Pre Workout Smoothies For Weight Loss

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What To Eat Before Working Out

Pre-Workout Smoothie for Fast Weight Loss

Learn what to eat before working out, and use pre workout foods to help you burn fat faster!

Along with the 10 best pre workout foods, youll find some pre workout drinks and exercise recovery drinks.

Below you will learn what to eat before a workout to lose weight, along with 15 Recipes of Before Workout Foods!

All of these foods for exercise are easy to incorporate into your diet, or just to snack on while you drive to the gym! Weve included recipes for pre workout energy drinks like smoothies and protein drinks. And recipes for natural pre workout food like protein balls below for you.

Learn what to eat before working out with these 10 pre workout foods

What Should I Eat 30 Minutes Before A Workout

As mentioned above the two key macronutrients to consume pre-workout are:

  • Carbohydrates the bodys most efficient source of usable energy. When consumed, carbohydrates break down into sugars that can be used immediately for energy . Ensuring you consume an adequate amount of carbohydrates pre-workout helps prevent the body from breaking down muscle tissue as a source of energy.

Foods: Bananas, berries, apples, dried fruits such as dates or apricots, sweet potatoes, or white rice.

***Slower digesting carbohydrates like whole grain bread, brown rice, quinoa, rolled oats, or steel cut oats, should be consumed around 1 hour before a longer or more intense endurance or strength workout as they provide longer lasting energy.

  • Protein another source of fuel that provides energy for your muscles, helps with muscle tissue repair as muscles fibres naturally develop micro-tears from a workout, and increases your metabolic rate for a higher calorie burn.

Foods: Protein powders, egg whites, 0% Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, tuna, chicken breast

***Fat should be avoided less than 2 hours pre-workout as it takes a longer time to digest and can cause cramping, bloating, or sluggishness during your workout. It will also slow the digestion of the proteins and carbohydrates, which is why low fat or 0% yogurt or cottage cheese is recommended.

Is It Good To Drink Strawberry Banana Smoothie Everyday

Not all smoothies are good for your health, especially store-bought smoothies because theyre filled with added sugar. But this strawberry banana smoothie is made with nutrient-dense whole foods and will help you increase your micronutrients intake daily. Therere no adverse effects to drinking this smoothie every day!

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Why Not Buy Energy Drinks Or Bars

Yes, energy bars and drinks are convenient, but they often contain added sugar and unhealthy additives.

Making your own pre-workout smoothies and juices means you have total control over the ingredients, so you know youre getting the very best nutrition.

An 8-ounce glass of vegetable juice is like eating 2 large salads but the juice is a lot more enjoyable, and much quicker and easier to consume.

Spinach And Avocado Booster

11 Easy

Green smoothies are all the rage in the fitness industry and for good reason. Typically, the color green is associated with bland and unappetizing flavors but dont let that stop you from treating your body the right way. This smoothie works wonders and you dont have to love spinach to enjoy it.

What youll need

  • Organic sugar-free almond butter
  • Directions

    Simply dump all the ingredients in your trusty blender and give it a whirl until everything well blended. Pour the smoothie into your mug, add an eco-friendly straw and enjoy! Oh, and before you go, make sure to read up on the benefits of this smoothie recipe.


    Avocados are jam-packed with important vitamins such as vitamin C, K, B6, and E. Each of these nutrients has a specific set of benefits and combined, they do more than just build muscle. Vitamin B6, in particular, helps your body fight stress and regenerate red blood cells. Additionally, avocados are also a rich source of magnesium and potassium. The latter delays fatigue and increases your endurance, and if youre fond of strenuous exercise, you need to include the fruit in your diet. Avocados also aid in digestion and prevent painful cramps, thus, helping you stay on track with your weight loss goals.



    They help reduce water retention, keep your vitamin C levels in check, and give you the boost of energy you need to recover after a workout.

    Almond butter

    Coconut milk

    Visit the Weightloss Fitness & Health homepage for more!


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    High Protein Beetroot Smoothie For Weight

    Who doesnt love chocolate? So when I saw that this High-Protein Beetroot Smoothie makes use of chocolate-flavored protein powder, I knew that I just had to try it out! Also, this unorthodox flavor combination seemed quite intriguing to me.

    After weeks of drinking nothing but this for breakfast, I can honestly say that this delivers on its promise of a beverage packed with flavor and nutrients.

    At a mere 400 calories and 35 grams of protein, this beverage is also perfect for those trying to shed some weight while maintaining their muscle mass.

    In addition to the nutritional properties of beetroot, the inclusion of protein powder makes it a great post-workout shake for anyone who is into exercise and fitness.

    If you dont want to use whey protein, then check out these 10 great plant-based protein sources that work really well with this recipe.

    The hemp seeds are also a great source of protein and omega fatty acids, both of which play a crucial role in helping you lead a healthier lifestyle, gain some muscle, and stay toned.

    While the final product may not appear as vibrant as the others Ive included this recipe on the list because this High-Protein Beetroot Smoothie is definitely worth trying out.


    Check out this High-Protein Beetroot Smoothie recipe from POPSUGAR Fitness UK.

