Are Smoothies Healthy For You

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Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Are Fruit Smoothies Good or Bad For You? | Healthy Living | Fit or Fiction

While making smoothies doesnt require much culinary know-how, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here are some common smoothie mistakes:

  • Packing the blender too full. This can lead to the blade getting jammed. While its tempting to take the more is better approach and add every powder and seed you have in your cupboard, its smarter to keep things simple.
  • Adding your dry ingredients first: Oops this will prevent items like protein powder from getting incorporated into the smoothie properly. Always start with liquids first, like milk or plant milk, juice, water or yogurt. They help to create a vortex, which makes it easier for other ingredients to get blended in properly.
  • Adding too many frozen ingredients: Frozen fruits and veggies are generally a better bargain than fresh and are excellent in smoothies. You just cant add all of them in together, or else you might end up with a frozen clump. Try combining frozen ingredients, like cubes of mango or berries, with a fresh banana and spinach.
  • Letting your blender sit before cleaning it. You will regret this one! Unfortunately, smoothies have a way of coating the interior of your blender really well, and then adhering to it as the contents dry. Instead of letting it sit once you pour out your smoothie, fill it ¾ of the way with warm water, add a couple drops of liquid dish soap and blend! The stuck-on smoothie will release, and you can just give it a rinse and let it air dry.
  • Are They Really That Good For You

    In a word: yes. Leafy green vegetables are the most healthy food on the planet. Is a green smoothie better for you than just eating a salad with the same greens? There are a couple of responses to this question. The first is yes because you can eat a lot more greens a lot easier in a smoothie than in a salad. So you’re much more likely to actually make and eat a green smoothie than eat the equivalent amount of greens raw in a salad.

    Some people advocate that the digestibility of the greens, when pureed into a green smoothie, is what makes a green smoothie healthier than just eating the greens plain. The reason is that the greens are much easier to digest when pureed in a smoothie, taking up less of your body’s energy in the digestive process, and giving your body that much more nutrients and energy.

    Are Breakfast Smoothies Good For Weight Loss

    Green Breakfast Smoothie Surprisingly creamy and sweet, this green smoothie gives you a protein punch when you need it most. Take control of meal time and snack time with our compact and versatile specialty blenders. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

    • You are recommending non-fat dairy some with high sugar contents flavored yogurts can have as much added sugar as a 5oz candy barbut it takes some fat to aid in digestion of lactose milk sugar.

    • This tropical plant-based spirulina smoothie will bring a health kick and some color to your mornings.

    • Peaches are available year round and add valuable nutrients to your diet. Green apples are high in fiber and low in sugar making them a great choice here.

    • But one thing most of us never think of when we think of smoothies: comfort food.

    I typically put matcha powder. The milk and Greek yogurt gives you a dose of protein and calciumKennedy says, while the chia seeds are a great way to up the fiber and easily mix in omega-3 fatty acids. If smoothie is too thick, add water. Ju says:.

    Don’t let the high carb and sugar count scare you off it’s coming from berries, an orange and bananaall vitamin- and fiber-rich produce that will keep you trim and healthy. Use Sun Warrior or Garden Of Life plant protein powder instead of whey protein powder if lactose intolerant. Either of those would work! Courtesy of The Nutrition Twins.

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    How Often Should You Drink Smoothies

    Smoothies may form part of a balanced diet, but be sure to focus on lower sugar fruits, emphasising fresh or frozen produce. Include one or more sources of protein like yogurt, kefir or milk, as well as healthy fats from nuts, seeds or avocado. Both adults and children should consume smoothies no more than one portion per day.

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    This article was reviewed on 4th November 2021 by Registered Nutritionist Kerry Torrens.

    Kerry Torrens BSc. PgCert MBANT is a registered nutritionist with a postgraduate diploma in personalised nutrition & nutritional therapy. She is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and a member of the Guild of Food Writers. Over the last 15 years she has been a contributing author to a number of nutritional and cookery publications including BBC Good Food.

    All health content on is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. If you have any concerns about your general health, you should contact your local health care provider. See our terms and conditions for more information.

    Equipment For Healthy Smoothies

    6 Healthy &  Delicious Recipes for Blender Smoothies, Soups ...

    Having the right equipment is key to making healthy smoothies.

    • The Vitamix personal series is great for making just one or two smoothies at a time
    • So is the Magic Bullet or Nutri Bullet the only hang up here is that I find I have to replace these models once every couple years or so because the motor eventually burns out
    • The Vitamix Ascent series is my fave though it’s self-cleaning so you aren’t left with a ton of mess and it’s perfect for if you’re prepping 3-4 smoothies at a time. It can tear through anything to make the smoothest smoothie, even ice!

