Good Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

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Best Fruit Smoothie For Weight Loss

Homemade Healthy Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipe Weight Loss

There are many benefits of drinking fruit smoothies. Adding fruits in your diet will help you to lose weight, lower cholesterol among others. However, most people find it hard to make a good combination of fruits that match their taste or preference. You can make your own healthy smoothies by choosing from the best possible fruits out there and here are some you should consider:

Purple Passion Green Smoothie

This Purple Passion Green Smoothie recipe is a spinach smoothie recipe thats full of antioxidants thanks to the strawberries and blueberries. The flavors all blend perfectly into a really delicious, mellow, creamy weight loss smoothie thats also got a fun purple color.

Strawberries are packed full of vitamin C, naturally increasing metabolism. They are also a natural anti-inflammatory, making them perfect for enjoying after a workout, reducing muscle soreness, opening up breathing passages and reducing bloat .

What Does Scientific Evidence Say

The scientific research on meal replacement shakes isnt particularly positive. Studies that weight loss companies promote on their websites arent usually very rigorous. They typically involve small numbers of participants and only measure short-term outcomes, which makes their results less valid.

One systematic review examined 45 studies of commercial weight-loss programs, including Optifast and Slim-Fast shakes. The Optimfast results showed successful short-term weight loss but these tailed off after 6 months. For Slim-Fast, it concluded that results were mixed so no concrete outcome either way.

Commercial weight-loss programs dont seem to be very effective in general. Another systematic review looked at 25 weight loss studies involving meal replacements, calorie-counting, and pre-packaged meal programs

They found that 57% of the participants lost less than 5% of their initial body weight and over 30% dropped out. The researchers concluded that commercial weight-loss programs frequently fail to produce weight loss and many consumers find them unsustainable.

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Healthy Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Vowing to lose weight with improved eating and exercise habits can make for a happier and healthier lifestyle. But lets be honestits much easier said than done. Finding simple and healthy recipes, as well as making time for exercise, are essential to your weight loss success.

One way to ease into better lifestyle habits is by incorporating smoothie recipes with fruit and vegetables into your diet. Even with freeze dried fruits and vegetables, you can concoct a delicious drink that helps shrink your waistline and boost your confidence.

Lets take a look at why fruits and vegetables are so useful in weight maintenance and check out the healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes for weight loss from Sow Good.

Weight Loss Smoothies Faqs

10 Best Smoothies for Weight Loss

Are smoothies a good way to lose weight?

They can be! Start with 100% real, whole-food ingredients. Don’t add any sugars or sweeteners , and choose a liquid base that is unsweetened. Make sure your smoothie has healthy fat and protein so that it’s filling and won’t leave you hungry 90 minutes later.

Which smoothie is best for a flat tummy?

My fat-burning smoothie has specific ingredients that boost the metabolism. Healthy fat is necessary for your body to break down carbs and protein, so make sure NOT to cut the fat!

What can I put into a smoothie to lose weight?

A good smoothie with protein, healthy fat and whole-food carbs is a great combo for a healthy snack or meal that can promote weight loss. My fat-burning smoothie contains spinach, mint, celery, green tea, grapefruit, pineapple and avocado.

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Are Smoothies Healthy For Weight Loss

Homemade smoothies can be a tasty way to incorporate fruit and veg into a balanced diet which is fundamental to weight loss. They can be a good source of fibre which helps you to feel fuller for longer so that youre less tempted to overeat.

However, substituting multiple meals for smoothies isnt a healthy approach to weight loss so this is best avoided. If all you fancy for breakfast is a smoothie then thats cool, but make sure you eat lunch and dinner.

Strawberry Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

The high protein, rich in heart healthy fats, antioxidant overload and cancer fighting vitamins laden Strawberry Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie is a great source to get some post workout protein. This high protein smoothie for weight gain can meet up to 25% of your daily fiber requirement and its yogurt base helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Ingredients Method
3/4 Cup Plain Yogurt 5 large frozen Strawberries 1 Banana 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter 2 Tbsp Milk Half teaspoon of Amla powder Add water, amla powder, yogurt and banana in a blender followed by peanut butter and frozen strawberries. Blend until it becomes a thick consistency paste, if you like smoothie thinner, add more milk. You can replace your smooth peanut butter with a crunchy one if you wish to add some crunch to it.

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

The morning energy boost you need.

Its breakfast time and youre hungry. You want something that can be made quickly and that’s also good-for-your bod. Makes sense! Heres what you should whip up: a healthy breakfast smoothie. Its so darn easypack your blender with all kinds of goodies like fruits, veggies, protein, fats, and more, turn it on, and boom, you have breakfast.

What should you include in a breakfast smoothie? Make sure your breakfast smoothies are rich in protein, otherwise you will most likely be hungry way before lunchtime, explains Keri Gans, RDN, author of The Small Change Diet. Also, a little fat and fiber is needed for satiety as well as overall nutrition, she notes.

And if youre looking for some great ingredients to include in your smoothies, Gans recommends any type of berry, banana, spinach, kale, avocado, low-fat plain Greek yogurt, low-fat milk, non-dairy milk alternative that includes protein, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and nut butter.

