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What Is The Juicer Smoothie Maker

Hurom Premium Slow Juicer & Smoothie Maker | Williams-Sonoma

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of juicer smoothie maker is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the juicer smoothie maker listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Do Centrifugal Juicers Destroy Nutrients

While some people believe that centrifugal juicers destroy nutrients due to oxidation and heat, the truth is that there isn’t enough heat created in a centrifugal juicer. Yes, centrifugal juicers diminish health benefits because of unavoidable oxidation, but this is not significant enough to cause nutritional loss.

Save Money By Buying One Appliance Instead Of Two

Not only do 2-in-1 appliances and other multi-purpose gadgets save you valuable countertop and cabinet space, they may also help you save some hard-earned cash as you only need to buy one appliance instead of two . Of course, how much or little you can save depends largely on which juicer-blender combo you decide to buy high-end all-in-one juicer-blender combos such as the Breville BJB840XL combo, typically have more power and more features, which usually translates into a higher price tag. If you’re only getting started with juicing and smoothie making, and aren’t ready to shell out a lot of cash for a blender-juicer, you might want to look for a cheaper model first and then upgrade later once you know you can keep up the smoothie making/juicing habit .

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Vonshef Blender Juicer Grinder And Smoothie Maker For 220

Much more than your average blender, this incredibly versatile kitchen appliance comes with four attachments, also serving as a smoothie maker, grinder and centrifugal juicer. Strong stainless steel blades, coupled with two speed settings and pulse function make it easy to achieve the perfect consistency and fantastic results every time.

The large 1.5L blender jug attachment with 1L capacity blends and purees to perfection. Ideal for everyday use, the blender works its magic to create homemade soups, sauces, dressings, marinades, batters, desserts – the possibilities are limitless!

Struggling to fit in your 5 a day? Try the juicer attachment for size! Use fresh fruit to create juices which are scrumptious, nutritious and a much healthier alternative to store bought juices. Suitable for a wide range of fruits! Whip up a tasty range of drinks with a little help from the 1L smoothie maker. Rich smoothies, nutritious milkshakes, refreshing iced tea, mouth-watering summer cocktails – this attachment will open up a whole new world of delicious beverages.

No need to invest in a separate grinder when you have the VonShef 4-in-1 Blender at your side! Blender and grinder attachments come with attachable lids, so you can store your ingredients until you’re ready to use them. Stylish stainless steel silver base with non-slip feet- a chic addition to any kitchen countertop. Auto shut off function prevents damage from overheating. Comes with recipes to get you started.



Comparison Of Popular All

VonShef Blender 4 in 1 Smoothie Maker Food Fruit Juicer Coffee Grinder ...

If you have trouble finding a 2-in-1 juicer and smoothie maker in the shops near you, don’t worry you can always buy one online. Below, we provide a side by side comparison of three all-in-one juicer blenders available through the online retailer Amazon: the Oster Juicer Blender 2 Go , Breville BJB840XL and Nesco American Harvest JB-50 2-in-1 Juicer/Blender. Note that this page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy a product using those links, the author of this article may receive a small commission.

Breville BJB840XL Juicer/Blender

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Nutribullet Blender Combo Znbf30500z1200 Watt

This Nutribullet juicer blender combo is a lot of machine for the money. Considered a mid-priced blender, it has a 1200 watt motor giving you enough power to blend fresh fruits or make vegetable juice from the most fibrous produce.

It comes standard with a 64-ounce blending jar and a set of 24 and 32-ounce travel cups with snap-on lids making drinking your morning smoothie extra convenient. These bending containers are made from BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

One unusual feature of this juicer blender is that instead of legs, it has suction cups to hold it firmly in place even when starting to blend heavy loads of tough fruits and vegetables.

These features and a simple five-button interface offering three manual speeds and a dedicated juice extraction button make this blender juicer and its powerful motor an easy choice as the best juicer blender combo entrant.


  • Some buyers complain of it being noisier than other blenders
  • No recipe book included
  • Some users have reported that the lid begins to leak when fed a steady diet of frozen ingredients.

Is A Smoothie Maker The Same As A Blender

The main difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that smoothie makers also known as “personal blenders” are designed to make smaller portions at a time, which can help cut down on food waste.

Their main function is to whizz up smoothies, which you can easily drink on the go thanks to the smoothie maker’s jug transforming into a cup simply attach the lid and youre ready to go. Smoothie makers also require less cleaning, take up less space, and tend to be less powerful than blenders, due to their compact size.

Blenders, on the other hand, are larger and can tackle more kitchen tasks, including puréeing vegetables for soups and sauces and crushing ice. They typically come with more power and speed settings, too. Read our blenders guide for specific recommendations.

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Is It Time To Get A New Juicer Smoothie Maker

Youre looking for a new juicer smoothie maker. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

What If Im An On

Savisto 4-in1 Juicer Review – New machine for 2016 – By Warren Nash

Some blenders are specifically designed to work well for single-serve, on-the-go blending. If youre interested, youll want to look for models that included lidded travel cups that you can blend or juice in. These blenders typically have dedicated single-serve settings, and some have specially designed blade assemblies that work well on small quantities.

