What Do I Put In A Smoothie

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Do You Add Sweeteners To Smoothies

How to make smoothies at home

I dont add any sweeteners besides fruit to my own smoothies, but sometimes my kids want them to be sweeter. I feel like the health benefits of smoothies allow me to add a little sweetener for the kids, so depending on the smoothie, I might add honey, maple syrup, more fruit, fruit juice, sweetened milk, or sweetened yogurt. Sweeten to your liking, but conservative is always best! You can always add more after tasting.

How Do You Make Smoothies With Frozen Berries

The recipe calls for a cup of liquid. You can use water but I like it with ½ cup juice and ½ cup water. You can also mix milk and yogurt together.

Try orange juice, apple juice and even pineapple juice. Any of these ideas will make for a delicious smoothie. Sometimes, I just use what I have in the fridge. This healthy smoothie is a hit no matter what juice I use.

Why Should You Try My Turmeric Smoothies:

  • Quick & Easy: Making a quick and creamy turmeric smoothie in the morning is an easy way to get your daily dose of superfoods and strengthen your immune system, even when you are on the go.
  • Good for you: In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, turmeric helps with inflammation issues, especially when mixed with other superfoods like fresh ginger, chia seeds, spinach, flax seeds, tropical fruits, etc.
  • They taste good: I developed these recipes to make sure that they have the right balance of natural sweetness coming from fruits to mask the spicy flavor of turmeric that some people dont care for.
  • Below are my answers to some of the FAQs along with a few of my favorite turmeric smoothie recipes.

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    How To Make A Fruit Smoothie

    This basic recipe will teach you How to Make ANY Fruit Smoothie using fresh and frozen ingredients! Once you learn this simple formula youll be able to mix it up with tropical fruits and berries, add in greens such as spinach or kale, and even make them vegan and dairy-free. And the best part? Only a few simple ingredients and less than 5 minutes are needed to make the best homemade smoothie!

    What Are Some Great Smoothie Recipes

    What To Put in a Smoothie

    Alright, now that youre fully versed on how to make a great smoothie, let me share with you some of our absolute favorite combos! Click on any image to jump over to that specific smoothie recipe.

    Classic Simple Smoothies

    These smoothies are a great place to start. No weird ingredients that you have to special order, just fresh, real food that you can find at any typical supermarket.

    Wild Blueberry Lemon No Banana Smoothie

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    Here Are 12 Healthy Ingredients To Add To A Smoothie:

    1. Instead of using juice, upgrade with raw milk, raw cream, cultured kefir, or cultured yogurt. These foods will add extra probiotics, vitamin A, vitamin D, CLA and iodine to your smoothie.

    2. Add an organic egg yolk for extra vitamin A, D, choline, B6 and B12. You actually cant taste it and it makes the smoothie extra creamy. I put them in my kids smoothies all the time!

    3. A scoop or two of collagen peptides is a great way to add extra protein and this nutrient is also a powerhouse for the skin, hair and nails.

    4. Add some leafy greens. Its best to consume cooked greens so cook the greens, drain them and then freeze them in an ice cube tray. You can do this with kale, spinach, mustard greens, and dandelion greens. Or, if youd like a shortcut, check out Dr. Cowens greens powder. They are cooked beforehand to reduce the goitrogens and then dehydrated and crushed into a fine powder.

    5. Adding a handful of other frozen veggies such as butternut squash, steamed cauliflower, or even frozen peas along with your frozen fruit is a great way to add nutrients.

    6. A spoonful of coconut oil is a great way to add some healthy saturated fat to make the smoothie more filling. Make sure and blend the smoothie really well, so you dont have any clumps!

    10. A sprinkle of bee pollen in the smoothie or on top is a nice way to add some additional B-complex and folate.

    What are your favorite healthy ingredients to add to a smoothie?

    What Do You Put In A Breakfast Smoothie

    • Healthy Fats. Your favorite nut butter, coconut milk, or chia seeds. This makes the smoothie more satisfying and keeps you full between meals. Keep portions in mind I usually add about 1 tablespoon.
    • Protein and Fiber Additions. Greek yogurt or your favorite protein powder are easy ways to make breakfast protein smoothies. A tablespoon of oatmeal adds fiber.
    • Fruit. Breakfast fruit smoothies are always a crowd-pleasing choice. Strawberries and blueberries are my go-tos. Bananas make smoothies naturally sweet. Mango and pineapple can hide the taste of greens. Unexpected fruits like apples or watermelon can be scrumptious too.
    • Vegetables. Spinach, kale, avocado, carrots, and even beets can all be added to smoothies.
    • Flavor Additions. Vanilla, cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, and dates are all excellent ways to give your smoothie more flavor.
    • Liquid. Unsweetened almond milk is my favorite for smoothies. You can also use juice , a different kind of milk, coconut water, or even plain water.

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    Basic Steps For How To Make A Fruit Smoothie

    1. Add your frozen fruit of choice

    In this case, we used blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. However, any type of frozen fruit will work great!

    2. Add a yogurt or banana base to thicken

    Plain greek yogurt and/or bananas are great for thickening smoothies.

