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Smoothie King Gladiator Chocolate Protein Powder Review – Keto Smoothie


How to make mango strawberry smoothie

  • Pour the juices and frozen fruits into a blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Stir again until well blended
  • Pour into a cup and enjoy!


This recipe uses two branded products, namely Electrolyte and Pure Recharge to make a smoothie. So, it would be quite expensive for a homemade smoothie.

But if you dont mind the price for a taste. This is a premium smoothie for you .

if you dont know about these products.

Electrolyte is a brand of supplements to make an energy drink. It has various minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body to support your active lifestyle and improve your performance.

Meanwhile Purerechage offers natural and nutritious ingredients as a smoothie mixture, so that your smoothie will be richer in taste.

Combining the two will give you a smoothie that is not only delicious but also highly nutritious. If you are interested, you can buy those ingredients online.

Smoothie King Strawberry Banana Activator Recipe


  • 1 scoop butter pecan ice cream
  • 1 tbsp. turbinado

How to make a hulk coffee smoothie

  • Pour coffee into the blender, add banana followed by cocoa powder, hulk blend, ice cream and tubinado.
  • Blend until smooth and enjoy!
  • Note.

    It is a high calorie smoothie, so it is suitable for you who are trying to gain weight.

    You can replace the hulk blend with any weight gain protein you prefer, because its quite difficult to find it on the market and I havent found any official online shop that sells it.

    For the coffee, you can use coffee that you often drink. However use cold water to make a cup of cold brew coffee,

    instead of hot water. You can also look for some coffee brands that specializes for cold brew coffee, as it tastes better when served cold.

    You can easily find 100% cocoa powder in online stores like amazon, so I dont think its a problem for you.

    For ice cream, I think you should look for it at the grocery store near your residence.

    In conclusion, this smoothie tastes great and is packed with high calories. Highly recommended for those of you who want to gain weight or as a substitute for breakfast in the morning.

    Have you got the idea of making your own favorite smoothie at home ? Making smoothies is easy, as long as the ingredients are available.

    Heres a great video that might inspire you to make smoothies easily by yourself .

    Best Smoothie King Smoothies

    With over 1,000 locations throughout the United States, Smoothie King proves one of the most popular smoothie bars in the country.

    The company offers a variety of customizable smoothies, which are grouped into four main categories, including:

    • Get Fit Blends: contain protein-rich ingredients
    • Stay Slim Blends: provide fewer than 350 calories per 20-ounce serving
    • Be Well Blends: made with vitamins and minerals to support overall health
    • Take a Break Blends: designed to be delicious and flavorful

    However, with their massive menu and huge selection of mix-ins, Smoothie King may overwhelm you with its list of ingredients. You may find it tricky to figure out what to order especially if you have any specific health goals or dietary restrictions to keep in mind.

    This article covers 10 of the best Smoothie King smoothies to help you find an option that fits your needs and preferences.

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    How To Save A Smoothie For Later

    Want to know the best way to save a smoothie or juice for later?

    Saving a fresh smoothie or juice for later is possible if you follow these easy steps!

    Fresh is always best, but I also love the idea of making a double batch of a smoothie to save time. Cook once, eat 2 or 3 times is one of my favorite kitchen mantras. Its far better to have a smoothie or juice that youve saved and stored in the refrigerator overnight than a bagel or afternoon coffee break.

    Fitaid + Paleo Protein

    Whey King Supplements

    This is a great protein option for faster recovery after a high-intensity workout. This nutritional enhancer is a complete, paleo-friendly protein thats also an excellent source of vitamins C, E, B1 , B2 , B3 , B6, B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid. Mix this into a Get Fit Blend and off youll go feeling good about your fitness and nutrition choices.

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    What Smoothie At Smoothie King Contains The Most Protein

    The chocolate Keto Champ is a high-protein smoothie made with multiple protein sources: almond milk, almond butter, a keto protein blend and another protein blend, plus cocoa and stevia. A 20-ounce serving contains 430 calories, 31g fat, 18g carbohydrates, 25g protein, 18g saturated fat, and 360mg sodium.