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Juicer That Doubles As A Multi

Do you love to make smoothies and fresh fruit juices but feel a little cramped in the kitchen? Here’s a solution: replace your bulky juicers and smoothie makers with a single, all-in-one juicer-blender! With this multi-functional kitchen workhorse, you’ll be creating everything from smoothies, juice drinks and shakes to sauces, dips and cold soups in no time. These ingenious new gadgets come with a single base and two interchangeable heads: one for juicing and one for blending. All you have to do is change the head and your multi-purpose kitchen companion is ready to whip up your favorite healthy drink, whether it’s an invigorating fruit smoothie, a refreshing juice drink or a filling protein shake.

Which Is More Valuable For My Money: A Blender Or A Juicer

A juicer blender combo is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. If you don’t want to go that route, you can always buy a good-quality blender off the shelf. You get a lot more than just a juicer.

Furthermore, a blender can often operate according to your kitchen’s requirements. A blender can handle several jobs, from grinding spices, preparing food, boiling soup, to kneading dough.

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Best In Technology: Ninja Iv701 Blender Vacuum Duo

The Ninja Blender Vacuum DUO with Micro Juice technology is a 1400 watt peak blender from Ninja’s SmartScreen range of blenders. This is Ninja’s first try at a blender juicer combo appliance, and it’s new to the market. It has a Vacuum Pump, Micro Juicer Filter, Intellisense Smart Detect, Auto IQ programs, and all its current design features.

This juicer blender combo also utilizes vacuum blending, the process of removing oxygen from juice, thereby creating a light and refreshing but never foamy juice. This juicer blender can also store your drinks for up to 48 hours without spoiling from oxidation.

Also, a unique feature of this blender is the Micro-Juicer technology, a removable juice filter that sits inside its 72oz pitcher.

Automated with advanced technology, its 7 Auto IQ programs is a feature that detects when ingredients are under-blended and has preset pulse and pause for perfect blending. The mixer will automatically turn on and break down the food if they need more blending. If youre techy and savvy, move away from the traditional rotatory motion of operating blenders and switch to a highly automated blender juicer combo like this.

Nutri Ninja Bl642 Personal And Countertop Blender With 1200

Vonshef Blender Juicer Grinder &  Smoothie Maker for 220 Volts &  50 hz

A top blender in the Ninja Blender family is the Nutri Ninja BL642. It comes equipped with Auto iQ technology that takes all the guesswork out of blending, extracting juice, and most other jobs you could imagine using this appliance for.

Its powerful 1200 watt motor provides enough muscle to work with frozen fruit, create frozen desserts, or even make nut butter. You never need to worry about bogging down this beast.

This is enough for the Nutra Nija to qualify as the best blender for juicing, but it only gets better when you add that it comes with multiple blending containers and blade assemblies.

It comes with a 72-ounce BPA-free blending pitcher, two flip lid travel cups, and an eight-ounce chopping cup is available as an optional addon making this blender very versatile.

Beyond the standard stainless steel blending blade assembly, you will receive the Nutri Ninja Pro extractor blades specifically designed to break down fresh fruit, create nutritious smoothies, and release the juice from the toughest vegetables.

It is consistently rated as one of the best blenders on the market.


  • Stainless steel blade assembly


  • Some buyers have complained that stainless steel blades get dull quickly if used daily, crushing ice.
  • It cant be used for hot liquids
  • Plastic pitcher tends to scar

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What Kind Of Warranties Are There

Appliance warranties can vary widely. Some cover only a few months, while others range up to 10 years. If youd prefer to protect your investment with a good warranty, youll want to pay attention to the length of each warranty and the specifics of what it covers. Youll notice that some only cover the motor or charge shipping and handling fees.

Best Juicer Blender Combos In 2022

Updated: by Dr. Rizza Mira· As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Smoothies and juices are two of the best ways to increase your nutrition. So if you cant decide where to begin your journey towards better health, why not try both? A juicer blender combo will let you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Blenders are different from juicers. A blender is designed to break up the fiber in the food, making it easier to digest and ingest while still maintaining the nutrients and fibers. On the other hand, a juicer removes the pulp, leaving you with only the fresh juice and its nutrients, without the fibers. The best juicer blender combo is versatile, sturdy, and has an effective pulp filter.

There are many combinations of juicers and blenders in the market, but surprisingly, only a few hit the right mix of blending and juicing. Weve put them together in this article, so you wont have to look any further.

For most people, having free countertop space is a necessity. A multipurpose machine like the Breville BJB840XL Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender combo will help save space on your kitchen counter.

Whole-fruit processors are also the trend nowadays, and this machine does not fall short. This blender juicer has a three-inch extra-wide chute to process whole fruits and vegetables, saving you some preparation time. It even has an ice-crush, smoothie, and pulse setting.

