What Is The Best Small Blender For Smoothies

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Which Blender Is Best For Smoothies

7 Best Mini Blender for Smoothies

If youre looking for the best blender to make smoothies in, wed recommend opting for a dedicated smoothie maker rather than a jug or immersion blender. As weve already mentioned above, these feature a canister that the blade assembly screws on to, before being attached to the base. Once blending is complete, the blade assembly can be switched for a to-go lid that includes a spout, letting you sup on the drink without having to decant it first. Our pick is the Ninja Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker QB3001 as it strikes the right balance between price and the ability to blitz fresh produce into a smooth, grit-free drink.

However, theres no way to add liquid during blending, so it cant be used to emulsify ingredients such as when making mayonnaise. In this case, we recommend the Breville the Super Q, as it comes with a pitcher so liquid can be added during blending. Its also powerful enough to crush ice and pulverize nuts, as well as coming with a travel cup for smoothies – although you will need to decant the drink from the jug into the cup.

Buyers Guide To Choose The Best Hand Blender For Smoothies

What need to be considered before buying a hand blender for smoothies:

  • Motor power: The engine is a very essential part of any hand blender. So, before buying any hand blender, you have to be sure about the power of the hand blender. You should know that to handle almost all ingredients, a powerful motor is always needed for a hand blender.
  • Blending controls number: The blenders that have different controls are easier to operate. A hand blender having fewer blending controls will not be able to blend any ingredient with your desired consistency. So, always try to buy a hand blender with different speed buttons so that all ingredients can be blended with the right consistency.
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning is not always an easy task. If almost all parts of any hand blender are detachable then those are easier to clean and can also be washed in the dishwasher. So, try to buy such a hand blender of which all important parts are detachable and dishwasher safe too.

Durable Enough For The Daily Grind

You want to be confident that your blender wont burn out midblend. Its a real bummer if your first meal of the day is thwarted by an inferior appliance. A cheap blender can prematurely burn out after making one thick smoothie, let alone a few batches in a row. The Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, is a durable machine that can power through many rounds of smoothies, so no ones left holding an empty cup. In our tests, we made five batches of smoothies in a row in the 5200 without detecting any motor strain, whereas other blenders overheated after two or three.

Kalee Thompson, senior editor for Wirecutter, uses her Vitamix regularly and hasnt had any issues with the motor burning out. It’s great. bought it, and I thought it was ridiculously expensive. But it’s worth it, in my opinion. I keep it on my counter and use it several times a week to make smoothies with greens or celery mixed in with the yummier stuff. It generally just works.

Ive also used Vitamix blenders for many years, both at home and in restaurant kitchens. At one particular job, every day I had to make a flavor-rich lovage oil that involved pureeing a case of herbs into a smooth green paste. Never once did that Vitamix burn out or leave me hanging.

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How To Work A Blender For Smoothies

Even if youve never used a professional blender and never read blender for smoothies reviews before, it shouldnt take a long time before getting familiar with its main functions and controls. Generally, the ingredients of your smoothie will go inside the blenders cup or jar, after which you will need to adjust the settings based on the textures you prefer more and hit Start.

Small Blender For Shakes And Smoothiesimurz Smoothie Blender For Fruit Vegetables Drinks 300w Powerful Personal Blender With 2 Tritan Bpa

Portable Blender, G
  • Powerful And Compact Mini BlenderThe personal blender has a 300W motor and a 4-blade stainless steel knife, which can achieve ultra-fine mixing in a short time. It is very suitable for making fruit and vegetable smoothies, fruit yogurt and other foods.
  • High-Quality BlenderThis portable blender is made of commonly used tritan material, with a silicone sealing ring inside and a cover plate outside. The sealing cover adopts a double-layer leak-proof and dust-proof design. Dont worry about spilling when the bottle is placed in a pocket or upside down.
  • Easy To Operate And Save TimeSimple one click operation to start or close the mini personal blender. Even busy people can get a fresh and healthy drink without spending too much time.
  • Easy To Clean, Safe And ReliableThe cups of this milkshake blender are cleaned by squeezing juice, which is convenient and efficient. This single-serve blender will only work when the bottle is correctly installed in the locked position. The cup is detachable and it is clean enough after flushing. The power base is suspended, heat dissipation is fast, and it is easy to move.
  • The Best GiftsPerfect to give away to your family, friends, wife. Making delicious fruit and vegetable shakes at home will become more fun.Blender has one year free warranty, if you have problem with the product,contate us at any time. We are always at your service.

