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Is Genuine Fruit Used By Smoothie King

Smoothie King Gladiator Strawberry Protein Powder Review – Protein Shake Nutrition

Bananas are the only fruit used by Smoothie King that is truly fresh. So, sure, the fruit is genuine fruit that has been preserved in various ways. The syrup, on the other hand, may include additional sugar and is not the same as a piece of fresh or frozen fruit. This syrup is high in calories and adds a lot of calories to smoothies.

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Look At The Nutrition Facts

Smoothie King shares the ingredients list and nutrition facts of every menu item on their website. This is helpful for people who follow a specific diet or have food allergies. Many of the options can be made vegan and dairy-free, while all menu items are gluten-free.

Regardless of your dietary preferences, everyone should quickly check the calorie content in Smoothie King smoothies. Depending on which serving size you choose 20, 32 or 40 ounces you may consume as few as 150 calories or as many as 1,680 calories. For some people, the high-calorie smoothies may reach or exceed their entire calorie goal for the day.

When checking the nutrition facts, pay attention to the sodium content as Smoothie King is often high in sodium. For example, the Peanut Power PlusTM Chocolate has up to 1,120 milligrams of sodium. This is almost all of the American Heart Association’s ideal limit of 1,500 milligrams per day.

There are also some ingredients you may want to avoid if you are health conscious. For example, turbinado Smoothie King items contain a partially refined sugar. Every smoothie that contains turbinado has an additional 100 calories from carbohydrates and 24 grams of added sugar. A study published in the March-April 2016 issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases warns against a diet high in added sugar, which triples your risk of heart disease.

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Smoothie King Customer Care Service

Complaints or Compliments? Issues or Suggestions? No worries at all. Why? For Smoothie King, Customer Care Service is all ears for either. And not to mention Smoothie King Customer Care is just an email away if reached out through the given below information and contact details to make all your worries, dissatisfactions or problems go poof in the air

Official Website:


Smoothie King Near Me

Understandably, you want to try Smoothie King and its amazing Smoothie range. And dont worry if you dont happen to know your nearest Smoothie King store. Just click on the Location option, displaying on the top of the dashboard of the site. Now enter the name of your state, city, or town and spot your nearest and farthest Smoothie King all at once.

Smoothie King Hours

WARNING: Before you head out for your nearest Smoothie King, make sure you do glance over the given table below. Why? Well, who knows it might just help you to avoid some unexpected hassle


Smoothie King is owned by SK USA, Inc., headed by CEO Wan Kim.

How much is a medium Smoothie at Smoothie King?

Medium Smoothie at Smoothie King is for just $7.49.

What day is Smoothie King half price?

Friday is the Half-price day at Smoothie King.

What is the healthiest drink at Smoothie King?

Smoothie King Slim Blend, Slim N Trim Orange Vanilla, is the healthiest smoothie at Smoothie King.

Are Smoothie Kings smoothies healthy?

Your Preferences And Goals

Smoothie King Gladiator Protein Vanilla Review

There is an extensive network of dietary guidelines, preferences, restrictions and allergens. The keto diet, low-fat diet, DASH diet and gluten-free diet are just a few. Certain menu items may better suit your lifestyle.

For people who follow a calorie-restricted diet, Smoothie King has several low-calorie options. The Slim-N-Trim Vanilla is 180 calories per 20-ounce serving. It is also low in fat, yet high in protein and fiber.

If you follow a specific macronutrient breakdown, you should take that into consideration when ordering a smoothie. Some smoothies are higher than others in protein, carbs and fat. While many people want their protein to be high, carbs and fat are not as desirable for people seeking weight loss. For example, the Passion Passport smoothie has 102 grams of carbs per 20-ounce serving, and the Daily Warrior has up to 64 grams of fat.

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Is Smoothie King Bad For You

Smoothie King

It is also lower in sugar than many other fast-food smoothie options. Some of these flavors have over 100 grams of sugar and over 600 calories for a small size. Even if you are looking to bulk up or gain weight, eating whole foods is a much healthier way to go.

Hereof, Is Smoothie King a meal replacement?

