Easy Smoothie Recipes Without Milk

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Frozen Berry Keto Smoothie Without Yogurt Or Milk

Strawberry smoothie without milk – No milk smoothie recipes

This Easy Frozen Berry Keto Smoothie is the perfect keto low carb smoothie recipe for a refreshing breakfast or quick snack.

Bonus, this healthy berry smoothie recipe is also dairy-free, paleo, and vegan, made without yogurt or milk.

There is no secret that I have a sweet tooth, particularly love for sweet drinks. Whats better than a creamy smoothie or milkshake to fix an urgent sweet craving?

I make my keto chocolate milkshake all the time. It has been one of your favorite low-carb drinks, by the way. However, my dual love for growing berries and smoothies brought a new smoothie to life, this frozen berry smoothie.

You will love this easy healthy smoothie as it is made without yogurt or milk. So keep reading to learn more about this dairy-free recipe!

Mango Smoothie Recipe Without Yogurt

Now I am going to tell you the mango oats smoothie recipe which is my very favorite, first of all, a smoothie is my one of the best breakfast and lunch option because it is ready in very less time and it tastes very delicious. , sometimes I am too busy so just take a blender jar and quickly made a smoothie and our meal is ready, this smoothie not only gives weight loss but is also very healthy and nutritious, If you want magical effect then you Simply Follow This Plan And You Will Succeed

Step 1

To make Smoothie Recipes without Milk, we will take a blender jar, now add 1¼ cups of roasted oats to it, now add half mango , and now we will add 2 dates .

Step 2

Now we will add 1 teaspoon cardamom powder and after adding a little water, it has to be blended well, after blending the smoothie is completely ready.

I like this smoothie very much because I love mango and we can use mango for diet, it will give us amazing weight loss, you can include this smoothie in breakfast or lunch., Now lets move on to the next recipe.

Dairy Free Spinach Smoothie

Heres a dairy free smoothie that’s green and tastes sweet tart and fruity. Yes, this is the best spinach smoothie thats so tasty, youll forget that youre eating your greens! This one can be made two ways: with cashews for some protein, or with more fruit to keep it nut-free. Either way, its plant-based and packed with nutrientsas youd expect a green drink would be!

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Vanilla Ice Cream Banana Smoothie

1. To prepare the materials, it is best to get them all in the first step. Otherwise, if you look for this or that later, there will be problems such as bananas will oxidize and ice cream will melt.

2. Put two and a half bananas into the blender and add 1 scoop of ice cream. Add milk and stir until there are no lumps.

3. Put 2 scoops of ice cream in the bottom of the cup, pour the milkshake in the blender into the cup, don’t fill it up. Leave a space of about 10 cm.

4. Add 5 scoops of fruit oatmeal and sprinkle in evenly. Put the remaining half of the sliced banana on top.

5. Finished, haha, lets eat!


My three bananas are made for two cups. If one cup is used, the amount of bananas and milk will be halved. I personally like a lot of oatmeal and banana slices, which taste delicious.

Best Vanilla Ice Cream Banana Smoothie recipeChinese Vanilla Ice Cream Banana Smoothie recipeHealthy Vanilla Ice Cream Banana Smoothie

Ingredients In This Oat Milk Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie WITHOUT MILK

This oat milk smoothie recipe works for any type of frozen fruit. But you cant go wrong with strawberry banana! Its our favorite way to load up on healthy fruit that tastes like a dessert. Here are the ingredients youll need:

  • Frozen strawberries : Strawberries are our go-to, but there are many more ways to mix and match this recipe.
  • Fresh banana: All you need are two room temperature bananas. No need to remember to freeze them!
  • Oat milk : Use plain or unflavored oat milk. You can use vanilla if you like, but sometimes vanilla flavors are overly sweet or artificial tasting.
  • Ice: Ice adds just the right frozen texture.
  • Maple syrup or honey : Whether you need it depends on the ripeness of the bananas. Sometimes frozen strawberries can also be very tart and need a little sweetener. Add a touch to taste.

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Frozen Berry Smoothie Recipe With Almond Milk

Unsweetened almond milk is the best dairy-free milk for this keto berry smoothie. Let me tell you why I love to use almond milk in my keto berry smoothie.

  • First, it has no sugar added and only 1 gram of net carbs per cup. It is one of the main reasons why it is the safest milk option for low-carb smoothies for diabetics. Almond milk doesnt spike the blood sugar level. On the contrary, regular milk or yogurt contains natural sugar from lactose that could keep you out of ketosis.
  • Next, it is bland in flavor. It is a very good point to enjoy the full flavor of your healthy berry smoothie.
  • Finally, it contains only 40 calories per cup, which makes your frozen berry smoothie one of the healthiest berry smoothies.
  • Note that the sugar in this recipe comes naturally from berries.

    Berries are the lowest sugar, fructose content and therefore are approved on a keto low-carb diet in moderation.

    If you love this frozen berry smoothie recipe, then I recommend trying my mixed berry smoothie with almond milk!

