10 Day Green Smoothie Diet

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The 21 Day Smoothie Diet

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The 21 Day Smoothie Diet is an easy-to-follow, scrumptious, strategy to lose weight and enhance your health.

This smoothie diet works by providing your body just what it needs to be successful. Given that the diet stresses a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in every meal or treat , you need to be much better able to deal with hunger and food yearnings throughout the day.

The macronutrient balance of a diet is the ratio of calories stemmed from protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Different theories have actually been advanced to attend to the controversy on what the suitable balance must be. Nevertheless, the 21 Day Smoothie Diet provides its own program around this principle so you put ont need to think of it.

Following a tried and evaluated diet smoothie routine is suggested over simply attempting to take a crack at blending different ingredients yourself. The dishes in the 21 Day Smoothie Diet have been developed by Drew, who is a professional health coach. He has helped hundreds of individuals lose weight, even when they thought they had attempted whatever and will quit.

In just 3 weeks, Drew intends to help you to make obvious changes by following his basic to utilize, delicious system.

If you understand its time to make a change in your life, and you want to see a noticeable, healthy modification in your body then you can provide the 21 Day Smoothie Diet a shot today.

Apple Pie Green Smoothie

This is a really healthy vegetable smoothie recipe that has a very unique taste thanks to the apple pie spices and vanilla. Its one of my favorites to make in the Fall to remind me of apple pie.

Apples are high in fiber, vitamin C and various antioxidants. They are also very filling, with a relatively low calorie content. Studies show that eating apples can have a lot of health benefits .

Scrub Yourself Clean Green Smoothie

This is one of my favorite recipes for a detox smoothie flush. Not only does it taste really delicious, but it also helps boost your metabolism, too!

Broccoli is an extremely healthy vegetable, often referred to as a super veggie. Its high in many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, potassium and iron. Broccoli also contains more protein than most other vegetables, which gives you an extra metabolic boost .

This green smoothie detox recipe is great for someone whos new to smoothie recipes for weight loss. The flavors are mild, and the nutrition is high.

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Word On The Street About The 10

To be fair and balanced, I had to find a couple of raving and a couple of real naysayers on Amazon, like verified and badge-wearing Amazon user Knitting Ninja , who says,

Found one. Kolleen Kholus says to Proceed with caution. Kristen , who was a little bit critical, was also sort of a fan: At Walmart.com, there were 56 reviews and an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. These folks loved the cleanse. The great thing is the vast majority of the 178 thoughtfully-written reviews were from people who read the book and did the cleanse. Real people like Michele : Esmeralda Luv says,

Buy The Book And Choose Your Cleanse:

10 Day Greene Smoothie Cleanse

You must take this step as you cannot succeed without it! J.J. Smiths book provides so much helpful information on how the detox works, answers a lot of questions you may have, and is chocked full of recipes, testimonials, & tips!

This is where you will get your green smoothie recipes from. It is very important that you follow the recipes exactly if you are a newbie!!!

Do not attempt to bumble through google and try and figure it out. It will not work. I have personally seen people try this and fail.

You can get the book in as little as one day through Amazon.

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Sweetie Pea Green Smoothie

This Sweetie Pea Green Smoothie is one of my favorite green smoothies recipes when I want to change up my greens. It tastes amazing and is full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Peas are very good for you. Due to their high fiber and protein content, they are very filling. This may reduce how much food you eat and can lead to weight loss in the long term .

Who Can Use The Smoothie Diet

Anyone that has been wanting to lose a few pounds can use the program. Its also for people who want to begin living with a healthy diet. If youre too busy, this is a great way to lose weight while staying healthy, without consuming too much of your time for the day.

The plan can help anyone fix their diet in addition to reducing the problems within their lifestyle. It helps reverse the negative effects of consuming processed food.

The smoothies are also full of fiber and rich in plant-based proteins, The smoothies contain plant-based protein, fiber, sugar from fruits, and carbohydrates. They can help curb your cravings for unhealthy food.

When following the program, anybody with food allergies should be cautious. Make sure to check the ingredient list first before proceeding. As mentioned before, if you have health conditions, or under medication, or if youre restricted to consume certain foods, consult with your doctor, dietician, or nutrition expert first to prevent any bad reactions. Green Smoothie Diet 10 Day

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How Does This Work

The program requires you to do a 3-day detox prior to starting with the 21-day weight loss journey.

Your first two meals will be needed to be replaced with smoothies for 21 days. Your 3rd meal should also contain low calories. The book provides you the recipe you will need for that day. You will repeat this routine for 3 weeks. But dont worry about crashing though, the program allots you 1 cheat day per week. And while it concentrates on smoothies, there is a list of the food you can eat and enjoy here. Green Smoothie Diet 10 Day

Are There Any Side Effects


The program only lasts for 21 days for a good reason.

