Healthy Banana Smoothies For Weight Loss

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For Any Smoothie A Good Blender Is Key

Banana Oats Smoothie | Weight Loss Recipe by Healthy Kadai

To be honest, I have never had a traditional blender that lastest very long. But, I highly recommend this NutriBullet. In fact, I never use a traditional blender anymore. Furthermore, I realize there are cheaper blender bullets available but this is the brand I use, and know it works. If you find a deal on another brand, be certain to check the watts. Youll want one with high watts to grind ice that is in most smoothie recipes.

If you dont have a high-powered blender, you can still make this shake. You may need to help the blender at the beginning with the thicker ingredients. Try pulsing it or starting and stopping and using a spoon to mix stir the ingredients.

While youre here, check out these recipes



Sample Of Healthy Banana Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Coming up with a healthy smoothie to help you slim down is not as straightforward as it seems. There is so much you need to learn about smoothies in addition to the ingredients you could use. You also will need information on the correct measurements, servings, preparation methods and so forth.

Similarly, you do not just settle on any recipe you find online, regardless if it has a million reviews. Before you settle on, for example, that banana and oatmeal smoothie for weight loss, you have to consider various elements.

As such, this concept becomes quite tricky for beginners. If you are just starting, consider the following banana weight loss smoothie recipes. They can help you get rid of excess weight. However, before that, ensure you do the following:

Best Weight Loss Smoothies Recipes

We scoured various resources for smoothies that taste amazing, are easy to prepare, and include ingredients packed with flavor, fiber, protein, and fat-burning power. Feel free to choose a smoothie for foods that make it protein-rich, heart-healthy, low-calorie, or a suitable replacement for breakfast. Smoothies can be a part of a Keto diet, Paleo diet, or accommodate other dietary needs and facilitate weight loss.

Smoothies are enjoyable any time of day, following a workout session or as a snack. To reap optimal weight loss benefits from your smoothie, drink it as soon as it is made or within 24 hours if sealed and refrigerated.

Check out the following healthy smoothie recipes, and get ready to add a rainbow of nutrient-rich, delicious ingredients to your blender and enjoy.

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Blend Banana Smoothie In A Blender

We love our Vitamix, but any blender will work to blend this healthy smoothie to creamy perfection! Now, remember that this banana smoothie can be as thin or as thick as you want it.

If you like your smoothies a bit thinner, try adding extra almond milk. If you like thick and creamy omit some of the almond milk.

Blood Orange Beet Smoothie

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Ready for an a cleansing smoothie? This Blood Orange Beet Smoothie is about to be your go-to. There is no question that after a glass of this beautiful drink you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Get our recipe for a Blood Orange Beet Smoothie.

If you’re a big fan of the classic childhood sandwich, you’ve got to give this recipe a tryit’s like sipping a little bit of salty-sweet heaven through a straw. Blending frozen berries with all-natural peanut butter, vanilla protein, rolled oats and soy milk helps create the protein-packed delicious tastewithout tons of excess calories. If you’re not a fan of soy milk, feel free to sub in any type of unsweetened milk you prefer. It won’t alter the taste or nutrition profile much, and will retain its title of one of our best weight loss smoothies.

Get the recipe from Fit Foodie Finds.

Get the recipe from Dashing Dish.

You’ll be whisked away on a mini mental-vacation the second you start sipping this tropical-tasting smoothie. Don’t let the high carb and sugar count scare you off it’s coming from berries, an orange and bananaall vitamin- and fiber-rich produce that will keep you trim and healthy.

Get the recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.

Get the recipe from Fit Foodie Finds.

Get the recipe from The Roasted Root.

Get the recipe from Cookin’ Canuck.

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Providing You With Necessary Vitamins And Minerals

Daily intake of bananas can supply your body with some essential vitamins and minerals like potassium. A medium ripe banana contains 422 mg of potassium . The daily recommendations for adult females are 2, 600 mg while males need 3, 400 mg.

Eating such a fruit daily can help you slowly meet up on your potassium requirements. In addition to potassium, this fruit also gives your body magnesium, Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and calcium. These are essential in the body to ensure it is properly functioning.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

A simple peanut butter banana smoothie recipe with only 3 ingredients and ready to enjoy in under 5 minutes. A clean eating recipe that will fuel you with plant based nutrition.

Peanut butter and bananas is a classic flavor combination that is a true favorite of so many people. That makes this a quick and healthy breakfast recipe that you know everyone will love!

The combination of ripe bananas with the salty peanut butter is so creamy and very satisfying. Whether you are looking for a post workout smoothie or a breakfast smoothie, this is one that is sure to hit the spot!

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Can You Lose Weight With Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, the most commonly used stimulant on earth. When you look at most fat-burning supplements, you probably will find caffeine in them and thats for a good reason.

Caffeine not only wakes you up but also increases your metabolic rate as well. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories your body burns, and the easier it is for you to shed some pounds.

