High Protein Smoothies With Protein Powder Recipes

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High Protein Smoothie Recipes To Build Muscle

Weight loss smoothies without protein powder | High Protein Smoothie

Whew! You just finished a tough strength-training sesh at the gym. You arent ready for a full meal yet, but you want to replenish your energy. How about a high-protein smoothie? Fast and easy to make, totally portable, and extra yummy, protein smoothies are an excellent post-workout snack, especially for those who want to gain muscle.

Not sure how to make smoothies for muscle gain? Youve come to the right place! First, lets learn why protein is the macronutrient your muscles need to grow. Then, check out 10 great high-protein smoothie recipes from all around the internet. Youll be sure to find a smoothie that will hit the spot.

Sfh Pure Whey Vanilla Protein Powder 425 Stars

24g protein // 1g sugar// 130 calories// $1.66 per serving// gluten-free// non-GMO// no artificial flavors // grass-fed // all-natural

Never heard of SFH? We hadnt either until one of our favorite gyms in Minneapolis, Alchemy, started selling it. SFH IS SO GOOD. Like, handsdown our #1 pick for whey protein powder. SFH has 24g of protein and only 1g of sugar. In both the smoothie and baking test, we found that SFH didnt have a super overpowering flavor and the vanilla tasted very natural. This product is made with 100% grass-fed cows and is a super clean product full of BCAAs and Omega 3s.

Dessert Recipe With Protein Powder

Two puddings in one day feels very indulgent trust me Ive tried it! The version in my picture has got chia seeds, blueberries and protein powder as toppings and Im serving it up with more cries of it tastes better than it looks, I promise!!!

If you try different toppings for breakfast and dessert, there is not reason you cant enjoy two sweet protein puddings a day straight from the microwave. For a sweet, natural dessert recipe with protein powder I recommend trying cottage cheese or coconut cream, peanut butter and protein powder toppings.

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Ingredients What You Need

Bananas: I like to use frozen ripe bananas to make the shake consistency super creamy and milkshake-like. You want them to be ripe, but not too ripe! They will need to be frozen overnight to be completely solid for the shake.

Protein powder: you can use whatever protein powder you like! I personally love chocolate and use this plant-based protein brand.

Peanut butter: for some added protein and delicious flavor!

Hemp seeds: These seeds are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. But they are also perfect for blending into smoothies or shakes because they help make the consistency super creamy!

Nut milk: I recommend using almond milk or cashew milk!

Cinnamon: for flavor!

Cookie Dough Protein Bars

5 High

Tired of buying expensive protein bars? Save money by making these Cookie Dough Protein Bars.

The maple syrup adds natural sweetness. And the almond butter makes them extra creamy.

They also have tons of vanilla flavor and dots of chocolate chips. Youll be in cookie dough heaven.

Theyre also quite nutritious too. Thats because youre adding flaxseed and maca powder.

The flaxseeds provide tons of fiber. So, these bars are very filling.

And the maca powder is good for you too. Maca powder is rich in Vitamin C.

Just one ounce of it provides 133% of your daily Vitamin C needs. It is also rich in iron, which boosts your energy.

Besides adding it to your protein bars, you can use it in your baking. You can even add it to your smoothies and oatmeal.

If youd like to stock up on some maca powder, you can get some here.

Per Serving:

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Best Protein Shake And Smoothie Recipes

Get lean and strong with the ultimate list of protein shakes and protein smoothie recipes. These protein shake recipes take your protein powder to the next level with the addition of healthy, delicious ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals!

High-Protein Foods | Low-Calorie Foods | Low-Carb Foods | Healthy Snacks | Protein Shake Recipes | Protein Pancake Recipes

Dive into these homemade protein shake recipes that taste like dessert but fuel your muscles and your recovery. With flavors covering everything from luxurious chocolate to tangy orange cream to tropical coconut, these protein drinks help you feel good, work hard, and hit your fitness goals.