    3. Add protein powder

    Adding protein powder helps sweeten the smoothie and, of course, adds protein. This is always an optional step!

    4. Add your milk of choice

    Our favorite is unsweetened almond milk, but cashew milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and regular dairy milk are all great options as well.

    To make the smoothie: Simply blend everything in a single serving blender and enjoy! Another option is to pour the smoothie into mason jars and freeze for quick smoothies throughout the week. Simply thaw in the refrigerator a few hours before youre ready to drink it !

    Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe

    What Should I Put in My Morning Smoothie: The Best Smoothie on the Block!

    Frozen fruit can always be found stocked in our freezer.

    When that moment strikes and I have literally NOTHING else to make, a frozen fruit smoothie can always save the day.

    It doesnt even matter what fresh or frozen fruits Im working with. They can ALL be turned into a creamy and delicious smoothie.

    That is, if you have this basic formula on hand.

    I would never leave you hanging, though. In addition to this simple guide, youll also find a few recipes you can start off with and then add in all of the nuts, seeds, milks, juices, yogurts, and protein powders your heart desires.

    Because after you finish reading this post, youll never need me again. Well, at least not when it comes to making incredible frozen fruit smoothies!

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    Does The Fruit Need To Be Frozen In A Fruit Smoothie

    If you want to make a frozen fruit smoothie and dont have any frozen fruit on hand, add ice to your mixture. If you dont add frozen fruit or ice, your smoothie wont be thick and frosty. If you dont mind this, then youll be fine to continue. I highly recommend using frozen fruit because it tends to blend better than straight ice. Its not pleasant to bite down on chunks of ice in a smoothie!

    This fruit smoothie recipe is so easy that we make them most days during the hot weather. You wont hear me complaining. Theyre a lot healthier than ice cream and if making them keeps the want for ice cream at bay, Im all for it!

    Faqs About Smoothie Bowls

    Are smoothie bowls healthy?

    They absolutely can be. Each bowl is packed with fresh ingredients that provide healthy fats, fiber and protein. You can also skip the added sugar and rely on the fruit to sweeten your smoothie bowl naturally. Remember that moderation is key, so try not to go overboard on the toppings and be mindful of portion sizes!

    How can I make my smoothie bowl thicker?

    To make your smoothie bowl thicker, make sure to use frozen fruit to start. Including nut butter or unsweetened yogurt can help make a denser smoothie, too.

    What else can you put in a smoothie bowl?

    There are endless combinations. Add some extra protein to your smoothie bowl by including a handful of spinach and a scoop of protein powder with your mix.

    For more flavors and textures, try some of these toppings:

    • Sliced banana

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    Best Blender For Smoothies

    First things first, lets talk about the blender situation. I know there are hundreds of blenders on the market and it can be very daunting to find the right one for you. One thing I have learned with the handful of blenders that Ive owned is that quality matters. Usually, quality and price coincide and its totally true.

    Ive found that the more expensive and higher quality blender I have, the more success I have with what I am makingespecially smoothies. The most recent and BEST blender I have ever had is a Vitamix.

    We have the Vitamix 5200and it runs you about $430 on Amazon. I do not have a single bad thing to say about this beast. Its super powerful, easy to clean, and it makes making smoothies along with other things a breeze. I can tell you right now that this is the best blender I have ever owned and theres no turning back.

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    Tips To Store And Make Ahead

    45 Back to School Breakfast Smoothies // The Speckled Palate
    • To Store. Place smoothie in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for up to 1 day.
    • To Make Ahead. Measure out your spinach and fruit ingredients for one smoothie, and store in a ziptop bag in the freezer. Repeat as desired. Store for up to 3 months, and remove each bag as needed for ready-made portions.

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    What Do You Put In A Strawberry Smoothie

    If youre a strawberry lover, give one of these delicious strawberry smoothies a try:

  • Edible® Treats Strawberry + Pineapple + Banana
  • For a sweet and refreshing smoothie thats done for you , grab an Edible Arrangements® smoothie at your local store. Our delicious Strawberry + Pineapple + Banana smoothie from our $5 Delights menu is an excellent choice. This recipe is sweet, creamy, and 100% delicious. Its also made with fresh, never frozen fruit and all-natural ingredients.

  • Edible® Treats Strawberry + Froyo + Whipped Cream
  • If you like thinking outside the box, try a create-your-own Edible Arrangements® smoothie with strawberry, froyo, and whipped cream. This recipe is cool, refreshing, and made with fresh, never frozen fruit. The addition of froyo adds some protein and a boost of flavor. Delish!

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie
  • This smoothie is creamy and smooth, with a pinch of tang from the rhubarb. Honey and vanilla Greek yogurt add some sweetness, making it the perfect smoothie rendition of strawberry rhubarb pie.

    If youre looking for a cool and refreshing drink, look no further than one of these delicious strawberry smoothies. When youre out and about or on the go , stop by your local Edible Arrangements® store and choose a delicious strawberry smoothie from our Edible® Treats menu. Our smoothies are made only with fresh, never-frozen fruit and all-natural ingredients and, they taste pretty incredible, too.

