Really Good Blender For Smoothies

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How To Find The Best Blender

How to make a Banana Smoothie THAT ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD | With my Ninja Blender

1. Power

Not everyone needs the most powerful blender, but if you want something that can crush ice and blitz out leafy greens, the higher the wattage, the better.

We listed the power for all of our best blender picks, so if it’s a case of the more powerful, the better, just take a look at our top 5 entries.

2. Size

When you buy a big blender, make sure you have the space to store it when not in use. Many like to leave their blender on the kitchen counter between uses, but if you want to store your blender in a cupboard or on a shelf, it’s worth checking that the blender is light enough to be lifted easily, and that it isn’t too tall for your intended space.

3. Attachments

Blender food processor combos are perfect for cutting down your appliances and having two in one space.

If you do already have a food processor, buying a blender food processor could be an unnecessary expense.

Will I Use It Often

If youre purchasing a blender with the goal of making smoothies daily, then its important to get a blender with a strong motor thatll hold up to a lot of usages. Just like any appliance, the more you use it the more wear and tear it will get. Also, just like everything else the higher the quality, the longer itll last.

Now, if youre not sure how often youll make a smoothie or dont foresee using it all the time, then you might not need something with a strong motor.

Braun Multiquick 5 Vario Hand Blender Mq5025

Best budget hand blender

Reasons to avoid

While its less than half the price of our winning hand blender, the Braun MQ5025 still comes with a chopper attachment, a whisk and a 600ml beaker in addition to the main blender head. It offers 21 speeds to choose from, as well as a turbo setting, and features dishwasher safe attachments, meaning its quick to clean up after.

The speed is controlled via the dial on the top of the device so you can puree to a smooth paste or leave more texture when you blend. While it doesnt come with a storage case, this hand blender is a bargain considering all of the attachments it comes with. Its a great choice whether youre pureeing baby food or whisking egg whites.

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What To Look For When Buying A Blender

Blenders got their start in the 1920s in soda fountains and made their way into home kitchens in the 1930s, which allowed home cooks to make their favorite malts and milkshakes at home. Today, blenders still fill that role, whether those drinks are sweet indulgences or fiber-rich smoothies. However, blenders have become much more useful as people have discovered that the power of a spinning blade can be used for making dressings, sauces, crepe batter, and much more. Many blenders are also powerful enough to grind nuts, grains, coffee, and spices. High-speed blenders have even more functions, including the ability to heat soups and make custards. Some can knead dough, too.

Blenders typically have a relatively heavy base unit with a motor that powers a blade at the bottom of the blender jar. There are many different designs of blender jars and blades. Some jars have a non-removable bottom with a permanent blade, some have a removable blade with a non-removable bottom, and some have a bottom and blade assembly that detaches from the jar. No matter what the configuration is, the motor spins the blade inside the jar, which chops, blends, or purees the food.

Stick blenders take a completely different approach since the small blade is at the bottom of a long shaft that includes the motor. These can be used in just about any container, including jars, mixing bowls, and cooking pots.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Top 10 Best Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies in 2020

We know that for many people, the biggest issue with the Vitamix 5200 is its steep price. At around $400 or so, its at least twice the price of our runner-up, the Oster Versa Pro Series Blender. In the past, weve even made the Oster our top pick because of its comparatively affordable price. But after years of testing the Vitamix and using it in our test kitchen, we think its truly worth the investment. Its more durable and all-around more effective than any other blender weve found, and if you plan on using a blender regularly, it will make your life a lot easier. Plus, consider the cost of buying a smoothie rather than making it at home: A morning smoothie can run from about $5 to $13, so in two to four months you will have paid the same amount as for a 5200. A Vitamix, by contrast, will last you at least seven years .

At more than 20 inches tall, the Vitamix 5200 is a big appliancetoo big to fit under some kitchen cabinets. But none of the other high-powered blenders we tested were much smaller. Though the Oster is a couple of inches shorter, it also has a beefier base. If size is an issue for you, Vitamix makes other lines of blenders that have a shorter profile. But weve found that the tall, narrow shape of the 5200s blending jar is one of the components that help this machine create such an effective vortex.

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Best Blenders For 2021

MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand Blender MQ5025

The best blenders are fast, powerful and convenient to use. A good blender should liquify your ingredients to a smooth consistency. These arent to be confused with food processors food processors handle solids, while blenders produce liquid-based recipes, such as smoothies, soups and sauces. It should be easy to program, effective, stable and quick to clean too.

There are different types of blender available, depending on your needs. Your basic jug blender comes with a pitcher and can handle all sorts of jobs, from blending to crushing. While the smaller personal blender is designed specifically for smoothie blending. Lastly, handheld blenders are handheld immersion blenders, which are great for sauces and pureeing. Stuck for choice? Weve rounded up the best blenders out there to help you decide.

