How To Make A Mixed Fruit Smoothie

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How To Make A Smoothie

How to Make a Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie – Recipe | Giant Eagle

A smoothie is so much more than blended fruit. It’s an art with all of its different elements blending perfectly together. Just in case these 29 smoothies aren’t enough, here is our guide to making the perfect smoothie.

Pick your fruit.

We chose strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas to be our base, but any combo of fruit is great. Make a tropical smoothie of pineapple, mango, and banana or add blueberry and peach to switch it up a bit for a summer twist. Aim for about 3 cups of fruit.

Fresh or frozen fruit?

For smoothies, frozen fruit is best. It blends up thicker than fresh fruit and gives you a really cold smoothie to enjoy after blending. If you don’t have frozen fruit, freeze your fresh fruit for 30 minutes before blending or add about 1 cup of ice and blend until smooth!

Add a thickener.

We use unsweetened Greek yogurt in our smoothie, but peanut butter, almond butter, or vanilla yogurt are all great options. Traditionally about 1/2 cup is ideal. If you prefer thinner smoothies, you can either lessen the amount of thickener or skip it all together.

Choose a liquid.

Almond milk is great for the added nutty flavor, but coconut milk pairs well with a tropical smoothie and gives a richer, creamier flavor. Whole milk or fruit juice also work well. 1 1/4 cup of liquid makes the perfect consistency for our preference. If you skipped the thickener, use less liquid as well.

Throw some add-ins in.

Make Ahead And Meal Prep

Meal Prep: Place 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 banana cut into chunks, and half of a 5-oz. container of yogurt into a freezer safe storage bag. Place in freezer until ready to use.

Day of Serving: Let bag of fruit and yogurt thaw slightly at room temperature for 15-20 minutes. Add fruit and yogurt to a blender with ¼ cup milk and 1 tablespoon honey and blend until smooth.

How Using Milk Affects Your Smoothies

1) It adds creaminess

Milk is a concoction of many nutrients including proteins and lactose which help give it more body than regular water. Thus, the creaming effect. When you use milk in your smoothies, you get more depth that if you use plainol water.

2) It adds its own flavor

Milk is naturally flavorful, so adding it will interfere with the current flavors in the smoothie. Depending on which kind of milk youre using and what variation of smoothie youre making, the milk flavor may dominate the entire smoothie which in my opinion, isnt a good thing. Your smoothie is there to present a rainbow of notes to excite your taste buds, so no milk should ever take that privilege away!

3) Its more nutritious

Its no brainer, between water and milk, the latter is the more nutritious of the two thanks to its might cocktail of nutrients ranging from proteins, lactose, and some minerals. Depending on what nutrient youre after, milk can be the better addition for your overall health.

When milk is the better thinner

  • When you want extra taste: If extra flavors is what youre looking for, go for milk, it wont disappoint. When opting for milk, you have a wide variety to choose from including breast milk. And each one of them have their distinct flavors which may or may not dominate a smoothie.
  • When all you want is creaminess
  • When youre not using nutritional supplements and figure out you want a boost, milk is the perfect addition to your smoothie.

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What You Need For A Berry Smoothie

Simple ingredients thrown together in the blender will only take minutes with this mixed berry smoothie. Then you you can be sipping on a tall class of deliciousness within minutes.

  • Mixed berries: Use fresh or frozen berries. Either will work perfectly.
  • Ice: This will bring the coldness youll love.
  • Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt adds protein and creaminess to your smoothie.
  • Honey: Sweet, sweet honey makes everything taste better.
  • Apple juice: Using apple juice add extra vitamins and sweetness without extra sugar.

How Do You Freeze Fresh Vegetables For Smoothies

Frozen Mixed Fruit Smoothie

While there are a few ways to freeze fresh veggies, the first and foremost thing you absolutely must do is to wash them thoroughly. If you do not wash your vegetables properly, then you can get sick. Since you arent using them for cooking, there isnt that sanitizing heat to kill all the germs that may be on the vegetables.

After washing them thoroughly in hot water, large vegetables such as celery, zucchini, and cauliflower, should be cut up for ease of storage. Smaller vegetables such as spinach can be frozen right away unless of course, you want to cut them up, thats up to you. The smaller they are, the faster and better theyre going to be blended up later.

I highly recommend blanching veggies before freezing, even after washing. Its another step, but it will ensure every germ is dead.

One way to freeze veggies is to store the prepared vegetables in air-tight freezer containers or bags and stick them in the freezer. Sometimes they can stick together, so you might want to separate them into single serving sizes before freezing.

Another way is to stick them into ice trays to freeze. After they are fully frozen, they should be stored in an airtight freezer-safe container. Leaving them in the ice trays isnt recommended, as they may become contaminated by other things that are in the freezer.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Strawberries

If you didnt know it already, strawberries are a cholesterol free, fat free, sodium free, low calorie fruit. Strawberries also contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and a ton of other vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are loaded with potassium so if you ever get a leg cramp, try eating some strawberries!

