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More Facts On Vitamix Blender Container And Blades

WHICH VITAMIX TO BUY | vitamix comparison accessories

Vitamix has 2 kinds of containers:

  • Wet-blade containers for wet ingredients
  • Dry-blade container for dry ingredients

Vitamix Wet-Blade Container Sizes:

  • 64 oz. tall, narrow bottom
  • 48 oz. low-profile, narrow bottom
  • 32 oz. low-profile, narrow bottom
  • 64 oz. low-profile, wide bottom

Dry-Blade Container Size:

  • 32 oz. low profile, narrow bottom

IMPORTANT NOTE:Containers with 3-blade may be used in both C-Series and G-Series machines.Containers with 4-blade can only be used in G-Series machines. If you use the container with 4-blade in C-Series machine, theVitamix warranty will not cover you when your machine gets ruined.

The low-profile containers will fit easily under your cabinets with 17.5 clearance.

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Run At The Highest Speed

When making a smoothie, you have to fight your fears and ramp the blender up to the highest speed. As one sweet girl said, using the Vitamix is like a racehorse. The machine wants to run on the fastest, and you should let it be if youre to make a consistent blend. It doesnt matter whether you have the simplest Vitamix 5200 or the sophisticated Vitamix A2500 and A3500.

Avocado And Peach Smoothie

Time Taken: 4 minutes

  • Flax seeds
  • Ice

Do you want a complete package of weight loss and balanced nutrients? Give this smoothie a try! It gives one of the most refreshing and energizing feelings. The ginger, lemon, and avocado provide a flavored taste.

The preparation of this smoothie type is slightly different from others. The ingredients addition has to be in the proper sequence and order. Start by pouring the coconut water into your blender. Next, top it with your avocado, lemon juice, protein powder, peaches, seeds, and ginger. Add the ice cubes and blend until you get a smooth texture. What you add next will either make it thick or thin. Adding ice will make it thick and chill, while adding coconut water makes it light.

The ingredients on this recipe list are super-rich in nutrients. Kale supplies a lot of nutrients, and it has low calories. Also, avocado provides healthy fat that does not contribute to excessive weight gain. The plant-based pea protein in this recipe improves metabolism and aids weight loss.

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The Ultimate Vitamix Blender Buying Guide

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Youve decided to buy a Vitamix blender? I mean this seriously: congratulations. Your life is about to be bifurcated, clearly definable as the time before you had a Vitamix and after with the latter era featuring significantly better smoothies.

Vitamix is the top name in blenders for good reason. The winner of our product review year after year, the brand uses extremely high-powered motors and well-designed containersnot to mention an intuitive, straightforward interfaceto build appliances that more than earn a spot on your kitchen counter. I count myself among the nonbelievers turned disciples I thought a blender was a blender until I used the classic Vitamix 10-speed dial for the first time, seamlessly ramping up from a slow rumble to a full pulverize. Now I pull out my Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender a few times a week to make pesto, puréed soups, nondairy milk, big batches of emulsified dressings, and more.

Scroll down for more information about why Vitamix is the best blender brand to shop and a primer on each of the ten models available today.

Vitamix Legacy Series 750

Intermediate Green Smoothie by Vitamix Recipes

The new upgrade G Series Vitamix Legacy Class is the first of its kind. It is the first of the newer Vitamix blender models to come with the quieter 2.2hp motor which is more powerful and quieter than the older 2hp motor. It sturdy square base design looks solid in your kitchen and it works great and comes as a digital model or a model with the speed dial. All the options that the G Series blenders come with will allow for optimal blending and give you the options to get them with automatic features. The newer Vitamix Ascent blenders use the same motor as the G Series Legacy line so there is no difference in quiet blending capabilities, the difference between the Vitamix Ascent blender line and the Vitamix Legacy blender line is the stylish interface the Ascent Vitamix line has. Any of the Vitamix Containers will fit on any of the Legacy and Ascent blenders which will determine the consistency of your blends.

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Reason #: It Has The Newer Better Motor

The Ascent series 2500 has the newest motor of the Vitamix blenders, said to be the quietest and most powerful they’ve yet made. Maybe if you try to blend your previous blender in this blender, it’d stick a bit… otherwise, nothing will stop it 🙂

Even in the new Ascent range, none of the other blenders have a more powerful motor, so you really are at the top of the food chain with this.

Practically speaking, this means you’ll get your baby food in a puree and your green smoothies smooth in a bit less time. Also this blueberry lime freeze with chocolate chip granola…

Load The Blender Jar In The Right Order

When making your smoothie, the way you arrange the ingredients into the blending container is very crucial. You need to start with the lightest that will create the liquid base fast, then place the denser and frozen ingredient on top so that they can help push the in-between ingredients down. Also, having the light foods at the bottom will enable the motor to start with the right momentum without any hardship.