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What Kind Of Motor Should I Look For

The best motors have high enough power ratings to cut through anything you throw at them, including ice and frozen fruit. If you want a fast, powerful machine, youll probably want to look for a motor with at least 800 watts or one horsepower of strength. If youd like a quieter model and dont need as much power, youll probably be fine with a lower wattage.

The most durable motors are made of sturdy materials like stainless steel. Plastic components like gears can shorten your motors lifespan.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker & Blender

The Hamilton Beach 58163 Wave Crusher Blender is a lightweight, low-cost blender and food processor with convenient single-serve features but a less powerful motor and less durability overall.

This 7.7-pound machine has a 700-watt motor and a high-quality 40-ounce glass blending jar. It also comes with a BPA-free plastic 24-ounce food processing bowl and a blend-in 20-ounce travel cup with a lid, plus chopping and shredding blades.

This model doesnt have dedicated juicing features. We found the five-button interface more difficult to use, with several functions attached to each button, and the machine as a whole is fairly loud and not particularly powerful. It is easy to take apart for cleaning, but the travel lid leaks. Hamilton Beach offers a lengthy three-year warranty.

The CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender from Cuisinart is our least favorite combination appliance. Its lightweight and inexpensive but has a cheaper feel, a small blending capacity, and no specific juicing features.

The 6.5-pound CPB-380 has a streamlined but cheap-feeling silver plastic base. The one-horsepower motor is strong, and the rotary dial interface, which offers two manual speeds and a pulse setting, is easy to use. The package includes a small 32-ounce Tritan blending jar, an eight-ounce chopping cup, and two 16-ounce travel cups with lids. We liked the choice of single- and double-walled cups, and the four colorful reusable straws are a fun touch.

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Costway Juicer Blender Combo Best Overall

Our favorite combination blender is the COSTWAY 23537-CYPE Professional Food Processor. This model has a moderate price and weight and offers many features, including effective juicing and blending.

This sleek 13-pound machine has a strong 800-watt motor and offers five functions, working as a meat grinder, blender, grinder, juicer, and slicer. The two-speed juicing feature has a wide 3-inch feed chute, so you can use whole fruits. The package includes many dishwasher-safe accessories, including specific containers for each function. This model also has two useful safety features: the motor is equipped with overload protection, and the machine wont start unless youve assembled it correctly.

We did find that the plastic components have a cheaper, less durable feel, and the motor doesnt feel especially sturdy. However, we still think that this is the best juicer blender combo of the year.

If youre looking for great value, the Fochea 3 In 1 Smoothie Blender Food Processor is the best juicer blender combo for your money.

This 5.86-pound model is low-cost and lightweight but offers a decent 700-watt motor and has mixing, chopping, and grinding capabilities. The package includes three sturdy stainless steel blade assemblies and BPA-free blending, grinding, and travel cups. Its impressively quiet and has an appealing vertical design.

  • Blades are sharp and difficult to clean

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine $120

As one of Amazons top selections, Hamilton Beachs Juicer Machine is like a Nespresso, but for your fruity concoctions. Its stainless steel micromesh filter strains away pulp and seeds for a smooth, sip-all-day beverage.

Notably, its extra-large 3 largemouth allows you to insert whole foods without precutting saving you time and a knife-causing headache.

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Blender Juicer Or Smoothie Maker

Want to make tasty drinks at home but can’t decide whether you need a blender, juicer or smoothie maker? We’ll help you figure out what’s best for you, including whether the popular Nutribullet is the ultimate solution.

Should you get a jug blender, personal blender or smoothie maker? Is juicing better than blending? Is a Nutribullet your best bet? And how much do you need to spend to get good results? We answer the questions retailers don’t to help you find the right product for you – and save money.

On this page you’ll find a breakdown of the pros and cons of blenders and juicers, plus our guide to alternatives such as smoothie makers and mini blenders. But first, take our quick quiz below to find out if a juicer or blender suits you best.

Know what you need? Head straight to ourblender reviewsorjuicer reviewsto find the best product for your budget.

Kuvings B1700 Whole Slow Juicer

Andrew James 4 in 1 Multifunctional 1 Litre Smoothie Maker With 2 Year ...
  • Motor power: 240 Watts
  • Number of speeds: 60 RPM
  • Dishwasher safe

Kuvings are two shortened German words which translate to kitchen wellbeing. The company that owns this product has won several awards for its unique designs. However, one of their best products is the Kuvings Whole Juicer . Even in marketplaces, this product barely has negative reviews. In the world at large, this product is the first of its kind that produces fresh juice from the whole fruit with the use of masticating technology.

What We Love

  • It saves you the time of cutting fruit and vegetable.
  • Compared to other juicers, it produces lesser foam.
  • Due to its user-friendly design, you can conveniently use, lift, and even move it around.
  • The Kuvings B1700 keeps vibrations at minimum levels.
  • Kuvings is safe to use.
  • Clean up faster with the easy to use designed cleaning tools.
  • The motor of other competitors doesnt match that of this product because it has a 10-year warranty.

What We Didnt Love

  • According to reviews, the price of centrifugal juicers is inexpensive compared to this product.

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