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Make Ahead Smoothie Prep

DIY Smoothie Packs | How to Meal Prep Your Smoothies

Im kicking the I dont have time excuse to the curb with this easy prep guide. I meal prep smoothies on a monthly basis, and love it!

How to / Make Ahead Smoothie Prep

Are you ready to RAWK your smoothie world? With my simple smoothie prep guide, youll be saving time and money with just a little bit of work.

The next healthy habit to embrace on your road to health and happiness is making your daily smoothiesahead of time. Prepping your smoothies shaves off precious extra minutes in your morning routine, plus it puts the kibosh on any other excuses that stand in the way of you sipping on some healthy green goodness.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin FranklinCan I get an amen on Franklins words of wisdom for us all?

Make ahead smoothies really save me precious time in the morning. I love not having to think about cutting up fruit, measuring anything or accidentally running out of smoothie ingredients.

The Prepped Ingredient Method

While this method will take the slightly more time out of your morningstill no more than a minute or twoits the best method for guaranteeing a fresh and flavorful tasting smoothie every time.

Rather than blending your smoothie ahead of time and freezing it as-is, with this method youll slice and pre-portion your smoothie ingredients into individual freezer friendly plastic bags or jars to be quickly thrown in the blender in the morning with a splash of your favorite milk or dairy supplement, yogurt, or juice.

One of the benefits of this method, apart from the fresh flavor, is the ability to prep numerous kinds of smoothies ahead of time, rather than having a stockpile of the same exact smoothie, which can make your morning routine repetitive. While some of your smoothie bags might contain a sweet, fruity mixture of banana and berries, others can pack in the greens with a combination like kale, pineapple, and chia seeds.

A good standard ratio of frozen ingredients for a single meal-sized smoothie is 1 sliced banana, 2 cups fruit, and 1 cup of greens to be blended with 1 cup of the liquid of your choice. Though this will require a little work in the morning, a huge benefit of this method is that it allows you to prep your smoothies 3-6 months in advance. In contrast, pre-blended smoothies should be consumed within a few weeks of freezing.

Can You Meal Prep Smoothies

Absolutely! You can use fresh or frozen fruits galore. If you are adding any leafy vegetables like spinach or kale I recommend cooking them in boiling water for a few seconds and drying before freezing. This keeps them fresh in the freezer for months at a time.

Basically, its creating a bunch of frozen smoothie packs. I personally already use frozen fruit for this but you can slice up and freeze other fresh fruits like mango, strawberries, bananas, and more.

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Can I Make Ahead Smoothies So They Are Ready To Drink

Sure can! Skip the greens and thickeners , and your blended smoothies will be good for 2-3 days.

So there you have it! Three ways for you to make smoothies fit into your lifeeven if youre crunched for time.

If youre looking for specific smoothie recipes to use, I recommend checking out my Eight Staple Smoothies You Should Know How to Make post.

Smoothie Meal Prep: The Fruit And Other Ingredients

How to Meal Prep Smoothies  Longbourn Farm

I like my smoothies frozen so for me it makes sense to prep the fruit ahead of time and place them in the freezer. In my opinion, the fruit blends up in the blender more smoothly than adding ice. But storing it in the freezer also keeps the fruit fresh until you are ready to use, so you dont have to worry about your fruit going bad and saves you money in the long run!

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Meal Replacement Smoothies For Breakfast

The best smoothies for breakfast will be made up of foods that support energy production, so you can be alert and motivated throughout the day. For this purpose, well want a big handful of B-vitamin rich leafy greens, along with energy-sustaining fats from avocado or coconut.

  • Morning Berry SmoothieKey in this recipe is the coconut milk, with lots of healthy fats and some protein, too! The type of fat in coconut is called medium-chain triglycerides. These fats digest differently than others. They are metabolized more quickly than long-chain fatty acids and so are more easily used for energy. If youre dairy-free, double down on the coconut content and add in some coconut yogurt instead.

Last But Not Least Have Fun

Turn it into a Sunday night activity and get the family involved and set everything up assembly-line fashion. Everyone will have fun putting together their own customized smoothie packs.

Looking for more smoothie ideas and meal prep options? Check out these smoothie recipes designed to help you get a healthy glow!

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Ways You Can Meal Prep Smoothies

One of the most frequent questions I get from folks starting off with meal prep is can you meal prep smoothies? And to that I say, HECK YES YOU CAN!

Smoothies rock, but they arent always fast! To save you some hassle, I have three different ways to dramatically reduce your smoothie prep time. These methods let you meal prep smoothies in their entirety, but if youre interested in just prepping part, you can also try my Smoothie Booster Packs, which are a lot more flexibleyou can add them to almost any smoothie to boost the nutrition!

The three different methods below all have different tricks, tips, and ingredients you can and cant useso read through and pick out the one that works the best for your lifestyle and your favorite smoothie recipe. Dont have a favorite smoothie recipe yet? My list of eight staple smoothies is a great place to start! Lets meal prep

Keeping The Ingredients Minimal But Flavourful

How to Meal Prep a Week of Healthy Protein Smoothies for Weight Loss!