Learn how to make a protein shake the most decadent part of your day! With nutritious boosters that add antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these healthy shakes are great for breakfast, snacks, and pre- or post-workout.

Best Whey Protein Shakes

Before switching from dairy to non-dairy, I used Teras Whey protein powder. The vanilla is delicious and the unflavored is undetectable. In addition, it has very clean ingredients and scored an A+ rating in Clean Label Project studies. Its important to avoid whey protein if youre vegan or have a dairy intolerance. Just so you know, the links below are Amazon Affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you shop through them .

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Meal Prepping Protein Shakes

Because the protein powder will lose its consistency after being blended, it’s recommended that you do not blend these up ahead of time but rather meal prep the ingredients to pour into the blender. I’ll usually store my add-ins with almond milk in mason jars in the fridge and then add my protein powder at the last minute before blending.

You can use an individual-sized blender to whip these up such as a Magic Bullet instead of using a full-sized blender to save time on clean up too!

Whats In This High Protein Smoothie

High Protein Smoothie Recipe | Vegan | Bodybuilding

There are just a few simple ingredients in my simple chocolate peanut butter smoothie!

Banana: I like using frozen, chopped up banana to act as the chilling element to the smoothie. Plus, banana is a natural sweetener!

Cocoa powder: Use 2 to 3 tablespoons depending how rich of a chocolate flavor you prefer. Cocoa powder is a pure form of chocolate without added sugar, which makes it a lighter option than milk chocolate.

Peanut butter: PB is a delicious, nutty addition to smoothies for added protein.

Greek yogurt: You can go with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt. It gives the smoothie a creamier texture and more protein power!

Milk: Milk acts as the liquid to blend the ingredients together into a drinkable consistency. You can use cows milk or almond, whichever you prefer!

Optional sweetener & protein powder: If you use plain yogurt, you may want to add honey or maple syrup to naturally sweeten the drink, plus a scoop of protein powder will up the protein element.

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Teras Whey Simply Pure Protein 4 Stars

21g protein // 3g sugar// 110 calories// $1.24 per serving// gluten free// non GMO // grass-fed // organic

Teras Whey is such a great product for its price point. Out of our top 6 picks, it is the second cheapest at $1.24/serving. Teras Why has 21g of protein and is made from grass-fed, organic cows. We loved the subtly sweet vanilla flavor and the fact that it wasnt overly sweet!

Garden Of Life Raw Organic Vanilla Protein Powder 5 Stars

22G protein // 0g sugar // 110 calories // $1.56 per serving// vegan // gluten-free // soy-free // non-gmo // organic

Garden of Life Vanilla Protein Powder was our all-around winner for this entire test! We absolutely loved the true vanilla flavor, the price-point and nutrition profile. There is 0 grams of sugar and 22 grams of protein in every serving AND being a plant based protein powder, it doesnt taste chalky or earthy at all! It was perfectly sweet in the smoothie and left the muffins moist and very fluffy. We HIGHLY recommend this product for sure consider it the best tasting protein powder on the market.

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Banana Almond Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is all about post-workout health. Delivering 21 grams of protein, it helps to repair microtears in your muscles to get you ready for your next gym session.

BLEND THIS:½ cup plain Greek yogurt3 tbsp almond butter1 scoop whey protein powder1 tbsp hulled hemp seeds1 frozen banana

329 calories, 21 g protein, 26 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 17 g fat

Back To The Earth Protein Smoothie


by Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD

“This is an excellent post-workout recovery drink. Beets contain nitrate, which increases blood flow to muscles and acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which hold on to water, prolonging hydration and retention of electrolytes, and slowly release carbs for better endurance. Ginger can help relieve muscle soreness and reduce oxidative stress.”