Frozen Mixed Fruit Smoothie

This easy and healthy frozen mixed fruit smoothie recipe is another great smoothie way to start your day.

Fruit smoothie recipes are so easy to invent as so many different fruits go so well when you mix them together.

Frozen Mixed Fruit Smoothie

We often use mango in our recipes as it provides the tropical taste that you want when you make a smoothie. But of course, you can use almost any healthy fruit that you have available.

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How Long Do Frozen Fruit Smoothies Last

Frozen fruit smoothies, and all smoothies in general, will last up to two days in the refrigerator.

Its best to keep them in airtight containers. Mason jars, for example, can help to prevent the fruits from oxidizing.

Keeping your smoothie in the freezer will guarantee a longer storage period. You can pour it into a freezer-safe jar and leave it to defrost an hour before drinking it.

Or you can keep them in popsicle molds. It creates a more fun and convenient experience.

Alternatively, you can store the frozen ingredients separately instead. You wont have to wait hours before defrosting to get your smoothie ready.

Plus, it may result in a fresher frozen fruit smoothie.

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Ninja Bl660 Total Crushing Countertop Smoothies Blender


This is an 1100-watt base blender with three speeds setting and a pulsing feature with a great design and a style that makes it both a great countertop item and a personal blender. Each purchase comes with a complete kit, including a 72-oz pitcher and Nutri Ninja cups for your convenience.


Can you make a smoothie using a food processor? The answer is no. A food processor and a blender are different from one another, even though their builds are technically the same. To learn more about the differences and the similarities, read our articles on Can You Use a Blender as a Food Processor?

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Are Smoothies Healthy For You

Before we dive into the quest of how to make a fruit smoothie, lets dive into the why. Our philosophy here at Wholefully is that smoothies can be an incredibly nourishing part of your diet. Just like with our juicing recipes, we say its always better to eat whole fruits and veggies where possible. But its not always possible! Smoothies do make it easy to pack in all the nutrients of your favorite produce into one drinkable cupwhich is great when youre on the go or short on time.

And lets be honest, smoothies are just freaking delicious! We are big believers that you also need to nourish your soul with your food, and if drinking a perfectly tangy and sweet smoothie brings a smile to your face, then thats healthy as healthy can be.

How Do I Make A Berry Smoothie

For the best results, youll want to add the ingredients to the blender in this order:

  • Add the milk first.
  • Then the yogurt.
  • Top with the frozen banana and frozen berries.
  • Slowly increase the speed of your blender until it is working at full power. When fully blended, taste your smoothie for sweetness, and add honey or maple syrup to taste.

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    How To Make Any Berry Smoothie At Home

    Its hard to top the classic fruity tartness of a mixed berry smoothie! This beautifully pink smoothie is a breeze to make, and its packed full of wonderful flavor and nourishing antioxidants.

    This mixed berry smoothie is infinitely adaptable because you get to choose what frozen berries make up your smoothie! Craft your perfect combination of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberriesor take a shortcut and used mixed frozen berries from the frozen fruit section of your supermarket.

    Super Easy Berry Smoothie

    Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe (+Video)

    by · This post may contain affiliate links

    This frozen berry smoothie makes for a nutritious breakfast or snack. Packed with antioxidants, this mixed berry smoothie recipe is here to push your ice cream cravings aside with a cool, fruity hit of something dessert-like, but totally healthy.

    Summer is on its way and Im always looking for ways to try and beat the heat. It can be such a temptation to head for the freezer and grab a pint of ice cream. Or chase down the nearest ice cream truck for something sweet, cold, and seriously not good for you.

    I created this frozen berry smoothie that uses the best of nature to cool you off. Delicious and packed with fruit, its a great snack in the afternoon or a filling breakfast in the morning. Also, it can be a great dessert treat that wont give you a sugar coma once you finish it.

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    How To Make A Smoothie + 27 Simple Smoothie Recipes To Try

    Im a believer that smoothies are the perfect meal or snack no matter what the weather. It is never too cold to have an awesome smoothie! Since smoothies are such a tasty way to pack in a meal on the go, I put on a big sweater and happily drink them even when the temps are frigid.

    We originally published our first guide on smoothie making way back in 2015, and since then, millions of folks have visited this post and used our recipes to make the best ever smoothies! I consider these smoothies simple classics because they have great flavor, all the ingredients are easy to source , and they pack a nutritional punch that can nourish you nicely. These are the kinds of smoothies that I think everyone should know how to make, and chances are, youll find a favorite combo among these recipes. There really is no wrong way to make a smoothie, but I think these recipes are a great jumping-off point if the blender intimidates you.

  • Whats a great smoothie formula?
  • How To Measure Smoothie Ingredients

    I too am guilty of looking at a smoothie recipe and then throwing a bit of everything into the pitcher. I could end up with a 12 ounce breakfast or a 24 ounce drink-me-all-day. Sometimes though, its nice to know exactly how much smoothie Im going to end up making.

