Fruit And Veggie Smoothie Recipes

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Caramel Apple Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie

Fruit and veggie smoothie recipes: Blueberry, raspberry, spinach and avocado smoothie

This vegan, gluten-free breakfast smoothie is perfect for cold mornings when youre craving a fall treat. Dont worry: Theres no caramel in this recipe. Instead, this blogger subs in dates to add natural sweetness, along with antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. Rolled oats also pack fiber and protein, while apples and cinnamon give that undeniably heartwarming taste. This dreamy mixture sits in the fridge overnight, saving you so much time in the mornings.

Veggie Smoothies Arent Sweet Enough What Can I Do

Do you prefer special drinks from commercial smoothie stores? Its a good guess that you dont find homemade versions sweet enough. No worries, well get there. Here are some tips on how to make them sweeter!

  • Use the sweetest fruits you can find. Typically, this means buying the more expensive bag of frozen fruit. Alternatively, use fresh fruit that is in season to ensure peak ripeness.
  • Add an extra ripe banana. Bananas add a ton of sweetness to veggie smoothies if theyre super ripe. I tend to buy an excess of bananas at all times. Then, I freeze them at that perfect overripe state for baking and blending.
  • Use the fruits with the most natural sugars. Pineapple, sweet cherries and mango come to mind as the most consistently very sweet. Strawberries and blueberries in my experience are hit or miss in terms of sweetness.
  • Add some natural sweeteners. If you really need some extra sweetness, try to use a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Remember babies under 1 can not have honey.

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What To Do With Leftover Smoothie

If you have any leftover smoothie, just pop the extras in the fridge or freezer and enjoy later. My kids like to put them in the freezer and then eat when it is frozen. The smoothie will become frozen hard and you will need a spoon to scrape it up. As it begins to thaw, the smoothie is easier to eat.

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A Glass Full Of Goodness

Aside from the specific health benefits of key ingredients in vegetable smoothie recipes, we have made sure that all these smoothies meet some basic healthy nutritional requirements.

For starters , each smoothie has at least one portion of veg.

Furthermore, none of them have any more than a teaspoon of added sweetener. This means that almost all their sweetness comes from the natural sugars of fruit and veg, rather than simple sugars such as honey or maple syrup.

Natural sugars release energy slower than simple sugars, meaning you will be fuelled for longer and wont experience as sharp a spike in blood sugar levels.

None of these vegetable smoothie recipes have any more than 16g fat, of which no more than 5g is saturated. This keeps the overall calorie count low and makes sure that the fat you are consuming is the healthier, unsaturated kind!

Finally, we have made sure to pick the most fibrous veggie smoothies: each recipe contains at least 5g fibre per serving. This means they keep you full for as long as possible!

We hope you enjoy whizzing up some super healthy, super tasty vegetable smoothies!

The Power Of Leafy Greens In This Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie

5 Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Typically I choose 1 leafy green to add to my smoothie, yet 1 just wasn’t good enough for this fun fruit and veggie smoothie recipe! Kale and spinach come from different plant families, so when I talk about rotating your greens, these are the most common choices. The combined forces of these 2 superfood ingredients provide incredible antioxidant, cancer fighting, immunity boosting power. If smoothies were super heroes, then this fruit and veggie smoothie would be #TheCancerCrusher.

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Best Vegetables For Smoothies

Published: by Lizzie Streit, MS, RDN //

This post highlights the best vegetables for smoothies and recipes that use them! Youll learn about the best greens for smoothies and the best veggies to blend. Use my tips to get your daily vegetables in a smoothie that actually tastes good.

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see my affiliate disclosure.

When my readers ask about easy ways to increase their veggie intake, I almost always mention smoothies! Drinking vegetables is more palatable than eating veggies for some people. Plus, you can put a LOT of produce in a single smoothie.

Even better, whipping up a smoothie requires minimal prep time. But making a vegetable smoothie that actually tastes good does require some thought. Thats why I put together this post on the best vegetables for smoothies. Spoiler alert: leafy greens arent the only veggies you can blend.

Best Tips For Success

Here are some tips to consider when making a fruit and veggie smoothie for your kids.

  • If you can freeze the greens ahead of time, the finished product will taste much less green but will have the same nutrition. Just make sure the greens are dry, then put them into a zip top freezer bag and store in the freezer for up to 3 months.
  • Blend really well to get a very smooth consistency, adding a little more milk as needed to thin.
  • You can get a less thick texture in toddler smoothies, which some kids prefer by using fresh fruit rather than frozenand this is also a good option for winter days when a frozen drink is less than ideal.
  • You can use yogurt in place of milk if you add a fruit with a lot of liquid like a clementine or orange.
  • Try using half milk and half yogurt for a creamier texture some toddlers may prefer.
  • Serve toddler smoothies in a reusable pouch or in a cup with a straw.
  • You can also offer small tastes with a spoon if you have a child who isnt yet a fan. Consider even a small sampling a success!
  • Sprinkle on some granola or a favorite cereal and serve as a smoothie bowl for a fun variation.
  • And if nothing else works, freeze them into popsicles!