Ps. load the Vitamix container in the order of liquids first, followed by soft fruits or vegetables, leafy grains, and finally frozen fruits or ice.

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How To Make A Smoothie In A Vitamix At Home

Making a smoothie, or the overall blending experience, with a Vitamix blender is relatively straightforward. The blender is powerful and the blades are slightly sharp and very strong. So, you necessarily dont need to further chop down the ingredients as the regular blenders require. Stuff like carrots, onions, and bananas can be used whole, and fruits like apples cut into halves.

Anyway, back to making a smoothie, many of us have become too attached to a Vitamix tamper that we even use when we dont need it.

For instance, a smoothie isnt something you need to have a tamper at hand if youre not making a veggie dessert. But even with those thick smoothies, there are some tricks you can use to ensure everything, including the seeds liquefies completely.

Here are seven easy tips to making a smooth and delicious smoothie in a Vitamix:

The Explorian E310 Blender

Vitamix 101 How to Make the Perfect Fruit Smoothie

If purchasing a Vitamix is a stretch for you financially, like it was for me when I purchased my first one, then I recommend the Explorian E310 model.

It is just as powerful as the other models and you will not lack at all in the quality of blends that you can achieve. There is nothing, blending-wise, the Explorian can’t do that the other machines can. It is an absolutely amazing machine at an outstanding price.

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Premium Support From Blender Babes

Our goal is to help you make the most of your investment. I have created free printable resources as well as offer both free and paid programs that will help you use your blender to eat and live healthier! By purchasing through Blender Babes you will also receive priority support via email or our private facebook group.

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Choosing A Good Smoothie Blender

From my experience if it is not easy to do I wont do it. So in order to be motivated and stay motivated to make smoothies youll want a high performance blender, and the best two companies which make the most reliable high power blenders are Blendtec vs Vitamix. Blendtec blenders and Vitamix blenders are the most reliable and consistent smoothie blenders on the market, they make making smoothies fun and easy, which in turn makes you make smoothies more often.

The consistencies you get from each one of these blenders is always consistent. Both older and newer Blendtec blender models and Vitamix blender models are able to give you great smoothies. From my experience with these blenders, it doesnt really matter if you get one thats refurbished, older, or newer, they all work the same. Newer Blendtec vs Vitamix blender models have more features and automatic settings which are nice to have, the automatic features work real nice specially if you blend a lot. You can push the smoothie button on the Blendtec blenders and the blender is capable of making the smoothie all by itself very effectively and quickly, it simply stops when its done. The Vitamix also has these automatic features, Vitamix offers both digital controls on their newer blender models and old style speed dial controls on their newer blender models.

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Renewed Vitamix Standard Blender

Just dont. This is an old model before it was renewed, and now its basically impossible to justify. There are cheaper models, even in the refurbished category, with better features like the low-profile container. Unless you have some sentimental attachment to that old-style Vitamix, move it along. Nothing to see here.

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Reason #: Preset Programs At A Discount

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

As you’ll know well by the end of this page, the biggest differentiator of price points in Vitamix models are their “preset programs”. Models that have them are more expensive. Models without them, less so.

To give you an example, jumping from the Ascent range’s lowest-priced model to their highest-priced generally increases the cost by about $150. Note that these aren’t the only feature differences between higher and lower-priced models, but the most significant in terms of the function of the blender.

With that in mind, consider the following: The Vitamix Ascent A2500 has 3 of the possible 5 preset programs but the price only jumps up a small amount from the lowest priced Ascent model . In other words, the A2500 is the most affordable way to get the most features in a Vitamix blender.

Not only does the A2500 have 3 of the 5 presets: In my view, it has the most important ones: It has the presets for frozen desserts, smoothies, and hot soups.

What about the dips/spreads preset. Well, that really is helpful, especially if you want to do a lot of guacamole, hummus, and salsa. I’m not going to speak ill of the dips/spreads preset, I’m only going to say that it’s one preset, and to get it the jump up in price is huge compared to the jump from 0 presets to 3.

Ok, I’ve spent a good couple hundred words on this distinction because it’s the most important one. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s the only reason the A2500 tops our list.

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Best Vitamix For Smoothies

If you are in a hurry and have no time to make your meal, if you want to lose some weight and be healthy, or if you just want to enjoy a good glass of delicious creamy and frothy drink to cool you in a hot day, there is no better option than to mix up a good smoothie.

Smoothies or shakes are amazing ways to get your fill of good and healthy treats in an incredibly short time. And there is only one way of making amazing smoothies, and that is through an equally amazing blender.

What is in the Vitamix Blender that makes it the best blender for making you smoothies, you ask?


Well then, here are the reasons why:

Vitamix Immersion 067991 Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This immersion model has intuitive controls on the grip, which enable convenient one-handed operation. The blender works with small and larger containers and is the tool of choice for processing hot soups.


