How Do You Make A Blueberry Smoothie

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How Do You Make A Blueberry Smoothie

How To Make a Blueberry Smoothie | With Ninja Blender

Smoothies are an extremely delicious and easy breakfast or snack that take just 5 minutes of effort. Grab some frozen blueberries, a banana, vanilla Greek yogurt, and apple juice. All of the ingredients go into a blender and are mixed until smooth. Thats all there is to it!

I love using apple juice when making my blueberry smoothie. Its inexpensive, readily available and a great neutral flavor base. There are plenty of other liquid options that work just as well in place of apple juice.

Other liquid substitutes for your blueberry smoothie are

  • White grape juice
  • Almond milk
  • Dairy milk such as skim or 1% milk

If you dont have vanilla Greek yogurt on hand, feel free to used another complementary flavor like blueberry or mixed berry yogurt. I use Greek yogurt because it has more protein than standard yogurt.

Even though this smoothie is already a healthy option, there are other ways to make it even healthier. I personally like to add additions once in a while to up the health factor of my smoothies.

Some great healthy additions to this smoothie are

  • Flax seeds
  • Spinach

How To Make A Blueberry Smoothie

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Smoothies are both delicious and healthy. They are also simple to make. Smoothies made from strawberries or bananas are the most popular, but have you ever tried making a smoothie with blueberries? Blueberries are sweet, and full of vitamins and antioxidants. They are perfect smoothie additions for sweet tooths and health fanatics alike.

Why You Should Make This Blueberry Smoothie

Ive made a version of this easy blueberry smoothie recipe more times than I can count. Frozen blueberries are a must when making it .

Here are a few more reasons we love it:

  • You need less than 5 minutes to make it.
  • You can use frozen fruit. In fact, I prefer frozen blueberries when making this smoothie.
  • This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a snack.
  • Kids love it!
  • You can make the smoothie ahead of time, freeze it, and save for later. Details below.

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How To Properly Blend Smoothies: Some Tips

It might sound deceptively simple to blend smoothies. Dont you just throw it all in the blender and press go? There are actually some nuances to this process. Heres what we recommend:

  • Use a high speed blender if you have it. This best blueberry banana smoothie is easiest to make with a high speed or powerful blender.
  • If youre working with a blender thats not top shape: Dice the carrot very small. Also, place the liquid items in the smoothie toward the bottom of the blender. If you put the frozen items towards the bottom, they can easily freeze solid and make it hard for the blender blades to turn.
  • Add slightly more liquid if necessary. Liquid helps to blend a smoothie, so weve added a range for the liquid here . Scrape down the bowl of the blender and add a little bit of water at a time until you get the desired texture.

Blueberry Banana Smoothie Variations

Blueberry Smoothie
  • Add other fruit. I love the blueberry and banana combo, but feel free to play around with other frozen fruit. Try raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, mango, you name it.
  • Boost the nutrition. Blend in a spoonful of flax seeds, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, or a scoop of nut butter for some extra protein.
  • Make it green. Blend in a handful of baby spinach or kale for a green blueberry smoothie. The color wont be as nice, but it will taste just as good!
  • Make it sweeter. This smoothie is already sweet thanks to the banana, but feel free to make it even sweeter with a drizzle of honey, maple syrup, or agave.
  • Thicken it up. Make your smoothie a little more filling with a scoop of old-fashioned oats.

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Blueberry Smoothie: Ingredients & Substitutions

Let’s discuss the ingredients, as well as possible substitutions in this blueberry banana smoothie recipe.

  • Unsweetened almond milk. Any non-dairy milk works well in this recipe You can also use regular dairy milk.
  • Frozen blueberries. I always have a bag of wild blueberries in my freezer to make this blueberry banana smoothie. If you come across delicious fresh blueberries in the summer for a great price, you can always flash freeze them and then store them in an airtight container in the freezer. Fresh berries can be used also.
  • Frozen banana. If you don’t prefer bananas, you can substitute another starchy food like avocado for creaminess, but you will likely need to add more honey/maple syrup to achieve the proper sweetness.
  • Vanilla extract. You can leave out the vanilla, but I love the rich flavor it adds to this blueberry smoothie recipe.
  • Honey. Maple syrup or agave can be used in place of honey. If your blueberries are very sweet you can omit the sweetener altogether.
  • Vanilla protein powder . I love adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder to my smoothies for a protein boost that keeps me full longer. Orgain Vanilla Bean Protein Powder is my favorite.
  • Frozen Spinach . If you want to make this a green blueberry smoothie, simply add some frozen spinach, kale, etc. This is optional! Just note that spinach will make this more of a gray/brown smoothie than vibrant purple!

Tips For Freezing Blueberries For The Best Berry Smoothies

  • Wash your berries well and dry them thoroughly, either by letting them air dry or using a kitchen towel or paper towels.
  • Spread the blueberries out in a single layer on a sheet pan and place in the freezer for several hours until they are completely frozen.
  • Transfer the berries to a high-quality freezer bag or another airtight container. Return the berries to the freezer and keep frozen until needed for smoothies.
  • The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council says frozen berries are best used within 10 months.