    You can of course get a mid-range blender too, really any blender will work. But if it takes 3 or more tries to get that smooth texture without all the lumps, it can be a frustrating experience.

    See how often you’re going to be making smoothies and if it’s going to be a consistent thing for you, your best bet is to invest in a high-powered blender that can minimize the time you spend making healthy smoothies.

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    Potential Risks Of Smoothies

    For the most part, if you use a smoothie to replace a meal, youll be fine. The biggest problem with smoothies stems from using smoothies alongside meals to replace your drink. This can lead to eating too many calories overall throughout the day. For some people, however, smoothies can aggravate other issues:

    Higher Blood Sugar Levels

    Added sugars in your already-sweet smoothies can be especially bad for your body, and should be avoided if possible. But even if youre making your smoothie yourself using all-natural ingredients, it can still have a lot of the natural sugar in it. After all, fruit is high in sugar, and smoothies contain a lot of fruit.

    People with type II diabetes and other conditions that make sugar risky should be careful about consuming smoothies.

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    Green Kale Smoothie Recipe

    2 cups of chopped kale leaves3/4 cup of 1-percent milk1 banana sliced into chunks¼ quarter cup of pineapple pieces1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt1 tablespoon of peanut butter2 teaspoons of honey

    The directions are easy! Add all the ingredients to a blender and puree. You can add more milk if you prefer a smoothie with a thinner consistency.

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    Should Children Drink Smoothies

    Water and milk are the best drinks for young children, but smoothies are an option and offer an opportunity for you to include foods that your child might otherwise not eat. Theyre also useful for children who have a poor appetite, as well as teenagers who are always on-the-go. Unlike juices, smoothies retain the whole fruit, including the fibre, but dont forget they are a source of free sugars, which should make up no more than 5% of our energy intake.

    Another thing to consider is that because we drink smoothies rather than eat them, we do tend to consume them more quickly. This means the sugars they contain may flood the bloodstream and, because no chewing is involved, the body doesnt get the same messages that help us regulate how much we eat.

    For these reasons, what you use to make your smoothie is important ideally choose a combo of vegetables, dairy or nut butters and some fruit. This will ensure your smoothie contributes vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. As adults we often add protein powders and other supplements to our own smoothies these should never be added to a childs smoothie.

    Its important to remember that whole fruit and vegetables should always be included as part of a balanced diet this is especially important for young children who are learning to eat and are forming their own food preferences.

    How Often To Enjoy Smoothies


    If you do it right, every day. I would say if you’re making a balanced smoothie that is low in sugar and providing your body with proper nutrition they can work for breakfast, a snack, and a post workout recovery drink, Michalczyk says.

    She particularly recommends them post-workout. Because they are hydrating and usually packed with things that can help to replenish your electrolytes post-workout like banana, having after a workout is a good idea, she says. Your body is craving energy to replenish with post-workout and a smoothie can have a pretty good carb-to-protein ratio, which is great for that, she says.

    However, Michalczyk recommends that the smoothies that might be a little more sugary, like those with more fruit in them than green veggies and protein powder or good fats, should be saved as an occasional treat.

    If you can when getting a pre-made smoothie, ask to see what brand of ingredients they use or how much of that they put into the smoothie. Don’t be afraid to ask for less or none of an ingredient. That’s the beauty of smoothiesthey’re customizable,she says.

    On the subject of sugar, here’s why one RD hates the term “no added sugar.” And looking for other healthy breakfast ideas? Here’s what readers like you love to eat in the a.m.

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    Peanut Banana Cinnamon Smoothie

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Kids will love this sweet, but filling smoothie, featuring peanut butter for lasting protein and banana for fiber. The recipe is easily adjusted to fit any diet: Swap the peanut butter for another nut butter or even tahini and use your choice of dairy or non-dairy milk. The cinnamon adds a nice hint of spice.

    Q: Do I Absorb More Sugar And Calories When I Drink Fruits And Vegetables In A Smoothie As Opposed To Just Eating Them Whole

    A: Its very likely that you are getting more calories and sugar when you drink a smoothie than when eating whole fruits or vegetables, said Sarah B. Krieger, a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist who spoke for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a professional trade group. Smoothies enjoy a health halo that can be misleading, but the bottom line is quantity, and people are often consuming a 20- or 24-fluid-ounce smoothie. Thats a lot.

    Even if youre making your smoothie at home, using only fruits and vegetables with no other added ingredients, you can drink it in just a few minutes, compared with the 15 or 20 minutes it would take to eat the same fruits or vegetables whole, Ms. Krieger said. And if youre drinking smoothies frequently, you may be consuming a lot more fruit than you would otherwise.