The main ingredients that the smoothies will contain would be vegetables and fruits. If you keep doing this program for several months, you might suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

Theres also the possibility that your energy level will decrease since this is a liquid diet. Going through a drastic change in your diet can result in nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, and even problems with your concentration.

Liquid diets may also decrease your muscles, and it may cause to develop digestive issues and gallstones if you do this for more than 1 month.

It can also make you crash you might end up withdrawing and eating more unhealthy food.

Although you may continue with the program after 21 days, Drew advises to not go beyond 1 month. Although the ingredients in these recipes are nutritious and healthy, but these alone wont be enough to sustain your body in the long run. You would eventually have to return to eating solid food. This program might not be intended to be used for many months. Still, the habits you gained should help you from returning to your unhealthy lifestyle.

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Health Advantages Associated With Drinking Smoothies Weight Loss On 10 Day Green Smoothie Diet

Smoothies that are prepared utilizing fresh vegetables and fruit include vitamins, antioxidants, and other various nutrients which help to improve the body immune system.

You can make sure that you get a daily dose of iron by drinking a smoothie that consists of spinach. You can also enhance the health condition of your nervous systems, kidneys, and heart by preparing a smoothie using bananas.

Additionally including blueberries to your ingredients is another method of increasing antioxidants in smoothies.

Health Advantages Of Smoothies 10 Day Green Smoothie Diet Results

When individuals choose to drink smoothies that are prepared with only healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, they can be filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

When people use spinach in their smoothies they are able to get their everyday dosage of iron. When people use a banana in their smoothies, they receive potassium, which benefits the nervous system, kidneys, and heart. And when blueberries are added to the mix, individuals can delight in many health benefits from the antioxidants found within.

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Top 5 Smoothie Blending Tips

  • Follow the 60/40 formula. When youre making your first few green smoothies, dont just throw things in the blender. Chances are, itll taste nasty if you wing it right out of the gate. To save you a few smoothie-fails, bust out those cute lil measuring cups to learn how to make your own green smoothie.
  • Blend in stages to avoid leafy chunks. Chewing your green smoothie is no fun! To get a smooth green smoothie experience, blend up your leafy greens and liquid-base first. Then add your remaining fruits and blend again.
  • Ditch the ice and freeze some fruits. Want your green smoothie to be extra chilly? Freeze your favorite fruits like ripe bananas, grapes, pineapple or berries. You can also freeze your leafy greens in a freezer-safe bag. Just make sure to add your frozen greens straight to the blender.
  • Use raw natural sweeteners. Add naturally sweet fruits to any smoothie that tastes bitter or a bit too green. My favorite naturally sweet fruits are bananas, mango, apples, pears or pitted dates.
  • Make smoothies ahead for the perfect fast food. Life is crazy busy especially in the morning. Thats why we think green smoothies are the healthiest fast food for people who are constantly on the go. You can smoothie prep, or even blend the night before and store it in your fridge.
  • Metabolism Boosting Green Smoothie

    Diet Smoothie Detox, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 10 ...

    This is a twist on a classic green smoothie recipe. Its a spinach smoothie recipe which blends perfectly with the delicious flavors of strawberry and oranges . Smoothies with spinach are some of my favorite green smoothie recipes.

    The metabolism boosting secret is the almond milk, which contains extra protein and creaminess. Studies have shown that protein increases the thermic effect of food due to the extra calories required to digest it. This causes a rise in your metabolic rate .

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    Apple Berry Detox Smoothie

    This weight loss healthy smoothie recipe is great if youre looking to increase your metabolism!

    Try this as a weight loss smoothie breakfast to jumpstart fat burning first thing in the morning!

    A good blender is so important when making detox smoothies, or while on a smoothie diet. Check out the 15 Best Blenders for smoothieshere.

    Benefits Of A 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

    It may be challenging to replace your favorite meals with a green smoothie, especially during the first three days.

    On the other hand, the benefits gained are well worth the effort. Here are some of the reasons you should try a 10-day green smoothie cleanse.

    Endless Amount of Recipes

    There is no restriction on the number of different recipes you can create.

    Choose from a wide variety of leafy greens and fruits, and then combine them with your favorite non-dairy ingredients to create as many recipes as you want.

    Simple to Make- Preparing the smoothies does not require much time. Prep all the ingredients, then combine them in a blender, and you are ready to go!

    Weight loss

    Because the greens are high in water and fiber, they keep you satiated and prevent gaining weight or developing cravings.


    The ingredients are high in nutrients, which aid in cleansing the bloodstream.

    Excellent for detoxification

    They contain the fiber you need to detoxify your body, tone your digestive system, and remove waste.

    Easily digestible

    They are liquid, making them significantly easier to digest and absorb nutrients than solid foods.