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Dont Worry About The Taste This Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Is Sweet And You Can Barely Taste The Green Veggies In It Even My Toddlers Chug This Down And Trust Me They Are Picky

When I drink my Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie I dont feel like I need to take any vitamin supplements. There are so many vitamins and minerals in this drink naturally! It also has yogurt for probiotics or you could substitute kefir for those awesome cultures also. Lastly, I like to add either chia seeds or flaxseeds for those essential omega 3 fatty acids.

Tips for Making Fruit and Veggie Smoothies:

Ideas for superfoods to add to your fruit and vegetable smoothie:

A Green Smoothie That Is Not Green

fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes

Berries are so strongly coloured that they can easily hide green if needed.

My combination is: Blueberries + Strawberries + Broccoli + Cucumber + Vanilla + Plain Yoghurt + Milk.

Depending on the sweetness of the berries you can add some honey or maple syrup to this smoothie if needed. Steam the broccoli if your kids are new to smoothies with veggies

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Spinach Is For Saladsand Smoothies

So, I used to be a firm believer that spinach was to be used in one thing: SALAD. I love me a good spinach salad! Really, I do!

But when I saw people start putting it in their smoothies, I was skeptical. Yes, very skeptical.

Especially when I had a conversation with a Facebook friend about this whole spinach salad/smoothie dilemma and she said, well, its not that bad in a smoothie, really.

What Are The Best Vegetables For Smoothies

In general, you can toss any vegetable into a smoothie and make it taste good. But, there are definitely some that will give you the best results.

  • Greens. Leafy greens are a smoothies best friend. They blend up so well, the taste is easily overpowered, and the color is fun! You can easily cover the green up by adding something like blueberries.
  • Sweet potato. Cooked sweet potato is the perfect vegetable for a blending. Naturally sweet, it adds a delicious thickness and creaminess to your drink.
  • Beets. Simply buy a package of pre-cooked beets and toss some in. They add sweetness and a really fun pink color to food without a ton of effort.
  • Peas. Not only are peas sweet, they are packed with protein! If possible, frost your peas to ensure they blend in smooth.
  • Squash. From zucchini to yellow squash to pumpkin, these are the perfect vegetable. They blend up smooth as well as having a very light taste.
  • Avocado. Pack in some healthy fats by blending in some fresh avocado.
  • Cauliflower. The flavor is so light and since its white kids wont notice it at first glance.

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Vegetable Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

When working out and looking for raw vegetable smoothie recipes to help aid in your diets and workout routines dont overthink it. These simple smoothie recipes have just a few veggies and fruits in every blended mix making a perfect balance of sweetness and whole foods for a deliciously healthy drink in every sip.

Can I Add Greens To My Smoothie

Avocado, Veggies and Berry Smoothie

Yes! If you want to add a boost to your smoothie, add a handful of spinach! I recommend blending the spinach and almond milk until smooth, then adding the remaining ingredients. This helps blend the spinach completely so you dont have to worry about any large chunks in your smoothie. If you want to add kale, be sure to remove the stems first. Keep in mind that kale has a stronger, more bitter flavor. So you may need a bit of sweetener to compensate.

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What To Put In Smoothies My Favorite Add

There are of course many other add-ins that I love, but these are my go-tos.

What I love about smoothies so much is you can add in so many nutritious ingredients to blend up and you have a quick and easy meal that is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and will leave you feeling amazing.

Fruit And Veggie Smoothies

5 Fruit and Veggie Smoothies: A refreshing and energizing smoothie for each day of the work week!

In the distant future, lets say the year 3020, I would assume food would be consumed differently. Everything would revolve around efficiency.

Instead of real food, wed all be eating pills, powders, and shakes of sorts. Turkey and stuffing shake for Thanksgiving? Roasted salmon with spiced cauliflower in conveniently packaged bars? Or how about three meals worth of calories and nutrients in an easy to swallow pill?

Perhaps I read too many sci-fi and fantasy books. But if that is really how the future of food looks like, I think Ill just live off of fruit and veggie smoothies.

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Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Faqs

Are veggie smoothies good for you?

Yes! They are not only packed with the vitamins and nutrients of the produce. Unlike juicing, they also include the fiber that comes naturally. You can customize your drink to include protein as well so its more filling.

Can you taste spinach in smoothies?

Not if its done well. If youre worried about it, make sure you use sweet fruit like pineapple or mango. This easy spinach smoothie recipe is a great starting point!

Can you blend frozen vegetables in smoothies?

Yes! Frozen varieties are much easier to use because you dont have to worry about keeping them stocked. Just buy the frozen veggies in bulk and youre good.

What vegetables go well in smoothies?

I enjoy greens the best, as well as sweet veggies like carrots and peas. Butternut squash and sweet potato make for a creamy drink. But really, any vegetable works well!

