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Turmeric Smoothie Recipes and How to Use Turmeric In Smoothies

Replacing one meal a day with a turmeric smoothie that is under 300 calories could trigger a calorie deficit of 3500 calories a week, which in turn, would result in a weight loss of one pound off per week. Replace two meals a day with turmeric smoothies and you will lose two pounds a week. Some people also experience weight loss when drinking turmeric smoothies without dieting or exercising, simply because the smoothies are so high in diuretic fat-burning and metabolism boosting ingredients that the pounds simply drop off anyway.

  • 1Make a Turmeric, Green Tea and Blueberry smoothie at 130 calories per serving. In a blender, add 1 cup of frozen blueberries, 1 cup of cold green tea, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and one tablespoon each of ground turmeric, grated fresh ginger, flax seeds and honey. Add a handful of ice and blend everything together until frosty and smooth. Green tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory and diuretic that helps remove fat and toxins from the liver. Blueberries are a source of antioxidants that support the health of your thyroid and circulatory system.Frozen blueberries work well in this turmeric smoothie.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • How To Make Kale Banana Turmeric Smoothie

    Step 1

    Lets start with frozen kale and almond milk. Place kale in the blender and add milk. Pulse until kale becomes smooth, it took us about 1/2 a cup of milk to get the right consistency. Pour into a glass.

    Step 2

    Now lets blend banana , turmeric, and honey. Pulse until ingredients become smooth, it takes about 1 minute in our blender. Combine all in one glass and enjoy!

    Toss a few fresh blueberries in there for extra flavors and a surprise element.

    Editorial Tip

    If you find yourself not having frozen kale or bananas, please add an ice cube or two while blending kale or banana. Chilled smoothies always taste a little bit better.

    Banana, Turmeric and honey in the blender

    Why Add Turmeric To Your Anti

    Lets talk the benefits of turmeric and why it could be described as a superfood smoothie add-in! Turmeric is the queen of anti-inflammatory foods about now plus, ginger and oranges both have a long list of benefits they bring to the table.

    What were after in turmeric root is curcumin or curcuminoids, which are the compounds possessing anti-inflammatory properties.

    Turmeric is also believed to help with a variety of skin conditions, homeostatic regulations , and pain management.

    Ingesting turmeric with black pepper helps our bodies extract and absorb more of the curcumin from turmeric! Fat also helps us maximize the benefits as curcuminoids are fat-soluble.

    Turmeric + Fat + Black Pepper = The perfect trifecta!

    Add a dash of black pepper to this smoothie and youre set! Youve got the turmeric, the black pepper, and fat from the coconut milk. Off to the races you go!

    How To Pack Your Blender Cup

    Ever tried to make a smoothie and it was not so easy-going? Blender stuck with huge air pockets and you werent able to achieve that smooth, flowy blending action?

    There are several things at play when this happens so here are 2 tips to help prevent this. The first is to ensure your recipe has enough liquid to help get things moving and break down the larger pieces of fruit.

    The second is how you pack your blender cup this can make a huge difference! Heres what we recommend for an order of operations if you will:

  • Add your liquid to the blender first.
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    Turmeric Dosage What Experience Tells Us

    Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years. Millions of people take milk with turmeric on a daily basis and it is included in almost every curry / vegetable we make.

    Thus, experience tells that taking even 1 tsp turmeric a day will not have any issues. Of course, if you are new to it, start small maybe 1/4 tsp and then increase.

    So, 1 tsp good quality turmeric powder should not have any issues at all.

    Turmeric / Curcumin Supplements

    Golden Glow Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie

    Turmeric supplements are an easy way to get benefits of Turmerics key ingredient curcumin.

    There are several types of supplements on the market and most of them, also address the problem of poor bioavailability by using proprietary methods, etc.

    They also have their recommended dosage on the bottles.

    If you are interested in knowing more about the supplements types and how they are different, read this Types of Tumeric / Curcumin Supplements

    The key issue with supplements is that they should not be taken for a long duration. This issue is not when you are taking turmeric powder or raw turmeric.

    Thus, supplements are best for a short period of time.

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    Here’s Our Favorite Turmeric Smoothie Recipe:

    1 cup almond milk or water

    2 cups peaches, fresh or frozen

    1 medium banana, sliced

    1 1/2 tsps turmeric powder

    1 tsp ground flaxseed meal

    Simply blend all ingredients together until you reach your desired consistency and enjoy. Let us know what you think of this turmeric smoothie by joining our group!

    Primal Recipe: Turmeric Smoothie For Healthy Joints

    If youve read our blogs, you know how much we love turmeric at Primal Harvest. Turmeric is an antioxidant-rich superfood used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for a number of ailments. If youre feeling particularly achy or off, turmeric has been known to be the go-to for immune health, joint health, and overall wellness.

    The benefits of turmeric as a superfood are vast. Turmeric, also known as Curcuma longa, is the root of a flowering plant from the ginger family. Turmeric is a plant known for its medicinal use, dating back to 4000 years ago in the Vedic culture in India, where it was used as a culinary spice and had some religious significance.

