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So What Is Daily Harvest

The Best Protein Smoothie | Daily Harvest

Its a meal delivery service that makes it easy to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. Everything is shipped to your door, completely frozen and ready to eat with just a few minutes of prep. Everything comes packed in dry ice and Ive never once had issues with anything melting and Ive been using the service for nearly 7 years!

All of their items are gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based and 95% of their ingredients are organic. They never use gums, preservatives or artificial anything.

You can choose a plan of 9, 14, or 24 items that come weekly or monthly for your first box, and then anywhere between 6-26 items per box following that. Daily Harvest is extremely flexible. You can skip deliveries whenever you want, add or remove items, and change box sizes. Their app makes it super easy to manage and ensure you dont get anything you dont want! My full review and my favorites from their collections are below. I also shared a few items I wouldnt order again.

In short, Daily Harvest smoothies, flatbreads and scoops are delicious.

The smoothies and flatbreads add more variety to my eating lifestyle, take a little stress off me from prepping all my meals, and help me get fruit and veggies no matter what is going on in my day. The scoops are a sweet way to end the day without making me feel sick like so many ice creams do. .

Daily Harvest Just Launched Protein

Frozen food subscription service Daily Harvest has just launched a new collection of protein-rich smoothies and the ready-to-blend recipes are packed with 10 grams of vegan protein.

Look, mornings aren’t easy. Battling the snooze button and getting dressed and out the door on time can be hard enough, but add morning meeting prep or shuttling the kids to school, and it can feel impossible to fit in a filling breakfast. Thankfully, smoothies are here to save the day. But there are mornings when getting all the ingredients out for a smoothie seems like a big deal. We’re big fans of DIY frozen smoothie packs to keep in the freezer for an even quicker breakfast on-the-go, but sometimes we like to lean on store-bought substitutes to save even more time.

Want to know all the tasty details? Here’s what goes into each blend:

Image: Daily Harvest

Is Daily Harvest Good For Weight Loss

Daily Harvest does not claim to help support weight loss. Instead, its designed to simply help people eat more healthy, plant-based meals.

That said, most entrées contain 400 or fewer calories, so some individuals may find themselves losing weight by using Daily Harvest.

Depending on your current calorie intake, replacing some or all of your meals with Daily Harvests lower calorie options could result in a reduction in your overall calorie intake and subsequent weight loss (

8 ).

Because many of Daily Harvests options are lower in protein, with 20 or fewer grams per serving, some individuals may not find the meals to be filling enough on their own.

Its also important to note that the nutrition facts for each item do not include any liquid that customers need to add themselves.

Finally, whether you lose weight using Daily Harvest also depends on many other factors, such as other foods youre eating throughout the day and your physical activity level.

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Is Daily Harvest Worth The Money

Yes!!! I think it depends on what you value and what you want to pay for a delivery service. The convenience factor is also something to contribute to the cost. It might be a little more than what I like to spend, but I will pay it because I love the food, the convenience and the peace of mind I get from knowing the food is as natural as possible.

For 12 items , it will cost you about $90. That means each item is roughly $7.50, which is definitely more expensive than if you were to make meals at home, but is less than the average commercial meal. In fact, meals from places like SnapKitchen, Hello Fresh or other meal delivery services are more expensive than this.

I hope you found this Daily Harvest review helpful!

Cold Brew + Almond Smoothie

I Started Ordering Smoothies from Daily Harvest ($25 Off ...

This tastes like something youd order off the Secret Menu at Starbucks. I added oat milk, threw it in the blender, and took the smoothie with me while I walked my dog. It. Was. So. Good. I also value a crunch, so the cacao nibs were a nice touch. Id eat this for breakfast or lunch, but since theres a bit of coffee, Id steer clear for dinner.

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How Much Is Daily Harvest

As we saw in this Daily Harvest review, the costs for a food delivery box can vary depending on your selections.

While there are items at $5.99, most of the more filling foods are around the price point of $8.99. Before tax is applied, your orders can fall into the following ranges:

  • Small Plan: $54$81
  • Medium Plan: $74$116
  • Large Plan: $144$196

The different plans also all have different savings and promotionsso it all relies on how you want to incorporate Daily Harvest into your life!

These Two Soups Make My Busy Life So Much Easier And Theyre Ready In Less Than 5 Minutes

You find out who your true friends are when youre getting ready to move. The real friends arent the ones who show up with a pickup truck and a half-dozen rolls of packing tape. No, the realest friends are the ones who ask you whether youre sure you really want to move, and who remind you how awful the entire process is. Let me explain.

After spending the past several years in a downtown condo in a medium-sized Southern city, I decided it would be a good time to move to a house with a yard and a second bedroom. And a million little problems, apparently.

