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Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

How to make a smoothie with a Vitamix Blender

A premium quality blender that can provide a great value for money deal over the other option is Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender. It is a premium-priced blender preferred by professional chefs, but you can also consider it for home use. It is the best blender to make smoothies. From looks to design, everything seems attractive about it.

First thing first, it has a powerful motor that allows you to prepare smoothies, shakes, and many other types of drinks. You can adjust the motor speed to ten different settings, which provide perfect usability so far. With the help of such speed controls, you can get a perfect texture that you are going to love for sure.

It has a 48-ounce container, and it is capable of providing enough smoothies for five people in a single time. This much capacity is enough for great use, and if you want to prepare more, then you can get an extra-large size additionally. No doubt that this product seems flawless in all manner and feels reliable to use over the other ones.

Looks of this blender are admirable, and most of the people love it over the other ones. The only downside you might find is the expensive price tag. It is a slightly expensive option from other blenders, but the durability and design are unmatchable here.

Do You Need A Special Blender To Make Smoothies

As I mentioned, sort of. You will either need a bullet blender or a jar blender. I dont advise that you use a stick blender.

Any hand blender is going to be lacking in design when it comes to smoothies. There are plenty of ways that you can use a stick blender .

But yes, as a rule youre going to need a special blender. One that has a container and also one thats powerful enough to blend up what you need blended.

But do you need a special blender? That word is kind of loaded. What exactly is a special blender? Is that some sort of magic blender that only makes smoothies? No, you just need a strong blender capable of blending up fruits and, if you want, vegetables.

Best Value: Nutribullet Pro 900

The Nutribullet Pro is a wonderful compact blender that is perfect for anyone looking to make smoothies for one or two people at a time. We have placed it in the number one position for a few reasons. For one, the Nutribullet Pro was constructed to specifically make smoothies and does a great job at it.

It also comes at an affordable cost to just about anyone looking to buy a blender for making smoothies. In addition, the Nutribullet Pro comes with loads of accessories and helpful information to help you on your smoothie-making journey. Included with the blender are two 32 ounce containers, two soft lip rings, two soft lip rings with handles, and two flip-top travel lids for taking the smoothie with you on the go. While the other blenders may come with some accessories, the Nutribullet Pro blows them out of the water in this area.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 also comes with a beautifully crafted hardcover cookbook that is filled with all kinds of ideas for making smoothies, soups, and purees. In the cookbook are loads of helpful hints and tips to use your Nutribullet Pro which are all accompanied by vibrant and colorful pictures or recipes, fruits, and vegetables. The blender also comes with a small nutritionist booklet that helps you to construct the perfect smoothie. It talks about several types of fruit and vegetables like what the benefits are from consuming them and how to build the smoothie with the proper amount of each ingredient without the use of a recipe.

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Ninja Blender Creamy Banana Orange Protein Shake

This creamy, icy shake is a fantastic way to add more protein into your diet, no matter what meal youre using it to replace.

I love this one because Ive never been able to find a protein powder that I like.

Whether its the taste or texture, theres always something about all of them thats just not pleasing to my tastebuds.

With this one, though, I cant taste the powder at all. Instead, I taste bananas, mangoes, oranges, and just a hint of cinnamon.

Its a truly delightful way to start the day.

The Ninja Blender raspberry mint lemonade smoothie is a tart and tangy, cool, and slushy treat that everyone from kids to grandparents will love.

Youll use frozen raspberries, mint leaves, club soda, lemonade, powdered sugar, and ice.

Honestly, all it needs is a little dash of vodka or rum, and youd have a fantastic summer cocktail on your hands.

Still, this non-alcoholic version is just as amazingly yummy and refreshing, though it wont, of course, get you buzzed.

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The Best Blenders for Making Smoothies

The majority of readers prefer to purchase products from well-known brands however, it isn’t always easy to decide if they’re worth the cost. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date brand that will last and offer outstanding customer service, then look no further.

Our team had to dedicate a considerable time in order to research and sort through these results. These research studies are not solely on user reviews, however, they also include interviews of customers regarding their experience with the product.

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The Best Personal Blender

After spending 28 hours researching two dozen personal blenders and testing 12 models in our test kitchen, we think the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series offers the best balance of power, simplicity, convenience, and price for most people. We pureed almost 25 pounds of frozen fruit, hearty kale, fibrous ginger, gooey peanut butter, and sticky dates into thick smoothies to come to this conclusion.

Our pick

Powerful, easy to use, and convenient, this personal blender will save time in the morning so you can get on your way.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $125.

