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How To Pick A Smoothie Kit

Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Smoothies – Daily Harvest

Who should buy smoothie delivery kits? Anyone considering buying a subscription to a smoothie service is probably looking for a convenient way to get added nutrition. This kind of service appeals to athletes, parents, and anyone who is looking to get healthier. Smoothies are a splurge purchase for most of us, so you may also be considering this kind of purchase if youre feeling down in the dumps and looking for a dietary pick-me-up.

Best Of Budget: Nutribullet Combo Counter Blender

Indeed, the Nutribullet Combo takes the points on the best budget blender for Daily Harvest. Its more of an alternative to the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender, but slightly cheaper since theres no food processor attachment.

On the other hand, the included single-serve cups are relatively larger- 24-oz & 32-oz vs the 16-oz on Ninja. Then, the main pitcher does have a removable lid cap, thereby you can add ingredients and use the tamper while still blending. The best blender for Daily Harvest.

Speaking of blending, the blender has a 1200-watt motor, which is enough for most of the applications. That includes blending soft produce, as well as small frozen foods and ice cubes.


  • It has a reasonable pricing
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Creates decent, drinkable smoothies
  • It may struggle on hard, large ice

Daily Harvest Cost And How It Works

Your Daily Harvest price varies depending on the size of your box and how often you get it.

You will choose from small , medium or large box per delivery.

You can also choose to have them delivered either weekly or monthly.

Theres no locked in commitment required AND its really quite flexible you can skip a delivery or cancel anytime you wish.

Each Daily Harvest item costs $7.54 for a 9 item box, $7.49 for a 14 item box, and down to $7.32 for a 24 item box!

You also receive FREE SHIPPING.

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How To Choose A Smoothie Delivery Service

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a smoothie delivery service thats right for you.

For starters, be sure to check the ingredients list carefully and steer clear of smoothies high in added sugar and artificial flavors, additives, and preservatives.

You should also take a look at the nutrition label and look for a product thats rich in important nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Ideally, companies should provide a wide range of smoothies, with a variety of flavors and ingredients to ensure that youre getting plenty of nutrients in your diet.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, you should also look for a company that caters to your specific needs.

Finally, be sure to consider the amount of preparation required for smoothies. While some may be fully prepared and ready to drink, others may need to be blended, shaken, or mixed before consumption.

Daily Harvest Review 2022

The 30

This is an honest Daily Harvest Review about the subscription that delivers healthy food to your door! Find out if Daily Harvest is worth it + if we like it!

This post is not sponsored by Daily Harvest, but I am an affiliate of theirs and make a small commission if you choose to purchase it through my code/links. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to read my policy and more about affiliate links. This post was originally shared in 2018 but has been updated.

If youve been around here for a while, you may have heard me talk about Daily Harvest before.

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    Latte: Ginger + Turmeric

    • 6

    Our last latte is a golden mix of turmeric and ginger! I went a little off the menu with this one because I found myself without milk after I opened a pod. I made the crazy choice to try this with orange juice, even though Will thought I was insane. Insane I might be, but this combo was out-of-this-world delicious. If you feel brave, give it a try! Much to my delight, it was a sweetly tart winning combination. It felt like some sort of super cold killer juice, which is perfect for this time of year. I did also manage to try it with almond milk, and it was equally magical. I found it was naturally sweet and the turmeric and ginger taste very herbal but rich. The creaminess mellows out the brightness of the ginger into something comforting and sunny.

    Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender

    This machine has a powerful motor and is made from food-grade materials which make it the best blender for daily use. The small size of this model makes it easy to store any kitchen. Its also designed for use with single-serve blending bottles so you can easily blend protein drinks and healthy smoothies as you go.

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    Best Of Value: Breville Super Q Stainless Blender

    If you wont mind the high price tag, the Breville Super Q is another amazing blender you can have for Daily Harvests frozen meal kits. You might even like it better than the Vitamix E310 above, especially if you blend single blends a lot. Why?

    Well, for one, the blender falls in the same luxury category as Vitamix and Blendtec. It has a well-made construction, with tough stainless steel blades and a high-speed motor, which is a great combination for blending frozen stuff.

    Even better, the Breville blender has an intelligent base that not only supports automated blending programs. But also an option to blend with the 24-ounce single cup without needing to use the add-on adapter .


    • It blends fast and smoothly
    • Comes with all accessories you need
    • Has a pulse function & settable timer
    • Can make full-size or single-cup smoothies
    • Supports both manual & automated blending
    • It has a sturdy build, with a metal drive system


    • Its expensive to own
    • The lid can be difficult to remove
    • It lacks suction grip for stable blending

    Whats The Best Blender For Daily Harvest

    How to Make: Daily Harvest Smoothies

    To be honest, the answer to this question varies from one person to another. For instance, you might need a blender thats affordable but can still process Daily Harvest smoothies. Then, the other person asks for any machine with an option to even blend single smoothies.