My biggest piece of advice is to keep it simple!

Pick 1-3 fruits to add, maybe a leafy green such as spinach and then your liquid and protein source. That’s it!

Don’t make it harder on yourself by going out and spending all this money on fish oil, fresh turmeric, etc and then have a smoothie where you don’t enjoy the taste very much or you’ve spent $100 on ingredients and have turned it into a complicated process. Sometimes the healthiest foods are the simplest foods.

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Need A Better Blender

Having a good quality blender makes all the difference. If you dont have one yet, check out this sale price on Vitamix blenders. You can save $100 and you get to choose from six beautiful colors.

Vitamix has been the leader in high-quality blenders for a long time. They have a 5-year full machine warranty, and if you need recipes and ideas the Vitamix also comes with two cookbooks for even more ideas!! See The Vitamix Blenders Here.

Choose A Storage System

3 Smoothie Freezable Smoothie Container Options:

  • Freezer Safe Disposable Cups
  • Ziploc Freezer Bags
  • PROS and CONS of Each Smoothie Container Option:

    • Freezer Safe Disposable Cups: Pros sturdy enough to hold up in freezer without cracking and come with lids . Disposable if desired. Cons They are a bit pricy . I wash and reuse them. Thus far, I have used them through 3 rounds of smoothie making.
    • Mason Jars: Pros Reusable, inexpensive and freezer friendly. Cons Not disposable, breakable.
    • Ziploc Freezer Bags: Pros Inexpensive, great for limited freezer space. Cons You can not drink the smoothie from the bag, you will have to dirty a kitchen cup, not reusable.

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    Can I Just Blend Frozen Fruit

    If you care for your smoothie and your blender, I do not recommend just blending frozen fruits. The frozen fruit will be hard as rocks and without anything else added to the container, your blades can get hurt trying to pulverize your frozen fruits.

    When you make a smoothie in the blender, you want to make sure that you do it in the right order, where the liquids and soft ingredients like yogurt are at the bottom.

    This makes it much easier for the blades to work their way around the frozen fruits and allows everything to become liquified without so much stress on your appliance.

    How To Meal Prep Freezer Smoothie Packs


    Simple tips and tricks to teach you how to Meal Prep Freezer Smoothie Packs. Make them in advance, and enjoy them for the week, or even the whole month!

    Once upon a time, I paid exorbitant amounts of money for smoothies that were delivered to my house on dry ice and in disposable cups. The idea.. dump the contents of the cup into the blender, add liquid base, blend, pour back into cup. The smoothies contained all kinds of exotic ingredients and boasted HUGE health benefits. The cost of said smoothies, well lets just say that once Joe got the monthly credit card statement, this fairy tale ended rather abruptly. Until today that is

    I honestly dont know why I didnt think of this sooner. I recreated them. Yep, made my very own fancy smoothies. They are every bit as delicious, exotic and convenient as my subscription smoothie service.

    Ok, thats not true. Im waaaaaay too lazy to search out the exotic ingredients AND prepping a months worth of these guys takes about an hour that the million dollar smoothies did not require, BUT once you get them assembled they are every bit as fantastic, promise.

    Youre going to LOVE this.

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    7 breakfast smoothie recipes with zero added sugar and no bananas! Sharing a formula to help you come up with your own smoothie recipes, and showing you how to make meal prep smoothie freezer packs.

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while I’m highly addicted to my standard Instant Pot steel cut oats, I also love to start the day off with a delicious, fruit-filled smoothie!

    There are a million different ways to make smoothies, but I’m making it super simple for you today with my smoothie formula!

    S To Follow For Prepping Different Flavors

    Step 1: Choose the fruits you want to use in your smoothie. Below you will find some of my favorites but feel free to create your own combinations.

    Step 2: Peel, cut and prep up the fruits you select. Portion them out for one-two servings, depending on the number of smoothies you plan to make in a batch.

    Step 3: Place the individual portions into small reusable containers or bags. I suggest labeling with whats inside and then place the containers in the freezer.

    Step 4: Decide on your protein source for smoothies. I generally use Greek yogurt but tofu is also a great option for smoothies. It adds a similar amount of protein to the smoothie but is dairy-free and flavor free.

    Step 5: Choose your milk. My favorites for smoothies is almond, coconut or a blend of these two.

    Step 6: Add the green smoothie base, your fruit selection, protein and milk to a blender and blend it until it reaches a smooth consistency.

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    Ingredients In The Best Green Smoothie

    This quick breakfast is a combination of fruits and veggies. That makes it a great choice for anyone on any diet plan, or anyone just trying to eat healthier in general. Its packed full of fresh, whole foods that will reset your body and make you feel awake and refreshed.

    You will need these ingredients to make this smoothie:

    • Banana
    • Hemp seeds for omega-3 fatty acids and protein
    • Greek yogurt for protein

    How To Make Healthy Smoothies

    Quick & Easy Way to Meal Prep Your Smoothies

    Making healthy smoothies is a much simpler process than you would imagine, and this post will show you how to make 7 different kinds of healthy smoothies that you’re going to love!

