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How Do You Clean A Portable Blender

Best Blenders in 2020 [Top 5 Picks For Smoothies, Protein Shakes & Juices]

Most portable blenders are dishwasher-safe. All you need to do is detach the parts and let the dishwasher do its work. In case your product is not dishwasher-safe, you separate the detachable parts and soak them in water with a little bit of dish soap. This way the stains will easily come off with a single wipe.

Some small blenders, such as the Blendjet 2, feature a self-cleaning mode, where you only add a bit of soap and water and run the blender for a minute for an easy clean.

Other Personal Blenders We Tried

The Nutribullet Pro 1000 is highly powered it’s name is appropriate considering the 1000 watts its packing. It comes with two different-size cups and two lids, plus a suction-cupped bottom that keeps your blender steady even as the motor powers through tough ingredients. We werent sold on the twist-to-blend technique, and we found the smoothie it made rather chunky, but it was quick to create a very smooth pesto.

The Beast Blender is a looker, no doubt about it. Far and away the most stylish blender we tested, we valued the large 1000 mL vessel for big batch smoothies and the handy lid with hook for easy transporting. It made a very smooth smoothie and pesto and would be great for anyone not looking to venture far beyond their kitchen with their blended foods the only downside was that the vessel was a little heavy and hard to drink from, which would make it difficult to take on the go.

The Magic Bullet is the classic name in the personal blender space, but its long been eclipsed by better-designed and higher-powered alternatives. With only 250 watts, it took a long time to blend the smoothie and still left a lot of larger chunks all the extra cups, lids, and rings it came with didnt outweigh its shortcomings.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Donna Currie has used a veritable flock of blenders, from manual to hand blenders to a high-end Vitamix, that she tested for The Spruce Eats. To make sure she found the perfect personal blenders for everyday use, she spent hours doing even more research online to narrow down the list to the best of the best.

This roundup was updated by Katya Weiss-Andersson, a writer and editor who has nearly a decade of experience as a professional chef, Sharon Lehman, a home cook who happens to be a registered dietitian nutritionist, and Allison Wignall, a writer who focuses on food and travel.

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Ninja Bl770 Smoothie Blender Best Overall

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is our choice as the best smoothie blender overall. This blender has a powerful 1500-watt motor capable of crushing ice and frozen fruit and vegetables.

The Mega Kitchen has an extra-large 72-ounce pitcher and an additional 64-ounce processor bowl. The stacked and offset blades this unit provides do a much better job blending than a blender with a single blade at the bottom. You can choose from four clearly labeled speeds on the front panel, and it also has a pulse setting and an easy-pour lid.

It comes with two 16-ounce smoothie cups to take your creations on the road, and cleanup is easy with removable blades and a soft press front panel.

The only downside to the Mega Kitchen is there is no hole at the top to add ingredients while you blend. With that being said, we still think this is the best blender for making smoothies out there.

  • No hole in the lid to add ingredients

Best Immersion Blender: Mueller Austria Ultra

Best Cheap Blender 2021

When you think of a blender for smoothies, an immersion blender probably isn’t what comes to mind, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. This best-selling handheld device from Mueller Austria has more than 31,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It’s so versatile you can use it for practically any type of recipe, not just frozen beverages. Plus, this model comes with two attachments for blending, whisking, and frothing ingredients. Simply place all your ingredients in a sturdy cup or bowl, blend, and enjoy.

“My granddaughter is partial to the smoothies and I had no problem blending the frozen mixed berries,” one reviewer claims. “I haven’t had any issues with it getting hot too fast, but haven’t found it necessary to blend anything for longer than one minute intervals. I do like that it’s equipped with a safety mechanism that turns it off when overloaded. I find the weight of the handle gives me more control and it works fast enough not to strain my hands and arms.”

Buy It: $30

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Supercharge Your Smoothies And Soups

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

It used to be that high-speed, high-powered blenders were mainly found in professional kitchens, while blenders marketed for home cooks had certain power and speed limitations. But these days, that line has started to blur, and pro-level blenders are now far more available for household use and no longer produced by just a few brands.

While they tend to be far more expensive than more basic models, high-powered blenders can process fibrous vegetables and fruits, and hard foods, like nuts and ice, in a way that weaker blenders cantproducing velvety smoothies, silky nut butters, and billowy sauces. Some can even make hot soupsusing either a built-in heating element or the power of friction produced by blades whirring at high speedsand many offer connected smart functions and self-cleaning programs.

In fact, there are so many options and features that it can all be pretty overwhelming, so heres our guide to the best high-powered blenders in several categories.