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Ninja Foodi Smoothie Bowl Maker And Nutrient Extractor

The best blender for making smoothie bowls


If you’re someone who’s constantly trying to prove how smoothies are good for you by making up smoothie bowls for breakfast in the morning, then this one’s for you. In the last decade or so, smoothie bowls have become a big healthy breakfast trendhence the Ninja Smoothie Bowl Maker was born. This particular model from the popular brand is specifically designed to make smoothie bowls and comes with a personal bowl attachment for convenience and so that you can get your quantities exactly right. You can also make spreads and nut butters, as the different programmes on the machine allow you to blend up your ingredients into a smooth liquid or a thick paste, so you can make the most out of your appliance.

Also Great Under $: Sboly

A real contender for besting our under $30 pick, the Black + Decker Fusion Blade is the Sboly personal blender. Its just a couple of books more than the Black + Decker, but it has slightly more power and blended our smoothie in a mere 10 seconds.

Dimension-wise, the Sboly is virtually identical to the Fusion Blade, but the big difference is that the jar is made from Tritan, a BPA-free plastic that resembles glass, but it doesnt shatter and holds up its appearance after frequent dishwashings. The only downside is that the jars 2-¼ inch mouth prevented us from simply adding ingredients directly from a measuring cup. Still, the Sboly is a solidly built personal blender thats worth your consideration.

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What Is Vacuum Blending

Some smoothie makers are equipped with vacuum blending technology, which claims to lock in vitamins, preserve nutrients and give your creations an all-round better blend and taste.

You’ll notice your smoothie will look brighter, be lighter in texture and taste better than a regular blend of the same recipe, even several hours later. During testing, we also found the ingredients didn’t separate or form a thick, frothy layer, which regular machines tend to do after a few hours.

Vacuum blending technology, such as the in the Tefal Freshboost Vacuum BL181D65, does come at a higher price, but we think it’s well worth the investment.

Portable Blender Tips: Bring An Extra Cup

7 Best Blender for Making Smoothies

If youve already got a blender, but want on-the-go convenience, it makes sense to see if theres a single-serve cup upgrade for your existing model.

These replace the regular blending jug with a smaller cup and blades, so you can mix your drink, stick on the lid and take your smoothie with you.

The advantages of this method are that you get the full power of your main blender, so can tackle harder fruits and vegetables, and even ice, and you dont add another blender base into your home.

The main downside is that a smaller cup doesnt make your main blender any easy to carry around, so these options arent very good if you need a blender to travel with.

Watch out for pricing as well. For example, if you take our top-recommend blenders, the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter for the Vitamix 5200 costs more than most travel blenders on this list. Conversely, KitchenAid sells the 16oz Personal Blender Jar for $39.99, which fits the excellent K400.

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Who Should Buy A Personal Blender

A personal blender is a convenience item for the dedicated smoothie lover whos short on time in the morning. If you want to quickly make a morning smoothie and run out the door without having to wash a blender pitcher and lid, a personal blender is for you.

Even if youre not drinking smoothies daily, or youre happy with your full-sized blender, a personal blender can do small batches of sauces and dressings with less cleanup. Think of a personal blender as a complement to your regular blender, the way a mini chopper is to a food processor.

Personal blenders are good for small jobs like smoothies, but their motors arent as powerful as the ones found in our picks for full-size blender. This means youll need to use more liquid and cut fruit smaller. Personal blenders also arent made for crushing large chunks of ice or blending hot liquids. If you want an all-around kitchen workhorse that can puree soups, sauces, and make multiple rounds of frozen margaritas, you should consider getting a full-size blender.

Buyers Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Blender For Smoothies

With such a wide variety of models and features to choose from, and decide between, we understand how hard it may be to form an adequate opinion and reach a good decision just by reading a review. So weve not only compiled the Top 10 blender for smoothies reviews, but also decided to include a detailed buyers guide, to help you understand what the best smoothie maker should be all about.

From the special features of advanced models such as the Vitamix blender to the simpler versions of 2021, we will walk breakdown everything you need to know about the top blenders of the moment:

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How To Clean A Blender

Staying on top of cleaning your blender is key if you want it to last as long as possible and if you want to avoid any nasty odors building up. Many blending jugs can be placed inside the dishwasher but you can also clean them by adding warm water and dish soap to the blending jug, placing the lid on, and blending up the soapy solution.

If youre struggling to get rid of any stubborn stains, create your own cleaning paste using 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. You can add this solution to the stains by using a clean scrubbing brush or a clean toothbrush.

Why You Should Trust Us

10 Best Blenders For Smoothies 2017

Ive been cooking professionally for almost 20 years, and Ive been testing blenders and hand blenders at Wirecutter for three years. For this guide, we brought Matt Shook, founder of Juiceland, into our test kitchen to get his hands-on opinion, and we interviewed superfood chef , who uses both a full-size and personal blender for home and work. We also scoured editorial reviews from sources like Americas Test Kitchen and Consumer Reports and read many customer reviews.