    Maybe you are counting calories. Perhaps you dont want to end up with leftovers. Maybe you never make enough for your kids to share. No matter your reason, sometimes its just makes life easier to know.

    How do I do this without dirtying a pile of measuring cups and spoons? A kitchen scale!

    Simply place the pitcher on your scale and hit the tare button to zero it out. Add the ingredients, pressing tare between each one, to measure exactly how much goes into the pitcher. Best of all you do it without dirtying a single measuring utensil.

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    S To Make A Perfect Fruit Smoothie

    No matter what kind of fruit smoothie recipe you are making, you can follow these steps.

  • Ensure that your blender is clean and connected properly.
  • Add your liquid bases. These can include water, milk, fruit juice, milk, or yogurt.
  • Add your frozen ingredients such as ice and frozen fruit.
  • Add the larger ingredients, such as your sliced or chopped fruits and vegetables.
  • Add your extras such as peanut butter, vitamin powder, protein powder, spices, vanilla, almond butter, and more.
  • Close your blender with the lid and start blending at low speed.
  • Gradually increase your speed until you see your desired consistency. Then, blend it until it’s smooth and perfect for you.
  • Serve as you wish.
  • Now that you have a great idea of making any fruit smoothie let’s look at how to make some of the most popular fruit smoothies.

    How To Make Fruit Smoothies With Frozen Fruit


    You will not have to worry about the Dole frozen fruit smoothie nutrition because these fruits are premium-grade and are healthy. There are many more ways you can get creative with making smoothies.

    The Dole brand has a variety of fruits you can choose from. You can check out alternate versions that have been included in this discussion and attempt each recipe as you wish.

    This particular recipe contains pineapple juice, strawberries, and blueberries. Any recipe with berries turns out to be so delicious you would always want to have more.

    So, here is the recipe that you can follow and make a really good smoothie using berries.

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    Variations Of Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipes

    This recipe tastes great, but it’s very easy to alter it depending on what ingredients you have in your kitchen. Or it might just be that you fancy a yoghurt fruit smoothie. In which case, you would reduce the amount of apple juice, and replace with yoghurt. It might be that you don’t like the idea of making your smoothie with frozen fruit. If that’s the case, simply substitute the frozen mixed berries for fresh ones, and the result is essentially the same.

    The fruit smoothie recipe that I’ve provided in this article gives the nutrition set out in the table. However, if you don’t use fresh-squeezed apple juice, then the nutritional value will decrease. The fresh-squeezed apple juice is an important healthy element to this recipe.

    So now you know how to make a fruit smoothie by following my delicious recipe. But don’t stop there. Have a look at other recipes. And be creativethere’s loads of fruit that’s perfect for these tasty, healthy beverages. I really like the combination of mango and banana.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it interesting. Please consider taking the time to leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

    Best Blender For Smoothies

    So now all of your smoothie ingredients are prepped and ready to go. Whats the best way to blend them up?

    Youre going to want a very good blender.

    One that is capable of completely blending up all of the ingredients until they are silky smooth.

    Here is a list of the best blenders for making fruit smoothies:

    • Nutribullet An excellent personal-sized blender option. Make sure you use the larger cup. You want to be able to fit all of the ingredients without going over the max fill line once its blended up.
    • Ninja Blender is also another great choice!
  • Vitamix This has a super powerful leg up on traditional blenders and will give you a perfectly creamy smoothie every time. It is more of a splurge, so its really only worth it if you make smoothies, soups, or sauces on a regular basis.
  • Food Processor A bit of a last resort, but will do if you dont have another blender on hand!
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    Can I Save Any Extra Smoothie That I Have

    Ive put the rest of my smoothie in the fridge for about a day and it actually comes out great! It may need a quick stir but it should be fine if you want to save it for a short time.

    If you dont plan on drinking the rest of the smoothie that soon, then you can freeze it instead! Just grab an empty ice cube tray and pour the smoothie in.

    Once they freeze, you can use them in another smoothie or transfer them to a freezer-safe bag to use later. When youre ready to use them you can blend with a bit of milk and some fresh fruit to make a new smoothie!

    How To Make A Smoothie Less Bitter:

    Mixed Berry Smoothie
    • Pineapple and oranges both add lots of fruity sweetness. Banana, in addition to being sweet, seems to neutralize bitter flavors. Strawberries are also good choices for green smoothies. Also try adding a bit of vanilla bean or vanilla extract, agave, cacao, or unsweetened cocoa powder. Flavored protein powders will also mask the taste of bitter greens. After adding these ingredients, work your machine back up to its highest speed, and process for 10-20 seconds.
    • Tip: Baby greens are generally milder than mature greens. Tastes do change and adapt to new eating habits. Try working up to bitter greens by combining small amounts of them with the spinach in your smoothie. Then gradually adjust the ratio as your taste buds adapt. Chalky taste: Add more fruit and/or other ingredients in the recipe. Work your machine back up to its highest speed, and process for 10-20 seconds. Adding more protein powder can give you too much of a good thing use amounts recommended on the label.

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