Do I Need To Buy A Premium Blender

If you want to have a deliciously smooth green smoothie at home then, unfortunately, yes you do. On the whole cheaper blenders just cant handle green smoothies, or if they can at the start they quickly wear out and your smoothie gradually gets more grainy until you start to find lumps in it and then 6 months later youre ready to buy a new blender again. Not worth it. So Save up if you have to but it is absolutely worth getting a premium blender like the Vitamix or the Blendtec.

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Instant Ace Plus Cooking & Beverage Blender

Leave it to Instant Pot to give us an affordable blender that cooks your food while blending it. Instant Pot’s Ace blender has four cold blending programs and four hot blending programs. Which means you whip up soups, smoothies and, or sauces. And baby food. And margaritas. And nut butters. After you make your favorite tomato soup, it automatically warms for it up for two hours.

What Are Some Great Smoothie Recipes

Best Blenders in 2020 [Top 5 Picks For Smoothies, Protein Shakes & Juices]

Alright, now that youre fully versed on how to make a great smoothie, let me share with you some of our absolute favorite combos! Click on any image to jump over to that specific smoothie recipe.

Classic Simple Smoothies

These smoothies are a great place to start. No weird ingredients that you have to special order, just fresh, real food that you can find at any typical supermarket.

Wild Blueberry Lemon No Banana Smoothie

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How To Choose The Best Blender For You

When shopping for a new blender, you’ll want to take several factors into account, from the type of blender and specific features you need to the size of the blender and the counterspace you have available.

  • All-Purpose/Conventional blenders are the most wallet-friendly. While theyll easily handle milkshakes and smoothies, depending on blade design and wattage, they can leave drinks a little chunky.
  • Premium/High-Performance blenders have better-quality parts and give super smooth results. They can turn raw vegetables into soup, ice and cream into frozen desserts, and nuts into butter. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $700.
  • Personal/Smoothie blenders are perfect for fruit smoothies, milkshakes and powdered drinks. The mixing container doubles as a travel jar, so they’re excellent for athletes and commuters alike. They’re also smaller than conventional and premium blenders.
  • Immersion/Stick/Handheld blenders are meant to be submerged directly into the food/drink you’re preparing: soups, purees, foams, marinades and more. When youre making gravy or a soup like vichyssoise, you can puree the ingredients right in the pot you dont have to transfer the ingredients into the blender jar in batches.

Pro tip: Measure the vertical space between your countertop and cabinets before purchasing a full-size blender ideally, it should be able to slide under the cabinet when not in use. Eighteen inches of clearance is enough room for most models.

Best Blender For Green Smoothies Ninja Professional

The Ninja Blender is my second go to recommendation. Its a great all around blender, and you can make green smoothies in it. But you have to use microgreens and baby spinach for best results.

I like the Ninja blender, and I have blended up greens in it. While it does not work as well as a Vitamix, in my opinion, itsa viable option if you dont have the budget for a vitamix right now.

Ive even used the Ninja blender to blend up parsley,which is a very tough green, so it is capable. Just not the number one pick.

Id consider this a good entry level blender. This blender would be for the people who are not sure that theyll end up making smoothies consistently and want to ensure that they are not going to waste money for something that they dont end up using. If you buy this blender and end up not using it that much because you simply arent into making smoothies for some reason after a few weeks, then youve not spent much money.

And, if you decide that you do want to move up in year, then you can always get the more expensive BlendTec or Vitamix.

Even though Ive listed this as #2, its not a good pick if you want to use regular Kale or Spinach. You have to use microgreens and baby kale/spinach

  • Not Great At Blending Leafy Greens
  • Not Great At Kale and Spinach
  • Not Great for Blending Carrots or Hard Vegetables
  • Not Great Customer Support

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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

If you are looking for a great blender that easily gets you your green smoothies then the Vitamix Pro 750 should be your best choice because the blender comes with five pre-programmed settings and an adjustable speed dial that allows you to take control of the consistency of the smoothies throughout the procedure.

This makes it the best inexpensive blender for smoothies. The size of the jar allows you to make large batches in a single go without having to worry about the cleanup process.

Other Personal Blenders We Tried

Best Blenders For Smoothies

The Nutribullet Pro 1000 is highly powered it’s name is appropriate considering the 1000 watts its packing. It comes with two different-size cups and two lids, plus a suction-cupped bottom that keeps your blender steady even as the motor powers through tough ingredients. We werent sold on the twist-to-blend technique, and we found the smoothie it made rather chunky, but it was quick to create a very smooth pesto.

The Beast Blender is a looker, no doubt about it. Far and away the most stylish blender we tested, we valued the large 1000 mL vessel for big batch smoothies and the handy lid with hook for easy transporting. It made a very smooth smoothie and pesto and would be great for anyone not looking to venture far beyond their kitchen with their blended foods the only downside was that the vessel was a little heavy and hard to drink from, which would make it difficult to take on the go.