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Blueberry Smoothie Recipe Variations

If you couldnt tell, Im pretty obsessed with this blueberry smoothie recipe just as its written. But like any smoothie, its flexible! If you dont have these exact ingredients on hand, swap in what you do have, or change it up to suit your tastes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Go green. Blend in a handful of spinach or kale.
  • Skip the raspberries. Make a simple blueberry banana smoothie by using a whole frozen banana instead of half of one.
  • Swap the nut butter. Replace the almond butter with peanut butter or cashew butter.
  • Make it heartier. Add a scoop of Greek yogurt or whole rolled oats. A tablespoon of hemp or chia seeds would be a good addition too.

Let me know what variations you try!

More Smoothies To Try

Easy Blueberry Smoothie – How to Make the Best Blueberry Smoothie

If you love this recipe, then youre going to love a ton of other recipes that use either blueberries or raspberries.

Another delicious combination that you should check out is a smoothie that uses strawberries & blueberries as the main ingredients. There are just so many combinations that you can try out.

I also highly recommend trying the banana yogurt smoothie. Its one of my favorites as its got the perfect amount of banana and is so thick and creamy.

If you have anything you want to share on this blueberry raspberry smoothie recipe, then be sure to leave a comment below. I always enjoy reading your opinion, thoughts, variations, and whatever else you may have to share.

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Blueberry Smoothie Serving Suggestions

This blueberry smoothie is such a delicious healthy breakfast or snack! Enjoy a tall, cool glass on its own, or add toppings like sliced almonds, fresh blueberries, chia seeds, and/or coconut flakes and scoop it up with a spoon.

Hungry for more? This smoothie pairs well with all sorts of breakfast fare. For a quick weekday breakfast, serve it with a slice of avocado toast or any of these healthy muffin recipes. On the weekend, blend it up as a beverage for a laid-back brunch. Its fantastic with a frittata, scrambled eggs, waffles, French toast, or a big stack of pancakes.

What Are Wild Blueberries

Wild blueberries are smaller and more flavorful than regular blueberries because they have less water in them. Theyre deliciously sweet and a little tangy, and they take the flavor of this blueberry smoothie recipe to the next level.

Wild blueberries are also packed with antioxidants and a compound called anthocyanin. These not only give the blueberries their deep blue/purple color but are also shown to reduce inflammation and help to prevent cell damage. Wild blueberries actually have a significantly higher amount of antioxidants and anthocyanin than regular blueberries!

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Faqs About Blueberry Smoothies

Are blueberry smoothies healthy?

This blueberry smoothie is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, protein and fiber.

Do you put ice in smoothies?

I suggest NOT putting ice in this smoothie because it waters down the flavors. Instead, use frozen fruit for a thick, cold smoothie.

What can I add to smoothies?

Here are some suggestions!Protein powderNut butters – for a little fat and protein.Chia seedsMaca powder

How To Make Blueberry Smoothie Breakfast Recipes:

Blueberry Smoothie
  • Add the frozen fruit, yogurt, water and optional sweetener or protein powder to a blender.
  • Blend until smooth, adding more water 1/8 of a cup at a time to reach desired thickness.
  • Pour into a glass and immediately rinse your blender out .
  • Special Tip: You can find these directions, along with measurements, nutrition and more in the sharable recipe card in the next section!

    Up next, a sharable recipe card for low calorie yogurt blueberry smoothie recipes

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    How To Thicken A Smoothie

    My biggest pet peeve with smoothies is when theyre watered down or too thin, I just prefer a thicker, more flavorful blend. Thats why this strawberry blueberry smoothie recipe calls for frozen fruit + ice + yogurt, it creates a super creamy and thick blend!

    That being said, here are my best tips and tricks for a thick smoothie:

    • For this Strawberry Blueberry and Banana Smoothie you can use 1/4 cup less almond milk for a thicker blend.
    • Freeze your fruit! Either buy it pre-frozen or with something like bananas, set reminders if needed so that youre freezing them ahead of time. I usually freeze a bunch at once so that I have a little stash to pull from.
    • You can technically use any type of yogurt in this smoothie but greek yogurt is by far the thickest option. If you sub for a thinner yogurt just make sure to add a few more pieces of frozen fruit or ice cubes. **The same goes for using a vegan yogurt since theyre often thinner as well.
    • Optional: add a tablespoon of nut butter or chia seeds to your smoothie before blending. The chia seeds absorb extra moisture and will naturally make for a thicker smoothie while the nut butter just adds more depth of thickness to it.

    How To Make A Blueberry Smoothie Without A Banana

    This blueberry smoothie is dairy-free, vegan and sweetened with a Medjool date. But the banana substitute also creates an overall sweeter taste. Sweet potatoes are deliciously sweet and frozen they will make this smoothie super creamy.

    Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes can actually be eaten raw. However, for this recipe I would recommend to first boil the sweet potato and then freeze it.

    After that all you have to do is add the ingredients to a blender and blend them up for a luscious, creamy, plant-based smoothie.

    Blueberries are deliciously fresh and abundant during spring and summer. So typically throughout the rest of the year I will use frozen berries.

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    Shopping List For Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie Recipe:

    Special Tip: You can find all the measurements in the recipe card below. There you can choose how many servings of this recipe for blueberry smoothie you want to make, and it will do all the measurement math for you! All of the ingredients for this recipe for blueberry shakes can be doubled or tripled with the click of a button.

    Up next, how to make smoothie with frozen berries and yogurt

    Health Benefits Of Blueberry Smoothies

    How To Make a Blueberry Smoothie (Smoothie Recipe)
    • Frozen blueberries: This berry has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all fruits and vegetables*. Antioxidants help to protect the body from free radical damage . Blueberries are linked to lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease, and improving memory.
    • A study found that eating a cup of blueberries per week can perhaps speed up metabolism, due mostly to their high levels of anthocyanins.
  • Frozen bananas: This fruit is linked to moderating blood sugar levels after meals, which also means it may reduce appetite, as the stomach empties slower. The frozen banana is also the secret for giving this smoothie its creamy texture and sweet flavor.
  • Almond butter: This nut butter is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. It also gives this smoothie so much flavor and increases the creaminess of it. The almond butter also helps to make this smoothie more filling.
  • Vanilla almond milk: Almond milk is low in calories and low in sugar while being high in calcium and other vitamins. Almond milk is also naturally dairy-free, vegan, and lactose-free. I like using vanilla-flavored almond milk for an extra punch of flavor.
  • *While I do have my background in health, I am not a doctor or certified nutritionist. Make sure to consult your doctor or certified nutritionist as needed.

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    Variations To The Blueberry Smoothie

    You will notice in the ingredients that I added 1/4 cup of oatmeal. This is to make the smoothie more filling. If you dont like adding oatmeal to smoothies, you can take it out and use 1/2 avocado instead. You can also try adding a bit of coconut oil.

    I tried a blueberry-banana version of the smoothie by swapping out the raspberries for a frozen banana, and using only 1/2 cup of frozen mangoes. The smoothie tasted fine, but the color of the smoothie was not as appealing as the raspberry version. The smoothie started turning gray in just 10 minutes, which makes it very difficult to photograph!


    Yes, you can make the smoothie up to a day ahead, but do note that the color of the smoothie will turn gray over time. If you notice any separation, shake the smoothie before consuming.


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    Tips To Thicken Your Smoothie

    I love my smoothies nice and thick, as I think it makes them more satisfying. This recipe is already fairly thick, but if youd like to thicken your smoothie even more, here are a few tips:

    • Blend in a few cubes of ice after you mix your main ingredients until you reach your desired consistency.
    • For thickness and added flavor, try blending in an extra handful of frozen fruit.
    • You can also try adding in 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. After a few minutes, these little nutrient-rich seeds will soak up some of the excess liquid and thicken the smoothie.

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    What Youll Find In This Article:

    • Ingredients in Blueberry Smoothie Recipes
    • How to Make a Blueberry Smoothie
    • Healthy Blueberry Smoothie Recipe
    • Nutrition and Calories in Smoothies with Blueberries

    Helpful Tip for Shopping: Take a screenshot of the shopping list to your phone. This way you have it at your fingertips the next time you go grocery shopping.

    Recipe Card Uses: You can email yourself this recipe card so you can easily search for it Or print it so you have it handy, and can make notes. You can even pin this healthy blueberry smoothie recipe to Pintrest so it is safely stored for you.

    Up next, a shopping list for homemade blueberry smoothie with yogurt

    Blueberry Smoothie Recipe Ingredients

    Healthy Blueberry Banana Smoothie

    Heres what youll need to make this blueberry smoothie recipe:

    • Blueberries, of course! Use frozen berries to make this smoothie thick and frosty.
    • Frozen raspberries The more berries, the merrier, right? The raspberries add a nice tartness to this blueberry smoothie.
    • Frozen cauliflower Trust me, you wont taste it! It gives the smoothie an extra boost of nutrients and helps perfect its creamy texture.
    • Frozen banana Like the cauliflower, the banana makes this smoothie super creamy.
    • Almond milk Use store-bought, or make your own! If you dont keep almond milk on hand, feel free to substitute your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk. Water works too!
    • Almond butter It adds protein and healthy fats.
    • Maple syrup For sweetness.
    • Fresh lemon juice Its bright flavor balances the sweetness from the fruit and maple.
    • Fresh ginger Optional, but delicious. Blend it into the smoothie for a refreshing kick.

    Find the complete recipe with measurements below.

    Place all the ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth! If the smoothie is too thick to blend, add more almond milk as needed to reach your desired consistency.

    So creamy!

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