How Much Is Daily Harvest Smoothies

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Here’s How Daily Harvest Works:

How To Make A Strawberry and Banana Smoothie | from Daily Harvest
  • Build your box: Choose any combination of superfood eats to be delivered to you. You can even choose foods based on dietary needs, key benefits, and your likes and dislikes via options found in the top-most bar. Daily Harvest
  • Check your doorstep: The pre-portioned cups will arrive at your doorstep ready to be popped in the freezer/blended/heated up whatever the minimal instructions or your schedule demand.
  • Make it: Just open the lid, add the recommended liquid base and blend, soak, or heat. The cups are meant to be their own carrier, so you can drop the ingredients into a blender or pan, heat or blend them, and then drop them right back into the same container. Minimal cooking and minimal cleanup.
  • Daily Harvest Promotions & Discounts

    Right now, we have a exclusive Daily Harvest promo code for our readers: HONESTBRANDREVIEWS. This grants customers:

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    The Daily Harvest Tastemakers share a little bit about themselves and their favorite recipesand then offers a unique discount code for their community to use.

    You can get up to $40 off your first box by using a Tastemaker code, so peruse through some fun profiles.

    Lastly, this next one isnt technically a discount, but its all in the spirit of giving. You can surprise your best friend with a Daily Harvest gift card .

    Top 3 Pros Of Daily Harvest:

  • Convenience You cant beat the convenience of having quick items in your freezer ready to make in under five minutes for any meal of the day.
  • Unique flavors & ingredientsSuperfood ingredients and flavor profiles that you probably wouldnt make at home.
  • Nutrition With such a huge variety of produce options available is so many meals. Youll be getting a ton of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.
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    Harvest Bowl: Broccoli Rice + Dill Pilaf

    • 5

    I adore pad thai, though I always request like the lowest level of spice I can get the chef to make for me. I probably shouldnt have picked this bowl because I noticed after that jalapeños were on the ingredient list and I dont really do spicy. With trepidation, I fired up the stovetop and cooked this over heat for about 6 minutes. I added in a little bit of olive oil, though it likely wasnt necessary. This was indeed a little too spicy for me, but I grabbed a lime and added some lime juice, a trick that usually helps when I end up ordering something too fiery at a Thai restaurant. This did indeed tone the spice down, but I am still not sure this bowl was really for me. It was almost too gingery to feel like pad thai. I also found the addition of kelp to really not work in this dish for me, though I understand they were probably trying to create a veggie sort of fish sauce effect.

    How Does Daily Harvest Actually Work

    daily harvest smoothies coupon review organic

    To sign up for Daily Harvest, youll enter your zip code to confirm that your delivery area is available. If it is, youll choose a plan size: Small , medium , or large .

    Then youll be taken to an extensive menu, which may or may not tempt you to spend the workday debating between smoothies and bliss balls instead of answering emails. Each item has tasting notes, nutrition facts, lots of photos, and written and video preparation instructions. Before you start adding things to your box, you should familiarize yourself with the menu categories:

    Smoothies, soups, flatbreads, and lattes are self-explanatory. Then there are some Daily Harvest-specific dishes. Harvest Bowls are eaten warm for lunch or dinner and are made with vegetables, grains, and legumes, while Forager Bowls are smaller and come in sweet options, too. Scoops are pints of vegan ice cream, and Bites are cookie-dough-like snacks. Finally, an order of Mylk gets you 16 wedges of frozen almonds and sea salt, which you can blend with water to make almond milk that can be used in Daily Harvest drinks and breakfast bowls.

    Dont know what to pick? Narrow down your choices with filters based on dietary needslike paleo, keto, or low sugarand even on likes or dislikes of specific ingredients, from cilantro and caffeine to nuts and spicy foods. If youre still at a loss, just press a button to fill your box with best sellers.

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    Main Takeaways Of Eating Daily Harvest For One Month

    1. Its a lot healthier than almost any other frozen food options: Smoothies, even with the addition of oat milk, come in under 400 calories for most mixes. While that is higher than a bowl of cereal, each smoothie is bursting at the seams with fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, good fats, and more. Plus, the smoothies are packaged so you can blend, pour, then sip on the go. That removed any temptation to reach for a mega blueberry muffin when I picked up coffee, and it certainly removed any appeal of an egg-and-cheese biscuit at the donut shop, too. Plus, the savory Harvest Bowls had admirable nutrition numbers, with typically less than 400 calories and sodium that, in some cases is higher than youd like to consume in one meal, but pales in comparison to most frozen dinners.

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    Chia Bowl: Chocolate + Almond

    • 5

    Lets get this out of the way: chia seeds arent pretty to look at. They look like weird little blob pods in a pudding texture. But they are freaking delish! This was a soak overnight sort of bowl which made it an ideal breakfast treat. Chia seeds are almost magical because they hold loads of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with very little calorie footprint. They are also a nice protein supplement to your day, which explains why they feel so filling. They absorb up to 27 times their weight in liquid! This mix has a delightful almond and banana flavor with crunchy little pieces of cacao. The seeds expanded so much that this bowl felt like a lot of food. I ended up splitting the chia bowl between breakfast and a yummy post-lunch snack.