    Energetic, vibrant health

    When you start drinking green smoothies, you will notice a noticeable improvement in the quality of your skin, vibrant energy, a clearer mind, a better mood, and quality sleep patterns.

    Boosts digestion

    Blending lessens the work of the digestive system. The body can extract the nutrients required for optimal health more easily.

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    The 10 Days Of Recipes For The 10

    Each of these recipes makes three servings which equal to a smoothie enough for your three meals.

    So you can save time by preparing your entire days worth of smoothies in the morning.

    Just make sure you store them in airtight containers.

    But heres something worth mentioning you will need a full-sized blender for all the ingredients of a recipe to fill in the blenders pitcher.

    Think Blendtec or Vitamix, these two brands of blenders hold 72 ounces of liquid easily.

    But, if you have a smaller blender like a Nutribullet or any other, you will have to divide the ingredients into two or three parts to avoid spillovers.

    The small blenders hold about 32ounces of liquid.

    With little time and the efficiency of a full-sized blender, I recommend that you invest in a high-speed blender.

    Note: If you want to know how best to make these smoothies, how to prepare your ingredients, how to blend them, how to save time and money making them, etc Then check out my step-by-step smoothie making guide.

    Now here are the 10 detox smoothies assigned for each day:

    • Detox Smoothie Recipe For Day #1

    3 Cups Water

    1 Scoop Plant-Based Protein Powder

    A Stevia Packet

    Kale Detox Smoothie Recipes

    The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

    Kale is what some would call a superfood, which means it packed with large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. In fact, its considered to be one of the most nutritious plants in existence.

    Kale doesnt always taste the best because it can be rather strong for some, but if you combine it with the right ingredients it can be a delicious and healthy addition to any green detox smoothie recipe. Also make sure you use only the leaves and discard the stems, this will remove most of the bitter flavor.

    Try some of these yummy weight loss smoothies, just one a day can help jump start your smoothie diet.

    For more delicious Kale Smoothie recipes, be sure to check out my other post: 11 Kale Smoothie Recipes for Fast Weight Loss.

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    Detox And Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

    A basic detox smoothie recipe contains some type of leafy green vegetable like kale, spinach, or chard, along with some type of fruit like bananas, berries, apples, or pineapple. Water, ice, unsweetened almond milk, or coconut water is often added to the smoothie to thin it out and make it easier to blend.

    Other common detox and weight loss smoothie ingredients include: Yogurt, celery, lemons, limes, ginger, mango, cranberries, cilantro, fennel, watermelon, almonds , dandelion greens, green tea, watercress, arugula, wheatgrass, avocado, spirulina, and beets.

    Here are more detox smoothie recipes to try out. I encourage you to try different ingredients and find the ones you especially like, because the goal is to drink these detox smoothies as often as you can on a smoothie diet.

    In This Green Smoothie Diet Article You Will Find:

    • What is a Green Smoothie?
    • Green Smoothie Benefits
    • How to make a Green Smoothie
    • The 10 Best Green Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss
    • 2 Free Green Smoothie Diet Plans
    • More information on Green Smoothies and Green Smoothie diets

    Find all the information you will need to start a green smoothie diet below

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    Final Thoughts On Green Smoothies

    Green smoothie recipes for weight loss can help you eat healthier, lose weight, and even reset your cravings!

    The best smoothies for weight loss, are the smoothies you really enjoy! So dont be shy in choosing one you could enjoy everyday, and doing so! I have the same almost daily , and I have not gotten sick of it but when I do, I will fall back on my second favorite healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes for weight loss in my best selling cookbook Lose Weight By Eating Detox Week. Mainly the Green With Glow Envy green detox smoothie.

    If you want to try and incorporate more green smoothie recipes for weight loss into your diet, try a smoothie detox diet above you will find two free plans!

    Smoothie Cleanse Days 6

    10 Day Detox Smoothie Diet By Jj Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse ...

    The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is DONE and my final results are heeeere!! Ive said it before but I am still in blissful shock and amazement at my journey with this program! Ill cut to the chase and share the outline of my last five days and weight loss results.

    Day Six

    • Down another pound!
    • Day Six Smoothie Peach Berry Spinach. At this point I decided to stop adding the vegan protein powder to these smoothies altogether. I personally dont like the taste and it made the smoothies texture a bit unappetizing to me.
    • Feeling very energized but sore from the previous days workout.
    • Meals included two apples, raw cashews, two boiled eggs, a can of tuna fish, carrots and celery sticks.
    • Drank 82 ounces of water, two cups of green tea and a cup of Yogi Detox Tea.
    • Day Two Workout 21 Day Fix Day Upper Body Fix. So happy that there werent any lower body exercises included because my legs and glute muscles were SO SORE! Still took it easy by using lighter weights .

    Day Seven

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