    In any case, the three best blenders for Daily Harvest or any other prepped-and-ready smoothies are:

    Has a smart 1800-watt motor, stainless steel blades, twelve variable speeds, five automated programs, 68-ounce jar, 24-ounce cups, & an all-metal drive system

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    How To Make Your Own Daily Harvest Smoothie

    • 1.1KShares

    Daily Harvest is expensive! With this Daily Harvest copycat smoothie prep you can know how to make your own Daily Harvest smoothie without the expensive price tag. Not to mention, these make-ahead smoothies are great for a quick breakfast or a healthy on-the-go lunch.

    I was gifted a weeks worth of Daily Harvest Smoothies a couple months ago, and I LOVED THEM! I especially loved the Mint + Cacao Smoothie! What could be better than a mint chocolate smoothie in the morning?

    I loved that the smoothies were so convenient and great for a meal prep option. Having a quick breakfast option or a healthy on-the-go lunch option was a win in my book.

    I started ordering the shakes, but soon realized that I didnt love the oh-so-expensive price tag every week. I quickly asked myself, Is Daily Harvest worth it? Is it worth the hefty price tag for the amazing convenience of it all? The answer for me was NO! I knew there was a better way, and I wanted to test if I could recreate these cups, and do it affordably. So I came up with a recipe to make your own Daily Harvest Smoothie at a fraction of the price.

    Thats where this easy, smoothie prep idea came to mind. I recipe tested several different quantities of ingredients for this copycat Daily Harvest Smoothie recipe, and I think I nailed it friends!

    The amazing part is these make your own cups cost so much less! Here is the price breakdown.

    Daily Harvest Smoothie & Recipes

    • Watermelon+Dragon Fruit You can use coconut milk, cucumber, and avocado to get more creamy smoothies.
    • Black Sesame + Banana This smoothie has a unique flavor, kind of nutty, between savory and sweet. If you want to enjoy some super weird smoothie as well as healthy then you should definitely try this one.
    • Chocolate + Blueberry Chocolate and dark berry smoothie blend with spinach will be taste like a jam. Use vanilla almond milk and enjoy this smoothie with a bit of taste of dessert.
    • Acai + cherry Use some aloe and BAM to prevent the tart flavor and put extra greens like kale during blend could give you the amazing taste.
    • Strawberry + Peach This smoothies taste works well with oats and almond milk. It could be a super healthy breakfast for you.
    • Mango + Greens Leafy green smoothie disguised with fruits, use some aloe juice to increase the taste, and remaining the bold condition instead of creamy.
    • Cherry + Almonds This is another part of cherry smoothies which comes with almond. Use some vanilla almond milk, strawberries, and bananas, then blend for 40 sec and enjoy.
    • Dragon Fruit + Lychee Use coconut water and blend for 30 sec, then enjoy!
    • Ginger + Greens This is the mixture of ginger and avocado. Add some spinach, banana, coconut water, and extra ginger. Blend for 40 sec and enjoy!
    • Tart Cherry + Raspberry Use some almond milk and cauliflower to remove the whole tart things.

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    I Tried Daily Harvest Meals And Smoothies For A Week And My Stomach Has Never Felt Better

    I’ve never been the one to purchase a meal plan and actually stick with it. There were a couple times where I spent a significant amount of money on “healthy” premade frozen meals, and ended up not enjoying what I was eating. In my mind, premade frozen food never tasted good, and it actually kind of pushed me to eat more just because I was not satisfied with what I was getting. So I slowly gave up on the whole concept, until I decided to try Daily Harvest a week ago.

    Daily Harvest is an online service that sends preportioned frozen healthy food to your door. There are options including overnight oats, soups, smoothies, grain bowls and even matcha lattés. All of these are not just organic but also gluten free, which worked in my favor, as gluten is my only dietary restriction. I was aware that the company was getting a lot of recognition, but because of my previous experience, I was really skeptical to try it. I got a mix of bowls and smoothies for my week. I was determined to try to become a smoothie-in-the-morning type of person.

    My box included a mixture of sweet and savory options, including:

    • Ginger + Greens Smoothie
    • Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash
    • Brussels Sprouts + Lime Pad Thai
    • Butternut Squash + Chimichurri
    • Apple + Cinnamon Oat Bowl
    • Kabocha + Spice Lattes

    Disclaimer: Daily Harvest sent me these meals at no cost, but all opinions are my own.

    Best Portable: Blendjet 2 Portable Blender

    Daily Harvest Review + March 2021 50% Off Promo Code

    What you’ll love: It is lightweight, easy to clean, and comes in 25 different colors and patterns.Keep in mind: It’s not as powerful as the other blender options.