    Debunking The Myth Of Anabolic Window: Does It Even Matter

    Many people believe that to maximize their results from the gym, they must consume their protein shake within the next 30 minutes of their workouts.

    This short period of time i.e 30 minute window is known as Anabolic window acts as the best time for protein to be effectively utilized for muscle growth and repair.

    But is the opinion of research on this? Does it favor the anabolic window or not? Lets find out below.

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    Super Healthy Smoothies To Start Your Morning With

    Today Id love to share with you 3 vegan-friendly weight loss smoothie recipes that I absolutely adore.

    While on my own weight loss journey Ive soon realized that a lot of the smoothies out there are high in sugar. Thats not ideal when youre trying to lose weight.

    While a lot of fruit smoothies are delicious, their sugar content can be a little bit overwhelming and add up to the calorie count.

    So, Ive been experimenting with smoothies to make them higher in protein, fats, and still keep them delicious.

    Ive also made a video on these smoothies, so if you prefer visual content, feel free to check it out.

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    Peaches And Cream Smoothie

    Best Pre Workout Shake For Weight Loss Recipe (IN JUST 30 SECONDS) | LiveLeanTV


    • 2 cups of peaches, peeled and sliced
    • ½ cup of orange juice
    • ¼ cup of fat-free Greek yogurt
    • 2 scoops of protein powder
    • Add ice cubes as needed

    Total calories: 313-430

    Total est. grams of protein: 52


    While the ingredients list is rather short for this recipe, you can bet that you are still getting all of the nutrients you need to keep you strong and feeling peachy keen

    • Peaches: rich in antioxidants to protect against disease and aging, full of vitamins and minerals
    • Orange juice: high in vitamin C , anti-inflammatory properties
    • Greek yogurt: boosts metabolism, builds muscle mass, lowers blood pressure, good source of protein
    • Protein powder: protein to help build muscle and keep you energized

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    Kiwi And Kale Smoothie

    The kale provides vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, and iron whilst the kiwi sweetens the taste. The milk adds vital protein to the smoothie. This smoothie can be consumed before or after a workout, however, its large protein load makes it ideal for recovery.

    1 ½ cups skimmed milk,

    2 cups kale leaves/stems,

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    Smoothie With Creamy Banana And Strawberry

    This smoothie is packed with almond milk, protein powder, flax, chia seeds, banana, and strawberry to give you a boost.

    A splash of vanilla, honey, and cinnamon gives it a well-balanced flavor. This is also one of the best pre-workout smoothies for weight loss.

    Cinnamon can be overpowering, but theres just enough in this smoothie to keep things interesting. This dish is not only delicious, but it is also quite nutritious, says David who has consumed it.

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    Green Weight Loss Smoothies

    Popping into a juice bar for a cold cup of extruded kale juice may be all the rage, but when it comes to both nutritional impact and weight-loss power, juices can’t hold a candle to smoothies.

    • First, most commercial juices use apple juice, which is a high-sugar, low-nutrient base.
    • Second, juicing strips all the natural fiber out of produce: the rough stuff is what makes it good.
    • And third, juices lack fat and protein without these crucial elements, you’re getting no fat-burning, metabolism-boosting benefits.

    Next time you want to drink your veggies, blend up one of these seriously nutritious recipes from the book Zero Belly Smoothies.

    All recipes make one serving.

    The Best Green Smoothie

    Pre Workout Smoothies For Weight Loss ~ Workout Printable Planner

    Okay, lets be real. We all want to add a little more green into our lives. However, sometimes it can be hard to gag down. Change all of that with this 5-star smoothie recipe. Not only is this smoothie incredibly delicious, but its also packed with nutrients. Chug those greens the easy way!

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    Athletes Your Protein Needs May Be Increased

    When it comes to what to eat after a workout for athletes doing intense weight training for long periods of time , you may require a little bit of extra protein . You can customize your protein needs using the formula below.

    How to determine your protein needs:

  • Divide your weight by 2.2 to get kilograms.

  • Multiply that number by 0.4 and 0.5 to get a range of recommended protein amounts.

  • Okay, so lets do the math using a 130-pound person as an example.

    • Divide 130 by 2.2 and youll get 59 kilograms.
    • Then multiply 59 by 0.4 and 0.5 to get a protein range. In this case its 24 to 30 grams.

    Keep in mind that four ounces of chicken has 30 grams of protein, so these numbers arent that hard to achieve if you have a meal immediately after working out. Remember that these protein calculations are used to determine protein needs for athletes doing intense resistance training for long periods of time.

    If youre doing a less intensive workoutfor example 25 minutes on the treadmill or 20 minutes in the weight roomyour protein needs may not be as high and theres nothing wrong with that.

    The beauty of food and nutrition is that everyones body is different and will have specific needs and preferences. I should also note that its probably not a good idea to experiment with any nutritional changes on a game or race day. Limit any diet tweaks to training. Enjoy your workout!


    Ingredient Slimming Banana Beet Smoothie

    Incredibly creamy with deliciously sweet notes, this Beet Banana Smoothie was the perfect way to start my morning.