    • 5

    It has been oh-so cold here in Pittsburgh, and soup was just what I was craving. I love anything with mushrooms and I am also a fan of miso, so this was an obvious choice. This is a rather light base, meaning I did choose to supplement the meal with some fresh bread and butter. The vegetables inside are plentiful and included kelp, which is another flavor I really love for its salty ocean flair. The only thing I didnt love in this mix was the sweet potato. I feel like this particular veggie makes an appearance in a few bowls where I would leave it out personally. Even so, this bowl was really delicious and warmed my cold winter heart.

    • 5
    • 5

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    Daily Harvest Meal Delivery Service Specs

    Price Per Serving

    To create the perfect mise en place when cooking, you put in the effort to clean, chop, measure, and neatly display fresh ingredients on the counter and toss them into a hot pan. Or you may prefer less prep work. If you count yourself as a member of the second group, check out Daily Harvest.

    The vegan meal delivery service sends soups, smoothies, bowls, and other ready-made items that take little more than adding heat or liquids before they’re edible. More importantly, Daily Harvest injects a huge dose of vegetables into your diet, particularly for breakfast and lunch. The menu options are hit and miss, so you must be open to exploring what’s on offer.

    Splendid Spoon, a plant-focused competitor, is even more convenient, because its items come fully ready to consume. You don’t need to add your own water or oat milk, as you may with Daily Harvest. Still, Daily Harvest’s diverse ingredients and eco-friendly packaging make it a meal delivery service worth your time and money.

    Mushroom and Miso Harvest Bowl

    Black Sesame + Banana Smoothie

    The Best Protein Smoothie | Daily Harvest

    Looking for something a little less sweet? Packed with nutrient-rich blueberries and bananas, this smoothie gets a somewhat-savory boost from black sesame. Daily Harvest even sneaks in some veggies-spinach and zucchini. They’ve also added in pine pollen, which delivers some minerals and protein and may have adaptogenic properties.

    To buy: $7,

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    Daily Harvest Superfood Lattes

    Lattes are a unique treat that I didnt even know Daily Harvest offered! I love treating myself to a mid-day latte, but what I pick up from the Starbucks drive-thru isnt always the healthiest choice. These latte cups include three pods per container, which you simply drop into the milk of your choice, heat, and stir to creamy perfection. And like all of Daily Harvests products, theyre made with nutrient-dense ingredients to help make this snack fulfilling as well as tasty.

    Daily Harvest Matcha + Lemongrass Superfood Latte Cup

    Matcha isnt everyones favoritesome friends of mine find it too grassybut I love it. Im used to mainstream matcha being overly sweet or sugary, but this blend was much fresher and tasted truer to what Id expect from a rich, yet light green tea. It was a little clumpy to stir into my almond milk , but it went down smooth. Keto fans will love that it comes with MCT oil mixed right in, plus chlorella for extra detoxing goodness.

    Daily Harvest Coffee + Cardamom Superfood Latte Cup

    I knew right away that I was going to love this latte. Cardamom is a flavor that I never could name until a trip I took to Stockholm, where cardamom buns quickly became my new favorite treat. Now I look for it everywhere.

    Daily Harvest Ginger + Turmeric Superfood Latte Cup

    How To Contact Daily Harvest

    For any questions beyond this Daily Harvest review, you can get in touch with the brand using any of the following methods:

    • Phone: 888-302-0305
    • Email for other concerns:
    • Filling out the Contact Form on their website

    Looking for more meal subscriptions to choose from? Here are a few other options we trust:

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    Is It Easy To Cancel Your Daily Harvest Subscription

    Yes, its very simple to both cancel and pause your subscription. Weve had brief periods between moving within the past few years where we had to cancel plans since we were in between apartments. Daily Harvest does not make you call or email them to cancel your plan, which is a huge relief. Some other companies make you jump through hoops to cancel your plan. With Daily Harvest, you just log into your admin section and go to Manage Plan. From there youll be able to click on Plan Status and change it to paused or cancelled. Also, if youre going to be away for a week or 2 when your box is scheduled to be delivered, you can always skip that week.

    How To Prepare Daily Harvest Smoothies:

    I Started Ordering Smoothies from Daily Harvest ($25 Off ...
  • Fill cup to top with your preferred liquid. I like using a plant-based milk.
  • Pour into a blender and blend.
  • Pour the smoothie back into your cup and enjoy.
  • Pro tip: Once prepared, smoothies will keep in the refrigerator for 12 hours or you can store the prepared smoothie in the freezer. Just let it thaw a bit before eating again for a semi-frozen, granita-like treat.

    Pro tip: I like adding a scoop of protein powder or collagen to the smoothies to amp up the protein a bit!

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    About The Daily Harvest Subscriptions

    When you order from Daily Harvest, you are automatically signed up for a subscription service based on the frequency you selected. While you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, you need to finalize any changes before 6 pm ET on the Saturday before your delivery. Otherwise, you will still receive your order and be charged for it.

    The day of your delivery differs depending on your region, and youll receive this information when you first submit your order.