How Do You Clean A Blender

While you should always check your owners manual for specific instructions, its important that you regularly clean the jar, base, gasket, and blade of your blender. Certain models do have dishwasher-safe jars or self-cleaning modes, but youll need to wash everything by hand if yours doesn’t. Start by taking everything apart, use warm soapy water for the jar, gasket seal, cutting blade, and jar base or locking ring, and rinse and dry thoroughly. For stuck-on food or a stubborn smell, blend a 1:1 ratio of baking soda and water before washing the other components. Clean the motor base with warm water and wipe down the cord periodically, but never submerge the motor base in water.

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When To Replace Your Blender

Warranties on blenders range anywhere from one to 10 years, and the most expensive machines cover at least five years. When you buy a new blender, pass on an extended warranty, it’s unlikely it will cost less than the expense of any lifetime repairs. On average theyâll last about seven years.

The most common sign itâs time to replace your blender is that it stops working. You may also notice that your blender is slowing down, taking longer to blend or food is not coming out with as smoothly as they used to. If you bring it in for a repair and are quoted a price thatâs more than 50% of the cost of a new unit, youâre better off buying a replacement.

Purchasing a new blender will give your countertop an instant upgrade. Blenders have become much sleeker over the years, and few models still have the multitude of buttons that are hard to keep clean and tend to stick. Most now have touch pads or a dial or switch. They have far fewer settings, most of which are for things you will likely use, such as make smoothies, crushing ice, and pureeing. In some cases they have programs for functions like smoothies, frozen cocktails, and soup that automatically change speeds and incorporate pulse for the best results.

Check out more of our appliance coverage:

How Much Power Should A Blender Have

The Best Personal Blender for Smoothies, Salad Dressing, and More

Wattage and horsepower are the two most common ways to measure the sheer capacity of a blender. For small or personal blenders, 1,000 watts of power is all you’ll need given the minimal amount of ingredients you’re blending. For large and full-sized blenders, 1,100 watts is still more than a serviceable amount of power to do most of the daily blending jobs you’ll ask of it. Our top blender picks for the price — the Ninja and the NutriBullet — are both in that 1,100 range. They both performed well and cost much less than a Vitamix or Breville.

Wattage in premium and super-premium blenders can go as high as 2,000, though most are somewhere between 1,400 and 1,800 watts. This amount of power means you’ll likely get a longer life out of the blender since it won’t have to rely on full power to do the easier, daily blending jobs. It also means faster blending since the blades are able to hit higher speeds.

Total horsepower is a sexy unit of measurement for blenders, but brands also use it for smoke and mirrors. For more, read about the truth about horsepower in blenders.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Blender For Smoothies And Ice

If you’re in the market for a new blender, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Not all blenders are created equal – some are better for making smoothies, while others are better for crushing ice. Here are 8 things to consider before purchasing the best blender for your needs:

1. Price

Not all blenders are created equal – some are more expensive than others. Make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting for your money.

2. Power

The more powerful the blender, the better it will be at crushing ice and blending ingredients. If you plan on using your blender to make smoothies often, consider investing in a model with more power.

3. Size

Blenders come in all different sizes, so make sure you pick one that will fit comfortably on your countertop.

4. Design

Some blenders are more stylish than others. If design is important to you, be sure to pick a blender that will suit your taste.

5. Ease of use

Some blenders are more difficult to operate than others. Make sure you pick a model that is easy to use.

6. Capacity

Blenders come in all different sizes, so make sure you pick one that will fit comfortably on your countertop.

7. Warranty

Most blenders come with a warranty, but not all warranties are created equal. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the warranty before purchasing a blender.

8. Accessories

Some blenders come with accessories, while others do not. If you’re looking for specific accessories , make sure the blender you choose comes with them.

What’s Better Vitamix Or Ninja

Vitamix is well known for its high-end, powerful blenders. These machines are a great choice for those that blend daily and that want the absolute best results. Controls can be rather basic on some models, so these choices are ideal for experienced users.

Ninja products tend to be cheaper, and may not produce quite as smooth results. However, youll generally get more automatic programs and value is usually very good, with many sets coming with a lot of accessories to expand what the blender is capable of. We have a complete Vitamix vs Ninja guide that goes into more detail, and you can also take a look at Ninja vs NutriBullet and Vitamix vs Blendtec for more comparisons.

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The Best Budget Smoothie Blender: Oster Blender Pro 1200

The Oster Blender Pro 1200 is a great blender if you don’t have a lot of money to spend but still do not want to cut corners on the quality of the machine. You would think that since the blender is so affordable, it would not be able to handle most blending tasks the other blenders can do. But the Oster Pro 1200 is still able to create a delicious smoothie or perfect puree with ease.