    Lean1 Burn Extreme Turns Your Body Into A Highly Efficient Fat Burning Machine

    The specialized blend of raspberry keytones, garcinia cambogia and potent thermogenics ignites hard-to-lose fat stores, like belly fat and love handles, while helping you feel satisfied between meals.* Key nutrients help you get energized for higher intensity workouts that mobilize & combust unwanted body fat as fuel.*

    Ingredients in BURN1 burn fat quickly, stimulates energy, stokes metabolism, boosts workout intensity, improves thermogenesis, and curbs hunger cravings.

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    Smoothie King Ingredients That Contain Milk

    Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Dairy Whey Blend, Gladiator Protein Chocolate, Gladiator Protein Strawberry, Gladiator Protein Vanilla, Greek Nonfat Yogurt, Hulk Blend, Keto Protein Blend, Lean1 Chocolate Protein, Lean1 Vanilla Protein, Nonfat Milk, Nutrient Blend, Protein Blend, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Whey Protein

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    Smoothie King 40 Oz Lean1 Strawberry Allergens

    Smoothie King Gladiator Strawberry Protein Powder Review – Protein Shake Nutrition


    Allergy Information: a Smoothie King 40 oz Lean1 Strawberry contains milk. a Smoothie King 40 oz Lean1 Strawberry does not contain egg, fish, gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts or wheat.*

    * Please keep in mind that most fast food restaurants cannot guarantee that any product is free of allergens as they use shared equipment for prepping foods.

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    Smoothie King Started Due To The Founder’s Desire For A Dairy

    Founded in the 1970s, Smoothie King is the result of founder Steve Kuhnau experiments with mixing fruit, proteins, and other ingredients in a blender at home. According to Grey Journal, Kuhnau had grown up with extreme food allergies to ingredients such as dairy and had a hard time creating full meals around his allergies, and he was jealous he couldn’t drink milkshakes. So, he attempted to replicate a shake with fruit, ice, and juice, instead. As a result of drinking the smoothies often, his blood pressure came under control, so he decided to go public to help others like him. The business was sold in 2012 to Wan Kim, a franchisee from Korea who steered the company to healthier smoothies.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

    If you grab a smoothie, like the Gladiator, to recover from a workout or as a meal replacement, you’ll probably add protein powder. According to QSR Magazine, The Gladiator contains Smoothie King’s proprietary protein supplement. In addition, Lean1, Nutrition53’s best-selling fat-burning supplement can be added as an enhancer to any blend on the menu.

    While Smoothie King has select proprietary offerings , a representative told Eat This, Not That! in an email that all of the smoothies on its menu and their ingredients “stay true to our Clean Blends Promise, guaranteeing they do not include artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.”

    This Post Is For Informational Purposes Only

    Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, food sourcing, and restaurant protocols are subject to change at any time. Always read the menu and discuss your dietary needs with the staff before ordering. Make sure they can accommodate your situation. This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice.

    There is always a risk for potential cross-contamination of allergens in any commercial kitchen. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Only you can make that decision.

    Each location of a chain restaurant has different management and staff, and some might have different owners. This means differences in processes, ingredients used, menu options, and food sourcing can occur. Always verify the safety of your order for your needs at your current location.

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    Smoothie King Is Terrible For You

    Camille Lamb GuzmanDecember 4, 20138:30AM

    Not long ago, I set foot in my first and last Smoothie King. At the time, I was a smoothie-making fiend in my own home, gulping down bags of expensive organic frozen berries like flappers guzzled bathtub gin. So I was psyched when I walked through the door of this nutritional lifestyle center at 14200 SW Eighth St. to see the reasonable prices on immense fruit smoothies.

    A 40-ounce blueberry smoothie for just $8? Wow. Yes, 40 ounces of anything is probably going a bit overboard. But this wasnt beer or steak. And considering blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits on the planet, are insanely high in antioxidants, and might even prevent and reverse age-related mental decline , this seemed like a delicious, health-boosting offer I couldnt refuse.

