Green Smoothies That Actually Taste Good

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Why Make A Green Smoothie

Quick Tip – Making Green Smoothies That ACTUALLY Taste Good!

Oh the burning question, are green smoothies really that good for you? If you make them right they are! Green smoothie recipes can be great for getting a LOT of nutrition in one sitting.

In most green smoothies, the green color comes from the greens you use such as kale, and spinach. Greens can be boring to eat, but when you put them in a smoothie. Its easy breezy. Greens are:

  • High in fiber
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals

Get Goin’ On The Green

is filled with healthy and nurturing juices that will make any person shine from the inside. In fact, the site makes it so easy to make a juice or smoothie out of any ingredients you have in your fridge or freezer.

For this smoothie, you’ll need one frozen banana, one cup of almond milk, one cup of spinach, two teaspoons of cacao nibs, one tablespoon of nut butter, one tablespoon of chia seeds, and a dash of cinnamon. If you take a form of powdered protein that would go well in this smoothie, go on and add it!

Why Smoothies Help You Lose Weight

For most of us, theres a balance between the good things and the not-so-good things. My point is, its hard to always eat healthy. Which is why I like to do the Fresh Start seasonal cleanse using green smoothies as my breakfast for 21 days. It gets me back on track and makes sure I drink the best smoothies for weight loss and my overall health.

There are special occasions when we want to indulge, its hard to eat healthy all the time when traveling. You know the drill. We do our best. And I dont believe in punishing ourselves for enjoying a treat now and then.

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The Best Green Smoothie Recipes You Will Ever Taste

Here are 25 of the best green smoothie recipes you will ever taste! They are the most delicious, most raved about recipes that we have ever created !

All of these recipes are designed to boost your nutrition, energy levels, and help facilitate weight loss. All of my green smoothies are simple to make, require very few ingredients, and contain no dairy, gluten, or artificial ingredients.

Find out more about the health benefits of green smoothies, and how to make your own blends!

Lets get blending!

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe Variations

35 Green Smoothies That Actually Taste Good from www ...
  • Orange Strawberry Spinach Smoothie. Add the zest of 1 orange or swap the almond milk for freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Strawberry Spinach Protein Smoothie. Add a scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder or an unflavored protein powder.
  • Strawberry Kale Smoothie. Swap the spinach for stemmed, chopped kale. Id also recommend adding a bit of extra pineapple to cover kales stronger flavor.

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Super Green Smoothie Recipe For Healthy Gut

The delicious gut-healing green smoothie has all the wholesome ingredients needed to help soothe the gut and improve digestion.

This recipe is perfect for those experiencing gut problems such as IBS, bloating, stomach cramps, and other digestive issues.

Not only does this green smoothie have all the right ingredients to help combat leaky gut problems but it is also satisfying for the taste buds!

This recipe was inspired by Dr. Josh Axes gut healing smoothie. We made a few changes to his original recipe to suit the taste buds more.



Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender for a couple of minutes or until it has a completely smooth consistency.

Serve in a glass and enjoy!

How To Make A Smoothie Taste Good

  • Putting at least one frozen element in a smoothie dramatically improves the taste. Im not a room-temperature smoothie girl either.
  • Pineapple is pretty dang awesome in a smoothie. Weve started using frozen pineapple to replace the frozen strawberries in our morning smoothies. It sweetens really well, and it covers up a lot of the bitterness from greens, if you happen to be using kale.
  • Adding an acidic element helps to brighten the flavors. Pineapple does a good job here, but a squirt of lime, a splash of pomegranate or orange juice would work, too!
  • Do the kids like it? Mostly.

    A couple of the kids would still rather have a smoothie store smoothie than anything we make here, but will still drink it if it isnt green.

    They also used to dip pieces of ham in maple-sweetened yogurt, so I wouldnt trust their judgment.

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    Health Benefits Of A Green Smoothie

    • Weight loss: Green smoothie does help with a weight loss if you drink it on a regular basis. Fiber from fruits and vegetables keeps your belly full longer. Plus it is low calorie less than 100 calories.
    • Detox: From the mix of chlorophyll contained in the greens to the high level of fiber to keep things moving.
    • Energy: Leafy greens and fruit contain many nutrients, vitamins and naturally occuring sugars that feed your body cells with energy.
    • Fruits and vegetables: Because smoothies are so easy to make, they make you eat more fruits and vegetables you wouldnt have eaten otherwise.

    Can You Taste Spinach In The Smoothie

    Green Smoothie Recipe That Actually Taste GOOD! l Cleanse and Detox

    You wouldnt be the first to look at this recipe and say No way! Green! Spinach! Yuck! Yet dont walk away! These bright green smoothie recipes will actually delight your taste buds. Youll even have an extra pep in your step when you realize how great you feel!

    Even kids LOVE this green smoothie recipe! I started blending this smoothie in my daughter Clares kindergarten class four years ago. Now every year, I visit her school to blend this recipe with each new class. Thats how delicious this recipe is!