Okay, its time for some serious recipe inspo. Keep scrolling for 40 of the best breakfast smoothie recipes to add to your morning routine. Get sipping.

What Makes The Best Weight Loss Smoothie


Before we get into the recipes, we should probably clarify: weight loss smoothies are not magic potions that make fat disappear!

If you want to drink smoothies to lose belly fat fast, you will need to drink them as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The reason we talk about losing weight with smoothies is that drinking healthy weight loss smoothies for breakfast or a snack is a great thing to incorporate into your diet at any time.

Especially if you are trying to lose weight!

This is because good weight loss smoothies should have lots of filling fibre, be generally low in fat, contain energising natural sugars, lots of nutrients and vitamins, and high protein levels.

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The Power Of Freeze Dried Fruits And Vegetables

Whats the best thing about freeze dried fruits and vegetables? Beyond the taste, the health benefits are just as great as those that come with the fresh produce. In terms of weight loss, freeze dried fruits have a reputation for being high in fiber.

Dietary fiber is very filling, and most foods with high fiber content are also low in calories. This means you can feel full after eating a serving of freeze dried fruits or vegetables. Plus, you dont have to worry about maxing out your calories at a certain point of the day.

Freeze dried fruits and vegetables are also loaded with other essential vitamins and minerals that assist with body fat loss. Vitamins B and D, as well as iron and magnesium, can assist with reduced cravings, boosted metabolism, and increased strength. These are all helpful tasks in losing excess weight.

Eating freeze dried fruits and vegetables on their own can assist on your journey to weight loss, but have you considered the power of the perfect smoothie recipe? Weight loss smoothies offer a simple way to pack the essential fruits and vegetables into one convenient meal. Plus, they taste delicious.

Should I Consume A Pre

No, this will undermine your weight loss efforts. If you consume calories before working out, then youll just burn those calories not the existing fat that you need to target in order to lose weight.

Sure, if youre a marathon runner or athlete, then its helpful to consume calories before training. But if youre an everyday person who just wants to lose some weight, then skip the pre-workout smoothies.

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Thumbs Up: Add Fiber To Your Smoothies

Drinking smoothies is an easy way to get a lot of nutrients like fruit, healthy fats from nut butter, protein, and fiber in one glass.

“The protein content and fiber from the fruit and veggies can help individuals experience feelings of fullness in the hours of consuming a smoothie,” says Goodson.

She recommends the following ingredients for a good smoothie for weight loss:

  • High-quality protein like cow’s milk, Greek yogurt, or protein powder
  • 1-2 servings of fruit. A serving could be 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup chopped fruit, 1 cup berries, etc.
  • A handful of greens like spinach or kale for added fiber and nutrients
  • 1 Tablespoon of healthy fat like nut butter, chia seeds, or ground flaxseed

For more delicious smoothie recipes, pick up a copy of The 7-Day Smoothie Diet: Lose up to a pound a dayand sip your way to a flat belly!

Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

Good Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

This Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt is easy to make, and is just 94 calories!

Plus, we have added some protein add-ins should you want to make this a strawberry smoothie for breakfast or meal replacement.

This strawberry smoothie with yogurt recipe makes a great snack, dessert, or breakfast .

Plus, we have supplied you with low calorie tips to making the calories in strawberry smoothie, and all berry smoothies low calorie and healthy!

This Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt is easy to make, and is just 94 calories!

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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Protein Shakes

When you drink a protein shake, you get the tissue repair and muscle growth benefits I mentioned above. This added boost of protein will ultimately increase your strength, build muscle and cut down on any excess body fat. Check out this study on how protein can help your muscles and strength gains in resistance training. If youre looking to increase your muscle mass then a shake before or after your workout will help you achieve your fitness goals!

  • A Cup of Coconut Water

Mix all the ingredients with the help of a food processor. The strongest ingredient of this mixture is of course coconut. This nutritional food, rich in carbohydrates with its effective and unsaturated fats, is a preferred fiber source as it helps with everything from abdominal fat-dissolving to skin health with its nutritious properties. The most striking benefit of mulberry in this mixture, which combines two fruits that are frequently used in alternative medicine, is to balance the blood level.

Berry Good Workout Smoothie

Get the energy you need to power through your workout in minutes with this easy-to-make smoothie recipe. For an extra dose of calcium, try adding a teaspoon of Organic Kale Powder.

What youll need: 1 1/2 cups chopped strawberries, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 2 Tbsp. honey, 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice, and 1/2 cup ice cubes. Blend until smooth.

Nutrition :162 calories, 1 g fat, 2 g protein, 41.5 g carbs , 32 g sugars

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Best Protein Powders For High Protein Fruit Smoothies

The options for protein powder are plenty. Look for brands that are minimally processed and without added sugars or artificial sweeteners. I like the Naked Nutrition brand because the ingredients are minimal, and because you have options for pea, whey, and egg protein, among others. Lets look a little more closely at the options:

That all being said, you can certainly get naturally-occurring protein from chia seeds, flaxseeds, nut butter, spinach, and egg white, too!