    Whats In This Kiwi Smoothie Without Milk Recipe

    • Pineapple, Kiwi, Spinach, Parsley I get all the fresh produce for my recipes from my garden and fromMisfits Market they sell all organic produce at a super discounted price, and its purchased direct from the farmers. We get Misfit Market boxes every other week and love picking out our favorite seasonal produce for delivery. You can get$10 off your first $30 box by clicking here! If you think organic produce is too expensive think again, and give Misfits Market a look!

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    There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Make A Smoothie

    These are recipes in a very loose sense of the world. Theyll give you a great place to start, but dont feel like you need to stick with them to make a delicious tasting smoothie. I do very little measuring when I make my daily smoothie and often will just throw in what I have on hand. If you are working with frozen fruit, you probably wont need ice. But if you are using fresh fruit, throw in some ice. A super cold smoothie is best if you ask me. If the smoothie is too thick or not blending well, add more milk.

    The Best Toppings For An Acai Smoothie

    Banana smoothie without milk or jogurt – Easy smoothie recipes

    The fun part about an acai smoothie is the toppings! Because toppings are such an integral component of an acai bowl, you absolutely cant go without them here. We eat with our eyes, and the rainbow effect of the toppings really works. Here are our favorite ways to top this smoothie:

    • Almond butter: This is absolutely essential! The texture of almond butter in the smoothie almost reminds me of hot fudge in a sundae. Yep, its that good! Plus, it adds plant-based protein which makes the smoothie more filling.
    • Fresh strawberries and blueberries: Bring in bright colors with these tangy sweet berries.
    • Mango: Add a few mango chunks for color and sweetness: you can even thaw a few frozen ones under warm water.
    • Coconut flakes: Coconut flakes add a nice crunch and tropical flavor.

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    How To Make A Perfect Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    Making a perfect smoothie is all about getting the right ratio. Not so thick that you cant actually blend the smoothie, and not so thin that it drinks more like milk that tastes like fruit than a smoothie.

    The ratio should be just right for this easy smoothie recipe, but the nice thing about it is that its easy to adjust if youd like it a little thinner, or a little thicker.

    To make it thicker you can do 2 things:

  • Use a frozen banana instead of a fresh banana.
  • Add more frozen strawberries or a bit of ice and blend again until you reach your desired consistency!
  • To make it thinner all you have to do is add a bit more liquid until its thin enough for the perfect sip.

    But backing it up, lets go over the step-by-step of how to make this smoothie:

    • Starting with 1 ¼ cups dairy free milk, add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy. If the smoothie is too thick to blend freely use your blenders tamper or add a little more milk at a time until desired consistency is reached.
    • If youd like your smoothie a little bit sweeter you can add a bit of honey or maple syrup to taste.
    • Divide between two glasses and enjoy!

    Pineapple And Spinach Smoothie

    Step 1

    To make Smoothie Recipes without Milk, First, take a blender, now add 1 date , now add two slices of pineapple, now add one spoon roasted oats, now add 2/3 cube size slices of papaya and half glass water, now add a little bit spinch, now do it well After blending, the smoothie is ready.

    You can also make this smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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    Making Apple Smoothies Without Yogurt Or Milk

    As you can see from these recipes, its easy to make delicious apple smoothies without yogurt or milk. You dont need dairy to create a tasty smoothie.

    If you crave a creamier smoothie, then here are some other tips to make dairy-free apple smoothies

    • Add a frozen banana its like adding a scoop of ice-cream without the dairy!
    • Use plant-based milk almond milk is our go-to alternative but you can play around with hazelnut, coconut, or oat milk too.
    • Try dairy-free yogurt there are lots of coconut and soy-based alternatives to dairy yogurt which taste amazing.

    To learn about these tips in more detail, read our guide to making delicious dairy-free smoothies.

    Are Smoothies Good For You

    8 Healthy No Banana Smoothies
    • The short answer is a resounding Yes! Here are some hints to keep them that way.
    • Smoothies without milk are the only ay to go.
    • Make the smoothies yourself to be sure what is inside.
    • Use fruit for taste and fiber. They can be frozen or fresh. A good hint is to freeze sliced bananas to add to smoothies.
    • A tablespoon of your favorite nut butter adds protein and healthy fats.
    • They are so quick to make that you can whip up a fresh fruit smoothie in mere minutes and drink it right then.
    • The majority of the time a sweetener such as a tablespoon of maple syrup isn’t necessary. Sometimes you’ll want it but if the fruit is sweet – skip it.
    • Always use dairy-free milk or water, not fruit juices.
    • You’ll never know by the taste if you add a few greens to your dairy-free smoothies. A little spinach adds nutrients and vitamins.
    • Add a tablespoon of flaxseed meal or raw hemp seed. Both add fiber and help reduce inflammation.
    • Add ice for a thicker frosty like smoothie. You’ll actually feel fuller.

    You ask if smoothies are healthy? This spinach smoothie couldn’t be any healthier and it also has chocolate – Mexican Iced Chocolate Smoothie!