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    Four: Add Ice And Blend

    The amount of ice you use depends on how thick you want your smoothie recipe to be. Start with about 1 cup crushed ice for a fairly thick smoothie that is still drinkable with a straw. Omit the ice if using frozen fruit or if you want the smoothie to be thinner and less cold. Cover and blend until nearly smooth. Pour into a cup or thermal to-go drink container and slurp up every last drop.

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    Are Smoothies Healthy For You

    Before we dive into the quest of how to make a fruit smoothie, lets dive into the why. Our philosophy here at Wholefully is that smoothies can be an incredibly nourishing part of your diet. Just like with our juicing recipes, we say its always better to eat whole fruits and veggies where possible. But its not always possible! Smoothies do make it easy to pack in all the nutrients of your favorite produce into one drinkable cupwhich is great when youre on the go or short on time.

    And lets be honest, smoothies are just freaking delicious! We are big believers that you also need to nourish your soul with your food, and if drinking a perfectly tangy and sweet smoothie brings a smile to your face, then thats healthy as healthy can be.

    Is It A Smoothie Or A Milkshake

    How to Make a Smoothie With Ginger : Recipes for Smoothies

    Some people are confused and think that smoothie and milkshake are one and the same. Not surprising since they are both blended beverages could have the same components like fruits and dairy products. The difference lies in the base.

    Smoothies are typically made using fruit or vegetable. Milk and yogurt can be added and sometimes grains and nuts. They can be a meal on their own as they can be quite filling and contain essential nutrients.

    Milkshakes, on the other hand, has more dairy product like milk or ice cream. You can add fresh fruits for flavor but most of the time fruit syrups are used. It is really more of a beverage that you have with a meal. It is also normally served with whipped cream on top.

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    How To Make A Strawberry Smoothie

    So today I want to share a Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe that has nothing to prove. I believe this to be the best strawberry smoothie recipe because:

  • It requires only 3 ingredients.
  • The ingredients can be changed to suit your taste or diet.
  • Its thick and creamy.
  • And it has DOUBLE the flavor of regular smoothies.
  • All you need is:

    Simply throw them all into a good blender and whirr away!

    How To Meal Prep Your Smoothies In Advance

    Meal prepping your smoothies in advance is a great way to save time in the morning at breakfast or in the afternoon when you need a quick snack.

    To meal prep a few smoothies at a time, just place all of the smoothie ingredients, except the liquid, in a small freezer bag. Place the bag in the freezer until you are ready to use.

    Once you are ready to blend the smoothie, add the liquid to your blender and then pour in the contents of your frozen smoothie bag. Blend on high until completely smooth.

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    What Are The Health Benefits Of Bananas

    Bananas are a great after workout snack due to the high amount of magnesium they contain. They help to build the lean muscle youre trying to accomplish by working out. Bananas also contain plenty of vitamins.

    I sometimes like to mix up my strawberry banana smoothie by adding an extra boost of nutrition. A few things I use are protein powder, flax seed, chia seeds, greens, or more berries such as raspberries. No matter how you customize it, youll love this smoothie. I know I sure did!

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    What To Put On Oatmeal To Keep It Healthy

    What Do You Sailors Put In Your Fruit Smoothies?

    A smoothie is a refreshing treat, but so many of them have ice cream or frozen yogurt in them. To be totally honest, thats what makes them taste so good, but you dont need these no-nos to make a yummy smoothie. You can make a smoothie that is low in sugar and calories that also tastes great by choosing healthy ingredients over ice cream and frozen yogurt.

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    Why Its The Best Apple Strawberry Smoothie

    There are plenty of strawberry smoothie recipes out there, but this one is incredible! Want to know why its the best smoothie?

    • Its quick and easy, toss it all in the blender, and its ready in just a few minutes.
    • Its made with only real, whole food ingredients without added juices or artificial sweeteners, or flavors.
    • The added fiber from the apple helps with digestion and keeps you full longer than other fruit smoothies.
    • Its naturally gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, vegetarian.

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    Banana Smoothie Q & A

    Is a banana smoothie good for you? What smoothie you prepare for yourself depends completely on what your body needs! This smoothie is a great healthy breakfast or snack throughout the week. Bananas are packed with potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

    This smoothie also has extra fiber and protein from the flax and greek yogurt. If your doctor recommends a low sugar diet for you, keep in mind that bananas have a lot of natural sugar and adjust your meal prep for the week accordingly.

    How long can you keep a banana smoothie in the fridge? We recommend eating this smoothie immediately after preparing. If you are prepping this banana smoothie and storing it in the refrigerator, we recommend storing this smoothie in the refrigerator for no longer than two days.

    Do you put ice in smoothies? We dont usually recommend using ice in smoothies because it tends to water down the flavor of the smoothie. We recommend using frozen fruit over ice. However, if you are using fresh fruit, feel free to add in a handful of ice to chill the smoothie.

    What can replace a banana in a smoothie? Well, in this smoothie we recommend bananas. However, feel free to use a cup of your favorite fruit if you are out of bananas.

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