Best Smoothies For Keto Diet

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The Best Greek Yogurts For Making Keto Smoothies

Best Keto Recipes | Smoothie

In this recipe, were using Greek yogurt as the base. These do contain some carbs and should be picked with caution. Here are some low carb Greek yogurt brands that you can use to make this low carb smoothie.

Add Tea To Your Smoothies For An Antioxidant Boost

While it might not be the first thing you think of, tea is actually a GREAT natural option that contains almost literally no carbs! Tea generally has less than 1 gram of carbs per cup, and is packed with antioxidants, making it a perfect keto smoothie recipe addition.

  • Black tea: Made from aged tea leaves, giving it a more robust flavor, darker color, and higher caffeine content, black tea gives you a great energy boost.
  • Green tea: This tea is made from fresh tea leaves, lending it a more floral flavor, lighter color, and less caffeine.
  • White tea: This tea is made from young tea leaves ad has a very mild, delicate flavor when compared with both black and green tea both black and green tea.

Plus, tea is calorie-free + packed with antioxidants. Green tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate , a powerful antioxidant that might actually have legitimate anticancer benefits anticancer benefits.

Ingredients In Keto Green Smoothies

For this green low-carb smoothie, I blended together a mix of veggies, keto milk alternatives, and a few other ingredients


  • Avocado: 2g of net carbs per 100g serving:
  • Spinach

Milk. Choose an unsweetened milk alternative like almond milk or coconut milk. Here are the carb counts for liquids to use in keto smoothies, per 1 cup serving:

  • Unsweetened almond milk: 1g of net carbs per 1 cup serving
  • Coconut milk beverage : 1g of net carbs per 1 cup serving


  • Lemon juice: half an ounce has 1g of carbs
  • Sweetener: I add about 2 tsp of erythritol, and you could add more or less to taste.
  • Protein Powder: All protein powders are a bit different, but I like this Isopure Zero Carb protein powder because it is unflavored and keto-friendly.

There are also a bunch of other optional ingredients that you can add to your smoothie to give it an extra boost of healthy fats, extra protein, or energy. Keep reading for the list.

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Smoothie Storage And Keto Meal Prep

Most smoothies are best prepared fresh, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meal prep some of the ingredients to save even more time if you are preparing this in the morning before work.

Measure out your smoothie ingredients in a mason jar or container the night before to easily grab them and blend in the mornings!

You can prepare this smoothie the night before but note that the consistency will be a bit thinner from the ice melting and you’ll have to shake it up if any of the ingredients separate.

If you are just starting to meal prep for a keto or low carb diet, smoothies are a great entry point! Choose 3-4 days a week to try a smoothie for breakfast and then move on to prepping lunch or dinner 2-3 days a week. We have plenty of delicious and nutritionally balanced keto recipes and resources for your keto meal prep:

Ingredient Options For A Keto Smoothie

5 Ingredient Keto Smoothie  Best Low Carb Blackberry ...

This strawberry avocado smoothie is so good, but did you realize you can customize your keto smoothie?

If youre not dairy-free or paleo, you can swap out half the almond milk for heavy cream. If you are dairy-free and/or paleo, then use coconut cream. This just takes rich and creamy to a whole new level. Oh yes, think classic milkshake here! And yet its a keto smoothie that helps keep you healthy and slim.

For some added flavor, you can use unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of unflavored.

And you can make it as sweet as you like, too. If youre keto and paleo, but not worried about carbs, then coconut sugar is a flavorful option to consider. While you dont have to add sweetener, its definitely recommended because youre using unsweetened almond milk and avocado which arent naturally sweet. Check out this natural low carb sweeteners guide & conversion chart to pick your preference for this keto smoothie with avocado.

I do have to say, a keto smoothie is even better with a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream on top and a fresh strawberry for garnish, of course!

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Keto Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie Tips

  • No protein powder was added to this recipe, however, if you want to feel full for longer, consider adding 1 scoop of keto protein powder to this blueberry smoothie. This protein powder will also make the smoothie more creamy.
  • In place of the coconut oil, you can also swap for 1 teaspoon of mct oil. This oil will give you a good boost of energy.

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Storing And Freezing The Smoothie

  • To store: This smoothie is best enjoyed within 24 hours. However, you can store it for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Be sure to whisk it well prior to drinking, in case there has been any separation.
  • To freeze: Place the smoothie into an ice cube tray or shallow container. When ready to enjoy, pour into the blender and re-blend until smooth and creamy.

Tips To Make The Best Strawberry Smoothie

Low Carb Strawberry Smoothie Recipe | Best Low Carb Keto Smoothies For Weight Loss
  • For an even richer smoothie, swap out the milk for heavy cream.
  • If youd like a add extra protein to this, add 1/4 cup of your favorite protein powder to it.
  • If you prefer thicker smoothies, add extra ice. If you prefer thinner smoothies, add more milk.
  • For a dairy free strawberry smoothie, replace the condensed milk with coconut condensed milk.