  • 1 Tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1 slice fresh ginger or 1 tsp dried ginger

Nutrition: 466 calories, 6.5 g fat , 10 mg cholesterol, 316 mg sodium, 677 mg calcium, 73 g carbs, 14 g fiber, 35 g sugars, 35 g protein

by Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD

“This drink’s base is almond butter, which is rich in satiating protein to power muscles. Mango is packed with vitamins C and A, which promotes immunity and cell growth. Flax seeds’ omega-3 fatty acids improve insulin and glucose metabolism, and some research suggests in can increase blood flow and muscle growth. Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that’s even been linked to increasing neuroplasticity, which can improve our memory and cognition. Turmeric can be especially be helpful if you’re learning how to master a new skill in your sport it’s also been proven to reduce recovery time and increase endurance and performance.”


by Libby Mills, MS, RDN, LDN


  • 1 medium carrot
  • 7 oz silken tofu, about 2/5 of a 16 oz package

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How To Make Protein Shakes

It couldnt be easier to add protein to your diet with these shakes. You really just dump all the ingredients into a blender and push the button!

Here are a few tips to make your shakes even better, as well as step-by-step instructions:

  • Add the liquid to the blender first. I prefer almond milk. Adding it first helps to prevent the other ingredients from sticking to the bottom.
  • If you like a thicker shake, use frozen fruit, or blend in a few ice cubes
  • Use a high speed blender the more air, the lighter and creamier the shake will be. Alternatively, an individual-sized blender such as a Magic Bullet will help you save time on clean up.
  • For a smoother protein shake, try adding Greek yogurt or avocado the yogurt will add even more protein!
  • Green Smoothie With Protein

    Although this recipe is great for anyone looking for a dairy free, gluten free and vegan protein smoothie, the author is a nursing mother who insists this is the simplest way to refuel her body during or after a feeding. If it can work overtime for a new mother, it can surely work for you! Get the recipe here.

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    How To Make A Protein Shake Without Banana

    A lot of protein shake recipes call for a frozen banana which gives the shake that thick and creamy texture. They also add a bit of sweetness, without being too overpowering, as well as, extra nutrients like potassium.

    That said, I know that some people simply dont like bananas, need a low-sugar option and/or are allergic so I have some options for how to make shakes without banana:

    Whey Protein Powder And The Dialysis Diet

    High Protein Vegan Smoothies | 30 grams of plant based protein

    Mix protein with water for 20 seconds, or until powder is dissolved. Calorie Breakdown This whey protein shake w/water recipe has an estimated 114 calories per serving, with 1 servings overall.

    Instructions. Instructions are for 20 servings. Please modify as needed. Preheat the oven to 350°F . Line the bread pan, about 5 x 10 inches , with parchment paper. Add the yogurt and eggs to a big bowl and mix until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients and combine until free of lumps.

    Nuts/Nut Butter. Nuts and nut butters are a favorite and delicious protein source to add to your protein shake. Not only will you get protein, but youll also pack in the fiber and healthy fats, too! Almonds

    Here are a few recipes to help you expand on the possibilities of what you can do with whey protein powder: Banana Protein Pancakes. Pancakes are the kings of breakfast treats. Adding protein powder to the batter just makes them better by enhancing the nutritional advantages. Ingredients you will need are: 2 large eggs. 1 ripe banana, large.

    1 banana, mashed. Tropical protein shake. 1 cup almond milk. 1 scoop whey protein powder 1/2 cup frozen pineapple. 1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut. Instructions. Add ingredients of choice to a high speed blender, making sure to add almond milk in the bottom of the blender first.

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    How To Make A Superfood Protein Smoothie

    Step 1: get the right ingredients! This superfood protein smoothie is packed with delicious and nutritious ingredients, including:

    • Cocoa powder
    • Unsweetened almond milk

    Step 2: measure your ingredients and place in your high-speed blender as you measure them. Pit your dates, and de-bone your kale before placing in the blender.

    Step 3: blend everything together on high until smooth. Feel free to add more almond milk depending on how thick or thin you like your smoothies

    Step 4: top with your favorite smoothie toppings , and enjoy!

    • Nut butter
    • Berries

    Are Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss

    As long as protein shakes are made with a mix of high-quality, junk-free ingredients, they are terrific for weight loss. When youre trying to lose weight, protein is the most important nutrient. It increases satiety and prevents spikes in blood sugar. Consuming an adequate amount of protein also helps build lean muscle, which will increase your metabolism.