Studies show that caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by up to 11%. Depending on the individual, that is 79-150 additional burned calories a day!

There are a few downsides to caffeine as a weight-loss tool, however.

Over time, your body becomes tolerant of the effects of caffeine. It may therefore be best to cycle your coffee smoothie drinking habits to prevent a buildup of tolerance. One week on, one week off can be a good idea.

Also, dont overdose on coffee smoothies.

The recommended amount of caffeine is up to 400 mg per day for healthy adults. One coffee smoothie should contain roughly 100 mg per serving. One or two smoothies a day is all you need to experience the positive effects.

Replace your morning coffee with coffee smoothies, dont consume additional caffeine to avoid nasty side effects.

Banana Smoothie Q & A

Breakfast Smoothies For Weight Loss – Healthy & Low Calorie Banana – Mango – Pineapple Smoothie

Is a banana smoothie good for you? What smoothie you prepare for yourself depends completely on what your body needs! This smoothie is a great healthy breakfast or snack throughout the week. Bananas are packed with potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

This smoothie also has extra fiber and protein from the flax and greek yogurt. If your doctor recommends a low sugar diet for you, keep in mind that bananas have a lot of natural sugar and adjust your meal prep for the week accordingly.

How long can you keep a banana smoothie in the fridge? We recommend eating this smoothie immediately after preparing. If you are prepping this banana smoothie and storing it in the refrigerator, we recommend storing this smoothie in the refrigerator for no longer than two days.

Do you put ice in smoothies? We dont usually recommend using ice in smoothies because it tends to water down the flavor of the smoothie. We recommend using frozen fruit over ice. However, if you are using fresh fruit, feel free to add in a handful of ice to chill the smoothie.

What can replace a banana in a smoothie? Well, in this smoothie we recommend bananas. However, feel free to use a cup of your favorite fruit if you are out of bananas.

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Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie:

Berries smoothies like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and some other Vitamin C enriched fruits like apple and banana will give you a powerful start for your day. The main reason for weight gain is the slow metabolic rate. The antioxidants present in these fruits boost metabolism that is essential for weight loss and helps in keeping your stomach healthy and fit.

This breakfast smoothie is very easy to prepare and will take just a few minutes of you busy schedule. All you have to do is add up all the ingredients in your best blender machine and blend it until they are properly mixed and smooth. To get the more refreshing taste, you can add mint or spinach leaves but in very little quantity. Cut the fruits and freeze them overnight to get thicker and colder smoothie.


  • 1 apple, cored and sliced
  • 1 cup almond milk

Give Your Energy A Boost With This Healthy Banana Smoothie

Do you love Caramel and Banana? Then this is the recipe for you! This tasty smoothie is made from the Premium Caramel Smoothie Mixand includes honey and chia seeds to make it thick and sweet. YUM!! Whats more, itll give you a boost of energy in the morning, is only 310 calories and takes five mins to whip up, making it a great breakfast option!

  • 2tbspPremium Caramel Healthy Mummy Smoothie
  • 250mllow fat milk
  • 1/2frozen banana
  • 1tspchia seeds
  • 2tbspPremium Caramel Healthy Mummy Smoothie
  • 250mllow fat milk
  • 1/2frozen banana
  • 1tspchia seeds
  • Pour into a glass and enjoy.
  • What do you rate this recipe?

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    Body Mass Index Has An Important Role

    The body mass index is measuring your height and weight to let you see if your weight is healthy or not. For adults, an ideal BMI is in the 18.5 to 24.9 range, but this can be influenced by gender, age, activity level, and other factors. Therefore, the BMI estimation takes into account age and gender, and as well as height and weight. A great way to see your level of body mass index can be found on NHS, and these are the general indices:

    • under 18.5 BMI Underweight range you need more proteins, fibers, and some fatty foods.
    • 18.5 24.9 Normal and healthy weight range keep up the good work.
    • 25 29.9 Overweight range if your BMI is overweight, you need to start your morning exercises and drink smoothies or healthy natural juices, along with low-fat/caloric meals.
    • 30 39.9 Obese range If your body mass index is over 30, start doing at least 1hr exercises as soon as possible, eat only weight loss based meals, and drink a lot of water, juices, or smoothies. You can also go to a nutritionist to have a professional slimming diet.

    Berry Green Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

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    I love adding spinach to breakfast smoothies, it has virtually no taste and is packed full of calcium, potassium and best of all it naturally boosts metabolism!

    The flavor of the spinach is completely masked by the berries, and the color is masked as well, no one will ever know this is a green smoothie!

    These detox smoothies for weight loss are ideal for the Lose Weight By Eating Detox Plans!

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    Feeling Good Morning Smoothie

    I dont make a secret out of it, I do love Greek yogurt. Ive dedicated a whole article about it, check out these Greek yogurt smoothie recipes.

    Greek yogurt is amazing. It contains almost two times the protein of regular yogurt and only half the amount of sodium.