The one thing that kept me from having a complete meltdown while moving was that my very first delivery from Daily Harvest arrived at my old address on the same day the movers were wrapping my stuff and explaining they didnt usually break anything. .

I took the box of frozen smoothies, soups, and Harvest Bowls in my own car, and over the next few days, those combos of hand-picked organic fruits and vegetables were an absolute lifesaver. They saved me a trip to the grocery store, which is truly the last thing on my to-do list during a move.

Things will settle downI think. Ill keep my Daily Harvest plan regardless, although I havent decided whether to go with weekly or monthly deliveries. Their cups just make it so easy to have real food and real superfoods whether youre time-crunched because of work, because of your family, or just because of life.

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Daily Harvest Superfood Lattes

Lattes are a unique treat that I didnt even know Daily Harvest offered! I love treating myself to a mid-day latte, but what I pick up from the Starbucks drive-thru isnt always the healthiest choice. These latte cups include three pods per container, which you simply drop into the milk of your choice, heat, and stir to creamy perfection. And like all of Daily Harvests products, theyre made with nutrient-dense ingredients to help make this snack fulfilling as well as tasty.

Daily Harvest Matcha + Lemongrass Superfood Latte Cup

Matcha isnt everyones favoritesome friends of mine find it too grassybut I love it. Im used to mainstream matcha being overly sweet or sugary, but this blend was much fresher and tasted truer to what Id expect from a rich, yet light green tea. It was a little clumpy to stir into my almond milk , but it went down smooth. Keto fans will love that it comes with MCT oil mixed right in, plus chlorella for extra detoxing goodness.

Daily Harvest Coffee + Cardamom Superfood Latte Cup

I knew right away that I was going to love this latte. Cardamom is a flavor that I never could name until a trip I took to Stockholm, where cardamom buns quickly became my new favorite treat. Now I look for it everywhere.

Daily Harvest Ginger + Turmeric Superfood Latte Cup

Mulberry + Dragon Fruit

DAILY HARVEST BREAKFASTS REVIEWED: Worth it? Coffee, Oat Bowls, Smoothies!

I am obsessed with this oat bowl! This is my favorite meal out of every product I tried from Daily Harvest. The combination of dragon fruit, mulberries, and blueberries is unrivaled. The texture, when cooked with oat milk, was absolutely perfect. I ate the entire container in one sitting! I couldnt get enough of it. I highly recommend this product.

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How Does The Subscription Work

Daily Harvest offers flexible deliveries and a wide variety of options so that you can build a plan that is customized for you. Their food is built on fruits and vegetables, ready to enjoy in minutes, and satisfies all types of taste profiles and dietary needs to provide a nourishing, convenient, and delicious experience for everyone. So if you want to add protein powder to your smoothie, go for it. Or cheese to your pizza, great. A drizzle of almond butter on your oat bowl, awesome. What you want!

As a new customer, youll choose a plan of how many items you want to be delivered and then how often you want them delivered . Then, choose from over 80 uniquely nourishing, chef-crafted options for any time of day. After your first delivery, you have even more control of your account with the opportunity to add additional items, change box sizes, swap out selections, skip a week, and manage deliveries.

Everything they deliver is plant-based, nutritious, and has minimal ingredients. Daily Harvest boxes arrive on dry ice so you can just pop the convenient cups in your freezer + use them as needed.

Does Daily Harvest Fill You Up

This is a hard question to answer because all of our bodies are different. Ive really been diving into Daily Harvest during pregnancy while Im eating 5-6 small meals each day. Ive found that its perfect for that size. And thats honestly how I like to eat most of the time, anyway. Im more of a grazer and not a 3 meals a day kind of person.

However, if youre curious if youll feel full from one of these meals, I think the answer is yes! I feel very satisfied after I finish a Daily Harvest meal. As for how long it will keep you full, that depends on your body size, metabolism rate, etc.

Ive read that lots of people will add a protein powder to their Daily Harvest smoothies or a fried egg to their Harvest Bowls to make them a bit more filling. So if you use the $25 off code and try a box of 9 items, and if you find that theyre not keeping you full for long enough, you could try adding some extra protein!

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Medium Box Discount 14 Products

In this Medium Box, you can see the daily harvest cost increases per product just a bit. First, you want to select 14 products of any kind and variety to fill your box. You can see I have a selection of items ranging in price from $5.99 to $8.99. For the medium size box discount the daily harvest cost will be reduced by $30.00 using code: cleansisters.

This is the size box that we most frequently purchase. 14 products will typically last between 2-3 weeks depending on how much we are working from home or on the go. A variety of options makes it easy to decide which meal of the day we want to indulge in a 5 minutes Daily Harvest bowl!