    The next most important ingredient for weight loss is fiber. It helps keep you full, nixes cravings, and keeps your gut healthy. Fruits and veggies are the best source of fiber and nutrients, so I recommend adding at least one type of vegetable or fruit, such as a banana, to your smoothies.

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    Chocolate Strawberry Almond Protein Smoothie

    Protein source: Almonds, maca powder, hemp, protein powder

    This chocolaty smoothie is nutrient-packed. Chocolate sweetens things up while almonds bring the protein and fiber and strawberries pack in antioxidants.

    Protein source: Protein powder, cashews

    Super spice turmeric sets this recovery smoothie apart. The spice is anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants.

    Protein Powder For The Creamy Sweet Sauce

    27 High

    You would have seen in my protein spinach smoothie recipe that Im not too good with measurements I like to go by what Ive got available and how hungry I am. So play around with the measurements for this recipe, depending on what youve got on hand, and also whether youre trying to keep carbs low. As long as youve got a minimum of a tablespoon of oats, and 1/3 of a piece of fruit for the carby ingredients, it should come out sweet and delicious, and of course high protein.

    Ive tried a few different protein powders to make the sweet protein sauce topping and some work better than others. Add the water one spoonful at a time to make the protein powder sauce a beautiful thick consistency without getting that protein powder dust flavour.

    The main tip to make this sweet protein recipe come out delicious and pudding-like, is to be careful not to overcook it! Or it goes rubbery and gross.

    And I usually choose 1-3 of the optional ingredients on the list below, but feel free to go all out.

    Sweet protein powder pudding ingredients


    Sweet protein powder pudding method

    What is your favourite way use protein powder? Try this protein pudding recipe and let me know what you think!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why cant I stop snacking after dinner?

    Ive had a few thoughts as to why its often difficult to stop evening snacking! One thought is that after dinner, there are no.more.meals. Aaarggghh! Check out my stop snacking blog post!

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    How Much Protein Do You Need Each Day

    Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, especially if you’re working out. Not eating enough protein can lead to muscle loss, undoing all your efforts at the gym.

    “Try to consume about 30% of your daily calories from protein,” says Nicole Hinckley, RD, LD, Speaker and Nutrition Consultant for Protein2o. “Aim for about 25-35 grams of protein per meal and after a heavy workout. Evenly spacing your protein intake throughout the day can help with optimal absorption.”

    Cook’s Tips And Recipe Variations:

    • If youre preparing this healthy smoothie for kids, you can omit the protein powder and substitute with Greek yogurt. Since the protein powder adds not only thickness, but also flavor to the smoothie, youll want to use a sweetened vanilla Greek yogurt or use a plain Greek yogurt and add your own sweetener, to taste. You will also need an additional 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder for that chocolate taste. The taste and texture of the smoothie recipe with yogurt will not be quite the same as the protein powder version, but your family will still love it!
    • Keep the healthy smoothie recipe low sugar by using unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a sugar free protein powder.
    • I prefer whey protein for flavor and thickness in this smoothie, but if you prefer a plant-based breakfast, you can substitute with a vegan protein powder.

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    How To Make High

    There are smoothies, and then there are high-protein smoothies. Both are easy to make and refreshing to drink, but smoothies that are higher in protein can be quick and easy meals all by themselves. The protein helps to rebuild and repair muscles after a tough workout and it makes you feel fuller, longer, helping to curb the need to reach for a snack between meals.

    Packed with nutrients, homemade high-protein smoothies are also super easy to create. All you need are a few key ingredients, a blender, and a little imagination. If you’re cutting out dairy, I’ll show you how to easily make them vegan by substituting non-dairy milk, yogurt, and other ingredients in your favorite smoothie recipes. Follow these tips to make the most of your meal in a glass.

    Check out our collection of Smoothie Recipes.

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