    All its ingredients balanced out the earthy flavor of the beetroot for instance, the banana was a nice contrast to the vegetables natural bitterness while celery toned it down. Both the milk and yogurt also made the drink very filling, giving me enough fuel to last until lunchtime.

    In addition to the beetroot, this smoothie recipe also calls for other ingredients that make it deliciously thicker and add even more benefits.

    For example, bananas contain large amounts of fiber and potassium, which help speed up metabolism, while celery is known to help reduce bloating, thanks to its high percentage of water and electrolytes.

    I also added some frozen rhubarb to the mix because I had quite a lot of it left over from the last rhubarb season, and it worked surprisingly well.


    Check out this Beet Banana Smoothie recipe from Whisk Affair.

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    Q: Is A Smoothie Good After A Workout

    Answer: Yes, a smoothie after a workout is very good to repair & regrow your lost protein and refuel your energy due by refueling your depleted glycogen levels. Basically, two important things happen to your body when you workout.1. Your muscles become glycogen depleted2. Your muscles protein gets broken and damaged

    Some Best Tips For Post

    Healthy Smoothies ( Breakfast – Pre Workout – Weight Loss )
  • Dont forget to take plenty of water Although post-workout smoothies are good hydrating agents but dont forget to drink plenty of water before and after your workouts because there is nothing as hydrating as water.
  • Divide your smoothies equally before and after workouts to make post-workout smoothies effective in their results, it is advised to consume them for about half an hour before your workouts. Or alternatively, you can drink half before and a half after your workouts to make them perfect pre and post-workout nutrition.
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    Can Smoothies Be Frozen

    Sure smoothies can be frozen. Freezing smoothies might seem like a great idea but I dont think its necessary.

    No one wants to drink a smoothie that has been frozen for hours. The purpose of a smoothie drink is to have a light refreshing drink as easily and quickly as you can.

    Whether thats first thing in the morning or before or after your workout.

    Instead of freezing your smoothie, I think a better idea would be to freeze the smoothie ingredients.

    4 Steps To freezing Your Weight Loss Smoothies

  • Get your ingredients ready and washed. Wash and dry any solid foods like fruits or vegetables that you want to use in your smoothie.
  • Then measure them according to how much you would want to drink in one serving. Think of this as a smoothie meal prep.
  • Then divide your ingredients equally into separate freezer bags, ready to go into the bottom of the freezer.
  • Pop each smoothie ingredients in its bag into the freezer and take out one bag of ingredients when youre ready to make your smoothie.
  • And for the liquid ingredients, protein powders or yogurt, you can just add them into your smoothie to be blended directly.

    Can Smoothies be left in the Fridge overnight?

    I leave my smoothie in the fridge overnight all the time and you can too.

    Sometimes I make my smoothie on the night before so I can enjoy them in the morning, usually as a pre-workout.

    If you want to leave your smoothie overnight, just know it might change its colour just slightly.

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    Fat Burning Raw Beet And Ginger Smoothie

    One of my top favorite beetroot-based smoothies so far, this Raw Beetroot and Ginger Smoothie had layer upon layer of flavor.

    The vegetables earthy and slightly bitter notes went perfectly with the tartness of the apple and the distinct spicy taste that only comes from fresh ginger.

    It wasnt as light as the other recipes that Ive tried out however, it was definitely still packed with flavor and left me feeling full and satisfied.

    The nutritional benefits of this Raw Beetroot and Ginger Smoothie are unparalleled. Not only does it boost energy levels, but it also detoxifies the liver, increases blood circulation, and improves muscular function among other things.

    All these promote weight loss too, which is undoubtedly appealing for all those trying to slim down.

    Ginger, in particular, has also been proven to be effective at cleaning the liver and colon from nasty toxins, ensuring that only healthy nutrients are left in your body.


    Check out this Beetroot and Ginger Smoothie recipe from Just Beet It.

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    Best Smoothies For Pre & Post Workouts

    Whether you’ve got a serious workout routine or are just starting to flirt with fitness, one of the most important things to think about is what to eat or drink before and after you exercise. Food is literal fuel for your body, after all. And a little something before and after working out can not only power you through, but also help build muscle. Our fuel of choice? Smoothies.

    Pictured: Almond Berry Smoothie

    The best smoothies for pre- and post-workouts include a mix of healthy protein and carbs. Smoothies make an ideal snack or meal before and/or after you exercise since they are portable, endlessly customizable, and will give you a boost without making you feel overly full. For best results, drink up at least 30 minutes before starting your workout and snack on something right after. You can even drink half before your workout and finish the rest afterward. And while smoothies have the added benefit of helping you hydrate, always remember to drink plenty of water as well.

    Whole Foods And The Brain

    Pin by Lauren Plumley on Smoothies

    The brain is a really hungry organ, and it uses 25% of the total energy you consume from your food. Everything it needs to function at its best isyou guessed ita whole, unprocessed food.

    In fact, the best diet recommended for brain health is the MIND Diet. In one study, it was shown that people who follow the MIND diet closely had a 53% reduced rate of developing Alzheimers.

    Some of the best whole foods for the brain are:

    • Oily fish
    • Whole grains

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