Again, I added my new favorite Passionfruit + Pineapple Daily Harvest Smoothies, got the $10.00 medium box discount and the $30.00 off using the cleansisters code. This makes each daily harvest smoothie in this order $5.13 per smoothie.

Nicoles Experience And Review Of Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Reviews

Daily Harvest kindly provided a box for review.

I was excited to try Daily Harvest because Ive heard so many people raving about it including Natalee above!

I personally love smoothies but when Im left to my own devices I almost always wait so long that my spinach has wilted and my frozen fruit is freezer burnt. Its never an enjoyable experience and Im left with a tasteless chunky mess almost every time.

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Daily Harvest Delivery & Packaging

Often overlooked but just as important as the food, is how that food actually makes it to your doorstep.

Upon first signing up, youll select the frequency youd prefer to receive your boxweekly or monthly, depending on your specific plan. You can also select the exact day of the week youd like to receive your box, Monday to Saturday. This is super helpful if you know youre not going to be around during specific days of the week . We generally always get our box on a Friday so we have a little something extra to look forward to eating on the weekend.

Daily Harvest says they use OnTrac, Fedex, and UPS to ship all of their boxes but all of our boxes have been delivered using UPS. And speaking of delivery, weve never had any delays in shipping.

The boxes all of the food comes in are very well packed. Even if I left my box outside an extra day Im almost positive the food would still stay frozen. They use a lot of dry ice. Because of that you want to be extra careful when opening your box since dry ice can burn you. We let ours just dissipate in the sink for an hour or so. I learned the hard way that if you run cold water over the dry ice, it will turn to a weird fog that basically takes over the room its in.

Daily Harvest Promotions & Discounts

Right now, we have a exclusive Daily Harvest promo code for our readers: HONESTBRANDREVIEWS. This grants customers:

  • $25 off 9 items
  • $30 off 14 items
  • $40 off 24 items

The Daily Harvest Tastemakers share a little bit about themselves and their favorite recipesand then offers a unique discount code for their community to use.

You can get up to $40 off your first box by using a Tastemaker code, so peruse through some fun profiles.

Lastly, this next one isnt technically a discount, but its all in the spirit of giving. You can surprise your best friend with a Daily Harvest gift card .

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Daily Harvest Customer Service & Reviews

Daily Harvest has earned a 3.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 931 customer reviews. Most positive reviews highlight the exemplary customer service, the accommodation to different dietary needs, the quality and flavor of the food, and the health benefits of including more whole fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. Some customers expressed mild frustration with items arriving thawed but were pleased with Daily Harvest’s solutions and response following the incidents.

One five-star reviewer writes, “I started getting Daily Harvest delivered a few weeks ago and have been really pleased with their products. I’ve enjoyed about 80% of the food that I’ve chosen, and they have a great rating system so you can rate the foods you love and those you don’t. Each food has reviews on the site as well which makes it easier to choose. The quality has been top notch. There’s no junk in this food whatsoever, which is important to me.”

I think if you order Daily Harvest and are expecting full meals that will satisfy your hunger and curb all of your cravings throughout the day, you may be disappointed, and some of the reviews implied that’s what some people expected. However, if you’re looking for easy ways to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, through whole food snacks without artificial ingredients, Daily Harvest is a great choice.

Is Frozen Fruit Better Than Fresh

Daily Harvest Review – A Smoothie Review & Taste Test + $25 Coupon

As previously stated, Daily Harvest freezes their fruits and vegetables at peak ripeness. They claim that this preserves their nutritional value, flavor, and texture so that your body can benefit from peak summer ripeness in the dead of winter. The New York Times shows that freezing slightly alters the nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables, but that most research reveals no consistent differences in their vitamin content.

However, fresh produce can rapidly deteriorate in quality the longer it sits on store shelves . The Chicago Tribune states that most fresh produce loses a third of their nutrients within three days after harvest and most fresh food takes far longer to land in your kitchen, much less be consumed.

Daily Harvest recognizes that most smoothie drinkers buy ingredients once per week and let them sit in their fridge long enough to slowly leach out their nutrients. By offering everything pre-frozen instead, they strive to ensure that everything stays nutritious until youre ready to eat it.

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How To Prepare Daily Harvest Smoothies:

  • Fill cup to top with your preferred liquid. I like using a plant-based milk.
  • Pour into a blender and blend.
  • Pour the smoothie back into your cup and enjoy.
  • Pro tip: Once prepared, smoothies will keep in the refrigerator for 12 hours or you can store the prepared smoothie in the freezer. Just let it thaw a bit before eating again for a semi-frozen, granita-like treat.

    Pro tip: I like adding a scoop of protein powder or collagen to the smoothies to amp up the protein a bit!

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