    Turmeric is packed with impressive amounts of nutrients such as iron, manganese, potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6, to name a few. There are little to no known side effects of taking turmeric as a health supplement.

    Turmeric is a key ingredient in a lot of middle eastern dishes such as curries and soups, however, it can also be used in your morning smoothie for an added wellness boost!

    You can read more about the many perks of adding turmeric to your diet or supplement routine in our blog 7 Surprising Benefits Of Turmeric.

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    Can I Use Fresh Turmeric

    I get this question a lot, and the answer is yes, you absolutely can. Fresh turmeric isnt as easy to find, so I tend to use the powder because its what I have on hand all the time. If you find fresh turmeric, use 1 tablespoon thats been peeled and chopped. Dont forget to add a pinch of black pepper to your smoothie!

    What Can I Do With Kale Stems

    Turmeric Smoothie! ~ Golden Milk Smoothie (Perfect Post-Workout Smoothie)

    Dont throw away the stems that you just trimmed from your kale you were using to make smoothies. There is a bunch of different ways you can still use them

    2. Use for salads by cutting into thin strips

    3. Grill

    4. Roast

    Make this awesome smoothie for the morning or lunch, surprise your wife with a healthy breakfast smoothie and enjoy these delicious flavors! Print this recipe and save it for later use!

    Take a look at this beautiful and tasty smoothie

    Take a peek at these Kale based smoothie recipes

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    Turmerics Key Nutrient Is Not Easy To Absorb

    Curcumin is the active ingredient that you need to absorb from the turmeric itself.

    While curcumin is a powerful and effective compound for treating a wide range of diseases, studies have revealed that it has low absorption and rapid metabolism that lead to relatively low bioavailability in the body.

    Bioavailability is the ease with which any nutrient can make its way from the food you eat into your body.

    In this article I will show you exactly how to greatly improve curcumins bioavailability in your body to super boost its miraculous health benefits!

    Dosage Used In Research Studies

    Most of the research conducted on turmeric has been done using turmeric extract or supplements.

    Various research studies conducted for joint, cholesterol and skin benefits have used the dosage of curcumin supplements 1,000-1,800 mg per day .

    But, these dosages are recommended for short periods of time, 2-3 months.

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    Mango Turmeric Ginger Smoothie Ingredients

    Here are the ingredients youll need for the mango turmeric ginger smoothie.

    • Milk You can use regular dairy milk, non-dairy milk or water for this smoothie recipe.
    • Banana Freeze the banana the night before making this smoothie. It helps to make the smoothie more creamy.
    • Mango Youll need a bag of frozen mango to make this recipe.
    • Fresh Ginger I used 1-inch of peeled fresh ginger. This adds a nice kick to the recipe, but if you dont like ginger you can skip this part.
    • Turmeric Powder Youll need 1 tsp of turmeric powder. This tastes lovely with the mango!

    By Adding Turmeric To Your Daily Diet

    dairy free golden turmeric smoothie
  • Make a healthy turmeric and coconut water shooter. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with four ounces of coconut water and drink it quickly. This is a fast and painless way to get a daily dose of turmeric, especially if you are not fond of turmeric’s bitter, astringent taste.Turmeric and coconut water shooter.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2Make a healthy lemon juice and turmeric shooter. Mix a slim teaspoon of turmeric with two ounces of distilled water and an ounce of lemon juice. Drinking this concoction every morning, by swigging it quickly down, helps keep your liver healthy and reduces inflammation. A lemon juice and turmeric shooter.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 3Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to tomato juice. The taste of the tomatoes compliments and also masks the strong bitter flavor of the turmeric. You can also add it to other tomato based drinks such as V-8 or Clamato juice. A pinch of turmeric is added to Bloody Mary and Bloody Caesar recipes to give it a more astringent taste.Tomato juice with turmeric.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 7Add a tablespoon of turmeric to cream or vegan soups made with yellow vegetables. Turmeric greatly enhances the flavor of soups made with carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin or squash and also interacts in a synergistic way with the Vitamin A in these foods, which helps promote the health of the liver.Sweet potato soup with turmeric.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
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    By Taking Turmeric As A Supplement

    Turmeric supplements are available in many different forms, but ideally, you should be taking high therapeutic amounts for weight loss it in capsule form. Turmeric is known for its bright staining yellow color that helps to prevent staining of your teeth and mouth. Taking three grams of turmeric a day can result in a weight loss of at least two pounds a week and maybe more weight if you are eating a diet free of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and fats. There is no special diet involved or required to lose weight while taking turmeric although the healthier your lifestyle and diet is, the better your weight loss will be.