The Magic Bullet is the classic name in the personal blender space, but its long been eclipsed by better-designed and higher-powered alternatives. With only 250 watts, it took a long time to blend the smoothie and still left a lot of larger chunks all the extra cups, lids, and rings it came with didnt outweigh its shortcomings.

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The Best Personal Blender: Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender

The king of all the personal blenders we tried, the Zwilling Enfinigy is stylish, slimly designed, and high-powered. With 500 watts of power, it blew away the competition and provided the best small-scale blending and drinking experiences. For smaller space constraints, daily grab-and-go smoothie making, and smaller batches of sauces and dips, its the best personal blender you can buy.

The Zwilling Enfinigy made a very smooth smoothie extremely quickly. We used the smoothie setting on the base, the only special feature it offers, which we found successful . Using the regular press-to-blend setting, it also yielded a superlative pesto the sauce was quite silky and well-emulsified, such that the oil didnt separate even long after it sat.

We found the 550 mL jar the ideal size for single-serving smoothies and sauces. The cup and lid are well designed and easy to carry and drink from, which delivers on the personal blender promise. All pieces except the blade lid and base are dishwasher safe, but even if you have to clean by hand, the Zwilling Enfinigy is simple to wash between uses. Its definitely worth the $100 price tag, especially as it out-performed even some of the full-size models on our list and features a three-year warranty.

Blender Care And Maintenance

If you find that your blender is having a difficult time processing ingredients, dont be afraid to be aggressive with the tamper to get the mixture moving around the blades. Also, make sure the blender jar is at least 25% full. Although high speeds will help process smoother mixtures, a lower speed may also help ingredients start circulating if they just arent moving. When youre following a recipe, its also good to add ingredients in the order listed blender recipe books tend to be specific with the order .

To limit the risk of hot liquids shooting out the top of a blending jar, always start on a low setting and slowly increase the speed . Never fill the jar past the hot-liquid fill line. And for good measure, to limit the risk of the lid popping off, place a dish towel over the lid, with your hand firmly holding the lid down, while you blend.

Hand wash the blending jar with warm, soapy water rather than running it through the dishwasher. This will help extend the life of the jar. In our own testing, we found that the best way to clean a blender jar is to use a bottle brush or a scrub brush processing water and a little soap in the blender jar will help loosen up tough ingredients such as peanut butter, and the brush should do the rest.

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What To Look Forward To

Were continuing to test more blenders, including the Nutribullet Smart Touch, the second-generation model of the three-speed Nutribullet Full Size blender that we mention in the Other good blenders section. Compared with its predecessor, the Smart Touch has extra features including four blending programs and a digital display. Were also testing the Vitamix Ascent 3500the most expensive and feature-packed model Vitamix offers. The Ascent 3500 has five blending programs, touchscreen controls, and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you choose from more blending options via an app on your phone .

Are These Good For All Vegetable Smoothies

Best Blender for Smoothies 2020 – Vitamix vs Ninja

Yes! Greens are the toughest thing to blend so if it handles greens it can handle all the other vegetables too. Even hard vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes get blended up really easily in the blenders Ive talked about above. And the same goes for fruit too, if it can handle vegetables it can definitely handle making a fruit smoothies.

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Ninja Smart Screen Blender

This brilliant blender allows you to toggle between pre-set programs to make whatever you want, without giving it much thought, making for one seamless blending experience. You can set it to make a smoothie, a cocktail, ice cream, or just to puree something. It’s durable and for all these reasons, it’s Amazon’s top seller.

The Best Blender For Smoothies

If youve made a green smoothie only to find a few surprising lumps of spinach floating around, youre not alone.

Its happened to most of us before and it can turn off smoothie newbies forever. Seriously, who wants to have to start chewing their drink?

The good news is that the chunky kale at the bottom of your glass is preventable.

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Also Great: Cleanblend Blender

*At the time of publishing, the price was $180.

If youre willing to take a chance on a shorter warranty from a newer company, the 1,800-watt Cleanblend Blender costs about the same as the Oster Versa and produces finer purees. In our tests, it blended silkier smoothies and piña coladas than many blenders that cost more than twice as much. This model comes with a durable Tritan-plastic jar and a tamper for you to help move thick mixtures while its blending. The Cleanblend doesnt have any preset buttons, and its variable speeds arent as nuanced as those of the Vitamix, but its interface is simple and intuitive to use. Judging from our long-term testing, the Cleanblends motor is durable and able to handle tough jobs like nut butter better than the Oster. Its also backed by a complete five-year warranty.

The Cleanblend made some of the smoothest smoothies in our tests, performing better than the Oster and even the Vitamix in that regard. When we strained the Cleanblends kale and berry smoothie, barely any raspberry seeds remained in our fine-mesh sieve the only blender that did better was the Blendtec. The Cleanblend also came in second, behind the Blendtec, in blending a silky-smooth piña colada. Were talking restaurant-worthy blended drinks here.

The Cleanblend made some of the smoothest smoothies in our tests.

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