The NutriBullet won us over with its blending abilities, ease of use, and price. The powerful motor didnt strain blending thick mixtures, and it pureed tough kale and frozen fruit into a satisfying drinkable consistency. The blending quality is on par with midrange full-sized blenders without the bulk of a large machine. If you regularly buy a smoothie on your way to the office or class, the NutriBullet Pro will pay for itself within a month.

This helpful personal blender will act as a sous chef to your full-sized blender, tackling smaller jobs.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $60.

Upgrade pick

Buying Options

Nutri Bullet Blender Pro

Most Popular Bullet Style Smoothie Blender

The bullet style blenders work really well for smoothies thanks to their unique cup like design. Theyre great if youre in a hurry since you can throw all the smoothie ingredients into the cup, blend it, drink it, and clean it rather quickly.

This smoothie blender is best for 1-2 servings max, so if youre making smoothies for the whole family all at once this may not be the best one for you. But if convenience and quality are important to you, the Nutri Bullet Pro Blender is hard to beat.

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Best Multipurpose: Cuisinart Kitchen Central 3

This 3-in-1 kitchen appliance from Cuisinart is a handy tool for anyone who’s looking to downsize and save space in their cabinets. The 500-watt base comes with three interchangeable parts that can turn the machine into a blender, food processor, and juicer. Not only does it blend ingredients to a smooth consistency, but the blender unit has a 40-ounce capacity, so it can handle family-size batches as well. Plus, each removable element is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Multiple reviewers mention that the blender is great for making smoothies, among other things. One writes, “The blender is great it’s high speed and powerful, and makes perfect smoothies and purees for our little one! I love the no-spill spout it has, so you don’t have to worry about spilling anything . The juicer is perfectit makes amazing fruit and veggie juice, and I end up now leaving it on my counter.”

We Upgraded Our Vitamix Blender With Single Serving Blending Cups

Smoothies : How to Make a Smoothie With a Blender

Use your best Vitamix blender in a new way with blending cups!

Make single serving smoothies, or salad dressings in the Vitamix blender cups.

For the Best Portable, Best Countertop, and Best Professional Blenders keep scrolling we have those individual best smoothie blender reviews and links as well.

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Best Overall: Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

  • Easy to set up and clean

  • Blender cups are durable and large

The Ninja company is known for its innovative appliances and was one of the first to come up with personal-sized blenders. Now that the market is crowded, these blenders are still user favorites because they check all the boxes.

This one has 900 watts of blending power that can pulverize fruits and vegetables, turning them into a silky smooth drink. Our tester was also able to make hummus, salsa, pudding, and even chopped vegetables. The blender can even crush ice, so slushie iced tea or lemonade is possible on hot days.

The twist-on spout lids make it easy to take the drink to go. This includes an 18-ounce cup and a 24-ounce cup, each with a lid, and more are available in case everyone in the family needs their own. For easy cleaning, the removable parts are all dishwasher safe, so this is as easy to care for as it is to use.

While we highly recommend the Nutri Ninja Pro, if you’re interested in the newest blending technology, you may want to check out the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro with Auto-iQ . Ninja’s line of Auto-iQ blenders features preset buttons, with unique pausing and pulsing patterns designed to deliver perfectly blended drinks at the press of a button. This model features one preset for crushing and one for smoothies. It also features an increased 1,100 watts of power compared to our pick’s 900. It also comes with two cups, but both hold 24 ounces.

You Can Use A Broken Blender To Make A Unique Bedside Lamp

This will require a little creativity and some modification from your side. At least, you need to know how to take the blender apart. Once you have disassembled it, you need to take away all the unnecessary parts like the motor and its assembly.

You will need simple electrical parts like a bulb holder and a switch. Once you have put these in place, you can decorate the pitcher to depict any art of your liking. There you go. You have a unique lamp that you can keep as a family heirloom.

This is one of the best ways to reduce waste from choking our environment. You will feel more accomplished for doing something creative. Doing such a project with your family is one way of spending quality time doing fun stuff at no extra cost. You can check out this project for some inspiration.

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Braun Multiquick 5 Vario Hand Blender Mq5025

Best budget hand blender

Reasons to avoid

While its less than half the price of our winning hand blender, the Braun MQ5025 still comes with a chopper attachment, a whisk and a 600ml beaker in addition to the main blender head. It offers 21 speeds to choose from, as well as a turbo setting, and features dishwasher safe attachments, meaning its quick to clean up after.