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    Tips On How To Make A Smoothie Without Milk

    Creating a smoothie is an art that needs to be mastered. When you are creating a smoothie without milk, there are a few things that must be bought into consideration that can enhance your smoothies taste and make your tummy feel fuller.

  • Choose the right ingredients: when you are making a smoothie without milk, the right ingredients choice becomes vital for the taste. The right ingredients for the smoothie are cocoa powder and vanilla extract. If you are using these ingredients, try using products that are 100% pure.
  • Understanding layering: when you put all the products for blending in a blender, ingredients layering is very important. The layering enhances the taste of the smoothie. Here is a plan for layering sticking to it might fill the tummy but not the needs of your soul.
  • So, the layers are as follows :

    • Liquids like cold water, juice, or yogurt
    • Dry ingredients like powders, dry fruits, seeds, etc.
    • Leafy greens and pastes like mint leaves, peanut butter, etc.
    • Fruits or vegetables
    • Ice
  • Correct liquid ratio: no one likes a runny smoothie smoothies are meant to be thick. The fine consistency of a smoothie refers to a chill and thick smoothie. To reach the perfect consistency, use more fruits or vegetables. One can also use rolled oats to increase consistency. Adding rolled oats also enhances the taste of the smoothie, and this is a complete filler.
  • Pineapple And Apple Smoothie

    Step 1

    To make Smoothie Recipes without Milk First, take a blender, now add 1/2 dates , now add two slices of peanut, now add half apple, now add one spoon of roasted oats and half glass water, now blend it well, After blending the smoothie is ready.

    This smoothie is my one of the favorite smoothie, you can take this smoothie for breakfast, lunch, those who have vitamin D deficiency, those who have a thyroid problem, they can include this smoothie in meal, and those who have diabetes can use this smoothie. Do not take

    I hope you have liked this smoothie recipe, if you like it, then you will definitely tell in the comment.

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    Turn Your Smoothie Into Popsicles

    Ok so now how can you make popsicles out of this tropical smoothie?

    It is super simple! Make this recipe exactly the same, grab some mini paper cups and fill them with the smoothie. Drop a popsicle stick inside each one and freeze.

    You and your family will love them! Just rip the paper off and enjoy whenever you feel like having a healthy, refreshing snack.

    Ingredients And Easy Instructions

    Healthy Oats banana smoothie without Milk (Easy & quick recipe for weight loss)

    It was so funny when I made this dairy-free strawberry smoothie and then sat down to write out the recipe.

    Usually it takes a while to make sure no ingredient is forgotten and they are all in order so that the recipe is easy to follow.

    I just had to smile that the recipe was under 50 words. Isn’t that nice!

    We all deserve a deliciously easy recipe once in a while that takes just a few minutes to make. Life is good.

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

    DID YOU TRY THIS RECIPE? I want to see! Follow on Instagram, snap a photo, and tag it #veganinthefreezer. I love to know what you are making!

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    Water Or Coconut Water

    The number one, best green smoothie in the whole wide world uses *gasp* WATER. It’s 100% dairy free and proud to be… and people can’t get enough of it. I know a lot of you hesitate to use water in a smoothie, but trust me, when you’ve got the right formula, water is a great smoothie base.

    Coconut water is a unique beverage that has been touted as nature’s gatorade. It’s loaded with electrolytes, and is a must in workout recovery. It can be an acquired taste, so if you’re new to coconut water, try doing half coconut water and half regular water in your next smoothie, then increase your ratio as you fall in love.

    No Cook Breakfast Recipes Perfect For Summer

    This no-cook kiwi smoothie without yogurt is a quick and simple recipe. I love a good no-cook recipe for those days when Im not feeling like standing around the stove, or for summer nights when its too hot to cook. I have a whole collection of recipes that require zero cooking at all, check them out here! This smoothie comes together in about 5 minutes, and doesnt require the stove or microwave to make. Just some fresh produce, and a few pantry staple ingredients and you have a healthy meal ready in no time. And very little to clean up afterwards an added bonus!

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    How To Make A Smoothie Without Milk

    It might surprise you when I say that more often than not, I make my smoothies without milk.

    Sure, sometimes I make fruit based smoothies with milk and yogurt, but oftentimes I do not use milk at all in my smoothies, and sometimes no liquid either!

    This guide will help you find out which flavors work best in a smoothie so that you can make delicious smoothies without milk at home!

    Frozen Fruit Recipes For The Win

    Easy Dairy

    I used frozen pineapple and banana in this smoothie instead of fresh. By using freezer ingredients, I can stock up when they are on sale, and use them in all kinds of great dishes. It saves me a trip to the store, and I can have frozen fruit to use in smoothies in no time. Check out all my recipes that use Freezer Ingredients on The Herbeevore great for those days when you want a meal ready fast! And check out my Top 125 Plant-Based Pantry Staples for long-lasting staples that I always keep on hand.

    If you grow spinach or kale in your garden, you can cut the leaves, wash them, and put them in an airtight bag to freeze. That way you can enjoy frozen greens in your recipes and smoothies all year long!

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