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    Some Of Their ‘no Added Sugar’ Drinks Still Have Lots Of Natural Sugar

    Vega Protein Smoothie

    Smoothie King considers only sugar and sugar derivatives to be added sugar. But fruit juices can add a ton of sugar and no fiber. Case in point, the Veggie Lemon Ginger Spinach has no added sugar but it contains, mangos, pineapples, and two different juices that bring the sugar total to 60 grams for the 20-ounce smoothie and only 6 grams of fiber.

    In an email to Eat This, Not That!, a representative for Smoothie King maintained that “natural sugar, like the naturally occurring sugar in fruit and fruit juices, is different from added sugar when it comes to a balanced lifestyle.” They also noted that the chain “uses whole fruit, dates, and fruit juices to sweeten many of its blends naturally and is intentionally transparent about which of its blends do contain added sugar and which do not so that guests can choose the smoothie that’s right for their own unique tastes and goalswhich could be different from one day to the next.”

    A Smoothie King representative disputed this former employee’s claims as “inaccurate” in an email to Eat This, Not That!. The chain “does not use coconut or peaches in any of its current blends or stock these ingredients in store. Additionally, its pineapple is not canned. As part of Smoothie King’s Clean Blends initiative, we are transparent and give guests a choice of whole strawberries or whole strawberries with added sugar based on our guests’ goals and preferences.”

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    Smoothie King Vanilla Protein Powder

    If youre looking for a delicious and nutritious vanilla protein powder, look no further than Smoothie King! Our powder is perfect for adding to your favorite smoothie or shake, and its also great for baking. Made with only the finest ingredients, our powder is a great way to fuel your body before or after a workout.

    Is Smoothie King Bad For You

    Smoothie King

    It is also lower in sugar than many other fast-food smoothie options. Some of these flavors have over 100 grams of sugar and over 600 calories for a small size. Even if you are looking to bulk up or gain weight, eating whole foods is a much healthier way to go.

    Hereof, Is Smoothie King a meal replacement?

    Smoothie King Launches New Meal Replacement Blends. With the holiday meal replacement blends containing up to 27 grams of protein and all being less than 400 calories per 20 oz. cup, guests can enjoy the holiday flavors we all crave without the guilt, says Mitchell Grittman, Food Scientist for Smoothie King.

    Does Smoothie King use real fruits? The only fruit that Smoothie King uses which is actually fresh are bananas. So yes, the fruit is real fruit, stored in different ways. However, the syrup may have added sugar and is not the same thing as a fresh or frozen piece of fruit. This syrup add a lot of calories to the smoothies.

    27 Related Questions Answers Found

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    Your Preferences And Goals

    There is an extensive network of dietary guidelines, preferences, restrictions and allergens. The keto diet, low-fat diet, DASH diet and gluten-free diet are just a few. Certain menu items may better suit your lifestyle.

    For people who follow a calorie-restricted diet, Smoothie King has several low-calorie options. The Slim-N-Trim Vanilla is 180 calories per 20-ounce serving. It is also low in fat, yet high in protein and fiber.

    If you follow a specific macronutrient breakdown, you should take that into consideration when ordering a smoothie. Some smoothies are higher than others in protein, carbs and fat. While many people want their protein to be high, carbs and fat are not as desirable for people seeking weight loss. For example, the Passion Passport smoothie has 102 grams of carbs per 20-ounce serving, and the Daily Warrior has up to 64 grams of fat.

    What Is The Gladiator At Smoothie King

    Smoothie King Gladiator Protein Vanilla Review

    Smoothie King is a popular chain of smoothies, frozen yogurt, and juice bars. They have locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

    The gladiator smoothie is a drink that has been around for decades. It was created by the Smoothie King in the 1980s and its made with strawberry, mango, banana, and pineapple.

    Gladiator by Smoothie King is a company that makes smoothies. is a high-protein, low-carb smoothie that can help you bulk up. The drink mixes the companys protein formula with two fruits of your choice as a meal replacement.

    Is Smoothie King a gladiator Keto here?

