How To Make Baby Smoothie

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Baby Smoothie Recipes Simple Baby Smoothies To Share And Even Freeze For Ice Pops

How to Make Homemade Baby Puree Pouches | 6 months | Kids Smoothie

Smoothies for your baby are nutritious and delicious and can be shared with the whole family. Making your baby cool smoothies is also great for soothing sore gums from teething and making into healthy ice pops.

Many of these Baby Smoothie Recipes are only suitable if baby has had yogurt, milk, and wheat and/or strawberries, other berries/citrus without any problems. Use your judgment when making these baby smoothie recipes for your baby.

Most of these recipes for baby smoothies are suitable for babies 8 months+. As always, please be sure to consult your pediatrician when in doubt and keep any allergies or past food reactions in mind.

How To Make Raw Baby Foods

Since your baby is only used to drinking breast milk or formula, youll want to start your little one off with very soft purees. Make sure to taste your purees before giving them to your little one.

They will resist bitter or non-sweet purees. I follow the same principle as I do with my green smoothies use enough fruits to mask less enjoyable vegetables. Banana with spinach is a favorite of my little Munchkin.

Step 1: Peel your fruit .

Step 2: Add desired fruit to a blender or food processor.

Step 3: Blend on a medium speed until smooth and free of any chucks.

Step 4: Divide the purees into 2.5 ounce containers . Each jar will contain two servings when you first start feeding purees. After a few days , he or she might be ready to eat the entire jar.

Each jar will last about three days in the refrigerator. I put Baby As food jars in a bowl of hot water to warm them to room temperature before I feed him food from the refrigerator.

Tip: just before serving, add a little formula or breast milk to make the puree slightly runny. If you take a spoonful, it should slowly slide off the spoon. This step is to start your baby off with very thin purees. After a few weeks you can skip the liquid.

What If Baby Develops A Preference For Smoothies Over Water Or Milk

We support Ellyn Satters feeding model she has named the Division of Responsibility. In this feeding model, the caregivers are assigned certain decision-making powers: what foods get served, the meal and snack schedule, and where food is eaten. The child gets to decide if and how much they eat.

Within this framework, that means that the caregiver gets to choose how often a smoothie is offered.

Having set that foundation, heres another tip to keep a child from getting smoothie-fixated:

Keep smoothies neutral. Offer it as part of their meal or snack on occasion. Dont build them up as a special treat or they may end up getting forbidden fruit status in your childs mind, which gives the food a huge psychological draw.

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Reasons To Love Beech

  • As mentioned, its real food. Theres no added ingredients, and the jars are available in a variety of flavors. Some of our favorites are Just Carrot, Corn & Pumpkin, Mango, Apple & Pineapple, Banana, Orange & Pineapple and all the berry varieties!
  • The food comes in recyclable glass jars! As a teacher, I can name 50 different ways to use these jars.
  • Because the ingredients are simple, I use the purees in recipes to help with meal prep! We use the baby foods in soups, I hide carrots in spaghetti, and I throw berries in smoothies! In fact, I made Beech-Nuts pumpkin pie smoothie recipe at the party! Its a great treat for babies, children and adults! Its loaded with pumpkin flavor perfect for fall!
  • Recipe:
    • 2 jars just pumpkin purée
    • 1 small ripe banana
    • 1/4 cup vanilla or plain yogurt
    • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
    • 1/4 teaspoon flax seeds

    How To Make A Smoothie

    how to make a green smoothie your toddler will love ...

    Making smoothies is very simple and takes roughly 5 minutes from start to finish.

  • Add Ingredients: Place all of your ingredients into a blender.
  • Blend: Press the smoothie button on your blender or start on low speed and increase to high speed for 2-3 minutes. Do not under blend, you want all of the pieces of fruit and veggies completely smoothie,
  • Add More: Add more milk or liquid if the smoothie is too thick. I have found that toddlers and kids like a thinner consistency of smoothies since it is easier to drink out of a straw.
  • Drink: Pour into a cup with a lid and serve.
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    How To Serve Smoothies To Kids

    Kids can drink smoothies out of small open cups, a cup fitted with a silicone cup cover and straw like the ones from Silikids, a reusable pouch like a Squeasy Gear, or in a sippy cup. Some babies and toddlers play with the cup or straw, so if yours has a hard time focusing and just wants to play, I highly recommend the Squeasy Gear!

    TIP: If you blend this up and its too thick for your little one to drink through their sippy cup or straw, you can simply stir in a little water or additional milk to thin it out.

    Make It Naturally Sweet

    I feel the life purpose of a smoothie is to make you healthier in a way thats super snazzy and funrather than blast you with a bunch of sugar.

    That said, a little natural sweetness makes it work and takes it from interesting to the best thing ever.

    Frozen bananas. Frozen bananas can add body and heft. Theyre also sweet. If you get the ones with a hint of green in the skin, youll see more resistant starch in your smoothie. This starch isnt readily broken down and tends to food the good bacteria living in your large intestine.

    Dates. While sweet, dates are a good source of trace minerals especially potassium.