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Can I Use A Normal Blender To Make Smoothies

This strongly depends on the power of your blender and the type of veggies and fruits you add in it. Another thing to consider is the state of the items you put inside. Normal blenders may not be able to chop frozen fruits and veggies as precise as an advanced model. You should mostly use a normal blender for juicing.

Will A Personal Blender Crush Ice

It definitely will, Gorin assures. Some high-speed blenders even have a frozen drink setting. But be sure to pulse on this setting, being mindful of the power buttons sensitivity, to crush ice to your desired consistency. If you overdo it, youll have a watery mess rather than a thick frozen treat.

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Best Blenders For Making Smoothies

A handful of blenders from CR’s tests stand out for blending the smoothest smoothies

When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

Making your own smoothies is an easy way to front-load your day with fruits and vegetables. But with a blender thats not up to the task, you might be left with chunks of frozen strawberries or stringy kale leaves. No thanks.

In CRs lab, we put each blender through a battery of tests, including two that evaluate a blenders ability to make smooth smoothies. In our icy-drinks tests, we make batches of nonalcoholic piña coladas and use sieves of various mesh sizes to evaluate smoothness and thickness. If a blender rates Excellent in this test, you can expect a smooth, consistent texture, especially when blending strawberries, bananas, and other soft ingredients, says Cindy Fisher, CRs chief blender tester. A rating of Very Good means there are tiny bits in the mix.

Below, we review seven full-sized blenders that will serve up terrific smoothies. They all ace our icy-drinks test, and some even earn an Excellent rating for puréeinga rare achievement among the models weve tested. You can also see our guide to the best and worst blender brands , and CR members can delve more deeply into our complete blender ratings for all of the details. Lastly, be sure to visit our blender buying guide as you shop.

Ninja Bl770 Smoothie Blender Best Overall

Top 10 Best Portable Blender Reviews || Best Personal Blender || Best Small Blender

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is our choice as the best smoothie blender overall. This blender has a powerful 1500-watt motor capable of crushing ice and frozen fruit and vegetables.

The Mega Kitchen has an extra-large 72-ounce pitcher and an additional 64-ounce processor bowl. The stacked and offset blades this unit provides do a much better job blending than a blender with a single blade at the bottom. You can choose from four clearly labeled speeds on the front panel, and it also has a pulse setting and an easy-pour lid.

It comes with two 16-ounce smoothie cups to take your creations on the road, and cleanup is easy with removable blades and a soft press front panel.

The only downside to the Mega Kitchen is there is no hole at the top to add ingredients while you blend. With that being said, we still think this is the best blender for making smoothies out there.

  • No hole in the lid to add ingredients

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Epica Personal Blender Review

Epica is a newer kitchen appliance brand and their compact blender model was introduced in 2016. It offers a 250 watt motor with powerful 23,000 rpm. Nice 2 year warranty. Small 5.25 footprint.

Positives: Decent power and a nice design look for this low price point. Generally good reviews and simple to use. Demonstration video of Epica blender provides perspective on its size.

Negatives: A less known brand that isnt widely sold except on Amazon. At these low price points, I put more weighting into how long a blender has been on the market to make sure they have had a enough time for users to comment on its reliability.

There are a couple complaints about the blender failing within the first year that are worth reviewing but overall the reviews are positive.

Overall Opinion: The Epica has some a nice clean design for the low price and competes well with other blenders at this price point. I would go with the more reputable Oster MyBlend versus the Epica since they have similar design, power, size, features and price.

Blendjet Portable Blender Best Usb Blender Bottle

Blendjet 2 Personal Blender view at Blendjet

  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 13 ounces

The Blendjet one portable blender blends 8-12 beverages per charge , and the 6 stainless steel blades are so powerful that they can crush ice.

The strong 5V motor wont overheat thanks to the built-in safety feature that keeps it from heating, and it comes with a strainer that filters out the extra pulp, and a convenient carrying strap.

The newest model, the Blendjet 2, has a larger, 16-ounce capacity, blends 20 beverages per charge, and is now water-resistant .

  • Quieter than the original version


  • The motor lacks some power
  • The container is relatively small which limits what you can make

Price best price and warranty is at Blendjet

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Top 3 Blenders For Smoothies

These are the top best blenders to make smoothies in 2022:

  • Best overall blender for smoothies: Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Peak Hurricane Pro Blender.
  • Budget friendly high-power blender for smoothies and ice: CleanBlend Classic Blender for Shakes and Smoothies.
  • Best personal single serve blender: NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System.

We took real consumer reviews of smoothie makers and tested different blenders from popular food mixers and blenders brands such as Ninja, Cuisinart, Vitamix, NutriBullet and CleanlBend. After series of personal, single serve and high-power blender reviews, we have shortlisted the best blenders for smoothies.

Here then is a reviewed list of the best blenders for smoothies:

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