    BlendJet‘s portable blender is an excellent option for at-your-desk smoothies or on-the-go drinks. It comes with a USB charger, recipe book, and smoothie mix. To use, press the button on the front, and it blends for 20 seconds. Repeat until you reach your desired consistency.

    Our testers noted that although this wasn’t as powerful as the other blenders, it was by far the easiest to clean since you can fill it with hot water and dish soap and just press the button.

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    Why I Considered Even Trying Daily Harvest

    I think one of the biggest struggles we all face in trying to eat and live healthier is time.

    As a new mom and a solo-preneur, there are days when its hard for me to meal plan, grocery shop, cook, or exercise much less sleep.

    Owning a power blender certainly makes a difference because I can always fire up my blender to prepare a smoothie, a soup, a whole foods juice and many other quick and healthy blender-friendly options.

    While having a power blender is a major convenience and a must-have in my eyes, there is still some prep work time involved.

    First you have to select the ingredients and then youll need time to prepare them.

    It may not seem like it, but

    If youre new to blending, you may not be aware that some fruits and veggies that taste great on their own may not be very palatable when blended with other fruits and vegetables.

    Another thing to keep in mind is caloric content.

    Taste-wise you may think the smoothies youre making are on Jamba Juices level. But they could also be calorie-laden just like many of the smoothies on Jamba Juices menu!

    If losing or maintaining weight is your goal, you may discover after a few weeks of drinking your homemade, calorie-packed smoothies, that youve gained weight. Yikes!

    Daily Harvestis one of the products I use where I dont have to worry about anything or even DO much.

    For those of us who cant afford to waste time, this kind of convenience is a godsend!

    Consider Before You Buy

    When looking for a blender to make a smoothie every day, you might want to consider a few things. Here is a couple:

    • Pitcher or Personal Blending: Do you want to be able to blend more than a single serving? Or does blending right into a cup sound like a good idea? Maybe you want to do both.
    • Manual or Automatic: Do you want a programed setting designed for smoothies? Or maybe manual speeds and timers are more your styles.

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    Smoothie : Strawberry + Peach

    • 5

    I almost used coconut water to make this feel like a summer drink, but when I saw it had oats inside I decided to go the almond milk route. I think this was a really good choice because this smoothie ended up tasting like a super fruity overnight oats sort of thing, with strong peaches and cream flavors accented by happy little strawberry notes. By chance, I did end up drinking this one for breakfast one morning, and it was such a nice start to my day. I think if I get this one again, I will have to drizzle it with some local honey.

    How Did We Choose The Best Blenders

    DIY DAILY HARVEST | Superfood Smoothie Prep

    Every blender in our best blender guide has been tested hands-on and reviewed right here on the Homes & Gardens site. When reviewing we crushed ice, blended frozen fruit into thick smoothie bowls, and made green smoothies from fibrous kale and spinach.

    Where a blender claims to be safe for use with hot ingredients, we also made soups to put this to the test. When making soups we typically include ingredients which are prone to staining such as turmeric, taking into account if the pitcher was left stained by this.

    Cleaning a blender is a very important part of the user process, so we give props to blenders that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. However, some also come with self-cleaning settings that can prevent ingredients from sticking to the blades of the pitcher. We cleaned every blender by hand to see how easy this was, and if it felt safe.

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    Is Daily Harvest Really Good For You

    I think so! All of Daily Harvests cups are made with REAL food ingredients. No weird funky preservatives or things you have to google to find out what they are.

    Its hard to find convenient food that doesnt skimp on quality!

    Daily Harvest also freezes their fruits/veggies at peak freshness which is nutritionally beneficial!

    What Are The Best Features Of Best Blender For Smoothies

    A good blender for making smoothies should make it easy to add fruits, vegetables and ice cubes. This is especially important if you plan on adding a lot of ingredients at a time. You should also look for blenders with multiple speeds that allow you to control the texture and consistency of your smoothie. Some blenders come with large jars so you can make enough smoothie for the whole family at a time.

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    Alternative: Oster Versa 1400w Low

    Oster is one of the brands that offer affordable blenders with Hamilton Beach. However the company does make some premium systems, and the Versa model is a perfect example. Some of the best features of the blender include:

    • A high-speed motor, with 28,000RPMs
    • Ten variable speeds & a pulse function
    • Includes a removable lid cap and a tamper
    • A sturdy metal drive system for longevity
    • Three programmed settings & manual blending
    • It handles ice well & also can make hot soups


    • Its extremely loud when blending
    • The blending jar has a flimsy design
    • Tends to develop leaking issues after some years

    Bella 9 Speed Classic Blender

    The Best Blender For Daily Harvest 2021(Smoothies, Soups &  Bowls)

    This machine has a 10-year warranty and features a pulse setting for crushing ice. It also comes with a 72 ounce container which is large enough to hold all ingredients for your recipes. This machine is BPA free and comes with three speeds, including low, medium and high which allows you to evenly blend all ingredients.

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