    Smoothie King® Keto ChampTM Coffee: Made with almond milk, cold brew coffee, almond butter, 100 percent cocoa, and Smoothie Kings keto protein mix, the Keto ChampTM Coffee has seven grams of net carbohydrates, 31 grams of fat, and no added sugar per 20 oz. cup.

    Second, is there anything keto-friendly at Smoothie King? Smoothie King is releasing a new Keto smoothie called Keto Champ on August 20. The Keto Champ smoothie will be available in two flavors: berry and coffee, both of which are rich in protein and fat, making them perfect for keto dieters.

    Second, how much sugar is in a Gladiator Smoothie from Smoothie King?

    Nutritional Information

    Is there sugar in Smoothie Kings smoothies?

    Answers to Related Questions

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    Smoothie King Prices 2021

    Smoothie King is a national smoothie fast food restaurant that primarily serves blended fruit-based drinks. If youre looking to save money, then this isnt the place for you. Smoothie King prices are considerably higher than smoothies from other fast food restaurants.

    Smoothies served at Smoothie King are also different than smoothies from other fast food restaurants because they add enhancers such as vitamins, proteins, green tea, caffeine, and ginseng. Currently there are over 600 Smoothie King locations.

    Below are the latest Smoothie King menu prices.

    View Estimated Prices in Your State

    Mangosteen Madness, Orange Ka-BAM®, Blueberry Heaven®, Pomegranate Punch, Immune Builder®, Organic Apple Acai, Hearty Apple®

    Trim DownAngel Food, The Shredder, Raspberry Collider, Pineapple Pleasure®, Island Impact®, Passion Passport®, Strawberry Kiwi Breeze®, Slim-N-Trim, Raspberry Sunrise, Muscle Punch®, MangoFest

    Get EnergyPep Upper®, Super Punch Plus®, Green Tea Tango®, Acai Adventure®, Power Punch Plus®, Instant Vigor

    Shape UpGladiator®, The Hulk, Lean1, The Activator®, High Protein

    Snack RightCaribbean Way®, Cherry Picker®, Lemon Twist®, Light & Fluffy®, Strawberry X-Treme®, Banana Berry Treat®, Berry Punch, Fruit Fusion, Pineapple Surf®, Peach Slice Plus®

    IndulgeBanana Boat®, Pina Colada Island®, Coconut Surprise®, Yogurt D-Lite®, Peanut Power Plus

    Kids KupsBerry Interesting, Choc-A-Laka, CW, Jr., Lil Angel

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    Amazing Grass Glow Vegan Protein Powder

    This product will easily give you glowing skin, long hair, and strong nails. Its there to fully support the needs of your body and the lack of collagen. Its one of the best collagen powder options on the market and it boasts with positive reviews and real results.

    This powder is available in nine different flavors, such as rich chocolate & rose, light vanilla honeysuckle, and this gorgeously fresh wild berry hibiscus. If youre looking for a plant-based solution to collagen, this is it!

    You can expect moist and supple skin even though the flavor isnt the best. You can try mixing it with a bit of lemon juice to help with the taste. But, its all about the results, not the flavor. Mix it in your smoothie, protein shake or plain water. It mixes quite well, but the container doesnt last the whole month.


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    Mykind Organics Vegan Collagen Builder

    For a youthful-looking skin and beautiful hair and nails, try this supplement from Garden of Lifes. It claims to help you maintain and restore healthy levels of elastin, collagen, and keratin.

    This one is made to suit plenty of demands, as its non-GMO, completely vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. Whats more, its made from more than 30 powdered fruits, botanicals, and veggies. It combines these powders with bamboo silica, tea, citrus flavonoids, and turmeric.

    This product seems to do its job well, even though it doesnt work for everyone. There have been some speculations that the formula changed when the brand was bought by Nestle. I personally havent tried this supplement so I cant say whether its effective or not.


    + Ways To Rule The Day

    Sunwarrior Plant Based AntiOxidant Goji Berry juice powder â Whey King ...

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    By checking this box, I agree to receive emails from Smoothie King. I also agree to receive recurring automated promotional and marketing text messages from Smoothie King at the mobile number provided. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequently varies. Msg and data rates may apply. View Terms | View Privacy Policy

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