  • Heavy
  • Noisy

Powered by a 625W motor, this Vitamix Immersion 067991 blender is fast, effectively crushing ingredients ranging from fruits to nuts. This device has a unique bell guard design, which minimizes suction, allowing ingredients to flow through the blender for fast results. The device has five different speed settings, allowing precise customization. A four-prong blade provides a big surface area for pulverizing soups and fruits. However, this blender is a bit heavy and may cause fatigue during extended use.

The Vitamix Immersion 067991 comes with a 5-foot power cord, offering freedom of movement when using this appliance. It is quite flexible, allowing householders to use containers with openings as small as 3 inches. The immersion design cleans easily by running the blender at a low-speed setting in a water-filled vessel. All controls are conveniently located on the handle, allowing one-handed operation. This device is especially suited to working with hot ingredients, making it a good choice for soups.

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Do You Need The Vitamix Dry Container

The short answer? Probably not.

There is only one dry jar and it comes in the 32 oz size.

The Vitamix dry container is designed specifically to grind grains into flour and to mix batter.

The blades on this container are different from the wet jars and is designed to push grains away from the blades, thus limiting material packing at the bottom of the container.

The Vitamix dry container blade design is also engineered to prepare dough by simulating the kneading process.

In comparison, wet jars, which come in three sizes, 64 oz, 32 oz and 48 oz – are engineered to pull your ingredients into the blades, thus aiding in the liquefying process.

So does this mean you can’t make flour or mix batter in a wet jar, thus justifying the purchase of a Vitamix dry container?

Fortunately, in our testing and experience, we have had no issues creating flour or mixing batter in our wet jars.

You can see our resultsgrinding popcorn into cornmealwith the vitamix wet jar vs dry jar here.

It is therefore our “Blender Babes” recommendation that unless you plan on grinding grains A LOT, the Vitamix dry container isn’t worth it.

The jar that comes with your Vitamix purchase will serve the purpose of occasional grinding needs just fine.

What To Look Forward To

The Best Cheap Vitamix Blender Alternative

Were continuing to test more blenders, including the Nutribullet Smart Touch, the second-generation model of the three-speed Nutribullet Full Size blender that we mention in the Other good blenders section. Compared with its predecessor, the Smart Touch has extra features including four blending programs and a digital display. Were also testing the Vitamix Ascent 3500the most expensive and feature-packed model Vitamix offers. The Ascent 3500 has five blending programs, touchscreen controls, and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you choose from more blending options via an app on your phone .

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From The Vitamix Website

Sure you might think you can get a better deal at Costco or a different store, but I can’t recommend anything other than buying directly from the source. Vitamix is constantly running sales and promotions through their websites that make their prices just as competitive as big box retailers like Costco.

Also, the Vitamix customer service and warranties simply cannot be beat. They stand behind their products 1000% and will help you with any and every problem you may encounter.

They even offered to send me a new tamper when I broke mine and it was totally and completely my own fault . I declined and bought my own out of principle, but they would’ve happily replaced it with no fuss at all!

What About The Noise

Some reviews of the E310 said that it was louder than older Vitamix blenders. This is wrong.

Here’s us blending some ice at top speed in the E310…

And here’s the much more expensive Ascent A2500 model crushing ice on a lower speed.

The sound difference is almost negligible.

Noise is something Vitamix has constantly tried to improve and this was a rare model where, despite lowering the cost, they didn’t increase the sound output. At least not for the average ear.

If it sounds noisier, it’s because of the surface you’ve got it on… the position… whether it’s in a corner or against a wall, or on a kitchen island… how big your kitchen is, how high your ceilings are, and more. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Bottom Line: The Explorian E310 is a high value Vitamix. For a single or couple, it’s perfect. It’ll give you everything you want from a Vitamix at the lowest possible price.

It’s our #1 model, but discounted because it’s “renewed”.

That’s right. Not the newest, not the fanciest, but if you want that 64oz container and 3 presets… and you want to save a LOT of money? I’m about to tell you why the renewed Vitamix A2500 is better value than all your other options.

I know what youre thinking. “Reconditioned”? Refurbished?! What does THAT mean? Its second-hand? Someone owned it before??

Just stop. Im going to explain to you why those things either arent true or dont matter AND…

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Vitamix Sales And Exclusive Deals

Here are some Special and Exclusive deals just for using our links. For more detail on each Vitamix model on sale or deal .

Please Note:Some deals are exclusive savings that are only discounted at checkout after added to your cart. Also, all prices and links for deals below are for Vitamix USA. For Vitamix CANADA blender models .

Special Note: Holiday sale blender models/colors DO and WILL sell out. DO NOT WAIT.

Not sure which to get? I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15 min sales call with me Tarashaun, Founder of Blender Babes

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