    Raw honey. Unfiltered and unprocessed, raw honey is full of microbes and minerals. Because of this, raw honey isnt recommended for babes under 12 months. But for toddlers, its a source of antioxidants and can even help improve sleep in little ones with a cough.

    Stevia, not so much. For myself, I currently use stevia a few times a week. I have some on-going low grade infections that flare up every so often and rather than consume sugar when I want something sweet, I would rather use this organic stevia powder from sweet leaf, which is made with inulin, a prebiotic.

    BUT theres a chance that stevia may interfere with hormones. Which means it may not be good for mama and its definitely not ideal for baby.

    Stevia has a steroidal structure, which means it looks like a hormone. And it also acts like a hormone, raising progesterone .

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    How To Make Blueberry Banana Smoothies Step

    Heres a look at the quick process. Scroll down to see the full recipe.

  • Place all ingredients into the blender, cover, and blend on low to start to combine the ingredients.
  • Increase to high and blend for 30-60 seconds to get everything super creamy. The longer you blend, the less youll see tiny green flecks!
  • Serve!
  • Tips For The Best Blueberry Banana Smoothie

    Breastmilk smoothies baby food recipe 6M
    • Nut-free: Use Sunbutter.
    • For kids under the ages of one, use nondairy unsweetened nut or seed milk.
    • To make without banana, try a few tablespoons of avocado or ½ cup of frozen mango or mashed roasted sweet potato instead of banana.
    • To add other veggies, try a few fresh or frozen raw cauliflower florets, baby kale, raw zucchini or raw summer squash in place of the spinach.
    • If the smoothie is too thick for your little one to drink through their sippy cup or straw, stir in a little water or milk to thin.
    • Use one fresh and one frozen fruit for a not-too-thick smoothie thats easy for kids to drink through a straw.
    • Use nondairy milk if you plan to make this ahead for best results as it separates less than cows milk.
    • You can use half yogurt and half milk to add probiotics.
    • This smoothie is best served on the day its made, though you can make it ahead and store it in the fridge for up to 4-6 hours in an airtight container or reusable pouch.

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    What Is A Smoothie Bowl

    Smoothie bowls are smoothies taken to the next level! Theyre basically a big, thick and creamy smoothie in a bowl with lots of toppings that you eat with a spoon like ice cream! Basically, its just like ice cream and a smoothie had a baby.

    Smoothie bowls seem simple, but it can be hard to get the perfect flavor and consistency. This a full guide on how to get your smoothies creamy, and delicious every time!

    Reasons To Use Puree Pouches

    Using pre-made puree pouches in smoothies is a super-easy way to add a wide variety of fruits and veggies into your babys smoothie without all the extra work.

    Of course, you can always use your own homemade baby food purees instead of the pouches. I have also added easy substitutions or alternatives for each pouch in all of the recipe cards below.

    5 Reasons I love using pouches in babys smoothie:

    • saves time fruits and veggies are already cooked and ready to blend
    • saves money you dont have to purchase a ton of small quantities of a wide variety of foods, you just need 1 pouch
    • easy way to add in a wide variety of fruits and veggies
    • makes for a creamy smoothy base
    • easy way to add in more veggies to babys diet

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    Smoothies For Toddlers With Food Allergies

    If your toddler has food allergies, its easy to adjust a smoothie for them. If they are allergic to bananas, use 2 tablespoons avocado instead or try a teaspoon or two of nut butter. Use whichever type of milk you preferalmond, flax, coconut, rice, dairy, or even kefir.

    We tend to use Silk Protein Nut Milk, Ripple Milk, or New Karma Flaxmilk in our smoothies.

    The Best Pregnancy Smoothies + 10 Smoothie Recipes

    10 Clever Nutribullet Uses You Probably Haven

    Pregnancy is the most important time to be eating healthy and making sure youre getting as many nutrients as possible. Nutrients like folic acid, vitamin B12, and potassium are essential in DNA synthesis, muscle building, and supporting the overall nutrition and well-being of your baby. You want to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet with as many nutrients as possible. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, electrolytes, and healthy fats are all important to consume while pregnant.

    Smoothies are a great way to get the nutrition you need. But dont just go to the smoothie shop down the streetyou may get more sugar in your smoothie than actual nutrients. The best way to make sure you are getting a healthy, nutritious smoothie is to make it at home. Its super easy, and you can even add ingredients that will ease your nausea and help you to feel more full and satisfied when you get those pregnancy cravings.

    The best ingredients for pregnancy smoothies are:

    GingerGinger is a miracle ingredient for pregnancy because it is a great anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory spice and provides antioxidants.

    Dark Green VegetablesSmoothies are a great way to sneak in your daily serving of leafy green vegetables, and you’ll barely be able to taste them when they’re blended with other ingredients.

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    Top 10 Pregnancy Smoothies

    Bust out your blender and try one of these healthy and nutritious pregnancy smoothies that are a breeze to make at home.

    This is the ultimate smoothie for pregnancy, containing as many essential nutrients as a smoothie possibly can. It’s perfect to drink for lunch throughout your whole pregnancy and even postpartum while youre breastfeeding.