Below You Will Find These 10 Best Green Smoothies For Weight Loss:

Healthy Dry Fruits Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss
  • Metabolism Boosting Green Smoothies
  • Scrub Yourself Clean Green Smoothie Recipe
  • Purple Passion Green Smoothies
  • Grown Up Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie
  • Apple Pie Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Electric Green Boost Weight Loss Smoothies
  • Sweetie Pea Green Detox Smoothie Recipe
  • Crisp Mango Cucumber Green Detox Smoothie
  • Green Tropical Smoothie
  • Crazy for Kale Detox Smoothie Recipe
  • The below 10 smoothie recipes for weight loss go great with the green smoothie diet plans below

    Keep scrolling for recipes, and for information on how to make a weight loss smoothie DIY.

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    The Nutritional Profile Of These Weight Loss Smoothies

    To make sure we included only the healthiest smoothies, the recipes had to meet a strict nutritional criteria:

    Each of these smoothies has less than 15g overall fat, including less than 5g saturated and at least 5g of fibre.

    Furthermore, we chose smoothies with the highest protein levels and avoided smoothies that used sweeteners, sticking instead to the natural sugars in fruits.

    And all this in less than 500 calories a portion!

    How do these things help with weight loss?

    Foods with high fibre content keep you full for longer. More bang for your buck!

    Low fat content keeps the food at a lower overall calorie count and high protein levels make a food energising and satisfying.

    The perfect combo for keeping you fuelled and full while remaining in a healthy calorie deficit!

    If, after trying out these recipes, you fancy branching out and making your own easy weight loss smoothies, make sure you know just what constitutes a healthy smoothie!


    The 19 Best Almond Milk Smoothies For Weight Loss

    If you are trying to lose weight but find yourself craving sugary treats why not try incorporating some of these almond milk smoothie recipes into your diet plan?

    Each smoothie contains, at least, one portion of your five a day and is so delicious that it is guaranteed to keep you from falling off the wagon.

    Made from nuts, almond milk is a creamy dairy-free alternative to regular cows milk.

    It contains a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants, not to mention the incredibly high protein and fiber content that can help contribute towards a healthy body.

    It is extremely low in calories with virtually no fat, making it the perfect ingredient in smoothies for those individuals watching their waistlines.

    Try a smoothie with almond milk for a delicious treat perfect at any time of the day.

    Whether you need breakfast on the go, an afternoon pick me up or a satisfying dessert we have a smoothie recipe with almond milk for every occasion.

    If youre one of those people that always finds themselves on-the-go and has no time to prepare these recipes, These pre packaged almond milk smoothies are a great alternative.

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    What Can I Put In My Smoothie To Lose Weight

    The best things to put in healthy weight loss smoothies are ingredients that provide high quality calories. This means healthy fats, proteins, complex carbs, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

    Here are some specific weight loss smoothie ingredients that are good for you:Almond butter*: energy booster with good fats and proteins

    Avocado: healthy source of fats, fiber, and vitamins that helps counter belly fat

    Berries: a high-fiber, high-antioxidant, low-glycemic fruit that helps you burn fat

    Celery: a negative calorie food, meaning it takes more energy for your body to digest than which it provides

    Coconut oil*: healthy fat that is easy to digest and provides a quick source of energy

    Ginger: boosts metabolism

    Grapefruit: high-water content fruit that stimulate the hormone that helps the body break down fat

    Green tea*: metabolism booster that gives you energy that can help you stay active and burn even more calories.

    Leafy green vegetables: low-calorie foods abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fiber

    Lemon: aids in digestion and weight loss

    Nuts and seeds: contain healthy fats that help you feel satiated or suppress hunger, and can also be a good source of fiber.

    Rolled oats* and other whole grains: A fiber-rich food that keep you full longer

    Tofu: helps reduce fat storage in the body with substantial protein

    Why Smoothies Are So Popular

    3 Super Healthy Smoothies to Start Your Morning With

    People have been making smoothies for many years, but they really became popular in the 1990s when you could buy them at your favorite coffee shop or at the gym after a workout.

    Smoothies are quick, easy, and portable. They can be a rich and creamy cool treat that makes you feel just a little indulgent while enjoying one. But are smoothies healthy, and can they be good for weight loss?

    The answer it depends.

    In this article, weâll look at ways to boost nutrition as well as some common smoothie pitfalls. Weâll wrap up with some of my favorite smoothie recipes to get your day off to a great start or give yourself an afternoon energy boost!

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    Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

    Written and verified bythe pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist.

    27 May, 2022

    Do you want to lose weight healthily, without feeling hungry at every moment or giving up the pleasure of tasting what you eat or drink? Then try out these amazing fruit smoothies for weight loss. Were sure youll enjoy them a lot!

    Your list of weight loss foods doesnt have to be full of foods and drinks that dont taste like anything. Foods that will help you lose weight but also leave you feeling sick or unhappy despite the effort youre making.

    There are very rich solutions to lose weight and do it with pleasure solutions that can become pure habit and begin to be a part of your life. Within these widely accepted and practiced solutions, there are fruit smoothies for weight loss.

    Fruit smoothies, very popular in the world today, are very refreshing and healthy, and and you can drink them right after you exercise.

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