The speed is controlled via the dial on the top of the device so you can puree to a smooth paste or leave more texture when you blend. While it doesnt come with a storage case, this hand blender is a bargain considering all of the attachments it comes with. Its a great choice whether youre pureeing baby food or whisking egg whites.

Is A Smoothie Maker The Same As A Blender

Best Blender For Green Smoothies 2017  Reviews &  Buyers Guide

The main difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that smoothie makers also known as “personal blenders” are designed to make smaller portions at a time, which can help cut down on food waste.

Their main function is to whizz up smoothies, which you can easily drink on the go thanks to the smoothie maker’s jug transforming into a cup simply attach the lid and youre ready to go. Smoothie makers also require less cleaning, take up less space, and tend to be less powerful than blenders, due to their compact size.

Blenders, on the other hand, are larger and can tackle more kitchen tasks, including puréeing vegetables for soups and sauces and crushing ice. They typically come with more power and speed settings, too. Read our blenders guide for specific recommendations.

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Blendtec Total Classic Best Personal Blender

Blendtec is a family-owned company that engineers and assembles products in the USA. The Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender has a powerful engine that can blend any fruits and vegetables you throw into it.

The square jar design makes it easy to use, easy to pour, and clean. Using the preset modes, you can set your desired blend mode, and the blender will automatically select the correct speed for blending.

Although its a bit noisy, just like any other blender, it has amazing speed and power. In addition to its awesome build quality, the patented square-shaped jar pulls all the ingredients into the blade for better blending and mixing.

Blendtec is also the company behind one-touch blending technology, and this blender has that iconic feature. One thing I really like about this blender is the blade. They arent sharp but blunt and ideal for pulverizing thick ingredients.

What Is Vacuum Blending

Some smoothie makers are equipped with vacuum blending technology, which claims to lock in vitamins, preserve nutrients and give your creations an all-round better blend and taste.

You’ll notice your smoothie will look brighter, be lighter in texture and taste better than a regular blend of the same recipe, even several hours later. During testing, we also found the ingredients didn’t separate or form a thick, frothy layer, which regular machines tend to do after a few hours.

Vacuum blending technology, such as the in the Tefal Freshboost Vacuum BL181D65, does come at a higher price, but we think it’s well worth the investment.

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Blender Care And Maintenance

If you find that your blender is having a difficult time processing ingredients, dont be afraid to be aggressive with the tamper to get the mixture moving around the blades. Also, make sure the blender jar is at least 25% full. Although high speeds will help process smoother mixtures, a lower speed may also help ingredients start circulating if they just arent moving. When youre following a recipe, its also good to add ingredients in the order listed blender recipe books tend to be specific with the order .

To limit the risk of hot liquids shooting out the top of a blending jar, always start on a low setting and slowly increase the speed . Never fill the jar past the hot-liquid fill line. And for good measure, to limit the risk of the lid popping off, place a dish towel over the lid, with your hand firmly holding the lid down, while you blend.

Hand wash the blending jar with warm, soapy water rather than running it through the dishwasher. This will help extend the life of the jar. In our own testing, we found that the best way to clean a blender jar is to use a bottle brush or a scrub brush processing water and a little soap in the blender jar will help loosen up tough ingredients such as peanut butter, and the brush should do the rest.

The Best Rechargeable Blender: Popbabies Personal Blender

Blender | How To Make a Smoothie (Ninja® Professional Plus DUO®)

The last blender on our list is the PopBabies Personal Blender which is perfect for anyone who likes to blend on the go, travel with their smoothies, or just does not have the option or luxury of blending their drinks at home. It comes at a very affordable price, in fact, it’s the cheapest blender on our list.

The blender has the same pod-style design as the Nutribullet Pro and has most of the same capabilities and limitations in terms of what it can do. The container is much smaller than the Nutribullet Pro at 14 ounces which makes it perfect for one person who is constantly on the go. The blender was originally designed for mothers to make baby food or vegetable purees but was soon realized that it was able to make a rich creamy smoothie as well.

Reason #1 to Choose The PopBabies Blender: Battery Operated

The main reason this product is better than the Nutribullet Pro is the fact that it can be used anywhere you want without the use of electricity. The PopBabies blender is a compact blender that operates off of sustained battery power. The motor is only 200 watts but since the container is so small it is still able to create smooth drinks and purees with ease. The motor base can be recharged using a small USB cord and will also operate while it is actively charging. So if you wanted, it will still be able to use electricity like any other blender while reserving the battery power.

Reason #2 to Choose The PopBabies Blender: Space Saving

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