Healthy Smoothies That Taste Good

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What Not To Add To Healthy Smoothies

Healthy Pineapple Green Smoothie Recipe & Tips to Make Smoothies Taste Better

There really aren’t too many things you shouldn’t be adding to smoothies, but I can say with confidence that sugar and ice are the biggest no-nos in my book.

First up, ice will totally water down your smoothies if you don’t drink them right away and you need a super high-powered blender to get a smoother consistency.

Second, you can get sweeter smoothies with natural ingredients don’t add calories or reduce the healthiness by adding sugar!

Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

Today I am sharing FIVE easy smoothies that are perfect as part of a healthy breakfast, pre or post workout snack or a quick pick me up to help keep you full until your next meal.

These delicious smoothie recipes are all naturally vegetarian, vegan friendly, dairy free and Whole30 compliant but feel free to adjust the ingredients according to your dietary preferences.

  • Green Smoothie with Avocado click the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Orange Smoothie OR Lemon Smoothie for low carb scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Blackberry Kale Smoothie click the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Strawberry Smoothie click link the link OR scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Spinach Smoothie scroll to the bottom for the full recipe
  • Most of these healthy fruit smoothie recipes are made with only 5 Ingredients or less. They are full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats and are also completely SUGAR FREE, banana-free, vegan/dairy-free.

    And theyre also perfect if you are looking for recipes that are WHOLE 30 or paleo-friendly.

    Ive even included options and substitutions to make all of these easy smoothies low carb and keto-friendly if youre following a keto diet

    Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Taste Great

    When you think of healthy smoothies, you might think of green drinks that taste like blended grass or those brown concoctions that leave a gritty, protein-powder residue in your throat. In reality, you can make a perfectly healthy smoothie or smoothie bowl that tastes so good, you might feel like youre eating dessert for breakfast. These 20 recipes are a testament to that fact.

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    How To Make Ahead + Store Smoothies

    • No time in the morning to whip up a smoothie? NO PROBLEM. You can make most smoothies the night before and store them in the refrigerator.
    • To Store. Store blended smoothies in the refrigerator for up to 1 day. Place the smoothie in an airtight jar the less air touching the smoothie, the better. Stir before serving.
    • To Make Ahead. Prepare the smoothie as directed, then pour into an airtight freezer-safe mason jar and freeze for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before serving.

    Salted Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

    10 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies That Actually Taste Great!

    Dessert for breakfast? Dont mind if we do. Treat yourself to a peanut butter and banana mash-up spiked with cocoa powder and vanilla almond milk. Add a scoop of whey protein powder to make sure youre not searching for a snack in an hour. Were topping ours with shredded coconut and flaky sea salt.

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    How To Meal Prep Green Smoothies

    I think that green smoothies are the best when theyre served fresh, straight from the blender. So I meal prep smoothies by having all the ingredients on hand and ready to go. This means I always have my freezer stocked with frozen fruit and greens and pre-portion all of the add-ins like protein powder!

    Its Time For The Tropics

    When autumn and winter hit, were excited to wear cozy sweaters again but were also missing the warm sun. The Little Epicureanbrings us back to those summer days with this cheery smoothie recipe.

    Youll need a handful of spinach, one frozen banana, one frozen mango , a cup of frozen pineapple, and some coconut water to blend down! Boom you have summer in cup!

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    The Best Green Smoothie

    This recipe from Baily at Simply Sissom is wonderful. Looks and tastes great and is a nice entry to the wonderful world of smoothies for a smoothie newbie.

    Baily says:The Best Green Smoothie is a cool, creamy, sweet vegan smoothie with banana, peanut butter, kale, chia seeds, cinnamon and almond milk.

    Get Recipe:

    How To Make Smoothies Sweeter

    Green Smoothie that Tastes Good (plus Easy & Healthy Fruit Smoothy Recipe)

    Now, I know you’re probably wondering how the heck you make your smoothies sweeter then!