    I think many people have misconceptions about what healthy smoothies really are. I know when I was younger, I thought that healthy smoothies were the ones you got at Booster Juice. Sadly, I would order a large smoothie from there or Starbucks after a night of partying and think I was replenishing my body with healthy food. Little did I know these smoothies were often filled with sugary frozen yogurt and can contain up to 460 calories .

    To make genuinely healthy smoothies, you have to be careful with the ingredients you use. This post will educate you on how to choose the highest-quality ingredients to ensure that you’re getting the nutritional benefits you should be getting with fruit-filled smoothies.

    As long as you stock your freezer with frozen fruit and keep a few handy base ingredients on hand in the fridge each week, smoothie making is super easy and nutritious.

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    Tips For How To Make Smoothie Freezer Packs

    • Use a 1 quart freezer ziplock bag to make individual portions
    • Cut all produce including the banana into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend when frozen
    • Label the freezer bag so you know exactly what smoothie recipe youve prepared
    • Use either fresh or frozen fruit to make your freezer packs
    • Add protein powder into the freezer packs or when blending to add more protein
    • For these smoothie packs, you can just take the contents of the packs and add them into a blender, along with the milk of your choice and any other liquids, like greek yogurt, peanut butter, or raw honey. Then, just blend them together and youre all set with your easy smoothie

    These 14 smoothie freezer packs will give you an entire weeks worth of variety, flavor, nutrition, and fruit smoothie satisfaction.

    Can You Freeze Smoothies In Ziplock Bags

    You can freeze the fruits and vegetables that you want inside of your smoothie inside of a ziplock bag but you dont want to actually blend the entire smoothie and then store it this way.

    If you have smoothie leftover, create little popsicles! I use these disposable popsicle mold baggies and they make a delicious sweet treat!

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    How To Meal Prep Healthy Protein Smoothies For Weight Loss

    If you love having your smoothies in the morning but sometimes find it time-consuming to put them together every day, this post is for you! If youve ever wondered if its possible to meal prep a smoothie, the answer is YES. If you also want those smoothies to be healthy, then weve got you covered there as well.

    • Healthy AND hassle-free check!
    • Protein-packed AND micronutrient-rich double check!

    How to Roll Your Own smoothies. Heres a step-by-step guide to creating and prepping your own smoothies.

    Lets start from the top.

    What do I use for a storage container?

    There are many options. Here are two primary ways: Glass jars and plastic freezer bags.

    Those who are plastic conscious and looking for eco-friendly options may opt for a mason jar or a glass jar with a lid . Tip: Check your local thrift shop for budget-friendly mason jars.

    Plastic freezer bags are another option. Plastic bags have the benefit of being lighter, easier to store in the freezer and occupy less freezer space. You can also write your ingredients directly on the bag with a sharpie if you are planning to store them for longer periods of time. Tip: you may want to write what is in the pack and what needs to be added, especially if sharing with others in the household.

    What do I add, and what order of ingredients is best?

    The order: Dry, then everything else.

    Add dry ingredients first. This includes, but is not limited to, nuts/seeds & spice such as:

    Next, add fresh or frozen produce, such as:

    Make Your Smoothies Taste Amazing

    Meal Prep: How To Make Smoothie Packs

    There are a few keys for making delicious smoothies every time:

  • Use natural sweeteners: super ripe bananas with tons of brown spots are my favorite, but you can also use soaked Medjool dates to sweeten your smoothie! Other in season berries & fruits like mango and pineapple will provide the perfect sweetness. We recommend using 1 banana or 3 soaked Medjool dates to sweeten your smoothie.
  • Experiment with simple swaps: many fruits are easy to swap! Feel free to use different berries than a recipe calls for, such as mango or peaches in place of pineapple .
  • Dont be afraid to add veggies: a boost of greens from 1-2 cups of spinach/kale, or even ½ cup of frozen cauliflower or shredded frozen zucchini should not alter the taste of your smoothie. Promise!
  • Try some cozy spices & flavor boosters: youll notice that some of my smoothie recipes include warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, richness from cacao powder, extracts like vanilla and almond extract and flavor from tahini, peanut or almond butter. These add flavor without additional sugar, so try a sprinkle of cinnamon or a tablespoon of cocoa powder or your favorite nut butter next time!
  • Recommended Reading: Great Tasting Smoothies For Weight Loss

    How Long Can You Keep A Prepped Smoothie

    In the Fridge: Keep blended smoothies in the fridge for up to 3 days. Smoothie ingredient packs will last up to 4 days, however I recommend keeping the smoothie packs in the freezer as smoothies are so much colder and creamier with frozen ingredients!

    For blended smoothies, give them a good shake before serving to mix up any ingredients that have settled

    In the Freezer: Store both blended smoothies and smoothie packs in the freezer up to 3 months.

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