To make your own, youre going to need a base recipe. Luckily, Ive got you covered!

Milk And Honey Smoothie

Pineapple Green Machine – Delicious and Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie Recipe

Make use of the celery in your produce drawer with this blended juice, which combines it with almond milk, cucumber, and grapes for a sip-worthy snack.

In a blender, combine 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk, 1 medium Kirby cucumber , 1 cup seedless green grapes, 2 medium stalks celery , and 1 Tbsp honey. Blend until the mixture is smooth, serves 2.

Nutrition : 124 calories, 2 g fat , 2 g protein, 26 g carbs , 21 g sugars

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Here Are Healthy Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Try these delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes. They are healthy, taste great, and enable you to lose weight without starving. Losing weight is never synonymous with hunger.

To get in shape, you must prioritize your health. Stay healthy and lose weight with these smoothie recipes!

You should know that these smoothies without protein powder are very healthy and natural ways to lose weight:

You should add fresh fruits rich in vitamin C to green leafy vegetables rich in vegetable protein.

This simple combination will help you in four ways: cleansing your body, gaining more energy, feeling full, and reducing your cravings for dessert.

Should I Use Fresh Or Frozen Fruit For A Smoothie

You can use fresh or frozen fruit for this smoothie. If youre using frozen fruit the smoothie will have a much thicker texture. This can be great if you want to enjoy your smoothie with a spoon, but if you want something drinkable you may need to add more liquid in order for it to be thin enough to sip through a straw. I generally use frozen fruit because I like my smoothies thick and it tends to be cheaper than fresh fruit. Plus, frozen fruit is available year-round, whereas some fresh fruits are only available in certain seasons.

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Tropical Papaya Perfection Smoothie

This coconut-infused breakfast smoothie tastes just as decadent as a milkshake. One sip will immediately transport you to a tropical island.

Cut 1 papaya into chunks and blend it with 1 cup of fat-free, plain yogurt, 1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks, 1/2 cup crushed ice, 1 tsp. coconut extract, and 1 tsp. ground flaxseed. Process the mixture for about 30 seconds, or until its smooth and frosty.

Nutrition :299 calories, 1.5 g fat, 13 g protein, 64 g carbs , 44 g sugars

Preparing Your Smoothies With The Help Of Wood Cutting Boards

Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie â The Yummy Truth

Before you get started on making veggie smoothies, you need to cut, dice or slice some of the ingredients first. This is why a wood cutting board is the perfect kitchen gadget for you. Made from cherry, walnut or maple, our cutting boards help make preparing your vegetable smoothies a lot easier. Easy to clean and the perfect size to store in your cupboards, all thats missing is the engraving of your choice.

Eating your veggies does not necessarily mean condemning your taste buds to bitter, earthy tastes. With these delicious smoothie recipes, you can stay on top of your needed nutrients in an easy, convenient and delicious way. Visit our products page today to choose your favorite model and start getting your body the vegetables it needs.

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Detox Green Smoothie With Chia Seeds

If you havent tried chia seeds yet, heres a great opportunity. These tiny but mighty seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your heart. They also help you stay fuller longer, thanks to its plant protein power. Combined with spinach, unsweetened almond milk, frozen pineapple, and naturally sweet banana, this tasty mixture is the ultimate breakfast treat.

How To Make The Perfect Fruit And Veggie Smoothie For Breakfast

Who doesnt love a good smoothie? Its the perfect way to start the day out rightadding all the minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, and healthy fats you need to have a healthy day.

Smoothies come in all shapes and sizes! From the more delicious smoothies to the highly nutritious , you can find something to satisfy every appetite and desire.

But do you know how to build the perfect fruit and veggie smoothie? Sure, you can throw everything into a blender and hit Puree, but is that the way to go?

If youre trying to add more healthy veggie and fruit smoothies to your diet, its time to master the art of the perfect smoothie.

On this page, youll learn how to build your smoothie from scratch, choosing the right ingredients for your delicious drink.

Plus, well have a few healthy fruit and veggie smoothie recipes for weight loss, improved nutrition, and better overall health. By the end of this page, youll be ready to go on a fruit and veggie smoothie diet! Check out smoothie shelf life here.

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The Secret To A Perfect Superfood Smoothie Is:

  • A serving of veggies
  • A serving of some type of fruit
  • 1-2 servings of extra add-ins
  • liquid
Tips & suggestions:
  • Keep bananas, berries, and some veggies in your freezer to have on hand for smoothies all the time!
  • If using fresh fruit, you may want to reduce the liquid content or add ice for a thicker texture
  • Add-in any of your favorite superfoods to any of these smoothies!
  • If you love these 3 veggie-packed smoothies for beginners youll also love my favorite green smoothie recipe!

If you tried these 3 Veggie-Packed Smoothies for Beginners or any other recipe on the blog let me know how you liked it by leaving a comment/rating below! Be sure to follow along on , and for even more deliciousness!

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