    We all have varying levels of taste when it comes to sweetness. For me personally, as I’ve incorporated less sugar into my diet over time, I’ve gotten used to things tasting less sweet.

    Bananas are great natural sweeteners and they are often more than enough when you’re making a smoothie.

    Here are some other sweetener ideas below:

    • applesauce
    • dates
    • Avocado

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    Mojito Smoothie Recipe Lime And Mint

    This mocktail posing as a smoothie is straight-up delicious. Kudos to Nicole from Wonky Wonderful. If youre a mint lover like us then you will be in heavan. Youre welcome!

    Nicole says: This refreshing Mojito Smoothie Recipe is full of fresh lime and mint. All of the great flavor of a mojito cocktail without all of that pesky sugar and alcohol. The perfect start to a happy and healthy new year!

    Get Recipe:

    Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie

    This Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie from Kare at Kitchen Treaty is delightful concoction.

    Kare says:With its tangy citrus and sweet vanilla, this nutrient-packed smoothie is reminiscent of a creamsicle but with all of the goodness and none of the guiltmight just be your new favorite green smoothie recipe. Its definitely mine.

    Get Recipe:

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    Are Smoothies High In Sugar

    A smoothie may sound like an ideal healthy snack, but it might be hiding more sugar than you think . Toss in some juice, maybe a drizzle of honey, banana slices, and before you know it, youve consumed 50+ grams of sugar!

    But, this doesnt mean you cant create smoothies that will satisfy your sweet tooth while having lots of nutrients, protein, and fiber. With the right combination of specific fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy your smoothie without having to worry about your sugar intake.

    Are Smoothies Healthy For You

    The Green Smoothie That Actually Tastes Good

    Before we dive into the quest of how to make a fruit smoothie, lets dive into the why. Our philosophy here at Wholefully is that smoothies can be an incredibly nourishing part of your diet. Just like with our juicing recipes, we say its always better to eat whole fruits and veggies where possible. But its not always possible! Smoothies do make it easy to pack in all the nutrients of your favorite produce into one drinkable cupwhich is great when youre on the go or short on time.

    And lets be honest, smoothies are just freaking delicious! We are big believers that you also need to nourish your soul with your food, and if drinking a perfectly tangy and sweet smoothie brings a smile to your face, then thats healthy as healthy can be.

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    • How to Freeze Strawberries. There are lots of ways to use frozen strawberries, but smoothies are definitely one of my favorites!
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    • 3 Ways to Meal Prep Smoothies. Yes, you can make ahead smoothies! And we have three ways to show you how.

    + Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    This roundup includes over 30 Healthy Smoothie recipes including fruit smoothie recipes, weightloss smoothie recipes, breakfast smoothie recipes and SO many more! Im sure youll find a smoothie here to love.

    Hopefully you know by now that I LOVE a good smoothie recipe. I have SO many good ones here on my blog so I wanted to round them all up in one place for you. I split this list up into 3 common smoothie categories: healthy smoothies, green smoothies, and smoothie bowls.

    Theres something here for everyone and Im sure that youll find more than one new smoothie to love 🙂

    I love creating new smoothie flavor combos so please let me know if you ever have a suggestions or recipe recommendation! Im also always experimenting on so follow along there for even more recipes!

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    Is It Healthy To Have A Smoothie For Breakfast

    Smoothies can make a healthy breakfast if you have a good balance of ingredients and nutrientsincluding protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Smoothies that heavily rely on veggies over fruit instantly cut down on sugar and increase the fiber content. You also want to avoid adding a lot of fruit juice and sweeteners, like syrups and honey, to limit the sweet stuff. Adding yogurt and protein powder helps make smoothies more filling, so youll stay satisfied longer. Just be sure to choose powders that have little to no added sugar and have zero artificial ingredients.