    Its possible to skip deliveries at any time by using the included calendar tool on the website. They will show up as a red strikethrough.

    You can get in touch with the company representatives through email, chat, or by scheduling a call through the automated forms on their website.

    Daily Harvest Menu Reviews From Daily Harvest Smoothies To Coconut

    We have loved so many of our Daily harvest cups, but there is one thing I would suggest passing on. The soups are delicious but I truly dont think they are worth the cost per cup. So, even though we loved the Cauliflower + Leek souppaired with bone broth, my suggestion is to skip it and get some of the other heartier options.

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    Latte: Chaga + Chocolate

    • 6

    These had the same preparation at my beloved matcha pods above. I again reached for almond milk because I felt this should just be creamy, but using oat milk would be another good alternative. Again, the froth is real! These whipped up into a beverage that felt like chocolate milk, but with a depth and earthiness which made it feel much more sophisticated. I feel like you could easily enjoy this hot too. The earthiness likely comes from the Chaga mushrooms inside, which have a plethora of health benefits like boosting your immunity and helping your overall gut health.

    How Much Is Daily Harvest

    DIY DAILY HARVEST | Superfood Smoothie Prep

    As we saw in this Daily Harvest review, the costs for a food delivery box can vary depending on your selections.

    While there are items at $5.99, most of the more filling foods are around the price point of $8.99. Before tax is applied, your orders can fall into the following ranges:

    • Small Plan: $54$81
    • Medium Plan: $74$116
    • Large Plan: $144$196

    The different plans also all have different savings and promotionsso it all relies on how you want to incorporate Daily Harvest into your life!

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    Unique Flavors & Ingredients

    Whenever I make a Daily Harvest meal, I feel like I just ordered a smoothie from the Whole Foods smoothie bar or picked up a meal from their hot bar. The flavor profile and additions of superfood powders into their meals are VERY unique.

    Its often combinations I would never think to make at home, and Im a food blogger. Its like eating out, but youre not actually eating out. THE BEST!

    One thing to note here is that some of their products contain herbal and superfood powders, which is fun. However, I would avoid consuming just those products in pregnancy or breastfeeding.

    Certain herbs/superfood powders used for energy/relaxation can also have an impact on hormonal balance. Not something you want to mess with in pregnancy or while trying to keep up a breastmilk supply. Also, we arent sure what, if any, impact they have on developing babies. Best to skip! As I said, thats mostly the smoothies, and my favorite offering of theirs is the harvest bowls.

    How Is Daily Harvest Delivered

    Daily Harvest delivers to most states, so they ask for your ZIP code during the sign-up process. After checkout, the company will assign you a scheduled delivery day.

    Once the order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. The boxes are all packaged with dry ice to keep the items frozen, so even if deliveries are late by a day, your food should remain frozen.

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    What Do Daily Harvest Reviewers Say

    Smoothies have been the Daily Harvest specialty since day one, and based on customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Influenster, theyre still the fan favorite. Happy reviewers say they love the taste and quality of Daily Harvests smoothies and other meals, how convenient they are to store and prepare, and the way the service makes it easy to meet certain health goals, like eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed ingredients.

    Less pleased customers cite high prices , and a concerning number of reviews mention damaged packaging and thawed meals upon delivery. This may be due to issues with shipping, so you might want to confirm which mail carrier will deliver your box before using Daily Harvest.

    Lukewarm users say theyve craved more flavoror more food, periodwhen eating Daily Harvest meals, which they fix by adding nut butter to smoothies, eggs to flatbreads, or fresh herbs and other seasonings to soups and bowls.

    Strawberry + Peach Smoothie

    Daily Harvest Reviews

    Pro tip: Match your smoothie to your sweater.

    I would eat this every day if I could, but communal blenders dont exist at most offices. Even if they did, tell me one person whod unabashedly whip a blender out and disturb their coworkers just to make a smoothie. Anyway, I made it for lunch one day and gulped it down like water. Maybe its because I hadnt had water that day, but you cant go wrong with the combo of strawberry, peach, and raspberry. And I really liked the addition of oats, flaxseed, and goji berry in the smoothie, which made it feel like an actual lunch rather than a fun drink.

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    Overview Of Daily Harvest

    Rachel Drori realized that full meals were hard for her to keep up with and found herself regularly snacking on whatever was around because she didnt have time to make healthy meals herself.

    In the early days, this brand only delivered pre-packaged and frozen smoothies, but it now carries over 90 options across 11 collections for any craving or time of day. Their collections include Smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Flatbreads, Bites, Scoops , and even Mylk.. No more going without nutrition because of no time!

    The brand also takes a regenerative approach only using sustainable practices to reduce food waste, use organic farming practices and thoughtfully sourced ingredients, and only implementing recyclable packaging. They are in the process of transitioning all of their packaging to 100% compostable as well!

    In addition, Daily Harvest never uses gums, preservatives, harmful oils, fillers, refined sugars, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. With over 90 plant-based items on the menu, there are a lot of choices for everyone.

    Before we begin our Daily Harvest review, lets see the pros and cons of the brand.

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