    The fiber in whole fruit acts as a net to slow down the process by which the body turns sugar from food into blood sugar, Ms. Krieger said, and though the smoothie still contains fiber, it has been pulverized during the blending process. As a result youre likely to feel hungrier again sooner after drinking the smoothie than you would have had you eaten the same fruits and vegetables whole.

    Do you have a health question? Ask Well.

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    Is It Healthy To Have A Smoothie For Breakfast

    Yes, smoothies can make a healthy breakfast, as long as they’re filled with a good balance of nutrients, including protein, carbs, and healthy fats, according to Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN, creator of, and author of Read It Before You Eat It – Taking You from Label to Table. Unlike juices, smoothies don’t strip the fiber from vegetables and fruits so they’re more filling.

    “Smoothies can make a healthy breakfast, but they’ve evolved into having a health halo even if you put a lot of fruit juice and syrups into them,” Taub-Dix says. “It can make you feel invigorated for a little bit because of the sugar high, but then you’re left feeling hungry shortly afterward.”

    To make your smoothie more filling and reduce the sugar content, dietitians recommend getting between 20 to 30 grams of protein at each meal. Protein powders are an excellent way to pack in this essential macronutrient, but be sure to choose varieties that have little to no sugar and have zero artificial sweeteners.

    You also want to be wary about the kind of liquid base you choose. Fruit juices are loaded with sugar and lack protein and fat. Instead, go for low-fat milk or an unsweetened, non-dairy milk alternative of your choice, like almond, coconut, or cashew. They won’t have as much protein as cow’s milk, but they’ll have some healthy fats that’ll help curb hunger.

    Can I Freeze These

    21 Delicious Smoothie Recipes For When You Need A Healthy ...

    If youd like to freeze a blended smoothie, I suggest pouring it into a silicone ice tray and storing it that way until its frozen into solid cubes. Then, transfer the cubes to a freezer bag and seal it. Thaw out your smoothie in the fridge and stir or shake it very well before serving. Frozen smoothies last for up to 3 months.

    You also have the option of freezing your smoothie directly in the Mason jar. If you do this, you must leave some extra space inside the jar for expansion. Otherwise, theres a good chance it will shatter while the smoothie freezes.

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    Are Smoothies Healthy For Children

    Smoothies can provide a great way to get nutrients into toddlers and childrenespecially if theyve yet to show much interest in fruit and veg.

    Due to the sugar content though, be cautious of going overboard with fruits when whipping up smoothies at home for children instead, bulk them out with nutrient-rich veggies, such as spinach and kale. A good suggested ratio would be one portion of fruit to one portion of veg, with an optional protein or fiber extra, all mixed together with a milk product.

    If you choose to include fruit in a homemade smoothie blender recipe, be mindful of how much you usedont add in any more fruit than you would serve to your child whole.

    And when you’re done whipping up your smoothie, it might be helpful to peruse our guide to how to clean a blender, containing quick and simple tips for speeding the clean-up process.

    Quick Steps To Customize It For Your Weight Loss

    Let me ask you a question. Do fruit smoothies contribute to weight gain? The answer is that its unlikely unless they push you above your daily maintenance energy consumption.

    Consistently consuming one with added sugar raises the risk of chronic disorders, including obesity, diabetes, and liver damage.

    Here are some quick to-dos to make your smoothie aligned with your weight loss goal, even by keeping the taste intact-

    • To reduce the caloric intake by a third, use almond milk instead of ordinary
    • Use Greek yogurt instead of protein powder
    • Add a few floated cauliflowers
    • If youd like, you can add some avocado to the mix
    • Some seeds can do a great job
    • Try some collagen to gain a bulk of calcium
    • Nut butter can be your choice
    • Last but not least, you should try to replace a meal with a smoothie.

    If you want to lose weight, stay away from any beverage that has calories, including sodas. Its been said, you are what you eat.

    That is why it is important to include fiber in your drinks. Having no fiber in your smoothie will make you insulin resistant, constipated, and hemorrhoidal.

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    When Fruit Smoothies Cause Weight Gain

    When you consume calories in excess of your body’s daily needs, you gain weight. Calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates are what your body uses for energy when energy supply exceeds energy demands, your body stores the excess calories as fat for later use.

    Any type of calories can contribute to weight gain, even if they come from healthy fruit. If you need 2,000 calories to maintain your weight, but you eat 2,378 because you drank a fruit smoothie, you’ll tip the calorie balance. While doing this every once in a while won’t make a big difference, if you do it repeatedly, you could find yourself packing on the pounds.

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