    The liquid bases you use in your smoothie also play a big role. Skip fruit juices, which are packed with sugar and lack protein and fat, and go for low-fat milk or an unsweetened, non-dairy milk alternative, like almond, coconut, or cashew. Some non-dairy milks have less protein than cows milk, but they offer healthy fats to keep you satiated.

    Yellow Fruit And Turmeric Smoothie

    How To Make HEALTHY Smoothie taste GOOD Strawberry Banana Recipe

    Turmeric is a time-honored superfood with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Powered by curcumin, one of its primary substances, the spice may help boost memory, ease joint pain, lower the risk of certain cancers, and lessen the symptoms of depression. What are you waiting for? Make this smoothie thats bursting with the stuff.

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    Why Smoothies Help You Lose Weight

    For most of us, theres a balance between the good things and the not-so-good things. My point is, its hard to always eat healthy. Which is why I like to do the Fresh Start seasonal cleanse using green smoothies as my breakfast for 21 days. It gets me back on track and makes sure I drink the best smoothies for weight loss and my overall health.

    There are special occasions when we want to indulge, its hard to eat healthy all the time when traveling. You know the drill. We do our best. And I dont believe in punishing ourselves for enjoying a treat now and then.

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    Berry Good Workout Smoothie

    Get the energy you need to power through your workout in minutes with this easy-to-make smoothie recipe. For an extra dose of calcium, try adding a teaspoon of Organic Kale Powder.

    What youll need: 1 1/2 cups chopped strawberries, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 2 Tbsp. honey, 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice, and 1/2 cup ice cubes. Blend until smooth.

    Nutrition :162 calories, 1 g fat, 2 g protein, 41.5 g carbs , 32 g sugars

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    Healthy Breakfast Smoothies That Actually Taste Great

    Vegetables + Campbell = NON match.

    I have tried stuffing macaroni noodles with peas, making Spaghettios with blended up carrots and even mixing zucchini into our sloppy joe. As I am listing these out Im starting to see that it is possible that my approach to the problem may in fact be a part of the problem?. BUT bottom line, my 3 year old has a fiery hatred for all things veggie.

    Unless. I serve them smoothie style. This is probably a good time to mention, that this method is also extremely effective with Joe and Cooper, who eat the veggies I serve, but arent exactly fighting over the leftovers.

    At our house, our favorite green smoothie comes loaded with a heaping cup of spinach. Can you imagine serving that up and your kiddo actually eating it without complaining. Smoothies, well they are a brilliant source of trickery.

    Below you will find the recipe for our spinach loaded favorite AND 9 other recipes that are just plain old delightful!

    Homemade Frozen Smoothie Packs

    This low carb green smoothie tastes great and provides healthy fats ...

    Smoothie packs are pre-packaged including everything that would found in a typical smoothie. All you do is blend it all together when you want to enjoy a smoothie.

    Skip the expensive store-bought kinds and make your own. Simply add your favorite frozen fruit, vegetables, ice blocks and/or frozen milk blocks and keep in the freezer until ready to drink!

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    Healthy Juice Cleanse Recipes

    Four healthy juicing recipes to give your body natural energy and helps to detoxify the body!

    Juice bars are popping up everywhere for good reason! Drinking fresh juices can detoxify the body, help to create a more alkaline body, and to give a boost of energy and a clear mind.

    Juicing is a powerful tactic used by a quickly-growing amount of people to lose weight fast, get proper nutrition, and help fuel healthy lifestyles.

    Whenever I come from vacation or a particularly bad eating night, I reach for a healthy juice to cleanse my body and give my digestive system a break.

    I am sharing 4 of our favorite juicing recipes with an assortment of fruits and vegetables for variety. Since my oldest daughter is a “health freak” we make these homemade juices every week and store them in jars in the refrigerator to make them easily accessible. It saves SO much money juicing at home!