    Protein is important when youre trying to lose weight. It can help you maintain muscle mass when youre on a restricted diet.

    Protein also boosts your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories each day.

    And on top of that, protein can help you feel full for longer.

    In this study, participants consumed up to 135 fewer calories each day, if they had a high-protein breakfast.

    And this study also proved the positive effects of protein. Participants who increased their protein intake lost an average of 11 lbs after 12 weeks. Reduced appetite and improved metabolism can be a powerful combination.

    The following weight loss coffee smoothie is a convenient way to increase your daily protein intake and reap the benefits of caffeine at the same time.


    • 1 cup brewed coffee, chilled
    • 1 banana, sliced and frozen
    • ½ cup low-fat plain Greek yogurt
    • 1 tbsp organic cocoa powder


  • Peel, slice and freeze a banana the day before
  • Brew one cup of coffee and keep it in the fridge for 1-2 hours
  • Add everything to your blender jar
  • Blend for roughly 1 minute until well combined
  • Greek Yogurt + Banana + Peanut Butter

    You can’t go wrong with a peanut-butter-banana combo.

    Greek yogurt offers a low-fat protein source, and peanut butter brings healthy fat and fiber. This combo is sure to keep you full for hours. Thin this smoothie with a little water or milk of your choice to get the consistency just right!

    • 1 cup Greek yogurt
    • Half or whole banana
    • 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter

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    Banana Smoothies For Incredible Weight Loss

    13 September, 2020

    For decades, people have avoided bananas as a part of their weight loss diet. However, many studies are showing that contrary to popular belief, bananas and specially banana smoothies are good for the body and can help anyone trying to lose weight.

    Bananas are delicious and because of their potassium content, theyre also good for fighting fluid retention and inflammation. By combining them with fat-burning foods like flax seed and spinach, you can create incredible banana smoothies that will give you energy and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

    Why Youll Love This Banana Smoothie Recipe

    • It will give you energy and fill you up without making you feel sluggish.
    • Its very kid-friendly.
    • You need only four simple ingredients and five minutes to make this banana smoothie.
    • Its a good way to use up extra ripe bananas.
    • This banana smoothie is endlessly customizable to add more protein, fiber and other nutrients. See more banana smoothie ideas below!

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    Try The 3 Day Detox Smoothie Diet Plan Here:

    If youre looking for a longer weight loss breakfast smoothie plan, try out our FREE 7 Day Detox Diet Plan Youll get to enjoy more smoothies, and youll have a gentler ease into smoothie heavy days.

    This 7 Day Detox Smoothie Diet Plan incorporates the above healthy breakfast smoothies for weight loss, as well as several more detox smoothie recipes.

    Raspberry Banana Smoothies Recipe

    This simple smoothie recipe is packed full of healthy antioxidants!

    If you want to swap out the blueberries for more raspberries, or even strawberries, it will be delicious.

    Special Tip: Baby spinach has virtually no flavor, making it the best green to add to smoothies when you first start making green smoothies.

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    Iced Coffee Smoothie Recipe

    This ice coffee smoothie recipe has all you need for a great morning: fiber, protein, healthy fats, and caffeine.

    While related to the cannabis plant, hemp seeds dont contain the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp seeds nutty flavor mixes well in a coffee smoothie. These tiny seeds contain plenty of healthy fats and protein.

    Hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids and are well-absorbed by our bodies. For more delicious hemp smoothies, check out these hemp protein smoothie recipes.


  • Peel, slice and freeze the bananas in advance
  • Brew the coffee and let it chill for a couple of hours
  • Place all ingredients into your blender jar
  • Blend for roughly a minute until well combined
  • Why You Should Make This Banana Smoothie

    Is Apple Banana Smoothie Good For Weight Loss

    Ive made a version of this easy banana smoothie recipe more times than I can count. Its perfect on its own and is the best base recipe for adding more ingredients like fruit, nut butter, and veggies.

    Here are a few more reasons we love it:

    • You need less than 5 minutes to make it.
    • You can use fresh or frozen bananas.
    • Its easy to adapt to what you have in the kitchen.
    • This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a snack.
    • Kids love it!
    • You can even make the smoothie ahead of time, freeze it, and save it for later.

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    Key Pointers Of Incorporating Bananas In Smoothies

    Bananas are quite versatile and thanks to their sweetness, are the perfect fruit to use in smoothies. They enrich the taste of the beverage, regardless of the other ingredients used.

    However, like any other food, you also need to be cautious when consuming bananas in liquid form. Here are some pointers you need to be cautious of when using bananas in these beverages:

    Orange Smoothie With Yogurt Recipe

    The Orange Smoothie with Yogurt is one of the best ways to eat your fruits. Well this has some addons in it, like the yogurt and milk, but if it were made with fruits only was called fresh, not a smoothie. Orange Smoothie with Yogurt is a recipe desired by any person in this world, no matter how young or old is. The orange smoothie is one of the best and simple drinks invented.

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