Smoothie King Launches New Meal Replacement Blends. With the holiday meal replacement blends containing up to 27 grams of protein and all being less than 400 calories per 20 oz. cup, guests can enjoy the holiday flavors we all crave without the guilt, says Mitchell Grittman, Food Scientist for Smoothie King.

Does Smoothie King use real fruits? The only fruit that Smoothie King uses which is actually fresh are bananas. So yes, the fruit is real fruit, stored in different ways. However, the syrup may have added sugar and is not the same thing as a fresh or frozen piece of fruit. This syrup add a lot of calories to the smoothies.

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Smoothie King Prices 2021

Smoothie King is a national smoothie fast food restaurant that primarily serves blended fruit-based drinks. If youre looking to save money, then this isnt the place for you. Smoothie King prices are considerably higher than smoothies from other fast food restaurants.

Smoothies served at Smoothie King are also different than smoothies from other fast food restaurants because they add enhancers such as vitamins, proteins, green tea, caffeine, and ginseng. Currently there are over 600 Smoothie King locations.

Below are the latest Smoothie King menu prices.

View Estimated Prices in Your State

Mangosteen Madness, Orange Ka-BAM®, Blueberry Heaven®, Pomegranate Punch, Immune Builder®, Organic Apple Acai, Hearty Apple®

Trim DownAngel Food, The Shredder, Raspberry Collider, Pineapple Pleasure®, Island Impact®, Passion Passport®, Strawberry Kiwi Breeze®, Slim-N-Trim, Raspberry Sunrise, Muscle Punch®, MangoFest

Get EnergyPep Upper®, Super Punch Plus®, Green Tea Tango®, Acai Adventure®, Power Punch Plus®, Instant Vigor

Shape UpGladiator®, The Hulk, Lean1, The Activator®, High Protein

Snack RightCaribbean Way®, Cherry Picker®, Lemon Twist®, Light & Fluffy®, Strawberry X-Treme®, Banana Berry Treat®, Berry Punch, Fruit Fusion, Pineapple Surf®, Peach Slice Plus®

IndulgeBanana Boat®, Pina Colada Island®, Coconut Surprise®, Yogurt D-Lite®, Peanut Power Plus

Kids KupsBerry Interesting, Choc-A-Laka, CW, Jr., Lil Angel

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Buying Guide For Best Whey Protein Powders

Whey protein powder is one of the most popular options for building up muscle and toning your body. This milk-based protein is easy for your system to absorb and digest, making it a great supplement for anyone looking to increase their strength.

On its own, whey tastes pretty terrible. Thats why most whey protein powders are flavoured with chocolate or vanilla. The three types of whey protein powders are isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate, and your body absorbs each one differently. Whey protein can be used as a protein supplement for building up muscle relatively quickly, or it can help you lose weight. Finding the right whey protein for you means considering your fitness goals, health needs, and flavour preferences.

Most whey protein powders are similarly priced, and whey is one of the most affordable types of protein powder available. To learn more about the benefits of whey and the types of whey protein powders you should consider, continue reading our buying guide. When youre ready to buy, take a look at our favourites, too.


Smoothie King Expands Vegan Menu With Pumpkin Spice And Oat Milk

Smoothie King Gladiator Chocolate Protein Powder Review – Keto Smoothie

Smoothie King has announced several seasonal blends for pumpkin lovers, but the headliner is a Vegan Pumpkin Smoothie. This limited edition flavor is also the debut of oat milk to the Smoothie King menu. For years theyve offered Califia Farms Almond Milk as a dairy-free option, and now, theyre adding Califia Farms Oat Milk to give customers even more plant-based choices.

Below we have a full guide to the current dairy-free, plant-based, and vegan selections at Smoothie King. It includes menu items, custom orders, and even details on that seasonal Vegan Pumpkin Smoothie.

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What Is The Gladiator At Smoothie King

Smoothie King is a popular chain of smoothies, frozen yogurt, and juice bars. They have locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The gladiator smoothie is a drink that has been around for decades. It was created by the Smoothie King in the 1980s and its made with strawberry, mango, banana, and pineapple.