    Not sure if your blender can handle the greens? Ive created The Ultimate Blender Guide, where I reviewed countless blenders to find the best ones for green smoothies. The key is to get rid of leafy chunks, blend quickly and provide tons of value for the price. Hint: not all of them cost $400+.

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    Ways To Make Your Green Smoothies Taste Better

    Green smoothies can be super healthy for you. They contain a ton of nutrient-dense leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, and often contain other fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and even super greens like chlorella and spirulina. All of these make them super healthy for you, energizing and the perfect thing to add to your daily routine.

    Unfortunately, they can also taste downright awful if not blended with the proper ingredients. Too much of a certain green can over power the taste of your smoothie, making it anything but appetizing. Instead of forgoing these super healthy greens completely, you can follow a few guidelines or tips to keep your green smoothie healthy and delicious.

    Here are 8 ways to make your green smoothie taste better:

    Follow a Recipe:

    Just like cooking or making a salad, sometimes it helps to have a recipe to follow, especially when you are first starting out. Without it, you might end up using the kitchen sink method, where you throw in any and every bit of produce you have on hand. This might save you from wasting some food, but it usually tastes a bit awful, with flavors that dont quite blend together.

    Instead of winging it, follow a recipe to start, or some guidelines. Aim for fruits that are similar , one or two mild greens , a banana to sweeten it up, and a liquid of choice .

    Add banana

    Keep it simple

    Vary your greens

    Pair with bolder flavors

    Make it juicy

    Add lemon

    Add ginger and spices


    Are Green Smoothie Recipes Healthy

    What we eat can truly transform our bodies and our lives in powerful ways. Especially with this smoothie recipe as Ive seen in the lives of so many of my friends, family and community online. Blending spinach into a fruit smoothie is a great way to boost your immune system, as well as naturally energize you.

    Most smoothies are made with just fruit and liquid, which is high in sugar and can cause inflammation. A green smoothie, on the other hand, is made with fruit, plant-based liquidand leafy greens.

    This recipe is full of iron, potassium and vitamins galore and tastes like a tropical treat from all the island fruit. Yet the best part is how simple as well as quick it is to make! You only need 4 ingredients and all of them can be found at your local grocery store . As I say all the time Im all for making healthy eating affordable so its sustainable.

    A green smoothie can taste just as good as a regular smoothie, and also have incredible health benefits.

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    How To Meal Prep Green Smoothies

    I think that green smoothies are the best when they’re served fresh, straight from the blender. So I meal prep smoothies by having all the ingredients on hand and ready to go. This means I always have my freezer stocked with frozen fruit and greens and pre-portion all of the add-ins like protein powder!

    Healthy Breakfast Smoothies That Actually Taste Great

    35 Green Smoothies That Actually Taste Good from www ...

    Vegetables + Campbell = NON match.

    I have tried stuffing macaroni noodles with peas, making Spaghettios with blended up carrots and even mixing zucchini into our sloppy joe. As I am listing these out Im starting to see that it is possible that my approach to the problem may in fact be a part of the problem?. BUT bottom line, my 3 year old has a fiery hatred for all things veggie.

    Unless. I serve them smoothie style. This is probably a good time to mention, that this method is also extremely effective with Joe and Cooper, who eat the veggies I serve, but arent exactly fighting over the leftovers.

    At our house, our favorite green smoothie comes loaded with a heaping cup of spinach. Can you imagine serving that up and your kiddo actually eating it without complaining. Smoothies, well they are a brilliant source of trickery.

    Below you will find the recipe for our spinach loaded favorite AND 9 other recipes that are just plain old delightful!

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    Spinach And Banana With A Spin

    Drinking spinach doesn’t seem to be on many people’s to-do lists, however, The Baker Upstairs has an awesome recipe where you get the nutrients from spinach without tasting it too much.

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    You’ll need a cup of almond milk, one and a half cups of spinach, a frozen banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter, and one teaspoon of honey . Dump these into a blender or food processor and enjoy!

    Fruit To Use In A Green Smoothie

    Here are some suggestions for fruits to use in this green smoothie recipe. In this post I used half mango and half pineapple, which is my favorite combination! Be aware, that if you use darker fruits like blueberries, blackberries, cherries, etc. the color will change and you will likely make a brown smoothie that is delicious but not green in color!

    • mango
    • celery

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    Some Of My Favorite Add

    There are of course many other add-ins that I love, but these are my go-tos.

    What I love about smoothies so much is you can add in so many nutritious ingredients to blend up and you have a quick and easy meal that is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and will leave you feeling amazing.

    Free Green Smoothie Online Class

    Green Smoothie That Actually Tastes Good | 5 Simple Ingredients

    Green Smoothie Detox.drop a whole dress size in one montheat on the go natural ingredientssimple and quick to makedelicious

    Get all the goodness from the ocean in this Loch Ness Monster Smoothie and find out about the amazing health benefits of Spirulina.

