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Popbabies Portable Blender Usb

NutriBullet GO Portable Blender with Extra Cup and Lid

While one reader admits its not a necessity, having this PopBabies blender with her on her travels is nice. This USB appliance has a built-in rechargeable battery, that you dont have to worry about too much, as a single charge lasts up to a week! Its quiet tooyou wont hear it like you would a normal blenderand it takes less than 20 seconds to liquify your smoothie ingredients in its large capacity 17 oz jar.

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Blendjet Portable Blender Best Usb Blender Bottle

Blendjet 2 Personal Blender view at Blendjet

  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 13 ounces

The Blendjet one portable blender blends 8-12 beverages per charge , and the 6 stainless steel blades are so powerful that they can crush ice.

The strong 5V motor wont overheat thanks to the built-in safety feature that keeps it from heating, and it comes with a strainer that filters out the extra pulp, and a convenient carrying strap.

The newest model, the Blendjet 2, has a larger, 16-ounce capacity, blends 20 beverages per charge, and is now water-resistant .

  • Quieter than the original version


  • The motor lacks some power
  • The container is relatively small which limits what you can make

Price best price and warranty is at Blendjet

What Blender Is Best For Smoothies

4.8/5The 10 Best Blenders for Smoothies

  • Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender â Best Overall.
  • NutriBullet Pro SmoothieBlender â Best Value.
  • Vitamix 750 SmoothieBlender â Premium Choice.
  • Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Blender.
  • Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender.
  • Blendtec Designer SmoothieBlender.
  • Accordingly, what kind of blender is best for smoothies?

    So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of top smoothie blenders:

    • Vitamix Pro 750 â Best Blender for Green Smoothie.
    • Blendtec Designer 625 â Top Performance Blender for Any Kind of Smoothies.
    • Jamba Professional â Affordable Premium Blender to Make Smoothies.
    • Oster Versa Pro â Best Value Blender for Smoothies.

    Likewise, what are the best blenders? Editors’ Recommendations

    • The best blender deals for February 2020: Vitamix, Ninja, and BlendTec.
    • Amazon slashes the price of Vitamix and Ninja Foodi blenders by up to $209.
    • Amazon discounts these professional-grade Vitamix blenders by up to $103.
    • Walmart chops the prices of Cuisinart and Nutribullet blenders up to $120.

    People also ask, do you need a special blender to make smoothies?

    A smoothie requires a blender that has sufficient power to blend ice cubes and frozen fruit. Blenders come in various capacities and power capabilities and with an array of preset or manual blending settings. Choose the right blender for making smoothies.

    Can you use a regular blender for smoothies?

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    Buying Guide For The Best Smoothie Cups

    Before you decide which smoothie cup you want, here are some factors you should consider:

    Size: Since youre considering a cup that lets you have your smoothies on the go, the size is important. Choose a cup that isnt too large or too small. The best smoothie cup for people on the go should be portable enough to be held with one hand but large enough to contain a reasonable amount of smoothie.

    Durability: While hurrying to work or other appointments, it is very easy for you to be a tad clumsy. This means that things could easily slip out of your hands and fall. Also, if your smoothie cup isnt made from durable material, this could mean that youll have cracks easily, or you may have to replace the cup within a short time.

    Spill-Proof: The best smoothie cups are well designed to avoid any sort of unexpected leaks while you carry your smoothie along with you.

    Temperature Control: The best smoothie cups in the market are made with proper insulation to help you preserve the temperature of your drink till youre ready to have it.

    Reusable: Any smoothie cup you consider should be easy to wash, capable of withstanding the clean-up process. Also, you should be able to reuse the cup without it losing its leak-proof abilities.

    Our third option is a very beautiful and durable cup from MIRA. It is a lot different from other cups on our list, but this high-quality steel container is an excellent option for having your smoothies or drinks later in the day.

    Can The Cuisinart Evolutionx Handle Ice

    Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Nutrition on The Go Personal Blender for Healthy ...

    While the Cuisinart EvolutionX can handle ice and frozen ingredients, as mentioned before, you do have to watch the size of them. A standard sized ice cube will pose no problems, but anything slightly bigger will get stuck between the blade and the side of the cup. Once you know this though, you can prep ingredients accordingly, making sure they are not too big, or sitting them in the liquid you will be blending them with for a few minutes to soften.

    The Cuisinart EvolutionX cordless blender is actually really good for frozen drinks and I have made iced cocktails and frappés with it with great results. I think this makes it perfect for enjoying a cocktail evening outside no power required.

    The brown ice cubes are coffee ice cubes for my coffee frappé. The blender handled these, no problem

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    Maximatic Elite Cuisine 300 Watt 17

    Super-powerful, the MaxiMatic Elite Cuisine has everything you could need, spanning over 17 different pieces, including a reusable, spill-proof cup with foam grips. This particular product can make smoothies, milkshakes, chop nuts, grind coffee beans, grate different types of cheese, and mix up formula drinks, amongst many other suggestions. Easy to wash and clean, the 300-watt motor means you have a massive range of options available to you without running out of power.