  • 1Take an optimum dose of organic, ground turmeric in capsules of three grams a day to achieve a weight loss goal of losing two pounds a week. Be aware though that as little as 100 milligrams of turmeric, taken over a period of several months, can still offer some weight loss and some health benefits.Ground turmeric is placed into capsules for consumption as a supplement.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2Drink at least eight glasses of water a day while you are taking turmeric supplements. This helps flush your body of fat and toxins.Drink at least eight glasses of water a day while you are taking turmeric supplements.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • Lose Weight With Turmeric By Taking Turmeric As A Supplement Vs Taking Turmeric Weight Loss Tea Vs Drinking Turmeric Smoothies And 1 More

    Edited by Donna, Eng, Alma, Serette

    4 Methods:

    Turmeric assists with weight loss because:

    • It contains curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory that helps all of your organs, muscles, and joints to stay in peak health, thus allowing you to exercise more frequently
    • Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties help prevent insulin resistance, which is caused when organs such as the liver, thyroid, pancreas and pituitary gland become worn-out and inflamed
    • Turmeric lowers your overall cholesterol levels, thus helping your liver and cardiovascular system function optimally and weight loss is often the result
    • Turmeric contains antioxidants that detoxify the liver of environmental pollutants and fatty deposits so that it functions more efficiently
    • Turmeric cleans out your blood vessels, lowers lipids in your blood stream and also lowers the amount of fat that ends up in your tissues
    • Eating this spice also helps reduce the damaging effects of eating a fatty meal immediately after you have consumed it, thus helping you to prevent weight even if you do lapse from your diet
    • Turmeric encourages your metabolism to burn fat by boosting thermogenesis, which in turn shrinks and eliminates fat that is trapped in your tissues so that you lose weight and looks slimmer

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    Can I Put Turmeric In My Smoothie

    The short answer is YES. We use turmeric all the time for its health benefits and its unique taste. Turmeric has been used all around the globe for ages for a variety of different purposes such as

    1. Anti Inflammatory properties

    2. Antioxidant

    3. Linked to help with brain functions

    4. Lowers risk of heart disease

    5. Helps with liver detox

    and many, many other positive health benefits.

    Easy Turmeric Smoothie: Diy Turmeric Smoothie

    Turmeric Smoothie – Healthy Breakfast Idea

    This amazing DIY Turmeric Smoothie Recipe is created by yours truly. Just so you dont get mad at us and our taste buds though, were going to tell you right now that if anything doesnt look good to you, take it out entirely or swap it with something else. But keep the turmeric. Thats kind of the point, right? Anyway, heres what to put in your DIY Turmeric Smoothie:

    • Turmeric This one goes without saying
    • Orange Great source of vitamin C
    • Spinach It looks weird but contains vitamin A and is relatively tasteless
    • Ginger Common anti-inflammatory agent
    • Lime Lime goes amazing with ginger
    • Banana This adds a touch of natural sweetness Try honey otherwise!

    If you want, you can add ice to give this Easy Turmeric Smoothie a cooler taste! You can adjust the recipe based on your own personal tastes as well! But keep the turmeric!

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    Health Benefits Of A Turmeric Smoothie

    • Turmeric is at the heart of this smoothie. With a warming earthy flavor and beautiful golden color, this spice delivers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Plus a boost of antioxidants for optimal health. The spice contains curcumin. An antioxidant known to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries, its beloved as a natural treatment for a wide range of health issues.
    • Honey Honey adds natural sweetness to this smoothie. In addition, it offers extra health benefits. Its is a good source of antioxidants. And has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Manuka honey is made when honeybees pollinate the Manuka or tea tree plant. Studies have shown Manuka honey holds both antibiotic and antibacterial benefits. Likewise, its proven to be effective in fighting infection and promoting healing. If you can find Manuka honey, its a great healthy addition to this smoothie!
    • Orange I added an orange to this turmeric smoothie recipe for a whopping dose of vitamin C to support a healthy immune system.
    • Carrots Carrots also deliver vitamin C to this smoothie, along with antioxidant-rich beta carotene, a powerful free radical fighter.

    Fresh Vs Dried Turmeric: Is There A Difference

    Before we decide which is better to use, lets first clarify the difference between fresh and dried turmeric. Found in the produce section of grocery stores, fresh turmeric looks very similar to ginger. Meanwhile, dried or ground turmeric is a powder commonly found in the spice section.

    To make the powder, the turmeric plant is peeled, boiled, dried, and ground. In the process, it loses some of its essential oils and flavor. As a result, it is best to buy turmeric fresh. However, for conveniences sake, ground turmeric will work just fine.

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    Why Do We Add Kale To Our Smoothies

    Kale has also amazing health benefits that make this green leafy plant so desirable for a variety of different meals and including healthy smoothie recipes. So what does the kale do?

    4. Packed with a ton of vitamins A, B, C, K4 It may lower cholesterol

    and many, many other great health benefits.

    Now here is the crucial question, does my family like to drink green smoothies? YES, Arela makes them every morning that is pretty much her morning routine to wake up and blend some smoothie, either with frozen fruit, or protein powder-based or whatever she is in the mood for.

    Now my kids are a different story, and I am sure you all moms and dads out there can rely on that story.

    My daughter Miesha , loves all kinds of berry smoothies, will also drink green smoothies as long as they are not bitter, and the obvious thing is that she LOVES ice cream

    My son Aiden , does not care about any kind of smoothies , all he cares at this point in his life is pizza, ice cream, snacks, and pepperoni based sandwiches.

    If you guys have any ideas on how to make kids drink more healthy smoothies, please do me a favor and comment below! My wife and I will appreciate any suggestions.

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