    This Creamy Citrus Fat Burner Smoothie will rev up your metabolism and melt away pounds. This weight loss smoothie is not only healthy but tastes amazing!

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    It’s Time For The Tropics

    When autumn and winter hit, we’re excited to wear cozy sweaters again but we’re also missing the warm sun. The Little Epicurean brings us back to those summer days with this cheery smoothie recipe.

    You’ll need a handful of spinach, one frozen banana, one frozen mango , a cup of frozen pineapple, and some coconut water to blend down! Boom you have summer in cup!

    Is A Blender Good For Making Smoothies

    Typically the more horsepower, the creamier the smoothie. Yet when you step into higher horsepower models, the price goes waaaaaay up. My dad always says you get what you pay for .These high powered blenders make green smoothies in half the time, are easier to clean, quieter, and make a creamy smoothie in one simple step. The higher-end blenders usually include a rawesome warranty and truly make the whole blending experience a breeze.

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    More Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    If you have any questions about the green smoothie world, feel free to join the Smoothie Challenge Support Group.

    Tips For Blending A Kale Smoothie

    Green Smoothie Recipe...that actually tastes good ...

    While this kale smoothie recipe uses lacinato kale, any kale will work. I highly recommend removing the stems of the kale before blending to eliminate as much bitterness as possible. You can compost the stems or even feed them to the backyard chickens. To tenderize kale leaves, wash them in water, then gently massage the leaves with your fingers.

    When blending kale, tear it up into smaller pieces before tossing in the blender. Blend with just the liquid + kale first, until no chunks remain. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend again. This 2 blend method helps the kale break down quicker, especially if youre using a non high-powered blender.

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    Green Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss That Actually Taste Good

    Smoothie RecipesUpdated: September 16, 2021

    For many people, cutting calories means cutting out essential greens and nutrients for the sake of portion size. As a result, they rob their bodies of what they need to turn into vibrant, fat-burning machines.

    Green smoothies are perfect for getting energy and protein from natural, plant-based sources in a form that’s delicious and easy to enjoy on the go! Here are 6 green smoothie recipes for weight loss that actually taste good!

    Best Green Smoothie Recipes For Beginners

    These green smoothies are packed full of nutritious ingredients, from avocado to kale, mint to spinach. Theyre healthy, delicious and really easy to pull together for breakfast on the run or as part of a detox diet.

    Get the day off to a delicious and nutritious start with this super green smoothie bowl.

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    The Secret To A Perfect Superfood Smoothie Is:

    • A serving of veggies
    • A serving of some type of fruit
    • 1-2 servings of extra add-ins
    • liquid
    Tips & suggestions:
    • Keep bananas, berries, and some veggies in your freezer to have on hand for smoothies all the time!
    • If using fresh fruit, you may want to reduce the liquid content or add ice for a thicker texture
    • Add-in any of your favorite superfoods to any of these smoothies!
    • If you love these 3 veggie-packed smoothies for beginners youll also love my favorite green smoothie recipe!

    If you tried these 3 Veggie-Packed Smoothies for Beginners or any other recipe on the blog let me know how you liked it by leaving a comment/rating below! Be sure to follow along on , and for even more deliciousness!

    How To Make A Green Smoothie

    Green Smoothie that Tastes Good (plus Easy & Healthy Fruit Smoothy Recipe)
    • Add ingredients to a powerful blender in exact order : Water, frozen mango, spinach and kale. An order of liquid, frozen fruit and greens last, ensures heavy frozen fruit will get blended with liquids first and blender wont cavitate.
    • Blend until smooth: Use preset button smoothie if you have one, or just blend long enough until consistency is smooth to your liking. If your blender isnt powerful enough, just pause, stir and blend more.

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    The Best Green Smoothie Recipes

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    We love green smoothie recipes because you can drink your breakfast smoothie and get a serving of greens all at the same time!

    Dont be intimidated by the color, I promise there are many green smoothie recipes out there that hide the bitter taste of power greens but that give you all of the benefits at the same time.

    Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

    Today I am sharing FIVE easy smoothies that are perfect as part of a healthy breakfast, pre or post workout snack or a quick pick me up to help keep you full until your next meal.

    These delicious smoothie recipes are all naturally vegetarian, vegan friendly, dairy free and Whole30 compliant but feel free to adjust the ingredients according to your dietary preferences.

  • Green Smoothie with Avocado click the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Orange Smoothie OR Lemon Smoothie for low carb scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Blackberry Kale Smoothie click the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Strawberry Smoothie click link the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Spinach Smoothie scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Most of these healthy fruit smoothie recipes are made with only 5 Ingredients or less. They are full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats and are also completely SUGAR FREE, banana-free, vegan/dairy-free.

    And theyre also perfect if you are looking for recipes that are WHOLE 30 or paleo-friendly.

    Ive even included options and substitutions to make all of these easy smoothies low carb and keto-friendly if youre following a keto diet

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