    Best Green Smoothie Recipe

    By Jen Hansard | Published on 1.1.2021

    Sure, I know a spinach smoothie doesn’t sound that appealing, but when made right it can be beyond delicious. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, it’s time for you to see why this is the best green smoothie recipe.

    Are you wondering why anyone would be excited to drink something as green as this? I hear ya I’ve been right where you are. And so have 1 million+ others who’ve blended this smoothie in our free 7-day smoothie challenge.

    Drinking this daily smoothie is what helped me get the body and energy to do some incredible things, such as run 47 miles of the Grand Canyon, ride motorcycles through Morocco, publish two best-selling recipe books and create a backyard garden for my kids. This daily habit has kept my kids healthy when we didn’t have health insurance, energized us in between school and sports and nourished us so we don’t need to take vitamins.

    When I created this green smoothie recipe…it changed my life in more ways than I ever imagine. It was love at first sip for me, my two kids and over 1 million others who were scared of spinach smoothies.

    I’ve published an entire recipe book on Simple Green Smoothies, and then went on The Doctors to blend a few green smoothie recipes live on stage! I was nervous with all the cameras and lights, but I knew I had to share green smoothies with the world! They truly are magical for your health.

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    Banana Almond Protein Smoothie

    Creamy almond butter offers healthy fats, while coconut water helps restore electrolytes after a tough workout. Greek yogurt and a scoop of whey keep the protein content high.

    In a blender, add 1/2 cup coconut water, 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt, 3 Tbsp. almond butter, 1 scoop whey protein powder, 1 Tbsp. hemp seeds, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup ice. Process until smooth, serves 2.

    Nutrition : 329 calories, 17 g fat, 21 g protein, 26 g carbs , 15 g sugars

    Nut Butter And Vegan Smoothie Recipes

    Make a Healthy Smoothie that Tastes Great!

    25. Cashew and Almond Butter Chocolate Smoothie Bowls

    Heres a new take on smoothie recipes: these are eaten in a bowl. If youve ever wondered what its like to eat a bowl of chocolate, this is the recipe for you. While there are two featured here, I prefer the second: almond butter, cacao powder, banana, apple and spinach in a bowl just cant be beat!

    26. In the Buff Smoothie Bowl

    A smoothie bowl thats packed with healthy fats and protein is a perfect way to get your morning started and keeps you full. This smoothie bowl is vegan and gluten-free. You can always tweak the smoothie bowl to your liking!

    27. Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie

    This smoothie is creamy, sweet, nutritious and has a beautiful color, thanks to the blueberries. You can substitute the almond butter for cashew butter or even sunflower seed butter depending on your preference. You can even add protein powder to give this smoothie an extra boost if desired.

    28. Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

    Skip the food court kiosk and get a dose of cinnamon roll goodness right at home. This version, made with coconut milk, will curb those cravings and leave you feeling great. Use freshly ground cinnamon for the best flavor. Need protein? Add two tablespoons of almond butter for more staying power.

    34. Pumpkin Cashew Butter Smoothie

    35. PB & J Smoothie

    37. Toasted Coconut & Fig Almond Milk Smoothie

    38. Vanilla Cake Batter Smoothie

    With so many healthy smoothies to choose from, you can try a new smoothie every day!

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    Lemon Turmeric Flush Drink:

    • 1 teaspoon Stevia or 1 Tablespoon Honey or Real Maple Syrup
    • Serves 2

    Mix together, water, lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Add stevia, honey or maple syrup to taste. The cayenne pepper adds a kick to it so not everyone can handle it.

    If you are looking for MORE JUICE CLEANSE RECIPES, CLICK HERE.

    If I am suffering from anything – from allergies to autoimmune issues to overeating the night before, this helps to clean out my liver and belly. I woke up this morning with swollen eyes caused by allergies and this drink helped the swelling go down quickly. You can drink it heated up or drink it cold straight out of the refrigerator. We make a large pitcher and keep in the refrigerator to last a week. We give it a good stir and guzzle it down.

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