    The ingredients are:

    • 1 ½ cups organic frozen berries
    • 1 generous serving of organic greens
    • 2 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil
    • 2 tbsp organic flax/hemp seeds
    • 6-8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk

    Just blend this up in a blender for one minute and enjoy!

    2. Mango Ginger Prenatal Smoothie

    This recipe will help ease morning sickness and provides protein, probiotics, and many essential nutrients.

    The ingredients are:

    • cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt
    • 1 cup frozen mango

    Are Protein Or Collagen Powders Safe For Babies

    This comes as a surprise to many parents but the protein requirements for babies and toddlers is not very high! Whole food sources of protein are more than sufficient for regularly developing children. Unless you have been medically directed to give them to your child, we discourage concentrated forms of protein such as protein or collagen powders in this age group.

    Additionally, some protein powders may contain other ingredients that are either unnecessary or harmful to children. Sometimes there are super-loaded amounts of vitamins and minerals that could result in toxicity, artificial sweeteners that children dont need, or ergogenic aids with unquestionable safety.

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    What Consistency Should I Aim For When Making Smoothies For My Baby

    For something drinkable the smoothie needs to be thin enough to be able to pass through a straw without having your baby suck SOOOOO hard that they dont enjoy the process. Come onhavent you ever accidentally made an EXTRA thick smoothie? For a bowl aim for the consistency of apple sauce. Dont overthink it!

    Can You Offer Smoothies As A Complete Meal/snack Or Should You Offer Them Alongside Other Foods

    How to make a baby alive/doll smoothie

    First of all, it depends on whats in the smoothie! If youre just blending up fruit with water, thats not a balanced meal. In order to be a complete meal, a smoothie should have protein, fat, and a source of iron. Chances are, there will also be fibre!

    If your smoothie has all the elements of a complete meal, you can definitely serve it as a meal on occasion. Other times, you may want to offer additional foods alongside the smoothie. For example, maybe you would serve a sandwich with a side of veggies and a cup of smoothie.

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    How To Make A Green Smoothie For Kids

    Become a green smoothie pro! Learn the fool-proof formula for creating these delicious, powerhouse drinks for kids.

    Green smoothies, like our Basic Green Smoothie and Cherry Pineapple Smoothie, can completely transform how we get fresh fruits and veggies into our kids growing bodies.

    This post teaches you everything you need to know to make consistently-great green smoothies that kids will actually like! First, lets talk nutrition.

    What Type Of Milk Can I Use In Smoothies For My Baby

    In theory any. However, we recommend whole cows milk or unsweetened fortified soy beverage, which most closely match babies needs. If your baby has allergies to these foods your Dietitian may specify something for you.

    Suggested article: Best Milk for Babies: a dietitians guide to safely introducing baby to milk

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    How To Make Homemade Baby Food In Your Blender

    Making your own baby food in a blender is easy. Not only does it save you money, its a great way to give your baby the freshest, most nutritious food possible.

    In this post, I will primarily talk about stage 1 baby foods. These are the types of simple recipes that you make when you are first introducing your baby to solid foods .

    The photo to your right is my little Munchkin at almost 7 months old enjoying one of his favorite foods, banana and spinach! He is starting to eat stage 2 foods so Ill post a followup article with stage 2 recipes after I play around with some ingredients.

    Pregnancy Date Smoothie For Labor

    How to Make a Healthy Baby Smoothie

    This pregnancy superfood smoothie is special because it contains one little pregnancy superfood that has many benefits for preparing the body for childbirth. Adding this delicious fruit to smoothies is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get ready for labor all you need is a few simple ingredients and a blender.

    Ingredients for Pregnancy Labor Smoothie:

    1-2 cups cherry berry frozen fruit mix

    1 frozen banana

    1 cup of mixed baby greens

    4-6 date fruit

    16 oz almond milk

    Eating healthy smoothies during pregnancy is a great and delicious way to get all of the right nutrients for you and your baby. The smoothies in our list are easy to make, delicious, and provide all of the right nutrients. Remember to make sure your smoothies include:

  • Real food ingredients
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    Are Green Smoothies Really That Good For You

    The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: absolutely, yes.

    Fruits and leafy greens contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber that protect and promote health in people of all ages. And since fruits and veggies are the most under-consumed food group green smoothies can help reluctant veggie-eaters get the nutrition they really need to thrive.

    So are there any exceptions to the green-smoothies-are-amazing rule? As with anything, balance matters. So drinking green smoothies every single day isnt necessary, or necessarily best. These vibrant drinks tend to contain little to no fat or protein, so kids should aim to round out your days meals with other foods like whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, meats, and dairy.

    Another caveat about drinking green smoothies: because theyre so rich in fiber, you might notice changes in your kids digestion when you start serving more green smoothies. Start with small cups to give those little tummies time to adjust.

    Whats The Best Way To Offer Smoothies To Babies With A Spoon Open Cup Or With A Straw

    For a smoothie bowl use a spoon! Were big fans of the GooTensil because the whole idea is to dip, eat, repeat! Another spoon more suitable for a toddler is the Kizingo spoon. For a drinkable consistency, use any sturdy straw. The really thin straws will make it difficult for your child to suck a thicker liquid through so just keep that in mind. Plus, those are tricky to keep clean!

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