better shopping experience. You could leave us messages if need.

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Ninja Professional Counter Top Blender

It probably doesnt come as a surprise to see that another Ninja blender made the list. The name alone has grown to be recognized as quality and dependability. And, the Ninja Professional Counter Top Blender is certainly no different. With 1000 watts of power and a sleek design this blender will not on turn heads, but it will make quick work of the toughest frozen fruits.

BPA Free And Dishwasher Safe Components

The Ninja Professional Counter Top Blender is not only sleek in design and impressive in power, but it was designed with safety and convenience in mind. All the components are BPA free and dishwasher safe. This is something that will not only make you safer, but it will make your overall blending experience much more enjoyable.

Total Crushing Technology

The Ninja Professional Counter Top Blender is no doubt impressive at first glance, but the most impressive thing about the machine is hidden deep inside. And, this is the total crushing technology. This in combination with the 6-blade assembly and you will be able to crush ice faster and blend ingredients much smoother as compared to inferior models.Large 72-Ounce Blending Jar


  • Doesnt include any accessories
  • Doesnt include slip-resistant feet

Overall Assessment

When it comes to quantity and power, you could do much worse than the Ninja Professional Counter Top Blender.

Easy To Clean Blenders

User opinions show that blenders that can be cleaned easily have higher customer satisfaction ratings, and that easy cleanup is highly associated with ease of use. Opinions also indicate that plastic containers are much easier to clean than glass ones approximately 65% of blenders sold on the market today have plastic containers, and the vast majority are dishwasher safe. In addition, small, personal blenders are considered the easiest to clean, though several luxury models receive high ratings as well. This is likely due to the “self clean” option professional models often have, which utilizes the blender’s strong motor and high speed.

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Best Blender For Smoothies Easy To Clean

0 10 Best Easy to Clean Blenders of 2021 Reviews & Top Picks

If you cant go a day without your favorite smoothie, you have to clean your blender at least once a day. This spells the need for an easy to clean blender, and the market is not short of such models.

However, too many options can be overwhelming.

Reading: best blender for smoothies easy to clean

Moreover, there are other essential factors to consider besides ease of cleaning.

Fortunately, our reviews of the 10 best easy to clean blenders narrows down the options for you. As a bonus, we also include a comprehensive buyers guide to lead you through the whole process.

Shopping for a blender does not have to feel like groping in the dark anymore. Lets dive right in.

Personal Blender Immersion Blender Or Full

Best Blendtec Blender for Cleaning – Easy Cleaning Dull Blades – Blendtec Wildside Jar

While this ranking focuses on personal-sized blenders, there’s also your immersion blenders and regular full-sized blenders to consider. If you’re not already a kitchenware connoisseur, you’re probably wondering, “Why are there so many types of blenders? Are they actually that different? Do I need to own every single one?!”

The answer to that last question is no, you don’t necessarily need all three. When it comes down to it, they all use the same mechanics to blend, mix, and pulverize food and drinks into whatever form you choosebut choosing which blender for your kitchen will make life a lot easier.

Immersion blenders are the odd-one out, but they’re still incredibly useful. Also called hand blenders, their wand construction and lack of blending containers make them portable, simple, and perfect for hot foods. We use ours to make pesto, whip up homemade mayo and whipped cream, and blend butternut squash soup. If you’re like us and enjoy cooking but aren’t trying to feed a family or outfit a full kitchen, pairing an immersion blender and a personal blender can help you cover all your blending bases without taking up too much room.

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