Gladiator by Smoothie King is a company that makes smoothies. is a high-protein, low-carb smoothie that can help you bulk up. The drink mixes the companys protein formula with two fruits of your choice as a meal replacement.

Is Smoothie King a gladiator Keto here?

Smoothie King® Keto ChampTM Coffee: Made with almond milk, cold brew coffee, almond butter, 100 percent cocoa, and Smoothie Kings keto protein mix, the Keto ChampTM Coffee has seven grams of net carbohydrates, 31 grams of fat, and no added sugar per 20 oz. cup.

Second, is there anything keto-friendly at Smoothie King? Smoothie King is releasing a new Keto smoothie called Keto Champ on August 20. The Keto Champ smoothie will be available in two flavors: berry and coffee, both of which are rich in protein and fat, making them perfect for keto dieters.

Second, how much sugar is in a Gladiator Smoothie from Smoothie King?

Nutritional Information

Is there sugar in Smoothie Kings smoothies?

Answers to Related Questions

Does Burger King Sell Smoothies

To turn their fortunes around and become a distant second to McDonalds again, Burger King has introduced a number of McDonalds-like products, such as their new fruit smoothies. These smoothies are made using real fruit, low-fat yogurt, and ice, and come in two flavors, Strawberry Banana and Tropical Mango.

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Option : Keto Champ Berry

Macros for 20oz: Calories: 430 | Fat: 31g | Protein: 23g | Carbs: 19g | Fiber: 10g

  • Berries give this one more natural sweetness
  • Thick and creamy texture is on point
  • More of a traditional smoothie experience

Prefer to be the master of your own smoothie creation? Smoothie King also shares keto friendly hacks to their current line up that will keep your drink under 10g of net carbs.

Want even more options?The website lets you customize and play around with ingredients to help you find your best flavor.How about Peanut Butter and Jelly? Try a 20oz. Gladiator Strawberry smoothie and add in peanut butter. Macros Calories: 480 | Fat: 25g | Protein: 55g | Carbs: 13g | Fiber: 6g | Net Carbs: 7g Or maybe a Chocolate Nut Butter combination! Order a 20oz. Gladiator Chocolate smoothie and add in Almond Butter and Califia Farms Almond Milk. Macros Calories: 380 | Fat: 17g | Protein: 50g | Carbs: 11g | Fiber: 6g | Net Carbs: 5g*Note: the Gladiator smoothies use a protein powder blend containing a small amount of sucralose

Smoothie King Ingredients That Contain Milk

Smoothie King Gladiator Protein Powder Nutrition ...

Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Dairy Whey Blend, Gladiator Protein Chocolate, Gladiator Protein Strawberry, Gladiator Protein Vanilla, Greek Nonfat Yogurt, Hulk Blend, Keto Protein Blend, Lean1 Chocolate Protein, Lean1 Vanilla Protein, Nonfat Milk, Nutrient Blend, Protein Blend, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Whey Protein

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Does Smoothie King Have Vegan Smoothies

Smoothie King adding two vegan smoothies to menu. Smoothie King Franchises Inc., is adding two new vegan smoothies to its menu. The two new vegan smoothies are: Mango Kale Smoothie, which features Sunwarrior Warrior Blend raw plant-based protein, mango juice blend, banana, kale, apple juice and almond.

Smoothie King Is Terrible For You

Camille Lamb GuzmanDecember 4, 20138:30AM

Not long ago, I set foot in my first and last Smoothie King. At the time, I was a smoothie-making fiend in my own home, gulping down bags of expensive organic frozen berries like flappers guzzled bathtub gin. So I was psyched when I walked through the door of this “nutritional lifestyle center” at 14200 SW Eighth St. to see the reasonable prices on immense fruit smoothies.

A 40-ounce blueberry smoothie for just $8? Wow. Yes, 40 ounces of anything is probably going a bit overboard. But this wasn’t beer or steak. And considering blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits on the planet, are insanely high in antioxidants, and might even prevent and reverse age-related mental decline , this seemed like a delicious, health-boosting offer I couldn’t refuse.