The blender comes with a very powerful 1200 watt motor which makes it capable of blending dense foods to create purees, soups, and smoothies. It is equipped with 7 different speeds including three pre-programmed settings for common blending applications. The blender also has a large capacity container with a volume of 6 cups. Unlike any other model on the list, the Oster pitcher is made of tempered glass, meaning it’s less likely to scratch, warp or break with repeated usage. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Reason #1 to Choose the Oster Instead: 10X Warranty

Even though the Nutribullet is still very affordable, the Oster Pro 1200 blender is a better deal overall, considering what it can do. In addition to the lowered product cost, the Oster Pro 1200 blender comes backed with a 10-year limited warranty which blows the Nutribullet’s warranty out of the water. The Nutribullet comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This could be a game-changer down the road and may sway you in your decision-making.

Reason #2 to Choose The Oster Instead: Low-Cost Ice Crushing

Best Large: Ninja Professional Blender

Best Blenders For Smoothies With Frozen Fruit  P& S

This is a great blender for a multitude of blending applications and really does look great on any kitchen countertop. Ninja makes really great-looking products with an all-black motor base and polished chrome finish. The large 72oz pitcher looks great with its thick plastic handle and clearly labeled volume measurements on the side.

The blender also has many safety features. Firstly, the pitcher must be locked into the motor base in only one direction to insert the blade spindle. Once the ingredients are placed in the blender, the lid must be placed on the pitcher and locked into place for the blending process to begin. If these measures are not taken, then the blender will not turn on.

The blender did have a couple of fallbacks when it came to making smoothies specifically. To get the drink very smooth, I found you have to fill the entire pitcher full of ingredients and make a full batch. With a 72-ounce volume capacity, this can be a lot of smoothies to make at one time. In all reality, this blender will only be suitable for larger families or commercial bars and restaurants.

Reason #1 to Choose The Ninja Professional Instead: Largest Low-Cost Ice Crusher

Reason #2 to Choose This Product Instead: Add Ingredients While Blending

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Best For Juicing: Vitamix 5200 Professional

  • Powerful motor ideal for versatility and performance

  • Easy to clean

  • Expensive

The Vitamix is so much more than a typical blender it makes everything from smoothies and juices to piping hot soups, ground nut butters, freshly churned ice cream, and kneaded dough.

The Vitamix 5200 Blender is a top pick among juice connoisseurs because it can blend and perform whole-food juicing. For the thinnest consistency, users can run the juice through a filtration bag or strainer to remove excess pulp. For optimal nutrition, Vitamix recommends leaving the pulp in, as it’s full of dietary fiber.

The Vitamix 5200 Blender features variable speeds that allow for full control of your favorite blended food and beverages’ texture and thickness. Additionally, one of the many highlights of this model is the one-minute self-cleaning function. With just one drop of dish soap, the machine will clean itselfno breakdown or dishwasher necessary.

This unit measures 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches and weighs about 10.5 pounds. The Vitamix 5200 Blender comes with a 64-ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester pitcher, laser-cut stainless steel blades, a tamper, and an ultra-powerful 1380-watt base. This model comes in black, white, and red.

Type of blender: Multi-purpose | Liquid capacity: 64-ounces | Portable: No | Care: self-clean option | BPA free: Yes | Multi-Speed: Yes, 10-speed | Pulse option: No | Weight: 10.5 pounds

How Much Should I Spend On A Blender

Budget really comes down to how much youll use the blender. If youre only an occasional user, then a budget model makes sense. At this price, youll get decent controls but you may find that your results arent quite as smooth.

If you use a blender every day, then you need to move up the scale. Spend over $200 and youre likely to get more accessories and programs.

If you want the best results then youre looking at spending $400 or more. At this price, youll get the fastest motors, more control, and, often, a wider range of automatic programs to make your job easier.

For those who just want a personal-sized blender, one of the best portable blenders we have reviewed will suit you better.

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Best Blender For Vegetables & Smoothies 2022 Reviews

From chopping and crushing to mixing and puréeing vegetables & fruits, blenders can do it all.

Here in this article Best Blender For Vegetables & Smoothies weve rounded up 12 of the best blenders of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, youll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide for the best blenders.

If youre wondering what the best blender for vegetables and fruits is for the money the answer is largely dependent on how often you use the appliance. For infrequent use, an inexpensive budget option could very well be the right choice for you.

Keep in mind that most high-end blenders can tackle just about anything, although, a high price tag doesnt necessarily mean a better blender, but it does typically mean a longer-lasting one.

Benefits of Using A Blender For Vegetables & Fruits

From pureeing to emulsifying veggies and fruits, blenders bring a whole new skill set to your kitchen and can play a part in every meal from breakfast to dinner, even dessert.

Powerful motors and smart designs prep fast and help cut down on the time you spend laboring in the kitchen. Plus, they easily prepare nuts and other tough ingredients in a snap.

With a nice blender at home you can chill out with tasty homemade vegetable and fruit smoothies & frozen drinks. Refresh your routine every morning with a powerful blender that takes on fruits and veggies of all sizes and provides different settings for the perfect consistency and texture.

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