    This isnât the cheapest on the market, but it is arguably worth it.

    Smoothies Make The Day Go Smoothly

    Smoothies are refreshing, delicious, full of energy and make for a great start to the day. But smoothies take time in the morning. If you only give yourself time to get ready and leave for work,you will miss the breakfast.

    Now you will never miss breakfast anymore with PopBabies portable smoothie blender. As long as you are to work on time in the morning, you can still make your breakfast and eat it right there, You can premeasure the fruits that you want to use and store those in the freezer at work, Use some banana, strawberry, ice, milk and whey powder and in less than a minute, you could hear it finished chopping up the ice, and you have a perfect smoothie.

    The blender comes with a great booklet that has 50 different smoothies and weight loss recipes. Be happy to try some of them to complement your own delicious and nutritious smoothies.

    Why PopBabies Personal Blender

    Good Food is Good Mood

    Enjoy your nutrients at anytime and anywhere

    Smoothies make the day go smoothly.

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    Is A Portable Blender As Good As A Full

    A portable blender is different from a full-size one. Most portable models are designed to be quick and easy to use, with one-button operation and single-speed motors. Theyre typically as good as large models for smoothies.

    Travel blenders are generally quite limited, though: you can make smaller quantities, theyre not built to run for as long, and they dont have the controls of a full-size model.

    You usually cant use hot liquids in personal blenders, either, as the travel cups are made from plastic that could be damaged by the heat.

    If you want to vary what you can make, and have more control over the process, a full-size blender makes sense and, as our guide showed, you can always add a travel cup to your model to give you that blend-and-go convenience.

    How To Clean The Nutribullet Go Cordless Blender

    Nutribullet GO Personal Blender 2pack with Extra Cups an…

    I found the blades easy to clean after use. Doing this immediately after you use the blender will mean that no residue dries onto the blades, which makes cleaning a very easy process.

    The carry cup and the lid cannot go in the dishwasher but I found that adding some water and dish soap to the bottle and shaking it with the lid screwed on was an effective way of cleaning.

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    Should You Buy The Cuisinart Evolutionx Cordless Blender

    Of the cordless blenders we have tested, this is certainly the most versatile as it can handle ice with ease. Therefore, we have given it five stars because while it might not be as powerful as some corded models, it does exactly what it is designed to do smoothies and blended foods on the go and it does it well.

    In our NutriBullet GO Portable Blender review we found that it was best suited for very specific purposes, but the Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Blender can be used for more than just your morning commute.

    If you want a smoothies maker you can take to work or use after the gym then this is perfect. It is also great for campers and road trippers, and we can see how parents could use it to make quick puréed baby food when out and about.

    So, should you buy the Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless? The answer is definitely yes if you want something you can use when a power supply is not to hand. Keen grillers could find it much more convenient than heading in and out of the kitchen while cooking outside on the best grill.

    We also think it is a great blender for a small kitchen or apartment as it takes up very little space. Or if you already have a big blender or food processor, but hate getting it out and cleaning it up for small jobs, then this is the perfect appliance for quick and easy prep.

    Best Overall: Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

    • Easy to set up and clean

    • Blender cups are durable and large

    The Ninja company is known for its innovative appliances and was one of the first to come up with personal-sized blenders. Now that the market is crowded, these blenders are still user favorites because they check all the boxes.

    This one has 900 watts of blending power that can pulverize fruits and vegetables, turning them into a silky smooth drink. Our tester was also able to make hummus, salsa, pudding, and even chopped vegetables. The blender can even crush ice, so slushie iced tea or lemonade is possible on hot days.

    The twist-on spout lids make it easy to take the drink to go. This includes an 18-ounce cup and a 24-ounce cup, each with a lid, and more are available in case everyone in the family needs their own. For easy cleaning, the removable parts are all dishwasher safe, so this is as easy to care for as it is to use.

    While we highly recommend the Nutri Ninja Pro, if you’re interested in the newest blending technology, you may want to check out the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro with Auto-iQ . Ninja’s line of Auto-iQ blenders features preset buttons, with unique pausing and pulsing patterns designed to deliver perfectly blended drinks at the press of a button. This model features one preset for crushing and one for smoothies. It also features an increased 1,100 watts of power compared to our pick’s 900. It also comes with two cups, but both hold 24 ounces.

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    Hotsch Usb Portable Blender

    One reader says she was sold on the Hotsch travel size blender because it has a battery that can be easily charged with a USB cable to laptop or power bank, and it supports 15 per charge. Its easy to clean toopack it for travel or use it every day at home. It has a 13.5oz capacity bottle and an easy clean function. Readers tout its blade speed and say its just as good as using a regular-sized appliance.