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Smoothie King Menu Prices

Smoothie King have branded themselves as a nutritional lifestyle centre offering a range of freshly made smoothies. Their slogan is Smoothies with a Purpose and they create a variety of nutritional smoothies to cater for every purpose. Whether youre looking to lose weight, build muscle or boost your immune system, theres a choice for you.

The creator of Smoothie King wanted to create drinks that were full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals a product that would help boost the nations health. The chains philosophy is to provide delicious, fruit based, nutritional smoothies, customized to your bodys needs.

Smoothie King Strawberry Banana Activator Recipe

Smoothie King Gladiator Protein Vanilla Review


  • 1 scoop butter pecan ice cream
  • 1 tbsp. turbinado

How to make a hulk coffee smoothie

  • Pour coffee into the blender, add banana followed by cocoa powder, hulk blend, ice cream and tubinado.
  • Blend until smooth and enjoy!
  • Note.

    It is a high calorie smoothie, so it is suitable for you who are trying to gain weight.

    You can replace the hulk blend with any weight gain protein you prefer, because its quite difficult to find it on the market and I havent found any official online shop that sells it.

    For the coffee, you can use coffee that you often drink. However use cold water to make a cup of cold brew coffee,

    instead of hot water. You can also look for some coffee brands that specializes for cold brew coffee, as it tastes better when served cold.

    You can easily find 100% cocoa powder in online stores like amazon, so I dont think its a problem for you.

    For ice cream, I think you should look for it at the grocery store near your residence.

    In conclusion, this smoothie tastes great and is packed with high calories. Highly recommended for those of you who want to gain weight or as a substitute for breakfast in the morning.

    Have you got the idea of making your own favorite smoothie at home ? Making smoothies is easy, as long as the ingredients are available.

    Heres a great video that might inspire you to make smoothies easily by yourself .

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    Vitamix E310 Explorian A Professional Multi

    Do you like to cook every day at home?

    Need a blender thats durable and powerful?

    The Vitamix E310 Explorian is probably the right blender you are looking for.

    What I like about this blender:

    1. Multi-purpose blender for various dishes

    Compared to previous brands, the Vitamix E310 has high performance to make various dishes easily, such as smoothies, juices, hot soups, ice creams, frozen desserts, salsas, nut butter, mix batters & dough, grind nuts, coffee beans, dressings & sauces , baby Food, etc.

    As you can see from the video above you can make a bowl of hot soup without using a stove, just a blender.

    This may be off-topic, but I just wanted to let you know that you can use the blender to make more than just smoothies.

    However, this blender may not be for everyone, it is quite expensive at around $ 340+ and the jug capacity is only 48 oz. so it is only enough to serve 2 people.


    Are smoothie king smoothies healthy?

    Yes, but you should avoid using turbinado, sweeteners and ice cream if you are worried.

    Best smoothie king smoothie for weight loss?

    Keto Champ Coffee Keto Champ Berry

    Healthiest smoothies at smoothie king

    Some of the Smoothie Kings healthy smoothies that you can try include: Lean Vanilla, Slim-N-Trim Orange Vanilla, Shredder Chocolate and Vanilla Gladiator.

    What is turbinado smoothie king?

    Turbinado is brown sugar that still retains molasses

    Pineapple Surf Smoothie King Recipe


    How to make mango strawberry smoothie

    • Pour the juices and frozen fruits into a blender
    • Blend until smooth
    • Stir again until well blended
    • Pour into a cup and enjoy!


    This recipe uses two branded products, namely Electrolyte and Pure Recharge to make a smoothie. So, it would be quite expensive for a homemade smoothie.

    But if you dont mind the price for a taste. This is a premium smoothie for you .

    if you dont know about these products.

    Electrolyte is a brand of supplements to make an energy drink. It has various minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body to support your active lifestyle and improve your performance.

    Meanwhile Purerechage offers natural and nutritious ingredients as a smoothie mixture, so that your smoothie will be richer in taste.

    Combining the two will give you a smoothie that is not only delicious but also highly nutritious. If you are interested, you can buy those ingredients online.

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