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Chocolate Keto Smoothie Recipes

Image via Paleo Flourish

Cinnamon adds warmth to this frosty keto smoothie while masking the bitter flavor of stevia. Avocado, coconut milk, and MCT oil add healthy fats and each serving is 4 net carbs. Swap the MCT oil with Brain Octane Oil for an ultra-Bulletproof energy boost.

Avocado and coconut milk add natural creaminess to this keto smoothie recipe, while cacao butter and chocolate collagen protein add enough richness to bust your toughest chocolate cravings. Just one net carb!

Image via Green Healthy Cooking

Heres one green shake youll want to drink: This keto smoothie combines avocado with spinach, cucumber, and bright lemon for tart and herby refreshment. Each serving is 8 net carbs. Make sure you steam your spinach before adding it your blender to make it more Bulletproof.

Image via MTHR Nutrition

This emerald-colored keto smoothie gets refreshing flavor from chopped mint and ceylon cinnamon, plus fiber from frozen cauliflower and avocado. Blend everything together for a simple smoothie with 6 net carbs. Use grass-fed collagen protein to keep this one Bulletproof.

Image via Sugar-Free Mom

This keto smoothie recipe gets added perks from matcha green tea, plus healthy fats from ripe avocado. Each serving is 3.4 net carbs.

No-Sugar Kale & Coconut Shake

More Recipes From Bulletproof

Paleo Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie

Image via Healthful Pursuit

Decide Your Smoothie Flavor

One of the best things about smoothies is you can make them into your favorite flavors. There are soooo many options. Some basic flavor ingredients include:

  • Unsweetened cacao powder
  • Other flavor extracts
  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
  • Coffee

If youre adding in any fruits, then make sure you take into account the carbs in fruits.

Dont forget that certain spices add more than just flavor to your Keto drinks:

  • Turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cinnamon for its blood sugar regulation abilities
  • Matcha for all its antioxidants

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Choosing Berries For A Keto Smoothie

First things first. How do you go about choosing berries for a keto smoothie? Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are all great options for your keto smoothie recipes.

If you want more details on ingredients for your keto diet smoothie , you can check out this detailed list of low carb keto foods. Youll get specific carb counts and details on other fruits that are low carb and totally great to try in your other keto breakfast smoothies. You can even print it out or save it to your phone so its always handy .

As I said, there are a few low carb options for a keto smoothie. But for this particular keto smoothie with almond milk, you want to use strawberries.

Strawberries are not only delicious, but they are sweeter than other berries so you will use less sweetener. Plus, a strawberry avocado smoothie just works. Youll see.

How To Make Keto Smoothies

5 Ingredient Keto Smoothie  Best Low Carb Blackberry ...

Making this smoothie couldnt be any easier, as long as you have a great countertop blender to do the work for you. A high-powered blender like this one makes quick work out of blending fibrous veggies like spinach and kale!

All you need to do is pace all the ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Depending on your blender, you may need to stop and scrape down the sides. Then, give the smoothie a taste and adjust the sweetener and/or lemon juice to your preference. Easy!

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Can You Freeze A Low Carb Smoothie

I dont recommend freezing a keto smoothie, it really wont thaw out well. The beauty of smoothies is that you can make them in less than 5 minutes so there is no need to make them ahead and freeze them.

What you can do to save yourself some time, is freeze all your fruit in small Ziploc bags that way you can pull it out whenever you are ready to make a keto smoothie recipe.

Turmeric Breakfast Keto Smoothie

This is one of my own favorite keto smoothies from here on IEatKeto.Com. Turmeric is a brilliant, healthy addition to your diet, with its active ingredient Circumin being particularly beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. I use coconut milk as the fat base for this as it compliments the spiced flavor. You can even blend a tiny touch of chilli into this to boost your metabolism.

As with all meals on the keto diet, its important to consider the amount of fibre youre consuming, as people tend to get a lot of fibre from the carbs they eat. Thats why a generous sprinkling of Chia Seeds is a good idea for any smoothie for good digestive health.

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Keto Almond Butter Breakfast Shake

This keto cinnamon almond butter breakfast smoothie is very low-carb stuff for your breakfast. This smoothie is a good source of nutrients. Once you try this recipe, then you make it again and again. And we find that which thing doing works best for you and your body.

It includes different foods, different workouts, and could not compare yourself to anyone else. Also, this diet has been linked to several health benefits. Butter is the right choice for smoothies to add flavor and nutritional profiles.

Some people use almonds to add some key flavor components. This is originally supposed to be a keto-friendly smoothie. These meal replacement shakes are best for your health and lose weight.