    Find out which reading device is best for you!

    Bella 12 Piece Rocket Blender

    TTLIFE Personal Blender Portable Blender Shakes and Smoothies, USB ...

    BELLA is a big name in the food equipment world, making sense that there is a travel blender to go alongside its vast range. This particular choice comes with a recipe book to give you a few different ideas, as well as a one-year warranty, just in case. This is a mid-priced range blender, at around $30, and it comes with two tall blending cups, as well as a smaller one, so you can quickly drink on the go or use them to store your produce.

    Cross blades mean you can carry out various tasks, such as blending whole fruit, cutting nuts, spices, and seeds, as well as grinding coffee and pureeing soup. Multi-function means you get much more for your money.

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    Bella Rocket Portable Blender For Travel


    WHY WE LIKE IT: This personal blender comes with a useful 12-piece set of accessories, including interchangeable stainless steel blades that allow it to dice vegetables for dips.


    • Not as portable as a cordless travel blender
    • Less effective for frozen fruit and ice cubes

    This multipurpose compact personal blender comes as a 12-piece kit that includes interchangeable stainless steel blades, BPA-free travel cups, and a travel blender bottle, cocktail shaker lids, and tightly sealing to-go lids. The cups and lids are safe for the dishwasher and the extra set of blades let you switch between using it to slice and dice vegetables and using it to blend frozen drinks.

    While it doesnt have the power to grind up hard frozen fruit or full-sized ice cubes, it works well on partially thawed fruit, frozen berries, and crushed ice. It also works as an extractor, letting you get the most out of your green juice drinks.

    Sboly Portable Mini Blender For Travel And Office

    This tiny portable blender is explicitly designed for away-from-home use. This is a cordless blender, which can be charged via its included USB cable , allowing for ultimate portability. You can make shakes, baby food, smoothies, and juices anywhere you are!

    It comes with two BPA-free 15-oz blender cups. Thanks to their wide-body design, ingredients wont get stuck while blending, ensuring a smoother consistency of your smoothie or shake. After replacing the blade assembly with the spill-proof sipping lid, youre ready to hit the road.

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    Popbabies Portable Blender For Travel


    WHY WE LIKE IT: This handy and convenient cordless travel blender is powered by a rechargeable battery, letting you blend a smoothie or other frozen drinks almost anywhere, making it great for trips to the beach or the mountains.


    • Not as powerful as a 110-volt personal blender
    • Not suitable for hot liquids

    Designed for travel, this PopBabies portable blender is widely recommended if youre looking for the best rechargeable blender and dont require a blender that will work with hot liquids like bulletproof coffee. This model comes with a 14-oz capacity cup, and it has enough power to make smoothies or ice-blended coffee drinks, provided you use ice cubes that are less than 1/2 inch thick.Despite a few notable limitations, this cordless model is one of the few functional blenders that allows you to blend a fresh smoothie while sitting at the beach or in a park far from an electrical outlet. It charges up in about 3.5 hours and will work while plugged in. For long-term use, check out the best blender to puree food.

    Promixx Portable Smoothie Maker

    Make Smoothies Anywhere With This On-the-Go Blender | HGTV

    One reader, who travels everywhere with packs of protein and juice powders, swears by herPROMiXX for keeping her healthy. This rechargeable mixer has a secure lid and its overall mixing container is sturdy for packing and unpacking. It has a 20 oz capacity for large shakes on the go. But be careful, this option is not dishwasher safe.

    She says, This has saved me on the road! I no longer get my calories from croissants or suffer hunger while traveling. I dont like to eat plane food and this definitely helps!

    Fancy tea or instant coffee? See recommendations for the best travel kettle!

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    Whats The Best Portable Blender For Travel 9 Small Options

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    If youre concerned with staying healthy on the run, theres nothing like a portable smoothie blender to make your life that much easier. You can whip up delicious shakes or cocktails anywhere your adventures take you. TFG readers share their favorites below!

    Nutrition on the go can be daunting. When were running late to work, we often grab a muffin and coffee to eat as we commute, and by the time 10am rolls around, were famished all over again. Save yourself from poor eating habits and energy dipsportable blenders for smoothies are the best case health scenario for your busy lifestyle.

    And when you need an extra boost on vacation, they come in handy there too! Especially if yours is an outdoor adventure like hiking or camping. TFG readers know all the best travel hacks and have shared their favorites below!

    Other Blenders To Consider

    One thing to keep in mind is that all of the personal blenders we tested are not to be used with hot liquids. So if you are looking for a blender that you can also use to make soups, youll need a more traditional bar blender or a high-speed blender. Alternatively, you can buy a personal blender for smoothies and such, then invest in an immersion blender for tasks involving hot liquids.

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