What Is The Keto Diet

Smoothie Recipes For Keto | How To Make THE BEST Low Carb Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

The ketogenic diet means specifically eating foods that are super high in fat , foods super low in carbohydrates, and a moderate amount of protein. Heres how that breaks down on a daily basis:

  • Fats: 75-80% of your daily calories
  • Protein: 15-20% of your daily calories
  • Carbs: Less than 5% of your daily calories

Obviously, this looks pretty different than the commonly recommended macronutrient distribution of of 20 to 35 percent protein, 45 to 65 percent carbohydrates, and 10 to 35 percent fat! But theres an important reason for that: Ketosis.

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Creamy Vanilla Bean Protein Smoothie Bowl

If you’re looking for a protein-packed option that’s also got a hint of sweetness, check out this recipe for a creamy vanilla bean smoothie bowl. Plus, the ingredients are really simple: You just need your milk of choice, banana, vanilla protein powder, vanilla bean, and almond butter.

Per smoothie bowl: 390 calories, 15 g fat, 40 g carbs, 6 g carbs, 30 g of protein

What Should Daily Fat Goal Be On Keto Diet

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Best Energy Bars For Keto Diet Best Smoothies For Keto Diet Keto Diet And Statins. Keto Diet Menu Plan Indian Eat 800 Calories Keto Diet Youthful Look From Keto Diet. Coffee Drinks On A Keto Diet Keto Diet Side Effects Smell.

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Storing And Freezing This Keto Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

If you want to meal prep your smoothies or you have some leftovers, then you can store this blueberry smoothie in two ways. To store in the fridge, place in an air tight contain or mason jar and seal well. Then place int he fridge for 1-2 days. This smoothie will have some seperation of the ingredients, simply stir when youre ready to have it.

You can also freeze. Again, place in an air tight container or mason jar, seal well and place in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Chocolate + Collagen Keto Smoothie

Keto Triple Berry Smoothie

This powerhouse of a smoothie from Have Butter Will Travel makes use of chocolate and Collagen Protein Powder from Perfect Keto for a delicious keto smoothie thats especially great after exercise, with the added benefit of collagen protein. This powder comes with a bunch of extra nutrition as well as MCT oil to help keep this smoothie fat heavy.

Avocado is a great extra addition here to thicken the drink and give a little boost to the fats, nutrition and fibre content of the drink.

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Low Carb & Keto Smoothies Freeebook

Today, Ive got 8 deliciously easy keto smoothie recipes to share, with flavors ranging from fruity to veggie-packed to chocolaty and indulgent, there are flavors here for every palate. On average, these keto smoothie recipes range from 4g to 7g net carbs each. The highest has 10g, some have as few as 3g!

Ive included 5 of the recipes in this post, along with a FREE Low Carb Smoothies Recipe eBook that you can download with 3 bonus keto smoothie recipes!

The Best Blender For Smoothie:

For sure to make a delicious smoothie you need a good blender that can crush ice into a drinkable slush and cut through frozen fruits, nut and seeds well. One of my favorite ones is the NutriBullet. I use this high-speed blender almost everyday to make my green smoothie. I love this one because its more powerful than the original and its simple to use and easy to clean.

Another one that I love is my Vitamix and its the the one item in my kitchen that gets used EVERY single day. Its one of my favourite tools in the kitchen. I make smoothies, my low-carb blueberry muffins, my mashed cauliflower and lots of soups with it. Its also make sauces, spreads and digs. I love it so much and really recommend it.

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Other Flavor Combinations For Keto Blueberry Smoothie

Besides the recipe above, there are many other ways that you can enjoy your blueberry smoothies. Here are some other deliocus flavor combinations you can try out:

  • Keto blueberry smoothie with avocado for this blueberry smoothie, youll need 1 whole avocado, 1 cup of blueberries, a low carb sweetener and 1 cup of almond milk.
  • Keto blueberry with heavy cream for this low carb blueberry smoothie youll need 1/2 a cup of heavy whipping cream, 12 blueberries, 1.5 oz softened cream cheese and 1 scoop of keto collagen.

Try Our 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Challenge

The Best Keto Green Smoothie Recipe [How To Make An Easy Green Keto Smoothie?] Keto Coach Greta

Emily Hurd green

We all try our best to make healthy choices. Sometimes something happens to disrupt our healthy routines. Maybe it was a hard day at work, or stressful travel. Weve all been there. When you are in the habit of unhealthy meals, its so hard to choose healthy ones.

One of the best ways to eat healthier is to join a challenge or start a cleanse to flush toxins from your system and break through those annoying sugar or carb cravings. Green smoothies are one of the best ways to do it while giving you the creative freedom to customize flavors with the ingredients and toppings. The green smoothies in our 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse are easy to make, great for the whole family, and you can take them to go!

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